Sony Xperia frozen or will not power on

Has your Sony Xperia locked up? Is it frozen? Does it not want to power on? Need a solution? Look no further! Here is a trick that can get your phone up and running in less than 30 seconds!

If your Sony Xperia has locked up or frozen you don’t need to wait for the battery to drain to zero in order to have a working phone again. On most other smartphones all you would have to do is remove the battery cover, pop the battery out, count to ten, put it all back together and BOOM your good to go. A second level reset or more simply a battery pull is a great fix for many common smartphone issues. Unfortunately Sony Xperias don’t tend to have removable batteries but there is hope.

All you need to do is a simulated battery pull

A simulated battery pull will simply tell the phone to reboot, to turn itself off and then back on. This simple tool is amazing for a frozen or locked up Sony Xperia, or if your phone is showing a white/blue/black screen, if it’s having navigation problems, or for any reason you can’t seem to power the phone off yourself all you need to do is the simulated battery pull.

To do a simulated battery pull on a Sony Xperia you basically follow the same steps as you would when doing a simulated battery pull on the Motorola Atrix HD, all you have to do is hold the Volume Down button and then the Power key and hold these two buttons down simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds. After holding them down for about 20 seconds if the phone didn’t power cycle then release the keys and try and turn the phone on like you normally would by briefly pressing the power button.

So for example, let’s say your Sony Xperia Ion froze or will not power on. Simply hold the Volume Down + the Power key then count to 20, if there is no response then let go of the keys and then briefly press and release the power key and it should start right up.

Depending on what type of phone you have you might need to try using the Volume Up button instead. So if your Sony Xperia is still frozen or will not power on then try holding the Volume Up and the Power key at the same time for 20 seconds.

If it didn’t work then try it again. Seriously, this should power cycle the phone and might require a few attempts for success.

Tip: if it doesn’t work after a few attempts then make sure to remove the phone from a power source, so if it’s plugged into a charger then unplug it.

If your Xperia STILL won’t power on, is frozen or acting up then you can also try Sony’s Update Service or Sony’s PC Companion. The Simulated battery pull usually works though so give it a few attempts if it doesn’t work the first time.

Now that you know how to do a simulated battery pull you won’t have to wait 8+ hours for your battery to drain in order to use your phone again. Just do a reboot and your good to go. P.S. don’t let your battery drain to zero if you can help it, it’s not good for a lithium ion batteries health if it drains to 0%.

If you can’t seem to get the simulated battery pull to work, or if it seems like the phone responded but is still having issues, you might want to look into I can’t fix my phone, now what should I do for some additional options.

Otherwise enjoy your phone, make sure to invest in a good memory card, if you haven’t done so already, just in case your phone really malfunctions or accidently gets damaged that way you don’t lose all of your phones important information.

Thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and don’t forget to check out some of the other content on the site.

Oh, and if this trick helped you fix your Xperia and you would like to show your appreciation then you can let me know by leaving a comment or simply pressing the Facebook Like button, Google + button or sharing this article through any of the Social networking sites shown below.

Thanks again for reading and make sure to enjoy your beautiful and working Sony Xperia.


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907 thoughts on “Sony Xperia frozen or will not power on”

  1. Sony xperia
    Thank you my phone has been frozen on a black screen all day but if i turn sound on i can hear the phone is working but the screen is not.
    i knew there was a trick to turn a phone off but didn’t know the buttons thanks very much

    1. Your welcome Kieran

      Your welcome Kieran, there is usually a trick or two that can fix most issues on smartphones. You just got to know how to do it for your specific device. I am glad I could help you get your phone up and running properly again.

      1. xperia ion
        i keep on trying the approach that you taught but my device still not respond Please help me, my device, xperia ion

        1. Hum, do this…

          Hi Maxx, If you have tried everything mentioned above (make sure you try the simulated battery pull, AND the Sony PC Companion) and you still cannot get your Sony Xperia to turn back on or respond then try and charge your phone for a while (an hour or two) then try the steps mentioned in this article again (don’t forget to unplug your phone from the charger when you do the simulated battery pull).

          If you let a mobile phones battery run down to zero on accident then sometimes it can be hard to get the lithium ion battery to charge up like normal again. If for some mysteriously unlucky reason your Sony Xperia Ion is still not responding then it might have stopped working and might just need to be replaced.

          You bought a good phone but unfortunately sometimes phones malfunction and need to be replaced. That’s why Sony offers a one year manufactures warranty. I mentioned what to do when you cannot seem to fix your phone already but take a look at that article. It goes over some options that are often available so that one way or another you can get a working phone again.

          Good Luck Maxx. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to ask.

          1. Nope
            I haven’t even had the phone 24 hours it was on 30% battery when it went dead because I was attempting to screenshot something using the power and volume button (which is very hard btw) this is on a sony xperia m2 I have tried it several times what else can I do it wont charge either.

          2. That’s not a good way to start off with a new cell phone

            Hello Camila,

            If you have tried the simulated battery pull methods above and your phone is completely dead with no response whatsoever, and it won’t even respond to a charger, then you might have had the extremely unfortunate circumstance of buying a lemon. Sometimes a cell phone can just stop working unexpectedly, it’s uncommon, especially on a brand new cell phone with less than 24 hours of use but it does happen.

            If I was you I would contact whoever I bought it from and return or exchange it as quickly as possible. In most circumstances if a cell phone malfunctions or has a defect within the first two weeks of purchasing the unit then you can return it to the store under the “buyer’s remorse” policy; once the buyer’s remorse time frame has passed though you would have to look into your warranty options instead. So make sure that you contact whoever you bought it from as soon as possible to try and prevent that from happening.

          3. It worked
            Thank you very much, my cousin bought me the Xperia s. It’s a new one so I decided to charge it for a couple of hours before powering it on, after about 3 hours my battery indicator still showed a red light and wasn’t powering on. I tried whatever I could till I found this help line. Now the phone is working perfectly thank you.

          4. Xperia C drains and hangs up
            Thanks for the simulated restart option. Worked fantastically. Was petrified that I might have to format the software and lose all my data. Thanks a ton!

      1. THANK YOU!!
        I really thought the phone was a goner. The volume down didn’t work on my xperia, but the volume up did! =)

    2. Thank you !
      exactly the similar situation to me… I was totally helpless… Your advice has really helped me and now… my Xperia still works !!!
      Thank you very much 🙂

    3. Frozen Sony Xperia c
      So many thanks for your valuable advice otherwise I would have had to pay unnecessarily. Thank you once again keep it up.

    4. black screen sony experia sp
      Hi i have same problem now and again and if the above solution fails try and connect the phone to a computer… normally once the PC detects the phone being installed the phone screen will come on… problem solved….

    5. Samantha Middleton

      Frozen Sony mobile
      Your a star, I thought my new phone was completely broken. Now its working fine.

    6. Thanks! The volume up and restart button worked!
      Thanks! The volume up and restart button worked!

    7. Sony Experia T Frozen
      Thank you for your guidance in getting this Sony phone going again, your explanation in how to fix it has worked brilliantly, once again thank you. Andrew

    8. It worked. Thanks!
      I tried to press the Volume Up + Power button to reboot and it worked. Thanks!

    9. My Sony Xperia M2 was frozen
      I pressed the volume down key and the power button and then my phone was fine. It’s working again. Thanks so much. Yeeeeeeeepy.

    10. This worked a treat
      Hey this worked a treat. I have only had my phone for a couple of weeks and boom it went black. I didn’t know what was wrong until I found this article. Keep up the good work A+++.

    11. THANK YOU
      Thank you so much, it really worked. I got so frustrated and thought my phone was gone. Thank you so much.

    12. Thank you so much!
      Thank you so much! This was really helpful. I was almost dead when my phone was not responding cause this is the most important thing in my life :p you are my life saver 🙂

    13. Locked Xperia Mobile Phone
      Thanks heaps for your advice for unlocking my Xperia phone. After seeing the views of unwelding the back I was getting exasperated but then came across your simple two button techniques and it worked. I needed to put the SIM pin code in though when it started again. So anyone using an Xperia needs to find out what that code is.

    14. Sony wont switch on
      Thank you, this has helped me a lot. After 12 hours without a phone and thinking that my phone was broken.

  2. My phone keeps coming up with…
    My phone keeps coming up with an error sign and a picture of a phone after i did an update it wont work when i press volume up and power and it normally does?

  3. Padraig Shrahan

    Error Sign & Picture of Phone
    Exact same thing has happened to my XPERIA T today, pressed “INSTALL” for the update, phone switched itself and started up again showing a loading sign and then leads to a picture of a Phone with a Yellow Error sign in front – please help if possible.

    Many Thanks

    1. Give it time

      Sounds like the phone is probably updating its operating system. Try and be in range of a Wi-Fi (to make it download faster) and give it some time (sometimes even a day to download/install). Once it’s done it should power cycle (power off and back on) and you’ll install the update if it prompts you to do so. In fact this might be where your phone is at already and given some time it should be back up and running properly again. Hopefully a lot smother too. Just try and be patient. Some updates can take a while but are awesome.

      Let me know what the outcome is Padraig Shrahan, if it doesn’t fix itself in a day or two try another simulated battery pull. Oh and leave the phone on so it can finish doing what it needs to. Good luck my friend, and don’t forget to let us know what happens.

  4. No SIM card error
    My Xperia ION LT28h says No SIM card inserted with a red cross mark on the SIM displayed, even though a SIM card is inserted, this happens all of a sudden

    1. No SIM? That’s not a good thing

      Well that’s not a good thing Deepu, if your phone isn’t reading your SIM card properly then you’re going to have all kinds of service related issues. No internet, no calls, no messaging, no syncing, you name it! So definitely not a good thing. I thought I wrote an article or two for that issue but it looks like I never did one for a Sony Xperia. Check out How to Fix an HTC One X SIM card error message and follow the tips there until I can post an article for this issue in general.

      No SIM usually means that either the SIM card isn’t in the phone properly, or that the SIM isn’t clean (take a pink eraser and clean of the metal part that connects to the phone), it could mean that it is a defective SIM (might need to get a replacement SIM), a software bug (read that article it goes over how to fix software issues by backing up and resetting your android phone), or hopefully not but it could also be a damaged SIM card slot on the phone itself.

      Check out the articles and if you have any questions let me know by leaving a comment on the bottom of that specific article.

      Good luck Deepu and don’t forget to let me know how it goes or ask for help if you need it.

