My phone died and now won’t power on or charge. Here’s how to fix it.

Did your mobile phones battery drain all the way to zero and now your device is completely dead, not powering on or not even letting you charge it? This article will go through some tips on how you might be able to revive your dead phone.

If your cell phone is a smartphone then this is a reasonably common issue. It used to be a general practice to run older batteries to zero battery life before charging them back up to full again but try not to do that on the new smart phones, they use lithium-ion batteries which discharging 100% is a major concern and isn’t good for the health of the battery.

If your battery has drained to zero and now the phone won’t respond then try this

Pull the battery

Start out by pulling the battery out of the phone for a few minutes then put the battery back into the phone, put the phone all back together and then plug it into your ORIGINAL charger that came with the phone. Make sure that you use the original charger that came with the phone. If you don’t have the original charger then make sure that your charger is a manufacturer approved charger. An HTC charger might look exactly the same as a Samsung charger but some brands don’t get along with other brands. Check out for some good deals on a charger. Usually they are amazingly affordable.  Just do a search for your specific phone and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a manufacturer approved charger and or data cable.

If your battery is built into the phone and you cannot remove the battery from your smartphone then try to perform a simulated battery pull. Many phones have a method to restart the device, usually by holding down specific buttons or keys on the device. Much like the Motorola Atrix HD simulated battery pull or the Sony Experia simulated battery pull where you hold the volume down key and power key simultaneously while the phone is powered off.

Check the outlet

Sometimes we can be too close to an issue and can overlook something as simple as a wall outlet attached to a light switch that’s turned off. If the light switch is designed for turning off and on a light and the switch is off then there is no power coming from the outlet and obviously your device isn’t going to charge.

Try a different outlet

This can go hand in hand with the above suggestion. Try a different outlet to make sure it’s not a power socket issue.

Try using a computer or car charger

Using a computer or car charger instead of a wall charger can sometimes put a quick charge on your battery and get it to respond as well.

Keep charging it

If you have tried these methods and your phone isn’t responsive due to its battery being drained 100% then it can be difficult to get your phone to charge again. Try charging it for at LEAST a couple hours on an outlet you know to be working, even all night if possible. Lithium ion batteries can take a while to get to charge again if drained all the way. So try charging it for a while, to see if you can get it to take a charge again.

You might need a new battery

If you try these tips and suggestions or have tried all these things already and there is still no response, and your phone is completely dead and will not recognize a charger then you might need to try another battery.

You can buy another battery online, again I recommend Amazon, but if you have had your phone for less than a year and the battery is not damaged in any way (check the gold leads that connect the battery to the phone and the liquid damage indicator, also check the battery for any bloating, warping, or corrosion or buildup). If your battery is in good shape and you have owned it less than a year then chances are you can get a brand new replacement battery for FREE under your manufacture warranty. So try that first because free is always in my price range.

Try a different charger

If you have tried a different battery then make sure you try your original charger first, as mentioned above. If there is no response then it might not be your battery but your charger that has malfunctioned and might need replacing.  If you have any spare chargers try those to see if you can get a charge out of your phone.

Replace the device

If you have tried a different battery and a different charger and your phone is still little more than a paper weight then you should start reviewing your replacement options, especially your possible warranty options. Check out How to file a warranty claim on a cell phone for some guidance on how to go about filing a warranty claim on a cell phone.

Good luck

If you check the outlet and leave your phone plugged into a charger over night then that will typically bring a dead battery back to life. I hope you enjoyed the article and hope even more that you were able to get your phone up and running smoothly again.

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166 thoughts on “My phone died and now won’t power on or charge. Here’s how to fix it.”

  1. Sony Experia Z -C6603 problems
    Hello, I am using sony experia Z from last 2 months and recently I did a factory reset on my mobile, after this the home key, back keys are not working. Please help me.

    1. That’s odd

      Hi Vasant,

      That is an odd issue. I have seen the extremely rare cases when a reset doesn’t work properly and there are files or programs left on a phone but have not seen a problem with the keys after a hard reset.

      Did the Home key and Back key stop responding right after you did the factory data reset? If so then it sounds like a bug, and I think you should try a hard reset again. Try a the factory data reset through the phones settings and if your cell phone still has issues then you might have to hook your phone up to a computer and try some of the programs off of Sony’s website; Like Sony’s PC companion, Sony’s Update Service, or even Sony’s Flash tool as the Sony Xperia Z (C6603) is one of the supported devices for that tool.

      If it is a software issue then a hard reset or re-flashing of the phones software should certainly fix it. Usually key issues are hardware related though so if these tools don’t seem to help then it’s likely a hardware issue and the phone will need to be sent in for repair. If your Xperia Z (C6603) is only a few months old and has no physical or liquid damage then you can look into your warranty options as your phone came with a one year warrant which covers these types of issues.

      I hope that helps Vasant, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

      1. my alcatel phone will not charge or turn on and it is a built in battery and i just found the phone yesterday and it wont work and it is in perfect condition

    2. Black screen
      I’m so glad I Googled this, because I got my answer quickly. Thought I was gonna’ have to take it to my carrier to get it checked. Thank you so much. The answer was very helpful.

    3. My new 2019 Android 5.1 Smartphone just yesterday would not charge, I googled what I should do. I just moved it in a different outlet to charge for hours thinking I would run errands and read the info later. So, hours later I checked the phone and the screen reboots now; something about picking a package; the phone has been dead and will not charge or turn on. I don’t know what happened. Took the battery out, doing the actual charger thing now….

  2. Please help
    I have a Galaxy S 2 SCH-R670 I think it is, I just got a new battery a few weeks ago and the phone worked fine, but once the battery died it wouldn’t charge, I would plug it up and it would start flipping out and vibrating and all kinds of nonsense. I took the new battery out and put the old battery in, the blue light will come on but it won’t charge or turn on, it’s been doing this for about a week and it’s starting to get annoying. Please help.

    1. Trying to get your Galaxy S2 to charge properly

      Hi Alexis,

      So let me make sure I understand your issue correctly…

      You were having power related issues with your Samsung Galaxy S II I am assuming that the phone would not power on or charge so you got a replacement battery, placed it into the phone, and the phone worked perfectly until the battery drained and needed to be charged, you plugged your phone into the charger to charge your new battery and your phone “flipped out”? Now it won’t charge or really work at all no matter what battery you try to use.

      Hum… were you able to charge the new battery at all or did your phone start flipping out the first time that you tried to charge the replacement battery? Because its sounding more like an issue with your charger or phone now that you have tried a replacement battery. Have you had the opportunity to try a different charger to make sure that your charger isn’t malfunctioning or defective? Have you tried charging it through other sources like a computer or car charger? Does the phone only misbehave when plugged into the charger?

      It’s sounding more like a hardware issue to me. Most likely something wrong with a connection… double check the leads that the battery plugs into make sure that they are nice and shiny and not bent or broken. Also make sure to check the charging ports on both your phone and your charger, clean them a bit and make sure that there are no signs of damage inside either of the charging ports.

      One other thing that I suggest you check is your phone LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). Make sure that it’s still pure white and that it hasn’t been activated by liquid or moisture. From the issue that you described it sounds like there might be a slight possibility of liquid damage. Hopefully not, as a damaged piece of hardware can be more difficult to fix.

