How to check what version of software is on your smartphone

Have you been wondering how to check what version of software your smartphone is running on? Then look no further! This guide demonstrates how to check what version of software is installed on many popular smartphone platforms and mobile operating systems available in the US and throughout most other parts of the world.

If you know what type of smartphone you would like to check the software on then fell free to select it from the list below to go right to that section of this guide. If you are unsure what type of smartphone you have then feel free to browse through the options below until you see a familiar example.

How to check the Software version on an:

Apples iPhone

Luckily the steps used to find the version of software on an iPhone is pretty standard.

  • From the Home Screen, tap Settings > General > About. The software version of your device should appear on this screen.

Android smartphone

While many different cell phone manufacturers utilize the Android platform and while the steps involved in locating the software version on an Android smartphone may differ depending on what version of software the phone is running on, the general process is going to be pretty much the same for most Android cell phones.

  • From the Home Screen tap on your phones Menu key and then tap Settings > More > About device. Note: you may be able to simply access the Settings and then About device to get to the Android version; please also note that older androids might say Firmware version instead of Android version. Click Here for more information about checking an Android phones software.


Like an Android phone the steps to locate your BlackBerry phones current version of software may vary slightly depending on its OS (Operating System).

  • From your phones home screen choose Options (this option may be located within a Settings folder depending on your phones theme) > Device > About Device Versions. The software version of your BlackBerry should be located on the third line and start with a “v”. Example: v6.0.0.141. This should work on BlackBerry phones using BlackBerry 6 and 7 OS. Note: you might be able to locate the software version by accessing the Options (again you might need to find this within a Settings folder) and then tapping About.


Which version of Windows Phone do I have? You can check by accessing your phones App list (you can swipe over from the Start screen to get to your App list just drag your finger from the right side of the screen to the left side of the screen like turning a page in a book), find and open the phones Settings (the icon looks like a little circular sprocket or gear icon and this list of options is usually arranged alphabetically as well), then tap on About, and then select More info. You should then be presented with a black screen with white text and a bunch of information about your Windows smartphone.

On this screen there should be a “Software:” section which shows the general software version.

  • Example1: “Software: Windows Phone 8.1”.
  • Example2: “Software: Windows Phone 8.0”.
  • Example3: “Software: Windows Phone 7.8”.

There should also be an “OS version” which shows a more specific software version.

  • Example1: “OS version: 8.10.12382.878”.
  • Example2: “OS version: 8.0.10512.142”.
  • Example2: “OS version: 7.10.8858.136”.

And that is how you can discover what version of Windows phone you have.


How to find out what version of Firefox OS a device is running on.

Open the Settings app on your smartphone and then scroll down and select Device information. On the Device information screen, look for the version numbers under Software.

  • Firefox OS indicates that you have version 1.0.1
  • Firefox OS shows that you have version 1.1

Now you know how to check what version of software is currently installed on your smartphone.

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