  5. Thanks
    Could have cried when this happened to me this morning after just seven days with the phone. Worked for me and saved my day! Cheers

  6. Get it replaced ASAP
    If your phone is doing this either call Sony +1-877-7XPERIA (1-877-797-3742) and explain what is going on. You’re going to need the info from the pull-out tab found in the SIM/SD bay. It will take a few weeks and some Shipping money. OR your provider will probably replace it for free if you can get it to fail infront of them. (PROTIP: Let it die while using it and do not plug it in for a while)

    Your phone will very likely get worse until it fails completely. My experiance is here:

    Your phone SHOULD charge like everyother phone. If it is acting funny get it replaced ASAP

    My replacement it working just fine

    1. Sometimes phones need to be replaced, sometimes they don’t.

      Sometimes phones can stop working and your right Greg. If your phone is malfunctioning and you cannot seem to get it to work properly again then having it replaced might be the best option available. But you should always try and fix your phone first.

      Remember that replacement phones are often refurbished, and if you can fix it yourself then you won’t have to be without a working phone, you don’t have to wait for it to be repaired or wait for a replacement to arrive, and you won’t have to worry about transferring your information from your original phone to the replacement phone.

      As far as charging your phone goes I DO NOT recommend that you let your battery drain to zero on a smartphone if you can help it. Like you pointed out, if you “Let it die while using it and do not plug it in for a while” it might damage the battery and it will be difficult to get it to charge again and if you discover that your phone is out of warranty for any reason (out of warranty by date or liquid or physical damage) then you just caused yourself even more problems because now your phone doesn’t charge or power on at all not because your phones defective but because you might have ruined your battery and since the batteries built in on this phone finding a replacement battery and then actually replacing the battery could be quite a pain. All in all you might find yourself stuck with a phone that’s only good as a paperweight.

      The Sony Xperia is a good phone and other than the occasional hiccup that might occur on any android phone, such as charging issues (use a manufacture approved charger), the screen going out (black screen but you can still receive calls and hear the phone working), will not power on (could be battery or phone or charger issue), etc. all of these issues are typically covered under the manufacture warranty and if you cannot seem to fix it yourself with just a little bit of research and troubleshooting then you might consider filing a warranty claim or one of these other options available.

      Keep up the research and troubleshooting, don’t forget to create periodic backups of your phones information, and don’t forget to keep enjoying your phone.

  7. Xperia Z
    wife was going mental and ******** at me because her xperia z (UK) had completely locked up. Power + Vol UP, worked a treat on this model and saved my ears somewhat! Many thanks

  8. thank you sooooooo much
    u saved me man u rock!!!! thank god, I saw ur post, “Volume Down button and then the Power key and hold these two buttons down simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds”. finally my phone’s breathing again!

  9. It worked. I had no idea why
    It worked. I had no idea why it did it in the first place. But for whatever reason it had a glitch. This little tip worked like magic. THANKS!

  10. Thank you so much
    Thank you so much now i don’t need to worry about it doing this again. I thought it was wrecked. 🙂

  11. Thanks!!!!
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!! I was about to break my phone to tiny little pieces but in the end I found this site…well anyways thanks again =)

  12. Frozen Phone
    Thank you for the information, i almost freaked out. Please continue to inform and setting our minds at ease.

  13. Thank you!
    I could not switch my phone on at all. I had not dropped it, it had not run out of charge or experienced any other problems before finding it switched off and not being able to switch it back on again. Holding the power key and volume up button did the trick to my great relief. Thank you for posting this here!

  14. my xperia sp does not turn on after the update failed
    I tried to update my sony xperia sp using pc companion. But an error came that your battery is not fully charged, but at the starting it asked only for 50% battery and i had 85%.

    After that i removed my mobile and tried to switch on it but my mobile is not getting switched on. It shows no response and when i plugged to charge it , their was no response.

    Please help me soon.

    1. That’s not good

      Hey Jack

      That’s not good. There is a reason that a message pops up warning people to make sure that there is a good charge on the phone before updating, if the phone doesn’t get to finish the update it could brick (break the phone and make it inoperable).

      The same goes with computers… If a person is updating their computer (or phone) and their battery runs out (laptop) or the power goes out etc and the update doesn’t get to finish installing then their electronic device could seriously malfunction and be inoperable from then on.

      Some phones will not even let you do a Factory Data Reset or perform an update unless you have a sufficient charge on your device. 85% charge should have been enough to install the update though… very strange.

      If your phone didn’t get to fully install the update then you might have a bricked phone and there might not be much that you can do to fix it. But try this…

      • Plug your phone into the charger (wall charger if possible), and let it charge. Let’s hope it’s a battery issue. If a lithium ion battery drains to zero it can take a while to get it to charge correctly again. I can’t say how long it will take for sure. If it doesn’t respond and show charging after a few hours then it could take a day or maybe even two days to charge. If it doesn’t start charging and/or you cannot get a response then look into the other options mentioned below.
      • After trying to charge your phone for a few hours, try unplugging it and turning it on like you normally would.  
      • Try the simulated battery pull once again as described in this article.
      • Try the PC companion again.
      • If there is still no response then try to hard reset the phone.
      • If you cannot hard reset then you can try to take it into a repair center of your wireless provider. Sometimes they can re-flash your phone and reload the most current firmware onto the device. I know that some select AT&T Device Support Centers can do this for AT&T customer’s phones. This option is not offered everywhere though and might not be available in your area. It depends on where you live.

      If none of these things work then you might need to look into your replacement options.

      Good luck Jack, remember to always allow a phone to update when possible, and I usually recommend a full 100% charge whenever possible for this exact issue. What is strange though is that it should have pulled power from the computers USB as well and shouldn’t have died.

      I don’t think you did anything wrong from your description. As long as you didn’t unplug the phone while it was updating or the phone didn’t die while updating then there is hope. I hope these suggestions help. If you do end up getting a replacement phone then remember to log into your original Gmail account and it should sync a lot of the information from your original Xperia to your replacement Android phone including your contacts, calendar, etc.

      Good Luck Jack and don’t forget to come back and let us know what the outcome was.

  15. Muruganandan Singaram

    Thanks a lot.
    Thanks a lot. I tried repairing the phone and it got switched and never turn back. Luckily your post helped me get my phone back on. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, worked a treat.
      Thank you, worked a treat. I needed the phone on as my child was unwell at childcare so it was urgent to get it up and running again. Many many thanks.

  16. my phone is not working !
    hi ,, my phone is now off and not turning on .. i tried everything on youtube and commments and still not working .. it’s a xperia sp

  17. Thank you
    Been having this issue for so long and never knew how to get my phone working again quickly. Just tried holding the + volume button and the power button and SUCCESS. Thank you very much, your a legend!

  18. When I turn on my Sony Xperia
    When I turn on my Sony Xperia E, a battery icon just pops up and turns back off. Do u know what this means?

    1. It sounds like your Xperia is thirsty

      What level of charge is the battery icon showing before the phone turns off? It sounds like your battery needs a good charging. Try charging it for an hour or two with the original charger. Try charging it with the wall charger first then if there is little progress and the Xperia is still not powering on correctly then try charging it through a computer.

      The phone should also be able to pull power from the charger. Once you charge the phone for a while you can try to turn it on while it’s plugged in and see if it will boot up that way.

      There is a small chance that your battery is having problems and if it will not charge or hold a charge you might need to look into your replacement options. It sounds like it just needs a good charging though, so charge it for a few hours and see if that helps.

      Remember to try and avoid letting a smartphones battery drain to zero. It can be hard to charge it up again. If you have any issues, problems or questions then don’t hesitate to come back and ask. Remember to provide as much information about the problem as possible so we can find the fix as quickly as possible.

  19. batter dead battery
    how to fix sony xperia go if have dead battrey?what steps to do to open it… i try to press power button and down button while charging it doesn work? thakyou for you time/

    1. File a warranty claim instead, if you can.

      Hey John

      The battery on the Sony Xperia Go is Non-removable and if you are sure that the battery is bad as it will not charge and the simulated battery pull doesn’t work then filing a warranty claim is going to be your best choice of action. If you replace the battery in your Xperia Go yourself then you will have to take the phone apart and it will void the phones warranty.

      Also make sure to try the simulated battery pull with the phone off the charger as it might not work properly if your phone is plugged in. If there is no response then charge your phone overnight and try it again.

  20. Thank you so much!
    I was a little shocked to find my Xperia Sola bricked without any apparent reason. Pressing Volume Up + Start for ~5s did the trick.
    Thanks again, Bro.

  21. I have a Sony Xperia L
    I have a Sony Xperia L and after a concert my phone had about 1% battery and when I turned it on the screen would flicker and then turn off, I just assumed this was because the battery was so slow. I charged it for around 7 hours and when I went to press the power button I could see the battery was 100% on the screen but again the screen turned on for about 3 seconds, flickered and then turned off completely. I have tried the battery pull many times but it is not working for me, and I cannot use the PC companion as I cant unlock my phone because obviously I cant enter the PIN when the screen wont turn on. Can you think of what is wrong, or do I definitely have to get it replaced or fixed?

    1. Strange issue you have there

      Hi Chloe

      Strange issue you have there, at first it sounded like a battery issue to me too. Remember to try not to let a lithium ion battery drain to zero, it can be hard to get it to charge and work properly again. If it showed a 100% charge though after charging it for 7 hours and you have tried the battery pull multiple times then it might not be the battery after all.

      The “flickered” part is what has me worried. Once it flickered you said it went off completely so after the flicker the screen wouldn’t turn back on at all I assume? Does anything at all light up when you attempt to turn on the phone? Do any lights pop up when you plug your Sony Xperia L into a charger? Is there any sign of life on the phone at all? If you turn the phone on can you hear it boot up and hear it receive messages and phone calls? If you plug your phone into a computer will the computer read it as a media device and let you backup your files?

      If the phone seems to be working but you just have a black screen then your LCD screen malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. If your phone is completely lifeless and there is no response to a charger then you might need to replace the entire phone. If you briefly see the screen every time you attempt to power the phone on then it MIGHT be a software issue and there is a slim ray of hope if you can get the phone to perform a hard reset.

      If you cannot get your screen to respond after charging it over night, attempt to try a different battery if one is available, if there is no response and the phone is dead and the simulated battery pull doesn’t work, a physical battery pull doesn’t work, and the screen won’t let you try a hard reset, then looking into replacement options might be what you need to do.