      The location of the LDI can vary from phone to phone but it’s a little circle or square sticker that can usually be found inside of the battery compartment. It will be rather small and will have no writing on it. If its pure white then there is no liquid or moisture damage but if its pink or red then it’s been activated and enough moisture has somehow gotten into your phone to cause damage. If that’s the case then check out How to fix a water damaged phone for a neat trick to try and resolve that specific issue.

      If there is are no signs of damage then give it a good cleaning. Hopefully there is just some gunk in the charging port that’s causing problems and a good cleaning will hopefully get your phone to recognize the charger and charge correctly.

      I hope that helps, if you have any issues or any more questions then don’t be afraid to ask.

  3. Antoinette Anderso

    Thank you, the Motorola Atrix
    Thank you, the Motorola Atrix HD simulated battery pull worked perfectly! My phone is back to normal…thanks so much!

  4. Help
    Yea the first time I plugged it in with the new battery it charged, but every time after that, like the low battery warning kept popping up and wouldn’t go away and it kept making the noise that it makes when you plug the charger in and it begins charging. Now it won’t do anything at all, the blue light won’t come on and it won’t charge

  5. sony experia E
    Hi my sony experia gave up on me last night as i received a call my phone cut out and hasn’t come on since i have had it on charge and taken battery out for a couple hours and still no change i don’t even have any indication the phone is charging either. Also i have noticed a red circle on the inside of the back of the phone near the charging port inside the back cover….. Any ideas what this could be??? I’m lost without my phone pls help

    1. Sony Xperia E will not power on

      Hello Annie,

      People have certainly grown attached to their cell phones and use them constantly in their daily life. Let’s take a look at your current situation with your Sony Xperia E and see what we might be able to do to get it working properly again.

       Sometimes Sony smartphones can have a hard time powering on or can occasionally freeze up in which case a literal battery pull (which you did) or a simulated battery pull can sometimes help to get it to power on and work properly again. So good job in trying a battery pull first; as a matter of fact it sounds like you have already tried many of the suggestions above as well.

      Here is the part that worries me… that “red circle” sounds like the phones LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator). The LDI is a little sticker that changes colors if enough moisture or liquid enters the phone which can cause damage. I believe that the Sony Xperia E has one of these LDI stickers on the inside of the battery compartment right under the battery prongs (where the battery plugs into) and right above the word “Sony” which is printed on the phones information sticker (the white sticker which contains the phones info such as the IMEI, S/N etc).

      The LDIs proper color is white and changes to a pink or red when exposed to liquid or when enough moisture is present to activate it. The manufacture, in this case Sony, puts them on their phones for liability purposes. Their warranty covers manufacture defects but it doesn’t cover physical or liquid damage.

      There shouldn’t be any red or pink inside of the battery compartment. If there is then it indicates that your phone has been exposed to enough moisture to cause liquid damage and that your cell phone is no longer covered under the manufactures warranty. This unfortunately may also be the cause of the problem. Water damage can lead to all kinds of problems with electronics, especially power related issues.

      Just for good measure check your battery as well. There is usually an LDI located on the battery. It may not be the same size, and it could also be square or rectangle, but if it’s red (or pink) too then it’s certainly not a good sign.

      If you have tried the suggestions in the article above and can still not get a response from your smartphone then there is not too much more that you yourself can try and you won’t be able to file a warranty claim if the LDI has been activated. I would look into these other options and even consider the suggestion(s) at How to try and fix a water damaged cell phone as a last resort, heck you have nothing to lose as your phone is currently little more than a paperweight, and there is a chance that it could help to bring your phone back to life.

      Good luck Annie, if there is anything else I can try to do to help just let me know.

  6. My phone
    I have the dell windows venue phone, or whatever you call it. And It won’t turn on. We got a new battery, and it still wont turn on.

  7. md najmul hasan

    dead android phone
    i was updating my phone but in between it is aborted so phone got dead plz help me…..

  8. My galaxy s4 has been on
    My galaxy s4 has been on charge the whole night, and in the morning the battery was at 1%. It died while it charged if thats possible, and so i removed the battery. The phone doesnt switch on and is unresponsive. How can i fix this? Please help.

    1. samsung galaxy s2 battery
      Pls does it mean my battery is gone bad,cos it went drained and i charged it from night till mornin alas its not powering on my phone,should i continue charging? for how long thanks

    2. 24-48 hours should be more than enough time on a charger

      Hey guys,

      Don’t forget to let me know what troubleshooting that you have already tried. Power related issues can be hard to figure out as it can be a problem with the cell phone, the battery, the charger etc. So the more information I have about your current situation the better I can try to pinpoint possible causes and of course provide you with the best possible solutions.

      That being said…

      Suleman from your brief description it sounds like either your charger is malfunctioning and not providing enough power to the battery in order to charge the phone properly or that your battery might be defective as not only is it not charging properly but it’s not holding a charge.

      Make sure to turn the phone OFF and try to charge it. If it seems to hold a charge then you can access your S4s settings and check up on its battery. Have you tried a different charger or a different battery yet? It’s hard to say for sure but I am thinking that it sounds more like an issue with the battery.

      Here is what I recommend. The S4 is still a pretty new phone so if I was you then I would go to a store of your wireless provider (so if you use AT&T then go to an AT&T store, if you use Verizon go to a Verizon store etc.) and let them know that your cell phone is having issues charging properly and ask if you can barrow a battery from their display phones to try in your phone. If the battery worked and charges in your phone but your battery doesn’t work in their display phone then it’s a battery issue and the battery will need to be replaced. If you try their charger and it charges your phone then it’s a charger issue. If a different battery and different charger doesn’t seem to help at all then it could be the phone itself.

      Once you narrow down the culprit ask the store representative the best choice for replacement and they can order you a new battery or charging cable themselves or through Samsung as this issue is covered under your phones warranty and should be free of charge; provided that your phone is still covered under the manufactures warranty that is.

      That tip goes for you too Christy.

      Christy, if you have tried removing the battery for a few minutes, have tried the advice listed in the article above and have even tried charging your phone all night and there are still no signs of life and you cannot get any kind of response from our cell phone whatsoever then I would look into trying a different battery as well.

      The Samsung Galaxy S2 is not as current and might not be available at a store in order to try and discover if it is in fact the battery BUT replacement batteries for the S2 are pretty affordable online, especially on sites like Amazon.

      I hope that helps you two. Good luck and remember to try not to let a smartphones battery drain completely as it can have a negative effect on the battery and can even be difficult to charge it properly afterword. Thanks for visiting the site, I wish you both the best of luck, and if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  9. Samsung galaxy s2
    Thanks for d tip of advice,av tried new battery but to no avail, d galaxy s2 did not come up but what i notice is that whenever i press the on button within 5-10min the front side of the phone would av been hot but the phone will not on nor even make any noise . i know dis indicate fault frm phone not d battery,what else can i do i this case thanks

    1. It’s sounding more like a hardware issue on the phones itself

      Hi Christy,

      Thanks for coming back to the site and posting a follow up. So you tried a different battery that I am assuming you know works properly 😉 and your Samsung Galaxy S2 still refuses to power on. I bet you have tried a different charger too.

      When you mentioned that your cell phone was getting “hot” that’s not typically a good sign; especially when smartphones are involved. What part of the front is heating up? Is it the earpiece area?

      For a moment I thought that the display might have just gone out but you mentioned that the phone doesn’t make any noise either so it’s not booting up with just a black screen…

      So you are correct, something is wrong with the cell phone itself. It’s hard to say what the exact cause actually is though so it won’t be as easy as ordering the part and swapping it out yourself. A local repair shop MIGHT be able to pinpoint the problem but doing so and then repairing the issue might not be very cost effective. If the option to take it into a repair shop exists then I would call them up or go in and ask for an estimate.