      Good luck my friend and thanks for reading.

  22. Thank you!
    This helped a lot! My phone has been frozen for 2 hours and holding the volume up button and power button for 20 seconds did the trick. Thank you!

  23. Sony Xperia Go
    Thank you so much for this – It turned out to be the volume up instead of volume down for my xperia go but it worked. Now to save all my contacts to my sim card before the phone crashes for real.

  24. turned off and cant turn on back.
    I have xperia z. I was switching sim card inside my phone. I turned off my phone and switched the sim card with the other sim. Then, I wanted to turn on my phone. But, it does not turn on. I put it in charger. But, even there is no any light on my phone. Please, help me.

  25. Hi, last night i was playing
    Hi, last night i was playing game on my xperia SP and suddenly the phone Stucked/freeze and nothing was working. i pressed the power button and home button but nothing worked with still the screen of mobile on. then i let the mobile to drain out the charge from battery. but unfortunately, when the charge from the battery drained out and screened was off but after that neither my phone is charging nor it is turning on. so anyone can please help me to fix this issue and get myself out of trouble?

    1. That can happen, it sounds like it might be a battery issue now…

      Hi Hasan,

      Sorry to hear about your phone freezing. That happens sometimes, especially when using third party applications. Usually you can do the simulated battery pull mentioned above and be up and running again in no time.

      I know I have already mentioned a few times that I don’t recommend letting a smartphones lithium ion battery drain to zero but I want to say it again because of this exact situation. Now most people don’t know about this simulated battery pull trick and many Xperia phones, like your Xperia SP, don’t allow you to remove the battery so letting the battery drain to zero is pretty common as it often seems like the only option available.

      Make sure to review the comments listed on this page for some additional suggestions but for your particular issue I recommend you charge your phone with its original wall charger over night. Once you have tried charging your phone overnight then try to turn the phone on normally by briefly pressing the power key. If your Xperia SP still doesn’t boot up like it’s supposed to then try the simulated battery pull again, remember if at first you do not succeed then try again. After you have tried the simulated battery pull a few times if you cannot get a response at all then try to charge the phone through a computer or car charger instead and do this for a while as well, preferably over night. Once you try these different charging methods try to turn the phone on, and if unsuccessful, try the simulated battery pull.

      If you cannot get your phone to charge up again then the battery will most likely need to be replaced, since your Xperia SP has a Non-removable Li-Ion 2370 mAh battery your best option would be to look into filing a warranty claim as this would be considered a warrantable issue. If your phone is no longer under warranty then look into your other replacement options. If your phone is out of warranty you could also consider trying to replace the battery yourself. Just make sure that your phone is out of warranty because replacing the battery yourself on this phone will be considered tampering with the device and if the warranty isn’t void it WILL BE after you take the phone apart. Just FYI.

      I hope this helps Hasan.

      Oh yeah, even though a removable battery isn’t a huge deal it is one of the things that I consider when choosing a new smartphone because a quick soft reset can often fix common phone related issues.

      1. thank you for being concerned
        Thank you for being concerned BOND, but how can I know whether or not my phone is charging or not. I tried to charge my phone with its original charger, a Samsung charger as well as my laptop but there is no indication that my mobile phone is charging, I mean the charging light does not flash or blink.

        1. Not a good sign my friend

          Hi again Hasan,

          If you have tried the simulated battery pull, charging your phone with the original charger, charging the phone with another charger (the Samsung charger), and charging your mobile phone through a wall outlet and a laptop/computer for 7+ hours and you cannot get the phone to charge or even recognize the charger then you have done pretty much all of the suggestions at how to fix a phone that died and won’t power on or charge and it sounds like you’ll need to look into replacing the unit.

          Sorry for your troubles Hasan, you can try to keep charging it for a while longer and hope that you can get it to charge properly but it sounds more and more like the phones going to have to be replaced. Good luck my friend, thanks for coming back and leaving a comment, and thanks for taking the time to visit my site.

          1. Thnk u so mch… I was abt to
            Thnk u so mch… I was abt to chnge my sony xperia u bt when i did ths trck strtd….and please one mre requst please gve some tips for battery usage its drains very quickly..

  26. phone wont turn on
    my xperia tx wont turn on, i installed an update and it wasn’t installed in the mobile when suddenly the sony pc companion on the computer got stuck and my phone isn’t turning on since then, when pressing the power button, it gives the ‘sony’ logo and gives a weird ‘warning’ sign with the phone on one side, no idea what happened, help!

    1. Scary stuff…

      That doesn’t sound good Ayesha. If you were installing an update and the phone didn’t get to finish installing that update due to a power outage, or unplugging the phone before it was completed, or in your case a frozen computer or frozen PC companion then it can Brick your phone causing the device to become inoperable. Usually when updating there will be a BIG warning message letting you know not to turn off the phone or computer as well as not to disconnect the phone from the computer while it’s updating for this very reason.

      So when you say your computer froze when your phone was updating it makes me nervous because the result is not usually a good thing that can be fixed with troubleshooting. You are getting a warning message though… which is something. Have you tried reconnecting your phone to the PC companion? Try the Simulated battery pull a few more times to see if you can get it to reboot.

      If you have tried the simulated battery pull and the PC companion and cannot seem to get your Xperia TX to power on correctly again then contact your service provider right way and let them know that you tried to update your phone and it is no longer working properly. This should be covered under warranty and might warrant a replacement device. If your phone is over a year old or there is signs of physical or liquid damage then contact your service provider anyways for additional replacement or repair options that they might offer.

      Short of trying to FLASH the phone with new software I think that contacting your wireless provider is going to be your best bet.

    1. That depends…

      If the actual physical button broke and became dislodged and is no longer attached to the phone then you can often stick something into the slot that the power key used to sit, apply pressure and simulated the power button allowing you to turn on the phone. I have seen people use a paperclip, a broken toothpick, a Q-tip without the fluff, etc. If you still have the power key you can try inserting it back into where it belongs and then putting your phone into a protective case which will keep it all together. It really depends on if the key is damaged or how the phone is setup.

      Broken keys are not typically covered under warranty unless there is a known issue where it seems to be a common problem on the device. If the key just fell off on its own then look into filing a warranty claim. The worse that they can say is that it’s no longer covered under the warranty in which case you’re no worse off. If the key came off due to physical damage then there is not much you can do other than try to file an Insurance claim (if you have insurance) or take it in for repair, try and fix it yourself, or look into getting another phone.

      Some phones will also power on when you plug the phone into a charger. If you’re having problems getting the power button to respond you can try plugging it into a charger and see if pressing other functioning keys will allow you to operate your phone it once again.

      I hope that helps Niko. Thanks for reading, and have yourself a great day my friend.

  27. screen frozen white
    i was playing a game on my sony experia e when it just froze on white i have pulled the battery out to see would that help but when i powered it back on it was still coming up white is there anything i can do to fix this because i have only had the phone a month and theres no way im paying for it to be sent away to be repaired

  28. my xperia sp crashed and wont turn on
    i restarted my phone after my camera wouldnt capture and forced closed. it started up and was ok for 2 mins since then its been blank it wont turn back on. if i put a charger it doesnt respond, the illumination bar doesnt notify me its charging. my pc companion cant pick it up but the computer detects somethings connected yet i cant access it. its really annoying, ive only had it 2 weeks!!

  29. my phone not powering on
    Hi James, my phone fell in a tub of water a month ago and after that its working all weird. Its power up key would not work and the power down key would always be active an would deactivate itself after sum time. This problem had gotten worse and it used to go in safe mode. Last night I turned off my phone and put it on the charger. Now its not turning on. Suggestions?

    1. There is hope, try this…

      Hi Mamoon,

      Liquid damage can be a hard thing to troubleshoot as it affects the hardware on the phone which means that the actual pieces of the phone are malfunctioning, not the software. But I might be able to help you with your problem. Read all of the suggestions at How to fix a water damaged phone.

      There is no guarantee when it comes to physical or liquid damage but that article will help to give you a fighting chance at reviving your phone and getting it to power on and work again. Good luck my friend.

  30. Thank you!
    Thanks so much, my Xperia P froze, then died whilst using it, was expecting an important phone call too! The volume up and power key worked for me. Thanks again James!

  31. not turn on and no led of flashboot and fast boot
    My xperia miro was not turn on i will tried to turn on but is not on and not any respone of led green light of led and i will tried in flash tool and pc companian but not response please fix my xperia miro please fix anybody know please fix this problem

    1. Try this…

      Hi Naveed Iqbal,

      I’m sorry to hear about your Sony Xperia Miro. So if I understand your issue correctly, you can get no response from your Xperia phone what so ever. It won’t power on, it won’t charge, it won’t even show a charging light letting you know that its connected to a charger, no response from the phone when plugging it into a computer and the commuter cannot communicate with the phone either.

      Try to perform the simulated battery pull a few more times. I’m serious, because I have seen it fix this exact issue before. If you have tried charging your phone for over 24 hours and have tried to perform the simulated battery pull multiple times and cannot get a response, then your phone or battery might have malfunctioned (which happens on all phones/batteries eventually, sometimes allot faster than it should in my humble opinion) so I recommend you look into your replacement options.

      Good luck my friend, thank you for visiting the site.

  32. Sony Xperia SP cannot on !
    Hi. i just bought Sony Xperia SP 3 months ago.. i was updating the software in my phone thru my laptop. it was in the process of updating but suddenly, my laptop restart on its own ! and now I CANNOT ON MY PHONE ! i am really scare that my phone is damage as the battery is the built-in type which i could not take it out ! PLEASE HELP !!!

  33. Big thanks……
    Worked a treat!!! Perfect and one of the easiest set of instructions to follow…top stuff!

  34. Thank u so much, my phone was
    Thank u so much, my phone was frozen and I could do nothing because removing the battery is my only solution in such a situation. I wanted to burst into tears but I found your solution and burst out laughing 🙂

  35. Xperia t shut down won’t turn on or charge
    My xperia t was on the charger and around 80% charged when I looked left it for a while went to take it off the charger and the phone was off the led charge light was off tried to turn phone on it won’t turn on I tried other chargers the led won’t come on to show it’s charging. I have tried the power and volume reset and my xperia t vibrates once then vibrates a couple times again after a few seconds and still won’t turn on. I have tried the reset a few times and still won’t turn on. I tried the reset with the charger plugged in to the phone and it still won’t turn on but the led charge light comes on and will stay on for a few minutes then goes off. I love my xperia t but getting frustrated with whats wrong with it. Still have to try the pc companion but not sure if it will help. Is there any other suggestions or should I just send it back to Sony for the factory warranty since I didn’t get insurance on it when I got it. Please help me

    1. The Sony Xperia T? Don’t you mean The Bond Phone?

      The Sony Xperia T also known as the Sony LT30p or “The Bond Phone” as James Bond (played by Daniel Craig) uses a Sony Xperia T mobile phone in the movie SkyFall. So that is very cool my friend. The issue that you’re having though isn’t very cool.

      The battery is non-removable, like many other Xperia phones, so a literal battery pull is out of the question. You have tried using other chargers, that’s good. You tried the simulated battery pull and got the phone to vibrate (that’s a good sign as you at least got a response from the phone), You tried the hard reset and no response on the screen and phone won’t turn on. All in all you cannot get your phone to turn on.

      Does it seem like the phone might be turning on but the screen is staying black? If the phone vibrated then the phones screen might have malfunctioned and the phone might be turning on but since the screen remains black then it seems like it’s not booting up. If this is the case then you might be able to connect the phone to a computer (with or without PC companion) to make an attempt at backing up your phones information.

      Try the simulated battery pull and then a normal boot up a few more times. If the screen is the cause of this problem then you won’t be able to see the fastboot/recovery screen to select the reset option if you attempt a hard reset. Otherwise it sounds like you have done pretty much everything that you can do to try and fix your phone yourself and you might need to look into filing a warranty claim.

      Good luck Erric, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to leave another comment.   

  36. You god! I’ve been stressed
    You god! I’ve been stressed about this and you’ve solved my issue in seconds!

  37. Got my phone to turn back on
    I called Sony and they told me how to reset my Sony Xperia TL. Press the volume up button and then press the power button. After five or so seconds the phone will buzz once, then a couple of more times. Then press the power button. My phone came right on and all my data was still there. I don’t think the phone will charge when it is not on.

    1. I’m glad that your phone is back on and working properly again

      Hi Alan,

      Yep that’s a simulated battery pull my friend. Thanks for confirming and letting us know that it’s the volume up button and power key on the Sony Xperia TL as opposed to the volume down button and power key as it is on many other types of Xperia models.

      I’m glad that this trick allowed you to turn your phone back on, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and don’t forget to enjoy your working Xperia TL.

  38. Thanks very helpful.
    Thanks very helpful. Tried it on Xperia go which is frozen since yesterday and the volume up + power button and phone rebooted.

  39. My Xperia Ion will not turn
    My Xperia Ion will not turn on, it shows the light that it is charging and about every 10 seconds it looks like its turning on but then it just stops and goes black. It keeps doing that over and over without me even touching it, I’ve tried everything you did but nothing seems to be working… Could you please help me?

    1. That is NOT a fun issue to have on an Android smartphone

      Hi Anonymous reader,

      It sounds like your phone is caught in a boot loop. That can happen on Android phones sometimes and isn’t very fun when it does happen. The phone tries to boot up over and over but never actually turns on all the way.

      Here is the trouble you’re in. If you have tried the simulated battery pull, then it might still get stuck on the boot up process or caught in a boot loop. This is often a software related bug/glitch and can be hard to solve because your phone won’t let you into the settings or even allow you to navigate the phone for proper troubleshooting. Start out by making sure that none of the buttons (especially the power button) are sticking or pressed into the phone.

      If you haven’t already tried Sony’s PC Companion give it a try too. This might not work because your phones not actually turning on all the way so it may not connect to the computer like it’s supposed to.

      Try to turn the phone off if it will let you (sometimes this issue won’t let you turn the phone off but try to). Sometimes you can force a Sony Xperia to power off by holding the volume up key and power key until the phone vibrates three times and then releasing the keys.

      If you have a memory card in your Sony Xperia Ion, then when the phone is off, remove it and try to power the phone back on like you normally would by briefly pressing the power key.

      To fix other Android phones that get stuck in a boot loop the best bet is to perform a hard reset on the device. I’m not sure if the Sony Xperia Ion has a hard reset that can be done with the keys of the phone though. You can try some of the common alternate/hard reset methods listed at How to hard reset an Android smartphone but again I’m not sure if there is a method that will work for the Sony Xperia Ion. A hard reset will reset the entire phone back to its default settings and correct any software bugs, glitches, viruses, etc.

      If none of those suggestions seem to help get the phone to boot up properly again then you might need to look into your replacement options, perhaps even contacting Sony directly for possible repair options.

  40. white screen xperia e
    My phone has a white screen when it goes on. What should i do? Pliz help tried the volume+power thing n it wont work

    1. The White Screen of Death

      A white screen on a smartphone (or computer) isn’t usually a fun fix. Chances are that it’s a hardware issue meaning that there is a problem with an actual piece on the phone.

      Here is what I recommend that you do in your situation….

      • Try Sony’s PC Companion first and hope that it’s a software issue that can be fixed with this Sony troubleshooting tool. You have nothing to lose other than a few minutes.
      • This issue is likely a hardware problem though which will require the phone to be taken apart so that the malfunctioning piece(s) can be replaced so… look into filing a Warranty claim if available.
      • If your phone is no longer covered under the manufacturer’s warranty then you might be able to fix your Xperia E by replacing the LCD screen. Hope that it’s the LCD screen because it will be one of the cheapest and easier things to fix.
      • A lose or disconnected flex cable might also be the culprit and depending on how the phone is setup it might require soldering in order to be properly repaired… which isn’t a good situation.
      • If you have insurance on your Xperia and it’s not an LDC issue then Filing an insurance claim might be your best bet.

      Chances are with a white screen you will have to look into your replacement/repair options.

      Sorry to hear about your phone, and remember if your phone is still under warranty then file a warranty claim as it will be the best option available for this issue. Thanks for commenting, good luck, and if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  41. Hi
    I tried everything but it still wont work 🙁 and when i try to charge it, it doesnt seem like it is charging. Is there another way? Or should i keep charging and try again? Please help 🙁

    1. Yes, try to keep charging it and then try again.

      Hi Lizzy,

      A simulated battery pull can certainly help a phone that’s not turning on or an Xperia that’s not recognizing a charger. I recommend that you charge it all night long and then unplug it in the morning and try to turn it on like you normally would by pressing the power button. If your cell phone won’t turn on like it’s supposed to then yes try the simulated battery pull a few more times. If there is still no response whatsoever on the phone then I recommend you look into filing a warranty claim or looking into some of your other replacement options. You can also try charging your phone with different methods. Charge it through different wall outlets, try charging it through a computer, maybe even with a car charger. The battery might have just died and trying to recover a completely dead lithium ion battery can sometimes be quite a chore if possible at all.

      If the battery did die and will no longer take a charge then most Xperia batteries are built into the phone so if you filed a warranty claim then the phone would be replaced as well as they are a single unit. If the phone malfunctioned and will no longer power on, charge, or respond, which is possible as well, then the phone will obviously need to be replaced as it’s pretty much a paper weight at this point.

      I’m sorry to hear that the simulated battery didn’t fix your phone right away, keep trying to charge the phone and then after charging for a while attempt the simulated battery pull. Sometimes phones and batteries do malfunction though so if you try charging it multiple times and it doesn’t seem to help then if the phone is still under the manufacturer’s warranty don’t wait to file a claim, file one as soon as you can as this is the exact type of issue that warranty covers.

      Good luck Lizzy, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to come back and ask.

  42. Xperia Ion doesn’t connect or power on
    Hey there 007, I’ve got a problem with my Xperia Ion I was hoping you could help with.

    So, my xperia ion completely shut down about two days ago ( with half battery ) and it now refuses to turn on, even when trying multiple simulated battery pulls. There’s also a second problem; the fact that it’s unable to charge. When it’s plugged in to various power sources, abut 50% of the time the red charging light will be on, though most of the time there’s no light. The Sony PC Companion doesn’t recognize the phone being plugged in, so I’m not sure if the cable or the phone is to blame here.

    Thank you in advance – Erinn 🙂

  43. Hi. My xperia sola froze
    Hi. My xperia sola froze about a minute ago. i just opened my instagram then it hang. what is the best way to recover this?

    1. How to fix a frozen Sony Xperia Sola

      Hi Lei,

      Just follow the instructions in the article above. It should fix your phone in a matter of seconds.

      To fix a Sony Xperia Sola that’s frozen, hanging, locked up or non-responsive you will need to try the second method mentioned in the article above.

      To perform a simulated battery pull on the Xperia Sola, hold the Volume Up key and the Power key for 5-15 seconds. Sometimes the phone will vibrate to let you know that it worked. Once it vibrates release the keys and the phone should restart.

      Enjoy your working Sony Xperia Sola cell phone.

  44. Frozen
    I didn’t understand the simulated battery option. Do i need another phone and then hold the volume down and power button? Hope soon i will get a reply. I’m so stressed now its more than 12 hours that my phone is off with a browse on my screen with the text power off shutting down 🙁

    1. Thanks its working thank you

      Thanks its working thank you so much
      I’m so glad finally
      thanks i tried the volume up and power key

      1. You’re welcome

        I am glad that you were able to use these instructions to fix your Sony Xperia. Not having a working phone can be very stressful.

        But now if your Sony Xperia cell phone freezes or won’t power on you know that you can fix it on your model by holding the volume up and power key.

        Glad it helped. Thanks for reading and thank you for letting me know that it fixed your phone.

  45. Sony Xperia SP
    My phone randomly froze while i was using it and a cant seem to reboot it. Can you help me?

  46. Thank you so much!
    Thank you so much! My phone’s screen would not turn on, and it would remain blank no matter how many times I tried to turn it on. It was also a pain to switch it completely off, as it wouldn’t do it! Thanks so much for your great advice.
    I have a Sony Xperia T, and I had to hold the Volume Up button along with the Power Button; the phone switched itself off after 10 seconds! You honestly are a life saver. (:

  47. Thank you, seriously, thank
    Thank you, seriously, thank you. My Xperia T was black and kind of hot and wouldn´t react to pc companion or anything. I was about to give up and wait for its battery to run out since I couldn´t remove it.

  48. My fone screen is frozen
    I use a sony xperia P. my fone is on automatic screen lock. I wanted to make a fone call and suddenly couldnt unlock the screen as it has frozen, the home, menu and back keys are working. Only the screen. Ive pressed down the power button together with the volume up button, it restarted but didnt work either. What do i do, the fone isnt 6months yet.