      The S2 is a good phone but after everything is said and done the best option may be to upgrade and get a new cell phone; one that you can rely and depend upon.

  10. samsung galaxy s4
    my phone will not charge and is unresponsive….if I put it on the charger all it does is vibrate…when I press the power button it goes on the screen that tells me what phone and mod it is but cuts off right away I have tried every thing and I have no clue what to do im literally about to have a break down my phone is everything and I cant afford to lose it…if anyone knows what I should do you will be my hero thanks- lexi xoxo

    1. That MIGHT indicate a problem with the charging port

      Hi Lexi,

      Sorry to hear that your Samsung Galaxy S4 is having issues. I have the S4 myself and if it stopped working I would not be very happy either.

      From your description is sounds like the issue might be with your phones charging port, it isn’t connecting properly so it’s recognizing that you are plugging it in (thus the vibration), but it isn’t connected properly (thus the continual vibration and of course no charge). Then I am assuming that it is powering off right away because the battery is dead and doesn’t have enough charge to turn on correctly.

      Make sure to check that charging port thoroughly, in fact check out this similar troubleshooting guide for more detailed advice as I think it might help.

  11. Taking the battery out of the phone for a few minutes…
    Taking the battery out of the phone for a few minutes then charging it again worked for me. Thanks. At first my phone was not responding to the charger at all, now great success!

  12. Taking Battery Out Briefly Works
    Thanks so much for sharing your expertise. Removing the battery from my Samsung and replacing it a few minutes later resulted in the phone turning on (finally!); & it’s now being charged. (Previously it appeared to be completely dead, with no response after being plugged into a charger–in a working outlet–for 6-8 hours.) Your advice is greatly appreciated!

    1. No problem, and thank you too.

      You are most certainly welcome Susie and thank you for taking the time to post such a friendly comment simply to show your gratitude. I appreciate it.

      Enjoy your working Samsung.

      1. I bought a new universal charger for my husband’s work phone, it had a little more than quarter battery left on battery icon, plugged the new 3-n1 charger in and phone completely shut off and now it will not come in or even show it’s charging, phone was fine before we used new charger, and the battery is one that is not removable, it’s a straightalk service . But not but a couple months old . Help what happened?

  13. xperia Z
    Mobile not charging after battery drained to 0% now if i connect to outlet it lights on for 10 ,20 econds ……
    but if i connect to Usb like laptop it works for 10 mins then charging light off again….my mobile is off plzz help me out

    1. Trying to get your Sony Xperia Z to charge and power on again

      Hi Raza,

      Sorry to hear that your phone is having these power issues. These types of problems can be some of the more frustrating issues to have on an Android. Out of curiosity have you tried the Simulated Battery pull trick yet? If the simulated battery pull doesn’t seem to help then I recommend that you leave your cell phone plugged into a charger over night (computer if possible first and then a wall charger if the computer doesn’t seem to do the trick).

      If that doesn’t seem to help then you might have to contact Sony directly, or look into your warranty options (if available), or possible even look into trying to get the battery replaced.

  14. samsung galaxy S4; blue LED light

    My samsung S4 recently went into the water by mistake and i pulled it out within 4 sec or so. i placed the phone in a rice bag for 2 days. The water damage indicator stickers are still white so im sure there is no water damage. now when i put my battery into the phone, a blue LED is on continuously. I tried to turn on the phone but it does not work. is it a battery issue or a hardware issue. also can it be fixed?
    if someone can help me that will be great.
    thanks again

    1. How to try and fix a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was dropped in water

      Hi Saf,

      I would like to begin this reply with the notion that just because an LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) on an electronic has not been activated doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire phone (or its battery) is clear of water damage. It simply indicates that not enough moisture was present in the area where that LDI was located to activate that sticker. Which is good in this situation as it means that your phone wasn’t flooded with liquid.

      Good job with your quick response and kudos for placing the wet phone in a rice bag for a couple for days. There may still be hope in getting your Samsung Galaxy S4 to turn on again. Check out How to fix a water damaged cell phone for some detailed suggestions but make sure to read the whole article (and the comments) first; especially since you noticed that the LDIs on your Galaxy S4 are still white.

  15. Samsung s4
    My Samsung s4 has been odd a lot lately and I need advice. It is completely black. It will not charge but it will drain a fully charged battery. I’ve tried different outlets, chargers, using original charger for hours and hours. Ive tried the hard and soft reset, nada. It also won’t show up on the computer. Funny thing is, the only life I get from it is when I put a charged battery in against the prongs, it shows it’s phone logo on the screen, vibrates, and then dead. Everytime. Help?

    1. It sounds like you have done almost everything that you can do

      Hi Tammy,

      If you have done all of those things, including a hard reset, and your S4 still won’t work properly then there is not much more that you can do to try and fix it and if I was in your position I would try to file a warranty claim as this issue should be covered by Samsungs manufacture warranty. It’s hard to tell whether its software or hardware related but I am kind of leaning more towards a hardware problem.

      I have the S4 myself so I can certainly empathize with your situation and if this happened to my S4 I would do the same things that you did to try and fix it and if it didn’t work then I would call up my wireless service provider and if necessary I would contact Samsung directly to look into my repair and replacement options. I wish you luck my friend, if there is anything else that I can do to try and help just let me know.

  16. Hi everyone . plz i need help
    Hi everyone . plz i need help, i have a galaxy core, it is not responding to anything , no light , no vibration nothing at all, the power button is not functional anymore, plz help.

    1. Paper weights are useful but not as cell phones

      Hi Youssouf,

      If your phone is entirely unresponsive, you have tried all of the suggestions in the article above (and everything else you can think of) and your phone is totally lifeless and is little more than a paper weight then you will most likely need to look into your replacement options. Sometimes phones malfunction and cease to work from that point on. It’s uncommon but it does happen and that might be what happened to your Samsung Galaxy Core.

  17. phone wont charge or turn on
    My moto g motorola phone wont charge nor turn on. I tried to hard reset it but nothing happened. I really just want my phone back. I dont want a new one. How can i fix it ?

    1. Trying to fix your Motorola Moto G

      Hi Abresha,

      Sometimes phones simply turn off and never turn on again, it’s sad but true. Hopefully this isn’t the case with your Motorola Moto G; heck it might even be a bad battery. I would try a simulated battery pull, the hard reset (again) and I would try to charge the phone with a wall outlet and through a computer overnight.

      Unfortunately that phone doesn’t allow you to remove the battery so a physical battery pull isn’t really an option and testing another battery is going to be chore as well, which stinks because it might be a bad battery. If you cannot get a response from your cell phone then I would look into these other options and if none of them are available then you might want to take a chance and take the phone apart, pull the battery, see if it helps and if not then try to find a replacement battery to try out. If that doesn’t work then you will likely need to start shopping for a replacement cell phone.

      Hopefully you you’ll be able to fix it though. I got my fingers crossed for you and I wish you the best of luck.  

  18. my samsung s2 gt-i1900 is totally dead.
    when i was using my phone while its phone gets hot ang it drains power fast..then suddenly my phone shut down and cant turn on back..i wont even charge now or go to recoverydownload mode.cant even recognize into a pc.

    note:im not using the original phone is rooted and before my s2 died i was trying to increase my internal memory using the swapper and link2sd apps.i failed to execute the proper procedure and accidentally press the reboot devicebutton and it shuts down and its totally deadnow..please help….