  49. thank you very much for your
    thank you very much for your help, i was panicked earlier when my phone’s screen become frozen,all in all, thank you:)

  50. xperia m sudden death

    holding the power button plus vol. down (or up I tried many combinations) did not do the trick on my suddenly dead xperia m. However, removing the battery nailed it.
    Thanks very much for the tip.
    Great job.

  51. Xperia
    Many thanks for the above info, my screen went black about 4 hours ago, and nothing i did would solve the problem, i couldnt remove the back to get at the battery and started to look for info on the web and came across your site, didnt work with the volume down button but did with the volume up button – thanks again i was beginning to despair!

  52. A surprising morning.
    I woke up to find that my Sony Xperia displays the black screen, and I’m afraid that it might be damaged or isn’t functioning anymore.

    But then I find this article which helps a lot! In instant my Xperia is working properly again. Thank you!

  53. xperia sp has frozen
    Hi I was on my phone on Facebook and it has frozen and aint reacting to anything that has been mentioned above and im ready to smash this crap up I have hated this phone from day 1 my last phone was a galaxy s2 which was a much better phone any help would be appreciated.

  54. Yadda Yadda Yadda

    You are so awesome!
    You are so awesome! I thought I lost all hope until I found this page. At first I was a little skeptical when the volume down button didn’t work and then I tried the volume up button and it worked! Thank you so much =0 You made my night

  55. xperia t
    Hi thanks for your help, this got my xperia up and running after it had frozen during the start up .Brilliant.

  56. Sony Xperia Ion Lt28h
    My mobile phone opens until the xperia logo only and goes on.. Badly needed your help.. I don’t know what to do..

    Thank you!!

  57. Sony Xperia J
    I have been looking around for hours and trying all these button combinations on my boyfriends phone but can’t seem to get it to work. The phone is only a few months old. Last night, it randomly started doing a reboot loop. It turns on, flashes the SONY logo, then turns off and has been doing the for 12 hours now. If I take the battery out and put it back in, it still does this. He doesn’t have a computer to connect it to, Is there a way I can fix this without a computer? If I can’t, I could connect it to my computer, but any programs need to be deleted right after its fixed because I have an iPhone and don’t want both programs dragging my computer down… I’ve had this problem with my iPhone and it was an easy fix, but his is a real pain in my ass. One more reason I hate Android… Can anyone help quickly, so he will stop freaking out?

    Any help is MUCH MUCH appreciated!!

  58. It worked.
    I pressed the volume down button + power on, kept doing it 3 times but nothing happened. I switched to the volume up button and it worked. Thanks. Do you happen to know why the screen was black all the time and nothing worked?? Like, what the issue is. Thank you.

  59. Thank you
    I got shocked when suddenly after attending a call i came back to my seat and saw my phone just having a white light blink, and it wont start i searched for multiple options but pressing the volume key and power button for 15 seconds got a vibration and and i tried to restart the phone it worked, Thanks a lot but is it a comon issue or ots good to replace the handset.

  60. Thank you James Bond
    Thank you James Bond I’m very happy to know this trick. I’ll make sure to keep it in mind and to never forget it (May GOD keep you Happy friend).

  61. Thanks a lot man. *Sony Xperia SP*
    You’re great.. you helped me a lot.. that ‘holding Power button and Volume up for about 20-25secs’ saved my phone.. xD

  62. Charger
    I’ve got an experia p and it won’t charge it took forever to find an angle for my phone to have a Red light but now it has a red light not sure what it means I’ve left it there for nearly an hour but it just won’t work could u help me???

  63. xperia ion
    please help i tried to flash my xperia ion lt28h with locked bootloader with cm9. after flashing my phone wont off, tried charging but de led is low as low battery
    after leaving de battery to dead. dis has been for two days

  64. sony xperia t died a death – repeatedly
    My Sony xperia t keeps switching itself off and on repeatedly. About an hour ago, when I plugged the charger, in it died. I found your page and followed your instructions. Power on & sound up worked, but it then promptly died again. I repeated and again it died. I did it again, this time the battery said 11%, 12%, 10% and 0% and shut down in the space of about 5 or 6 seconds. Once again i tried to switch it back on and the spanner appeared like it was repairing itself and again it died. I am seriously getting pissed off!!! I’ve had the phone for 11 months.

    1. Then you still have time

      Hey Victoria

      It sounds like your battery might be malfunctioning, especially if its battery life decreased that quickly. If you charge your phone overnight and can’t get it to power on properly or if it doesn’t seem to hold a charge like it should, then your one year manufacture warranty still has a month left and will cover a replacement battery; assuming that your phone has no liquid or physical damage that is.

      The only thing that kind of stinks is that the battery is built into this phone so they cannot simply send you a replacement battery to pop in yourself. The whole phone has to be replaced or the phone needs to be sent in to have the battery replaced by Sony.

      Don’t wait to file a claim your one year warranty is almost up! Start by calling your Wireless provider, I’m not sure if you use T-Mobile or AT&T but contact them first as they might be able to send/give you a replacement or connect you with the right department (warranty) at Sony. Good luck my friend.

  65. contacted provider
    I contacted my provider, I have to send my phone to their repair centre. I won’t get my phone back until after the new year. Thanks for your help.

    1. You’re welcome

      You are most certainly welcome Victoria, thanks for coming back to the site and letting me know the outcome. Sorry to hear that you won’t get it back until the New Year. Sounds like you have T-Mobile.

      If they didn’t give you a phone to use in the meantime, as you wait for your Sony to be returned to you, then you can use the SIM from your Xperia T phone in one of your older phones as a temporary solution or buy a cheap T-Mobile prepaid phone, replace its SIM with the SIM that was in your Sony Xperia T, and you can use that phone with your telephone number. That way your friends and family can still get in contact with you if they need to and you won’t be without a phone while you wait.

      Thanks again Victoria and don’t forget to have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  66. Julie Sandy P Tamayo

    screen problem
    good evening! my phone is experia neo L. my problem is, touch screen isn’t working but the system is still working. pls help me with this. i cannot unlock my phone because of this problem.

    1. Frozen or unresponsive Sony Xperia neo L

      Hi Julie,

      Touch screen issues are not fun issues, as you are quickly finding out without your touch screen it is very difficult to use your smartphone. You cannot even swipe or unlock your phone without your touch screen.

      Touch screen issues are often the result of a hardware problem, either through damage, a lose flex cable, or just a malfunctioning touch screen. Since your phone is still powering on and seems like it would be functioning properly if the touch screen was working then there is a good chance you can still backup your information to a computer.

      To rule out the possibility of a software issue causing these touch screen problems I recommend that after you backup your phone you should try to perform a hard reset which basically sets the cell phone back to factory default and is one of the best ways to solve software problems.

      If a hard reset does not fix the touch screen then it is likely a hardware issue and you might have to look into those other options mentioned earlier in the article above, which include replacement and repair options.

      Good luck Julie, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  67. THANKS
    thank you so much!! my phone froze on facebook and xperia S dont even have bottuns to tap so I w a s really scared but thanks to you my phone reset itbself ( I had to hold the volume up bottun ) so yeah thank you SO SO much!!!

  68. Can you please help me with my Xperia Go
    Yesterday before I went to sleep I charged my Xperia Go phone to 100%. Today when I woke up I heard my low battery notification and when I went to use my phone it turned off (because it was low battery) even though I fully charged it last night. Now I have it plugged into the charger but when I turn it on its getting stuck on the Sony logo. I just updated my phone to the Android JB using Sony’s PC Companion, about a month ago, and my Xperia Go hasn’t seemed to work right ever since.

    I tried using the Power On + Volume Up as well as the Power On + Volume Down and it’s still not working. I am disappointed because I thought my cell phone would work better after upgrading but now I cannot even use my phone.

    Please help

    1. How to fix an Xperia Go when it’s stuck on the Sony logo screen

      Hi Akia,

      Sorry to hear that your having issues with your Xperia Go. I think that you did the right thing by upgrading your phones OS (Operating System) to the Jelly Bean. Updating a phone often adds more features to the device and can also increase its performance.

      Noticing an Android phone running different after updating its software can be a little disconcerting but often when this happens it’s an older third party program like an application that’s causing problems.

      After reading my advice in this reply about what you can do to try and get past that Sony logo, you can check out How to fix an Android phone that doesn’t work right after upgrading and then How to avoid issues when updating or upgrading an Android phone these two articles offer some advice on how to avoid such issues.

      As far as your phone getting stuck on the Sony logo… I hate that issue because not only can it be difficult to fix but Sony smartphones don’t typically allow you to remove the battery (thus the need for a simulated battery pull as opposed to an actual battery pull) and Sony phones don’t usually have a way to hard reset the device outside of the settings, and you cannot access your settings because the phone wont power on all properly.

      Rock meet hard place.

      So, what you usually have to try to do is try the simulated battery pull, which you have already attempted, or use one of Sony’s programs off their website. Such as Sony’s Update Service or the PC Companion which your already familiar with having used it to update your phone. As a last resort you could also try Flashing the phone and installing either a custom or standard version of Sony’s software onto the device. Interestingly Sony actually offers a flash tool for Xperia phones on their website and the Xperia go (ST27i) is one of the supported devices for this tool.

      The good news is that you probably won’t have to get a replacement for your phone but if you cannot seem to get past the startup screen you might have difficulties backing up your phones information and might lose some things if you end up having to Flash the unit.

      I hope that helps Akia, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  69. Thanks a lot for this!
    Thanks a lot for this! My Xperia T was suddenly stuck at a black screen and I stressed out, but this did the trick. Thanks again!

  70. xperia z
    great advice, and it worked thanks!! my phone was frozen with just the green battery light showing, and i thought i was gonna have to buy a new phone, thanks to your advice i didnt!!

  71. Hi, you helped me from having a panic attack
    Hi, you helped me from having a panic attack as my xperia suddenly went into a coma, right before that it was as healthy as a horse….and suddenly decided to went into sleep.
    thank youuuuuuuuuuu so much

  72. Xperia Z grey screen
    Nothing in this article seems to be working for my Xperia Z. My phone lights up when I press the power button, but there is no normal unlock screen. Do you know a solution?

    1. That might be an issue with the display itself

      This simulated battery pull trick can often fix an Xperia when its screen looks like its getting power and lighting up, but doesn’t really seem to turn on like it’s supposed to. This issue can also be the result of a malfunction LCD (the screen itself).