    1. Trying to fix your Samsung Galaxy S2

      Hi Ric,

      That doesn’t sound like a good place to be my friend, not good at all. From your description it sounds like it might be a hard thing to fix as well. Although the phone might have crashed due to a software malfunction I have a feeling that the issue is hardware related as you mentioned that the phone was heating up and draining the power fast which could point to another bad battery or a problem with the phone itself.

      I am assuming that your cell phone doesn’t have any signs of physical or liquid damage right? Have you had the chance or opportunity to try a different battery that you know is working properly? If your phone is not charging, and you cannot boot the phone into the “recovery/download mode”, or get it to be recognized by a PC, then your options are going to be pretty limited.

      I would do my best to try to find a different battery that you know is working. Hopefully replacing the battery will get your S2 to power on and work or at least respond again. If it turns out to be the phone that’s issue then you may need to look into your replacement options for that device.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Ric but from your explanation of the situation it sounds like your phone has experienced a serious issue and may have permanently malfunctioned.

  19. my motorola bk60 wont charge
    my motorola bk60 wont charge and gets hot if i am charging…i charge it whole night but doesn’t working…i charge in laptop nothing is different….

  20. My Samsung Anycall Galaxy K won’t turn on
    My phone wont turn on even if i put a charger in it. tried all of the methods that we’re posted here but didnt help me at all 🙁 please someone help me. i was flashing a new rom and i removed the battery cos it hanged and now it wont turn on or charge. pls help

    1. Samsung won’t power on

      Hi Jones,

      It’s really hard to “brick” an Android smartphone but if you are customizing the software on an Android device and something happens during that customization and the process doesn’t get to complete properly then you can run into some really, really, hard issues to try and resolve. This is one such issue.

      I assume that your Samsung will not let you turn it on in any way shape or form and that you cannot try to re-flash the phone as it will no longer power on.

      I think that your best chance at fixing your cell phone is to try using a “Jig”. It’s a cool nifty tool that might just be able to fix your phone. Just look up a “Samsung Jig” online and you can read all about them and even purchase one from eBay for less than five dollars.

      Good luck Jones. Don’t forget to come back to the site to let us know if it ends up working for your Samsung.

      1. Thanks bro

        Thanks bro, it had something to do with the unit. Something with the wiring i think.. but thanks anyways. Good day mate!

      2. my alcatel phone will not charge the light will come on and the phone will turn on but 10 seconds later it will turn off. It will only get to 1 percent and wont work unless plugged up.

  21. I have a windows phone and it wont turn on..
    It turned itself off one night and the next morning I pressed the power button and it wouldn’t turn on!! I tried the hard reset and it still doesn’t work and the battery is new as well…

    1. It might have simply malfunctioned

      Hi Mike,

      It may have unexpectedly malfunctioned… that happens sometimes with cell phones (or any electronic) they will be running fine and then all of a sudden without warning just stop functioning. Hopefully your Windows phone is still covered under its manufactures warranty as the manufacture would be responsible for such unexpected circumstances so long as the phone isn’t damaged and is still within its warranty time frame of course (typically a year).

      If you have tried all of the suggestions listed above (and it sounds like you have) then the next step would be to look into your repair or replacement options.

  22. my phone wouldn’t turn on…
    my phone wouldn’t turn on and charge so i changed the charger and it turned on. thanks for the help. =)

    1. You’re welcome

      You are most certainly welcome Jose. I am glad to hear that your cell phone is working properly again. Thank you for taking the time to post a comment Mr. Ramirez, I appreciate it.

  23. Micromax Canvas A116
    I own a canvas a116 phone and it worked well for 1 and half years without a flaw but then a few days back my camera didn’t work, when i try to open it , it said “Can’t connect to camera” but that went after restarting the phone. Then the major problem – I can’t connect to wifi.
    If i press the wifi button(from the notification bar) my phone freezes for couple of seconds and then works properly but cannot connect to wifi. I tried in seetingsbut it turned itself off everytime i press on.

    A blog said it might be loose contact and suggested a temporary solution to shake the phone gently and tap it gently on its back which i tried and it conneted but that didn’t last for seconds. And that shaking tapping thing didn’t work again, then phone started restarting itself when kept aside untouched.

    Customer care said motherboard fault and to replace it which would cost half the phone’s price. Is he lying or really the motherboard went off?

    1. It does sound like a possible hardware issue

      From your description it sounds like a hardware problem but it’s not necessarily your motherboard, the camera itself or the Wi-Fi antennae might have simply come out of place or like you said possibly even a have a loose connection. You can try taking the device apart to see if you notice anything detached or loose and then if you do you could try putting that part back into its proper place.

      If something did come undone and needs to be re-soldered and you don’t have the equipment or means to fix it yourself then a local repair shop might be able to do it for you and charge you a fraction of the price that the manufacture would charge to fix a phones that’s no longer covered under their warranty. Plus you wouldn’t have to mail it in, wait for them to repair it and then wait for it to get mailed back to you.

  24. maria abigail bacay

    my xperia c3 dual wont work
    hi my xperia c3 hanged last night and blinks violet light then after two hours i opened the sim card slot because i want to trnsfer it to another phone becuse i have to talk to my family. and when i try to turn on it wont work several times i tried the power key and volume up button but still dont work when i try to charge it, it has red blinking light

  25. Samsung Galazy S4 problem
    I tried another S4’s battery and it isn’t working.
    It goes to the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen then shuts down.

    I tried all of the chargers in the house that will fit my S4, and it still won’t show the screen for charging nor the vibration. I also tried plugging it to my PC, nothing happens. No recognizing, no syncing.

  26. shrikant Chaudhari

    My phone Carbon A21 my phone wouldn’t turn on
    I have carbon A21, Last night my mobiles battery got drained and phone gets switched off, i charged my mobile whole night, but in morning when i tried to switch this on it wont work.then i removing battery & reinsert but it wont start.

  27. Sony experia u problem contacts
    I need help.. my Sony Xperia switches on & off repeatedly so it wont connect to a computer and I cant get my very important contacts. I desperately need the phone contacts which aren’t on my sim card… I have tried all the usual tips of turning my cell phone on with the volume switch etc… it goes from the blue opening screen and then back again constantly.. I really need these contacts, what can I do?? Thanks.

    1. It might be hard to recover your contacts, try this…

      Hi Carl,

      If your phone won’t power on properly and your contacts are saved to the phone then recovering your contacts is going to be extremely difficult if at all possible. I suggest that you cross your fingers and hope that your Sony Xperia was able to automatically backup your contacts to your primary Google Account. If it did then you could simply log onto your Gmail account and review those contacts, which should also sync back all by themselves if you log into that Gmail on a different Android cell phone.

      If you are unsure how to check if your contacts are synced to your Gmail account then you can visit and log into the primary Google account that you had setup on your phone. If your contacts are there then congratulations, enjoy your contacts; If your contacts were not backed up to your Gmail, or a SIM, or an SD card and are stored on your phone and your phone wont power on… then you might not be able to recover that information.