      When you get to this “grey screen” try swiping your finger across it as though you are unlocking your phone. If your Xperia Z makes the sound or responds like it normally would when unlocking your phone then the touch screen is still working but the display has malfunctioned and your phones display will need to be repaired or more likely replaced. If it’s just a malfunctioning display you can also use another phone to give your cell phone a call as the call should still go through and your Xperia should ring to let you know that someone is calling. If this is the case then you can narrow it to a bad display and respond appropriately.

      Remember that if your phone is less than a year old and has no signs of physical or liquid damage then it is still covered under the manufactures warranty, and the phones warranty would cover this issue.

      I hope that helps Monique, if you have any more questions just let me know.

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! My phone’s screen wouldn’t work and i was giving up!!But this tip worked perfectly!!!Thank you!

  74. Thanks for the help!
    I have had a Sony Experia C since the last 2 months. I have made the “mistake” of draining the battery fully, and was puzzled the last time when it didn’t start. Holding Volume Down + Power button suggestion worked for me. Thanks for the help!

  75. sony xperia miro not starting after a sudden hang and switch off
    My one year old xperia miro hanged and switched off suddenly after connecting a 3.5mm jack of a sub-woofer of low brand, after trying all known tricks it didn’t starts even after 6 hours. pls solve it as soon as possible, it’s really terrible & frustrating…

    1. That doesn’t sound good…

      Hi Suradip,

      I have yet to run across a situation where a headset jack, whatever brand or quality, has caused an Android phone (or any smartphone for that matter) to short out or “hang and then switch off” and then cease to function at all. I have seen many cases where a headset jack has caused audio problems on the device but not really power issues… I suppose it could happen though.

      Here is what I would do…

      • I would charge the phone for 12-24 hours (charging your phone overnight should be enough).
      • After charging the phone I would try to power the phone on normally by just using the power key.
      • If it won’t power on normally, then I would try another simulated battery pull.
      • If there is STILL no response after a few attempts at a simulated battery pull then I would charge it for a few hours through a computer USB connection and then try the last two steps again.
      • If there is still no response then it’s likely the phone has malfunctioned and I would start looking into replacement options.

      There is a chance that it’s a software issue since you said it “hanged” before it powered off but if the phone won’t let you power it on at all then your troubleshooting options are going to be very limited. Try those suggestions though as they might give you an edge in resolving this issue and might help to get your phone to power on again.

  76. thanks for your comments sir
    thanks for your comments sir
    my phone was frozen for a whole week and doing all the procedures u mentioned, it was ok but my phone still continuously switches off again and again.
    so please help me to fix this prob

    1. You’re welcome, glad to help

      Hi Sham,

      I am glad it helped. As far as your phone “switching off again and again” there can be a few things that can cause that to happen. Check out How to fix a phone that keeps powering itself off for some suggestions to resolve that specific issue and it should set you on the right track.

      Good luck Sham, thank you for visiting the site, and if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  77. power on problem
    hi this is sandip. i have updated xperia ion on cyanogenmod but its not properly installed. now my phone is not charging as well and is not booting so let me know what to do.

  78. reset on xperia go
    thank you very much your a life saver!!!! these days a person is lost without their smartphone and I was dreading having to take it to a repair center. the simulated battery pull worked like a charm many thanks!!!

  79. power button doesn’t activate the screen
    my xperia Z is just one month old.and i updated the new software today through PC companion and it got updated and then turned off ,turned back on and did that one more time.the new software is great.loving the new keyboard.but when my phone goes to sleep the screen turns black and it doesn’t show any notification lights and the power button doesn’t wake it cannot activate the screen.i have to connect to a charger to make the screen activate.and i tried the power button plus the volume up did turn off the mobile and i turned it on again but the problem still exists.please please help

  80. Sony Xperia SP
    Good day Sir! I did volume up and down simultaneously with the power but nothing happened, My mom can ring my phone so it means my phone is on but my phone doesn’t ring at all. suggestions pls 😀

    1. Hum… doesn’t sound good

      Good day Andy,

      That doesn’t sound like a good sign my friend. True there is a slight possibility that the speakers may have gone out on the phone and the display as well but it doesn’t sound like the phone is truly powered on or else you would be able to hear it ring when your mom called it. If that was the case and you could hear your Xperia SP ring but it was stuck with a black screen then it would mean that your display went out and would need replacing.

      From your description though it sounds like the phone isn’t powering on at all and if charging it over night and a simulated battery pull doesn’t help get it to power on properly again then your Sony Xperia SP may have malfunctioned and you should look into your warranty or replacement options.

      Try charging it though and attempt a few more simulated battery pulls for good measure. Good luck Andy and don’t forget to come back and let us know how it turns out.

  81. Hie guys…
    Hie guys… this is jus to inform u dt m using sony experia c and the method to swtich on a sony phone when the display goes blank is absolutely correct by battery simulation method…i juz press the voulme up key+ the power key for 18 secs and the got swtiched on and working pply…thank you so much for the suggestion…

    1. You’re welcome

      And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let us know that the simulated battery pull was able to get your Sony Xperia C to power on again.

      Enjoy your working Sony Xperia C my friend.

  82. Thanks
    Tried the above and phone restarted. One of the best tips I have known in a long time. Thanks a ton!

  83. 3 blinking red lights
    My xperia had a full battery and it just shut down and I can’t get it to turn On. When I power the fone up all I get is 3 blinks of the LED in the left hand corner

  84. Issue with xperia m single sim
    My phone shows a security password screen whenever i try to open settings or any time in between . I want to format but cant even tried volume up plus power button it just starts normally all the time . Pls advice.

  85. My phone rings but the screen still blank

    I’ve tried everything that you have on your post. But still my xperia phone is not working, I tried to call using my other phone it does ring but the screen is blank. My phone is just 5 days old. And i am too far to go to the service center

    Please help me.

    1. That sounds like a hardware issue my friend…

      Hi XperiaLover,

      Sorry to hear that your having problems with your new cell phone. If you can hear your phone ring when receiving a call then that means that your phone is still working but its display is malfunctioning and will need to be repaired or replaced. Luckily since your phone is only 5 days old you can return it to where you purchased it by filing a buyer’s remorse claim. Buyer’s remorse claims are usually 14-30 days and allow you to return lemons (malfunctioning or defective devices) back to where you purchased them. Just let them know that your new phone isn’t working and that you would like to return it or have it replaced.

      What make and model of phone did you get? Screens DO go out every once in a while on cell phones but to have it happen in the first week isn’t a good sign… is it an Xperia?

      In any case don’t delay, contact whoever you bought it from and request a replacement or refund as soon as you can. You do NOT want to wait until your buyer’s remorse time frame ends as your options become more and more limited.

      Even though the LCD screen (display) is defective chances are your touch screen is still working… if you remember where to push then you should still be able to answer/end calls you just wont be able to see who is calling or see anything on the display for that matter.

      Good luck my friend, and remember don’t wait to return it do it right away. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.  

  86. thanks so much
    thanks so much, the charging light was on even when unplugged and no response from the phone, held down the volume up and power button and within seconds it was up and running.

  87. Worked
    Great help, wasn’t sure how long to hold the power and volume button for, but this help massively

    many thanks


  88. Thanks, held the volume up and power
    Thanks, held the volume up and power and that worked on an Xperia T

  89. Sony Experia would not turn on
    Many many thanx for this fix it advice. Worked immediately. My screen froze today while I was using. Next thing screen went blank & nothing could get it to turn on! Aaarrggghhhh! BUT u came to the rescue with your helpful tip. Again THANK YOU. Phil

  90. Phone not booting up
    I have xperia play 800 i was repairing my phone and accidently at the end phone cable came out of my phone.Now the phone is not booting up, pressing power button has no effect also when i put it on charging it shows sony er. logo and screen lights logo go after some time same screen comes and then go…please help me..

    1. Trying to fix your Xperia Play

      Hi Akash,

      Sorry to hear about your Xperia Play 800.

      If a cable came undone then that can be a hard thing to fix, especially if it was previously soldered. It’s odd that it would boot to the Sony logo screen when plugged into a charger though… usually if a wire comes undone then a piece of the phone or the entire phone won’t work at all.

      What piece were you “repairing” on your phone? I am assuming that you had the phone apart when you were repairing it.

      If you reattached the cable and EVERYTHING on the phone is put back to where it needs to be then your phone MIGHT have had a malfunction with its software and you MIGHT be able to flash a new OS (Operating system) onto your cell phone.

      You might be able to take it into a local repair shop as well. They would be able to do a quick diagnostic in person to let you know if it would be worth trying to salvage it or if it would be more affordable to just get another device all together.

      I hope that helps a little bit Akash, it’s just hard to say with your particular situation. Good luck though and don’t forget to come back to the site and let me know what ends up happening. You have certainly peaked my interest.

  91. Thank you very much
    DUDE…. i was frustrated with my one and a half month old SONY Xperia C. It was not switching on despite many attempts. While i put it on charging it was showing red light. I read this, first i tried with down volume button but it did’t work and here we go; i used the up volume key and it worked in juz 10 secs. Thank you so much dude.

    1. Sony Xperia C now working properly

      Glad to hear that it worked my friend. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what Sony Xperia Smartphone that this helped to fix. Thank you for also letting others, especially other readers that may have the same phone, know that you used the Volume up and Power key to get your Xperia C to power on again.

      Enjoy your working Xperia Nikunj Dosi.



      YOUR WELCOME CHRIS! Hehe, I am glad that this trick helped you to breathe some life into your dead Xperia smartphone. Thanks for visiting the site and taking the time to leave a comment, may your Xperia phone last for many more years to come.

  93. didnt work, but this did
    Didnt work for me, but what did finally work was ‘flashing’ the phone with flashtool. after flashing it I rebooted, then i pressed power and volume up till it vibrated 3 times, then plugged in the charger,a charging icon appeared on the phone with a red battery symbol and the phone did finally start to charge, another 30 mins and i was able to turn it on.

  94. Xperia C2305 cannot turn on while downloading update
    Hello. I need help with my xperia c2305. While im downloading for update using pc companion, suddenly it ask to connect to mobogenie but cannot connect at all. I retry it many times but failed. I disconnect my phone from pc and then the phone cannot turn on at all. I need help ASAP. I dont mind everything in my phone memory lost but at least i can get it on. I need feedback ASAP. Tq.