    2. Did you try wiping (clearing) it’s cache through recovery mode? Clearing it’s cache, not its data (as selecting that option from the recovery mode will delete all your data on the phone like a factory reset), may help bring it back on if it’s a software issue.
      Try searching your specific phone model on the internet, then add “recovery mode” to see how to get your phone in recovery mode.
      Although if it doesn’t work then wiping it’s data from recovery might be your last option, Although doing so will clear all your data on your phone, including your contacts.
      Although it may also be a hardware problem, so you can try contacting your manufacturer or a local repair shop so that they can see if there’s a hardware problem with your phone, and they might be able to repair it for you for a fee or your manufacturer might be able to repair or replace it for free if it’s still under warranty.
      Also you might be able to save your data in your phone doing so!
      Although I’m just a user not an expert.

  28. Sony Xperia T (LT30)??? Wont charge or start
    Hey this problem has happened on Xmas apparently my port is loose for the cellphone but i could still charge it… Xmas day the whole cell died completely it wont charge no matter what and I cant even access anything it wont turn on and I am not sure how I would “remove the battery” and it is not my outlet as I am testing my other older cellphones (which I have reverted back to an old Sony Xperia Ericsson with 0 space whatsoever though the sim card sizes don’t match but it works) but it wont charge at all and my warranty ended already and my contract ends in 2016… is there a way to get this fixed without paying the 200-300 $ that I have left to pay on my phone or is there a way to fix this without dealing with the company I’m with?

    1. Trying to fix your Sony Xperia

      Sometimes Sony Xperia smartphones can experience a slight hiccup causing these types of issues to occur. Have you attempted a simulated battery pull yet? If not then definitely try it, you might be able to get your Sony Xperia working again in a matter of seconds.

  29. please help
    my 4G LTE android had officially given up, and I have no clue how to fix it. It started out with the google play store bugging out for three days, which made none of my apps work or basically anything, then after continuously restarting as that helped the problem last time, it would not stop restarting itself unless i took the battery out. After two days of that, it now will just not turn on, though it would charge while it continued to restart itself. Please help

    1. Hard to say if its hardware or software…

      Hi Jake,

      It’s hard to say if your cell phone is having issues with its software or if an actual piece on the phone is malfunctioning. What 4G LTE smartphone do you have exactly? You said that you were able to remove the battery so you probably don’t have a Sony Xperia but if you do then sometimes Sony Xperia smartphones get a little hiccup where they seem lifeless but after a quick simulated battery pull most of the time you can get the phone back up and running within a matter of seconds. The simulated battery pull can help some Motorola phones as well.

      Have you tried booting your phone into Safe Mode or have you tried accessing your Androids System Recovery feature? Make sure to check your cell phones charging port as well just for good measure.

      If your phone is completely lifeless, a new or different battery doesn’t seem to help and it will not power on or charge properly then you might have to look into replacing your phone.

  30. Samsung Galaxy SII i9100 screen display
    My Samsung was dropped from my lap, and the screen started getting black after 6h it got all black but still i could use the tactile, when i asked they told me i must change the screen display including the tactile even if my tactile is still working very good. And there is no scratch on the screen or a fracture.. i don’t know if i could possibly repair it or should i change the whole screen display?

    1. Possible damage to your Samsungs display screen

      Hi Ayman,

      These types of questions can be hard to answer because each situation can be a little different. I will offer you some opinions and suggestions and you can choose to go from there.

      Since this happened after dropping the phone you can pretty much bet on an issue with the hardware in relationship to your Samsung’s display screen. Which you already know BUT this may not necessarily indicate that the display screen was damaged. It might mean that the display screen has simply become loose or has possibly even detached from where it needs to plug in at on the phones motherboard. You won’t really know for sure unless you take your phone apart.

      The fix might be as easy as plugging the loose or disconnected flex cable that connects your screen to the rest of the phone back into its proper place. If the cable needs to be re-soldered then this might be a more difficult task to accomplish and you might need to take your phone into a professional for an estimate. If the display screen is damaged then you can often find a replacement online for a lot cheaper than you would have to pay for a new phone. Sometimes you can buy just the display screen or just the touch screen or a combination of the two. It depends on the phone and the situation.

  31. Taking the battery out…
    Taking the battery out for a few minutes and then putting it back in did the trick! Thanks a lot!

  32. HTC One will not power on
    I bought a car charger from a mom n pop convenient store plugged in my HTC One and the phone now will not power on, the battery was completely dead at the time.

  33. Phone not reacting to anything
    My Samsung Galaxy S3 4g, broke during New-years party, I changed the LCD and touch screen (you can get the entire part pre-assembled), and moved all the old working parts to the new ones. I had some problems with it loosing connection to the SIM card, but only very rarely.

    Now (20-2-2015 suddenly the phone turned off (The screen went all black), and I cant get it to do anything. The phone do not react to the charger being plugged in. It turned off when it was fully charged (I just got up from bed). It does not react to the “start in safe mode” (power button, volume up and home key pressed at the same time), or anything else I have tried.

    One thing I noticed is the lower back of the phone (Right over where the charger sits in the phone) gets very hot (more than normal) when I plug it into the charger.

    Personally I think the battery died (But wouldn’t it work with charger connecter?).
    Any help is very appreciated!

    1. It could be the battery but it’s hard to tell…

      Hi Andreas,

      Sorry to hear about your Samsung Galaxy S3, my dad has the S3 and loves it. So… it’s hard to tell what’s causing this to happen but being unresponsive to anything and being completely lifeless isn’t a very good sign. It sounds like there might have been some kind of hardware malfunction even more so if the phone is getting hot when plugged into a charger; but like I said it’s hard to tell for certain.

      If you think that the battery went out or has malfunctioned, which is very possible as no battery lasts forever, then luckily you can get a replacement battery for the Samsung Galaxy S3 online for less than $10. It’s certainly worth giving it a shot, a replacement battery is going to be a lot more affordable than purchasing a new phone and if the battery does work then you will get to keep all of the user data that you have accumulated and that’s currently saved on your phone.

      If the replacement battery doesn’t work then you will likely need to look into replacing the phone or possibly taking it to a local repair shop to see if it would be worth trying to fix.

      1. Hey James
        Hey James

        I’m very happy with your answer. I might just buy a new battery and test it out, but as I also asked, shouldn’t the phone be able to power up, even without the battery but with the charger plugged in? I am also thinking about buying a new motherboard if the battery change doesn’t work. This will be much cheaper that buying a new phone.

        Best regards Andreas

        1. Using only a charger to power your smartphone

          Hi again Andreas,

          You asked if your phone should respond to being plugged into a charger even without a battery… No, some phones WILL allow you to draw power directly from the charger to power the smartphone but I am pretty sure that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will not allow you to do that. I don’t have access to my dad’s phone at the moment (the S3) but I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 so to confirm my suspicions I took my phone out of its awesome OtterBox took the battery out and plugged the phone into a charger and it was lifeless. No charging light, no response whatsoever. I have a really strong feeling that your S3 is going to fall under the same circumstances.

          Now… the phone MIGHT route power through the battery and by taking the battery out you no longer have anything to route power through so that could be a cause but a bad battery might produce the same results as no battery at all. If it was a matter of the battery simply not holding a charge then the phone might work being plugged into a charger as it might be able to pull the power properly.

          So, some phones will allow you to boot them up with only a charger and no battery but I don’t think your Galaxy is one of those phones. My S4 isn’t…

          As far as replacing your motherboard… motherboards are like the nervous system to a computer or a smartphone. Often when you have gotten to the point of having to replace the motherboard it might be more affordable to just replace the whole phone instead. If you can get a new motherboard and attach everything properly at a cheaper cost then buying a different phone then that’s awesome and that might be the best path to take, but if not you might have to just bite the bullet and get another unit.

          I hope that helps Andreas. Let me know if you have any more questions and if there is anything else I can do to try and help. Oh and don’t forget to come back and post a follow up to let me know if a new battery helped to fix your S3 or not.

          1. I got a new battery yesterday…

            I got a new battery yesterday, but it didn’t change anything (costs about 22USD)…

            I have already been taking the entire phone apart before, so changing the motherboard won’t be a problem for me. I know I will lose all the information I have on the phone (I didn’t use an SD card). I will just look into how much a new motherboard costs where I live (Denmark). I can see the price in the US is around 55USD for a motherboard, so I would imagine the price in Denmark being 70-75 USD (If I can find any place selling them). This would be cheaper than buying a new phone but I know it is still a risk, if it is something else that is wrong. Thanks for the help so far!


  34. Samsung SGH-T399 wont charge and wont turn on
    I am using a Samsung Galaxy Light for the past 4 months and today the battery drained out with no response after being plugged into a charger–in a working outlet– I also tried plugging it into my PC, nothing happens. No recognizing, no syncing. I tried replacing the charger but nothing happened.

  35. My Galaxy s3 mini won’t charge at all
    I have had my samsung galaxy s3 mini for about 16 months, but only recently has it been acting up. It does have a dodgy connection (something has broken in the socket on the phone), but I can always get the phone to charge if it is connected to the computer which is the only way it will charge. A few weeks ago I connected my phone to the computer, but a message on my computer came up saying “driver device not intalled”. I searched around the internet for answers and downloaded Kies, which I thought was meant to update the software I needed, but my computer still won’t recognise my phone or charge it. A few days ago I found out that the computer will charge the phone if I connect it while it is switched on, and then turn it off (it only charges when switched off, if switched on it will still power down even if it says it is charging). Today my phone ran out of battery before I had a chance to connect it and now it won’t charge at all. I went to the device manager and my phone wasn’t listed, and I can’t do anything on the phone to see if it will connect another way.

  36. Samsung galaxy s2 dead
    I was using my s2 while charging cause the battery was very low. It suddenly switched off and now its completely dead. I tried a new battery and it doesn’t respond. I tried recovery mode and download mode but no response. I’m using the original charger and tried connecting using the usb charger. Whenever I charge the phone gets hot but doesn’t switch on. The earpiece and rear camera part heats up the most.

  37. S3 got fully drained and now wont charge
    So I went on a 3 day hiking trip the other day and took my phone with me. I realized that I forgot my power bank at home so I wouldn’t be able to charge my phone. It drained on the morning of day 3 so I thought I would just charge it later back at home but when I got back, it wont charge and there is no red LED light.

  38. Thanks for the help
    Your excellent advice still helps people 2 years after you posted it. Many thanks for the informative and helpful post. Cheers

  39. Thank you!
    Thank you!
    Buddy, you saved my day, I tried all but just after a hour of battery being outside it started to work…
    You are doing great job with this site.
    I hope you do well 😉

  40. Prashant Guttedar

    Dead battery
    Hey, I am using an InFocus M2 and yesterday my phones battery got discharged to zero and switched off. After 2 hours I putted it on the charger. I left it on the charger the whole evening and that night. It is not showing any signs of charging. As it has a non-removable battery. Please suggest some thing so that I can start my phone once again.

    1. Trying to fix your discharged battery

      Hi Prashant Guttedar,

      Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your cell phones battery. You have done a good job charging your phone for an extended amount of time as that can sometimes help. As far as what you can do next to try and fix it… use a different charger if possible and if you have not already done so make sure to try charging it through a USB port on a computer or another power source other than a wall outlet.

      When it comes to a depleted battery there are not really any guarantees other than purchasing a new one as a replacement but like you said replacing a battery that’s non-removable can be quite a chore and is not often a very pleasant task.

  41. My Android won’t turn on or charge
    I was playing COC (Clash of Clans) one night and I was talking to my friends on there. I knew my phone was about to die so I quickly went to my charger and plugged it in. It said it was charging. So while I was talking, suddenly it turned off. I was like “What the heck?”. So I let it charge for a couple of hours and I came back, it won’t turn on. I checked the plug and the charger and nothing was wrong with it. When I plug in my phone it gives me an orange light to tell me it’s charging. The green light didn’t come on. So I went to get my other charger that was new and it still wouldn’t charge. Help me please.

  42. Samsung Galaxy Core (Lte)
    It died and so I plugged it in and now it just shows its charging. I really need to use it. It IS charging properly but is it possible I could do stuff while it’s charging?

    1. I don’t see why not…

      If it completely died then you might have to wait a little while and let it charge for a bit before you can use it again but yes, if it is indeed charging then I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t let you use it while it’s charging. So long as the battery consumption you are using doesn’t outpace your charger for whatever reason (which is very doubtful).

      Just give it a few minutes to charge first. If your Samsung Galaxy Core is anything like my Samsung Galaxy S4 and you can see a battery symbol on the display when the phones off and charging then try holding the power key for a few seconds to see if it will power on or not.

      1. Samsung Galaxy S5
        James — first let me say thanks for being here 🙂 I own a Samsung Galaxy S5. Had this phone for a little over a year. Recently the phone needed to update itself but it FAILED to. It claimed to be downloading after this with a Large green Android icon appearing. After this, the phone went to black. I tried to troubleshoot using some methods I learned from an internet search. I did get my phone to come back to life briefly. Today it is very dead looking. Black screen. I began with your methods today to bring it back to life. Nothing yet and it is currently plugged into the original charger.

  43. Help?
    So I own a crappy little phone and it’s a Alcatel and I was browsing around on it. So I clicked on Phone settings and I clicked on something by accident. It said to enter PUK, which I didn’t have. So I hit SOS and it said that it was unavailable. I took the back off and took the battery out 2 times and put it back in to see if it would work. My friend told that if I had a problem like that then I can do that and it’d fix it. Anywho, after that it is now “dead.” I can only charge it. And if I unplug the charger from the phone, it still won’t work. Please help!

    1. PUK codes and Power issues

      Hi Hannah,

      You have an interesting problem there… Let’s start with that PUK option that you accidently selected and then go from there. A PUK (Pin Unlock Key) code is a code associated with SIM cards. You can setup a PIN for your SIM on your phone as an extra security measure which you would need to enter every time you turned on your phone. Enter it incorrectly 3 times and the SIM or device will lock and you would likely need to contact your service provider for the PUK code to reset your SIMs PIN.

      If however you tried to guess your phones PUK code, before contacting your wireless carrier, and you entered the PUK code incorrectly 10 times the SIM becomes permanently locked and a replacement SIM card would need to be obtained.

      That being said I don’t think that a PUK issue would cause your phone to die like that… a battery pull (as your friend suggested) can help solve minor software related issues (which this might be) so good job in trying to pull the battery a couple of times to try and fix it.

      Here is what I would try…

      Start by checking your battery to make sure that its sitting properly in your phone. If for some reason it is not sitting in the phone correctly or those metal prongs on the battery are not making contact with the prongs on the phone then it could cause the exact issue that you described and might even charge (as it is drawing power though the charger) but as soon as the charger is disconnected it tries to draw power from the battery, cannot do so for whatever reason and dies instantly.

      So check your battery first and if possible try a different battery or try your battery in another phone to make sure the battery is working properly. That being said, if your battery seems fine try getting another SIM card as well.

      Speaking of which… have you tried turning on your phone without its SIM card? Or like your battery have you tried taking out the SIM card and then reinserting it? It might not help but give it a try for good measure.