  95. Xperia T
    Awesome tip, works like a gem on my Xperia T. I held the volume up key + power key, and in less than 10 seconds my phone restarted.

  96. Xperia SP
    I don’t know if it happens with all XPerias, but mine is an SP and it was locked out completely. I attempted the simulated battery reboot that you mention to no avail. Turns out there is a small button that says OFF when you remove the back cover, you have to press it down with a bobby pin or a pen, and once you do that it just starts up in no time. Thought it may help. Thanks for your help!

  97. phone unlocked thanks to you
    Thank you so much James Bond- on Xperia X10 up volume and power button held did it for me
    thank you so much
    All the best


    1. You’re welcome. Enjoy your Xperia X10 my friend

      Your welcome Dan,

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let others know that to use the Volume Up and Power buttons on the Xperia X10 model.

      Enjoy your working phone my friend, and thanks again for visiting the site and leaving a comment.

  98. xperia z restarting continuously
    why does my xperia z keep restarting continuously and only loads up to lock screen page but when i try touching the sceen its froze. but after so many restarts it loads a black-and-white screen which does respond when touching but only stops on for a few secods then it starts all over again plz help its driving me mad

    1. Trying to fix your Xperia Z

      Hi Danny,

      That sounds an awful lot like a software issue as opposed to a hardware problem which is good as there will be a better chance of fixing it.

      Try to boot your phone into Safe Mode, this will disable your third party apps and if the issue is being caused by an application, which is highly probable, then Safe Mode will allow the phone to boot up properly (without any third party apps of course) and you could then go through and remove any apps that may be the possible culprit(s). Applications that have been recently downloaded or updated are going to be the most likely suspects.

      If you can get your Xperia Z to boot to its lock screen again, instead of touching the screen right away do this… Once you get to your lock screen, briefly press the power key as though you were going to turn the phone off, a screen should pop up giving you a few options such as to power the phone off, Airplane mode, etc. When you see this screen press and hold the “Power off” option and keep pressing down on it until a screen pops up that asks if you want to “Reboot to safe mode”, then press “Ok”. The phone should reboot, which may take a few minutes, but once it does, see if it will allow you to access the phone properly, if it does then check your apps to try and find any troublemakers. To exit Safe Mode just power the phone off and then back on again.

      If you are able to boot into Safe Mode but checking and uninstalling the phones applications doesn’t seem to help then backup the information on your phone and perform a factory data reset which will wipe any software bugs, glitches etc off the phone and should get it back to like new condition. If you are unable to access Safe Mode and are unable to wipe data or factory reset your Xperia Z then your next best option is going to be to use the Sony PC companion to repair it.

      I hope that helps Danny, if you have any more issues or questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  99. Amazing!! Last time this happened…
    Amazing!! Last time this happened to my phone I didn’t think to Google a solution! Ended up sending it away to be fixed which meant I lost everything on the memory and they had no solution for me 🙁 So grateful that someone thought to share this!


    problem with SONY XPERIA ION.
    Thanks for the information.I tried the technique after my phone shut down while i was trying to upgrade it but it only succeeded in displaying SONY on the screen and still refused to work.I use SONY XPERIA ION which I bought just last week. What do I do? Help out pls. SUBOMI.

  101. Thanks a lot…
    Thanks a lot… I’ve tried to removed the battery from my Sony Xperia C but it is up to no good as the battery was non-removeable..try holding the power button and volume up button as you recommended and it works!!!! Can’t imagine having to wait until battery drained…

  102. red light on
    I tried it and it didn’t work 🙁 My phone is off and I went to charge it and it wouldn’t turn on so I unplugged it and the indicator light is still on saying it’s charging but not plugged in! I can’t find anyone who has had this same problem

    1. Trying to fix an incorrect charging indicator

      Hi Julie,

      There can be a few things that can cause a cell phone to show that it’s charging even though it’s not plugged into a charger. Check out How to fix a phone that says it’s charging even though it’s not plugged into a charger for some tips on how you might be able to fix that issue.

      It is going to depend upon the actual cause but most of the time that issue can be solved in a matter of minutes. It’s strange that your phone wont power on at all though, sometimes it’s the exact opposite as many phones power on when they get plugged into a charger. Since you already tried the simulated battery pull check out that article and see if it helps.

  103. thank you!! phone was stuck
    thank you!! phone was stuck during the system update and was that was for 7 hours!! finally got it working =DDD

  104. My “James Bond” Xperia won’t turn on
    I’ve tried your simulated battery trick all day. Didn’t work. The red light comes on when plugged into the charger when the power button is being pushed. When it’s not plugged in no lights no response. Any ideas what to do next?

    1. Sounds like your battery might be defective

      Hi KGZ,

      Sorry to hear that your having problems with your Sony Xperia. From what you described in your comment its sounding a lot like your battery might be malfunctioning. If you have tried to charge your phone all night and have then unplugged your Xperia from the charger and have tried to do the simulated battery pull multiple times with no response then you might need to look into your options of getting a new battery.

      Here is the bad part though. Since Sony builds their smartphone with non-removable batteries it won’t be as easy as ordering a new battery online taking the back off and popping the new battery in and then being good to go. The phone will have to be taken apart in order to replace the battery. So if you have owned your Xperia for less than a year and there is no sign of physical or liquid damage then filing a warranty claim is going to be your best option as you can send your phone in for repair and the manufacture can replace the battery or repair the phone and then get you a working unit again.

      If your phone is no longer covered under warranty then you still have some options but they just are not as easy. I am sure that you have tried the Simulated battery trick 100 times already but try a few more because I have seen it fix the issue that you are describing (you never know you might get lucky on the 103rd try). If you have tried charging it with a different charger, have tried charging it through a computer, or a car charger, just to rule out the charger as a possible culprit (unlikely but possible), then you can take your phone into a local repair shop and have them try to fix it (which can be more affordable then you think) or you can try to replace the battery yourself.

      What model of Sony Xperia are you having problems with? You said the “James Bond Xperia” so I am assuming that you have the Sony Xperia T. If you don’t mind doing the replacement yourself then you can order a replacement battery online for less than $13USD + shipping of course.

      Oh and one other thing… if the red light turns on when you press the power key there is a slight chance that the display might have gone out and the phone is turning on but since the screen remains black it appears like the phone is not powering on. When you press the power key do any other keys light up or does the phone make any sounds like it’s trying to boot up? Try plugging your phone into a computer to see if it recognizes it. If it does and you can pull up the phones information through your computer then the best thing to do would be to backup your phones information to the computer and then instead of looking for a replacement battery consider looking for a replacement display. Since you didn’t mention any other response in your comment this probably isn’t the case but I would try it for good measure just in case.

      I hope that helps. If you have any more questions then don’t be afraid to ask.

      1. Sony Xperia T
        Hey there.

        Im in the same boat as KGZ. My battery is at 0%. If plugged into a computer. Its not recognized. If i try to charge it from wall, its not recognized. I too get the 3 flashing lights if im trying to turn it on WITHOUT it plugged in. If plugged in… I have to then physically hold the power button down (with tape). It will charge for a little while doing that but what inevitably happen is the phone tries to do a complete boot. What is wierd is Ive never let my phone hit 0% before and was 68% before i went to bed… 🙁

        Any other ideas?

        Thanks, eh?

  105. Thank you greatly
    God bless people like you who put such helpful information for people like us to benefit from. I was about to start freaking out until I read your article, tried it and it worked on my Xperia T, which just froze. I hadn’t dropped it or anything, it just wouldn’t display anything, and wasn’t powering on or off. So thank you very much!

  106. Sony Xperia won’t charge
    Hi, any advice on how I can fix this problem? My Xperia won’t charge. The battery died so it’s off but when I plug it in, it won’t charge. When I turn the phone on, it starts shutting down right away but I notice that it doesn’t show that the phone is plugged in. What do I do??

    1. How to try and fix a Sony Xperia that’s not charging properly

      Hi Jessica,

      Sorry to hear that your having power issues with your Sony Xperia. There can be many different reasons as to why this is happening. It can be a bad charger, a bad battery or even the phone itself.

      Did this just suddenly happen or were you having any problems before it refused to turn on or charge? Had your phones battery shown any signs that it was going out such as charging very fast or draining too quickly?

      The interesting thing is that your phone won’t even show that it’s charging, and if you can’t charge it then once the battery drains you’re going to be in the boat that you’re currently in. Since the phone is not showing that it’s charging at all then check the charging ports on both the phone and the charger(s). Make sure that they are clean and that there is no sign of damage and if you have access to another charger then try using it to charge your phone just to try ruling out the charger as the culprit. Your charger is going to be the cheapest thing to replace if it’s the cause (remember that the charger is often covered under the warranty with your phone, though chargers are very affordable, you may be get a free one from the manufacture if you don’t mind waiting for it to arrive; just fyi).

      Since there can be so many possible causes and solutions for this issue check out My Phone died and now won’t power on or charge. For some more tips that you may find helpful.

      Good luck Jessica, hopefully it’s just a bad charger and an easy fix. Otherwise that article should also help to point you in the right direction to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.

  107. sony xperia z
    Did the trick vol down didn’t work after few attempts did vol up and worked straight away
    thank you very much

  108. experia s not opening
    hi.. please help me.. my experia s phone just didn’t open. when i just charged it before i sleep and then wake up it was just not working… please what will i do.. thanks in advance…

  109. my xperia tx did’nt open
    i have problem…while updating my phone via pc companion i disconnected my phone…after that i can’t open my phone…what should i do? pls help me. thanks

    1. That is a problem

      If your phone doesn’t respond at all then you might need to look into your repair or replacement options as removing the phone during a software update can cause some major issues. If you can open your phone or get any response then you might be able to use one of the programs from Sony’s website to try and re-flash or repair the devices software.

      Those types if issues can be really difficult to solve yourself though as they can be quite serious. Many smartphones will display a warning sign during a software update warning the user not to unplug or power off the device during the update process as the phone needs to finish what its doing.

  110. Blue light/Green light
    When i try to turn the phone on, it just gives a small vibrate, that’s it. When i apply your tips f.e. the volume up and power button i get a small vibrate and the blue light on the right top of my phone blinks. If i do the same but with my volume down button, i get the same as the method with the UP button but this time the green light shows itself shortly.

    I also tried, tip from another website, to plug in my phone and then hold down the power button and the volume button up,, then the blue light lits permanently for as long as my phone is plugged in, if I remove the charger, the blue light disappears.