      I hope this helps Hannah. Let me know if there is anything else that I can try to help you with and if you do get your Alcatel up and running again don’t forget to let me know.

      Good luck my friend, I hope to hear back from you soon.

  44. Angus Macdonald

    Thank you for helping to recharge my phone.
    Its a new phone (Lumia 435) and I am slowly getting to know it. Still using my old phone and left the Lumia alone over the weekend so it died on me.
    I’ll have to work out how to get it to phone my other phone when the battery is low!
    Your fix worked perfectly – took the battery out, warmed it slightly in my (dry) hands, replaced it and charged it using the original charger. That charger hadn’t made it stir for at least two hours previously, neither had connecting it to my PC – which said the phone was “empty”.
    So thanks again.
    Best wishes,

  45. Huawei 4c
    Hello. My phones battery is a built in one. When I charge my phone, it doesn’t charge. I tried another charger but its still the same. I checked if my charger is the problem but it worked on the other phones. How can I fix it? I cant remove the battery of course and I don’t want to go to where I bought my phone because its too far. Any suggestion?

    1. Huawei Power Issues

      Hey Jen,

      Good job on all of the troubleshooting that you did to try and pinpoint the cause of your problem. From your description the problem could be either the battery or the phone itself and since you cannot remove the battery you will likely need to take/send the phone in to be serviced.

      You can TRY to leave your phone plugged into the charger for a while (a day or two) to see if you can get the phone/battery to accept a charge again just make sure to try charging it through a PC for a while too (if possible). Hopefully it will help to get your phone to charge properly but if not and you cannot get your phone to charge or power up you will likely need to look into your servicing and or replacement options.

  46. My battery gets fully charged…
    My battery gets fully charged within a few hours. But refuses to turn on my phone.

  47. My MyPhone Infinity Lite is not charging
    My phone is not charging, there’s nothing wrong with my charger or the phone. My phone is completely working just fine 🙁

  48. Try uninstalling any power management applications…
    Try uninstalling any additional power management applications… this was the solution for my S4..

  49. Phone wont power on or charge T_T
    Hi, I have an O+ 360 alpha, I charged it overnight, and in the morning I checked it, it was still working but it suddenly died I tried turning it on again but it wont. I charged it but nothing happened, it doesn’t even show the “charging” message while powered off. for a short time it did but never happened again. There is a dim red light though beside the camera when I try to charge it but it also fades away after a while. please help. Thank you!

  50. Nokia C3-00 is dead!!??
    My cell phone is a Nokia C3-00 and its dead. My battery does not really fit into my cell phone.. what should I do?? Please help.. :'(

    1. Trying to fix your dead Nokia

      Hello Eunice,

      If your battery doesn’t seem to fit into your cell phone and your cell phone is coincidently having power related issues then as mentioned in the article above “you might need a new battery”.

      Fortunately I did a quick search and it looks like you can get a reasonably priced replacement battery for that phone online. I still recommend Amazon (it’s my favorite online store) but anywhere you can get a replacement for a reasonably affordable price should work.

      Good luck my friend.

  51. Battery won’t stay charged and is hot
    A couple of days ago I allowed my cheap Android phone to update and ever since the update the battery has been draining rapidly even when not in use. I then tried to recharge fully and the phone became extremely hot and stayed that way at least 12 hours, not plugged in.
    This was a free government phone and it is not possible to access the battery.

  52. I bought a cell phone off of amazon and I can not get it to charge
    I have not changed my service over yet and I can not get it to charge. It is a model N9100 and I got it from Amazon. It has been on the charger all day and still will not turn on.

  53. Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Phone – (Power-on issue)

    My Galaxy S2 Android phone would not power-on after FULL charge of the battery. When I tried to turn-it-on, it appears as though it’s coming on with the light & colorful flashes and then gets stock at the AT&T logo (after the Galaxy S2 broadcast name comes on). When you attempt reboot (by taking out the battery, wait a second and then put it back in), it does same thing over and over. Any help?

    *** If no solution to powering it on, I’d like your help in RETRIEVING ALL MY files, including contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, other documents and WhatsApp cache, from the internal drive.


  54. This worked well thank you
    The suggestion to disconnect the battery and restart my android phone has worked well thanks.

  55. HTC One M7 dead. Please help
    My HTC is a bit over one year old. It turned off over a month ago after the battery got to 0% and wont turn on. I had problems with it overheating and draining fast but nothing more. I have tried to charge it through the wall sockets and tried holding the vol up and down and the home key but still nothing. I have used a Samsung charger and its original and it still doesn’t work.

  56. shahzaib hayat khan

    Yehaa, Worked on my Moto G
    Thank you very much. You saved me. The simulated battery pull solution for the Motorola Atrix HD worked for me. I pressed the power and volume down button for 1 minute and it worked on my Moto G (1st gen).

  57. Phone Battery
    I can’t thank you enough for providing the correct (basic) information on how to figure out problems with charging my dead phone. Many thanks!

  58. It worked for Motorola 2X!!!!
    Thank you so much! I did the Motorola Atrix HD simulated battery pull on my Motorola 2X and it worked perfectly! My phone is now charging! Thank you!!!

  59. Samsung K7 wont turn on after dieing
    I was texting and all of a sudden my phone froze, and after pressing everything it died. Now I cant get it on, even when I try charging it. Can someone help?

  60. X3 All view soul phone
    Hello. I’m using an X3 all view soul phone. In the afternoon I was charging it and also playing on it. I did it once before, but I followed the steps and in the end it went fine. So, again, this time I also followed these steps. So I let it charge for 2 hours, but it didn’t charge much. So I pulled out the battery but no use. Now, my phone is beeping, the sound it makes when I plug it in to charge, even if it is charging. What can I do? I will let it charge overnight anyways.

  61. Phone would’nt charge or power on
    Last night I plugged my phone into the charger. It charged to 1% then to 0% then it went off. I’ve tried to charge it in a wall socket and with a computer but it doesn’t power on. My phone has a built in battery. Can you help me please??

  62. Philips S398
    Help, I have a problem. I was at my English class and my phone suddenly restarted. I don’t know why but it does that sometimes. That is not the problem the problem is that it wouldn’t start. Its screen turned white and started flickering between the normal image and the white screen. I closed it by pulling out its battery because it was restarting nonstop. I’ve put its battery back and it wouldn’t start. Please help me.. :'(

  63. Samsung S4 switched off at 0%
    It started out showing a charging sign while switched off and also kept blinking but then it went completely off and wont turn on.
    I tried taking out the battery and pressing the power button,
    I also tried pressing the home, volume up and power button. It didn’t even vibrate,
    I also attached it to my computer but after troubleshooting it didn’t find anything, it even said the device did not have any problems.

  64. My phone died and wont turn back on
    My phone battery is terrible. It will be at 56% and die so ill plug it in and it will turn on and go back to 56%. My phone is just over a year old. But my phone completely died and ive had it plugged in for 2 hours and it wont turn back on. It is just sitting on the low red battery black screen. Ive tried almost everything I have read. Anyone have the same problem? What seemed to work for you? Any tips/advice?

  65. Hello,
    I have an iPhone 6 plus. Lately its not been charging while its plugged in. Last night it died and wont charge. I don’t know what to do. I left it plugged in for 3 hours and nothing.

  66. Robin Vanduyn

    “This site was… how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Cheers!”

  67. Anel van der Spuy

    Good evening,
    I’m hoping to find a way to switch on my unresponsive Sony Xperia XZ1. It did a sudden death while on charge. I normally get about 1-2 days out of the battery.
    I have tried a force restart with power and volume keys, holding power button, tried the Companion app but it doesn’t go past plugging it in with holding the volume. The laptop doesn’t pickup the phone. Its dead and unresponsive after many attempts…
    Is there any way to get it going again? I do fear removing the LCD screen to disconnect the battery on the inside may damage may permanently damage the phone?

  68. hey my phone is note 5, this morning when i woke up it was 97% charged i was gonna watch a video suddenly the screen froze i thought its a lag or simple bug, but it didn’t work so i locked it down and since then it didn’t work nor charge. and when i plug it in charger it wouldn’t work at all.
    when i plug it on the pc the pc would make sound but it doesn’t accept it.
    what should i do?!

  69. Hi,
    I use an Alcatel Joy 3v.
    Battery is also inbuilt. Unfortunately my phone had refused to charge while at 45% and when I let it be without charge; it had switched off.
    Still refuses to charge after I had done the tips stated on this article.
    Is there a way this can be fixed?
    Can’t get a phone anytime soon too.

    I would appreciate a feedback.
    Thank you

    1. Avatar photo

      Sorry Vikky, if you have tried every suggestion listed in the guide above… the options available to you are going to be very limited. Go into a store of your service provider and speak to a sales representative. Since you are paying for a service and have no tool to use that service they might be able to hook you up with a workable phone.

  70. my honor 9 lite is turning on and when it turns on it shows 0 percent and turns off. pls help its happening even after a couple of hours of charging. PLS HELP

  71. What I want to know (and what google won’t pinpoint for me no matter how I phrase it!) is if there is any good rule of thumb to tell when it is safe to turn it back on and start making phone calls!

    I need to use it and right now, but the charge is still low and it will probably use it. Is there a percentage where, if the phone is still plugged in I should be able to turn it on and use it without it losing its charge? Is there any good rule of thumb to be applied. Am I safe at 15% 20%? What percentage should I wait for? Thank you.

    1. Avatar photo

      If your battery is functioning correctly then you should be able to use your phone as long as it is plugged into the charger. If your battery is toast then this might not be the case.

  72. I have problem with my phone, when I tried to change the battery (non-removable) to a new one, I actually forgot to turn off the phone… now my phone doesn’t turn on anymore and whenever I tried to turn on or charging it would make a some small noise at where the protective area at the board is located…

  73. my phone after reseting it since then it stopped working. it powers on then before it completes it brings an android logo which is flashing, then it remains there. i dont know what went down. all this happened after using the keys to reset it. please help me….

  74. I have an iphone 6 and somehow it died last night and when I woke up I put it on my charger and it’s charging but it’s taking forever to come on. How can I fix it?

  75. Hi, I have been using Oquitel c8 for two years it charges up to one percent when its off and then switch off completely, what could be the problem?

  76. Hi! I received new battery for my phone Xiaomi Redmi 9 because my old battery died. But when i was installing the battery my phone was connected to charger and accidently i touched metal surface and it shots sparks. From that moment my phone is not working. Not turning on. No vibrating and no sound. Display is not showing anything.

  77. Hi

    I have a Moto G5, purchased over 3 years ago. I used to charge it by the side of the bed overnight but last night it Flipped and try as I might I cannot get it back. It has drained and will not respond to Power Banks, original chargers or usb ports.

    Please help otherwise I will ditch it

  78. i have a Samsung galaxy J56 its my brothers old one and now it died and its not charging. i tried nearly everything but i mainly think ts the charging port

  79. Please help, my Sony Xperia X compact just switched off & does not want to switch on again When plugged in to charger a red light flashes but it’s not charging.

  80. My samsung galaxy s4 died and wasn’t charging, and if it died I would not have a phone for school. With semi-virtual school I use it often to take pdf scans and open up the covid screening app to be let into school, let’s just say I use it often and not just for texting. But my mom said that if it died, then I wouldn’t get a new one until it was time for me to actually get a phone and not just use her old one for school. My sister’s didn’t get phone until senior year Christmas, but I am only a junior so you can see why that would be bad if I lost this phone. But I did the little battery removal trick, and it worked! Thank you so much, you save me from dying of a heart attack at a young age! 🙂

  81. Hi I have an P40pro the phones battery shuts down while busy so I put it on charger immediately a few minutes later I tried switching the phone on but nothing is coming on screen still black and it doesn’t show sign of changing.
    What might be the cause?

    1. Avatar photo

      Keep it on the charger for the rest of the day (unless it turns on and fully charges, then you can use it as usual). Come back and let me know if leaving it on the charger does not seem to help.

  82. Jonathan O'Neal Hopkins

    My Galaxy S6 has had battery issues then whenever I left the phone alone for about 3-6 months, it wouldn’t turn on… not correctly anyways. What is happening is when I use a normal 1.0A charger, the S6 wants to charge but doesn’t at the same time. Basically the screen is on a constant flicker of off and on for 1-2 seconds for each phase. When I plug it into a Samsung Adaptive charging, it doesn’t even show a screen. I think my battery needs to be replaced but I would like a double check because I tried everything I could to no avail.

  83. I have a Samsung galaxy A50. Left out in rain 2 weeks ago. Put in rice for over 24 hours and phone has worked great for last 2 weeks. Suddenly today it is dead and won’t even take a charge.

  84. My phone, a Gionee S10 Lite, went off totally and I have been charging it for more than 6 hours but it isn’t coming up. The phone was delivered 1 week ago… What do you think I can do to make it turn on again?? Thank you.

  85. I have a techno wx3 it blacked out since yesterday have tried charging it but it has not showed any sign of working

    1. Avatar photo

      If you have tried all of the suggestions listed above then you will need to likely replace your battery and if that does not work then the phone will need to be replaced.

  86. What luck I had finding your page I was just going to replace the phone but my router was to blame for the WiFi disabled message that came on every time I tried another way to fix it THANKS SOOO MUCH JAMES I’M GAINING MY SANITY AS I TYPE GOD BLESS YOU HAVE A GOOD XMAS GOOD MAN Paul Hackney london

  87. I have an iphone that won’t turn on. I just charged it and it was at 80% before it just turned off, I’ve tried charging it and pressing the power button but I’m unsuccessful.

    1. Avatar photo

      Unfortunately, iPhone batteries are built into the phone and are not meant to be removed. If you have an iPhone that is relatively new (less than a year old) look into having Apple remove/replace the battery for you. If your iPhone is more than a year old and needs a new battery (batteries do not last forever) then there are some methods that you can use to remove it. Do a quick search on how to replace the battery on your specific iPhone device and you should be able to find a few guides to assist you.

  88. Was so confused initially, figured out, my charging cable gave up. Time to buy a New Charging cable. Any suggestion other than original cable?

    Thank you.

  89. The article is so amazing and informative. These tricks are working well for mobiles. Thanks for the useful post.

  90. My smartphone runs out of battery so quickly, that I have to keep it plugged in or it will drain within two hours. Thank you for pointing out that with the new smartphones you don’t have to run the battery down before charging them back. I appreciated that you said this isn’t a good idea for the health of the battery. I will take this phone to professional repair service and see what they can do.

  91. Hi, I have oneplus 6 android Device. I have entered boot mode while battery is almost 1% and my phone wont work now. Not charging and turning on. Please let me know if you have any solution. Thanks in advance.

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