    I received the phone on Christmas last year, and it happened after I changed my Sim- card, if that is of any help.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Hard to say for sure, try this…

      Hi Niels,

      A small vibration is often better than nothing at all… a vibrate usually signifies that the phone is booting up (or trying to boot up).When I power up my Android (a Samsung Galaxy S4) it vibrates, the blue light appears after about 10 seconds and stays lit for about 6 seconds and then turns off. This blue/green notification light can mean a few things while the phone is on as well as when its booting up depending on what phone you have but it’s hard to say for sure.

      Good explanation of your issue by the way, a lot of details, which can help find the best solution. What Xperia smartphone is giving you issues if you don’t mind me asking? If you get it to vibrate wait for a minute and call your phone with a different phone number will your Xperia ring? It might be that the phone it booting up like it should but the LCD screen may have malfunctioned so it appears as though it’s not turning on because the screen remains black.

      The SIM shouldn’t cause something weird like this… service issues maybe but usually not power related issues. If you have not tried to already then remove the SIM card and try to power your Xperia on with no SIM card at all. If the SIM is the problem then the phone should boot up but it just won’t have any service and will give you an Emergency calls only error message.

      If you can get it power on without the SIM or better yet if you have access to another SIM from the same wireless carrier that you can try and it works then you can narrow it down to a SIM problem and you can go into a local store for your Wireless carrier or an authorized retailer and get a replacement SIM (usually for free) and be up and running again.

      It’s hard to say for sure though. It could be that the phone malfunctioned or that the battery has malfunctioned which would stink because you have had your phone for more than a year and are no longer covered under the manufactures warranty.

      If you plug your phone into a computer does the computer give you any response? Will it pick it up as a removable hard drive or media device?  Have you tried any of Sony’s software from their website such as the PC Companion or Sony’s Flash tool? If it’s a software issue (less likely but you have nothing to lose by checking) then these tools MIGHT help fix it.

      So begin by getting it to vibrate, waiting for a minute and then giving it a call from another phone number, if it rings, then you probably just need to replace the display. If you have tried both methods for the simulated battery pull (which you have) then try charging it all night, try the Sony software mentioned in the article above and in this post, as well as trying to boot it without the SIM card. Hopefully that will narrow things down even more. If all else fails then the phone/battery may have malfunctioned and you may need to look into your replacement options.

      Good luck Niels, if there is anything else I can do to try and help just let me know.  

      1. I have the xperia e1
        I have the xperia e1, and i already tried to plug the phone into my computer, but the installation program run by windows can’t recognize the phone, nor its program… however, there has been a development: i left the phone plugged in during the night with the blue light permanently lit (as you can read in my first comment) and this morning i unplugged it and started to turn him on, this time he gives the signal that my battery is dead, a couple of small red blinks and that’s it.

        I would like to thank you already for your quick response and you’re detailed answer; Thank you.

  111. This is a good tip
    This is a good tip and this was the first suggestion given by the Sony Xperia Customer Care Rep. However it didnt work for me, the second suggestion worked, pull out the behind part of ur phone so you can see the sim card etc, u will find a yellow circle with the words “OFF”, use something pointed to press on it. Your phone should vibrate within three seconds. after 30 seconds turn the power button on. Make sure that your charger is not connected to your phone until you have waited for at least 30 seconds after your phone vibrates.

  112. Thanks a lot man! My Xperia
    Thanks a lot man! My Xperia C was stuck and it wasn’t getting switched on… Thanks a ton to you, it started functioning again.

  113. thank you very much
    thank you very much my phone was frozen and it really worked 🙂

  114. xperia neo l
    my phone’s battery drowned to 0% 4 days ago, then it was suddenly blinking (sometimes has the light and sometimes completely dark) the next day. Then, i accidentally dropped my phone, and it worked properly again. Yesterday, my phone which was running well turned all black (i don’t know why) and still is until now. I can operate the phone but It is so dark (i still can play music and still can hardly see the writings on the screen when there are lights). I’ve tried your suggestions holding the volume down and power button simultaneously but it leaded to a screenshot, i also tried holding the volume up and power button simultaneously but it leaded to an increase of the volume. PLEASE HELP!

  115. Not powering ON
    i am trying to power on my mobile.Its powering ON. But Only Sony welcome Screen is coming and then screen turning into black..

    After that if I long press power button then phone is not responding at all..And Then if I remove the battery and reinsert and try to press power button then again Sony welcome Screen is coming and the screen turning into black.

    I tried the phone to put in flashmode and flashboot mode..Its not entering in either of the Modes…Its not even entering into recovery Mode also..

    please fix

  116. help me
    I have sony xperia L, when i checked the phone it didn’t respone. I tried plug charging and pressed the power button but only blue light led came out and nothing happned ( i tried powerkey+ volumeup but it didn’t work too )

  117. thanks, man
    thanks, man
    works on sony xperia C 🙂
    i’ve had this problem twice and its been less than ONE month since i bought this phone 🙁

  118. hi
    i bought xperia z 2 month back and today the phone just froze. i have tried doing everything, including double boot, update with the help of pc. still it does not help. i am very disappointed. please help

  119. Xperia c not working.
    I locked my xperia c after use but when i tried to unlock it the phone showed no response. When i connected my phone to a charger it shows red light but the mobile is not turning on..
    Please tell me what to do.

  120. xperia still wont power up
    Hello, ive an xperia t, ive tried all the ways that was explained in your data, fron previous comments, stil no avail… im ready to put in the bin…It did the same a few months ago and i did the hold power on button and put i the charger when the red light is flashing and it power..!! tried it again this time but no good.. pease can you help me… cheers ….

  121. I tried it now my Phone’s dead
    I did what you said and it vibrated three time but after that it wouldnt turn on and it will not light up even when i plug it in to charge help!!!!

  122. i tried to do every option
    i tried to do every option i had read but my phone won’t work. i have an xperia s which unfortunately, the screen just went black. but the led indicator was working when i charged it and when i tried to turn it on, it flashes blue color which means i have a message or something. please help. i really tried everything but to no avail. 🙁

  123. Sony Xperia TL
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! VolUP+Power for 5 sec worked for my Sony Xperia TL
    I will follow your advice and buy a memory card ASAP.
    Thank you!

  124. Hi I have an xperia sp
    Hi I have an xperia sp. Yesterday while using my phone when it was charging it froze and therefore I clicked the lock button after that I clicked the lock button in hopes my phone had unfroze however it wouldn’t not come on thinking it was nothing major I let my phone charge and went to sleep after waking up 3 hours later my phone would still not come on. I’ve been trying all day but it still hasn’t come on plzzz helpppp!!!!!

    1. Trying to fix an Xperia SP that froze and now won’t power on

      Make sure that you follow ALL of the advice in the guide above. Make sure that when you are attempting a simulated battery pull that the phone is unplugged from the charger or it may not work. Make sure to also read the comments by other readers as well for some additional suggestions.

      If there is NO response on your Xperia SP whatsoever and you have tried the simulated battery pull and the software from Sony’s website as well as the advice listed in the comments then it’s possible that you’re your cell phone has malfunctioned and you will need to look into possible repair or replacement options. Hopefully this isn’t the case, but this can and does happen on cell phones and can be very unpredictable when it does happen. If this is the situation that you are in then make sure to review some of the options listed HERE for some advice on what choices may be available.

  125. My sony xperia sl
    My sony xperia sl suddenly blacked out when i wanted to charge it because the battery left was 8 percent.. now i tried hard reset it.. but it only vibrate.. the screen wont show up.. plz help.. im a student.. got no money to buy new phone..

    1. Trying to fix your Sony Xperia SL

      It’s hard to say Ikmal,

      If you can feel a vibration then that could be a good sign, it means the phone has not completely malfunctioned and is at least responding. Does it seem like the phone is turning on but it’s just the screen that remains black? If you try to turn it on, wait a minute, and then press on the touch screen does the cell phone respond to your touch? Can it receive phone calls? Will a PC recognize your cell phone if you plugged your Sony into it? If so then the display screen probably malfunctioned and will need to be replaced.

      Typically this isn’t too costly to do on your own or have it done at a local repair shop but the best option, if available, would be to contact the manufacture and try and file a warranty claim. If your phone is less than a year old, and has no damage then it may still be covered under the manufactures warranty and repair or replacement options are typically free of charge. As a student then you can agree with me when I say that FREE usually falls inside of my price range.

  126. Thank you thank you thank you
    Thank you thank you thank you my xperia c stopped working when i opened an installed software and i didn’t know what to do till in find this page:* oh and for xperia c you have to push the Volume Up and the Power key Sooooo Thank you thank you thaaaaaaank you

  127. Sony Xperia T reset
    Volume up + power button worked perfectly to reset my Xperia T.
    Thanks for the info.
    Matt P

  128. Sony Xperia L will not turn on
    I kept on getting an alert which I cant remember what it said pop up on my phone. I declined it 3 times then the fourth time I accepted. With my phone at 27 percent battery life I attempted to recharge it. It was charging this morning before I got the alert pop up and now it wont charge. I then took the battery out and my phone now will not turn back on and a red light flashes 3 times. I tried the reboot sequence recommended in this posted. It still flashes a red light 3 times and will not turn on.

  129. sony black screen
    My phone died yesterday. Still had plenty of battery left but suddenly the screen went black and I couldn’t do anything with it. Was about to take it back to the 3 store when I found your fix tip. It worked ! Thanks. Will have to remember this if it happens again.

  130. Forcing the phone to shut down
    Having looked at videos, trying to find a screwdriver small enough to get the back off to see if there’s a hidden stop button your info sorted my problem 1st time round.

    Nice One!

  131. Thank you!!!
    Thank you. My Xperia S just froze when I’m playing 2fuse. I used the power button and volume up since I tried the volume down combination which didn’t work for my Xperia S. Thumbs up. 🙂 Thanks a lot really.

  132. Doesnt work
    I tried turning it back off and on again but it still shows a black screen. But its still on though. im using an xperia sp

  133. phone restarting again nd again
    I have sony ericsson Wt19i (live with walkman)
    I jst turned the bluetooth on to snd some pics and the phone is just restarting again nd again.. it starts , sony logo shows up , then walkman logo shows up nd then nothing phone restarts again…
    Os-ICH 4.0

    1. The dreaded boot-loop

      That issue can be extremely frustrating and can happen on any type of Android smartphone. Start by removing the battery (if possible) then leaving it out for a few minutes. After two or three minutes reinsert the battery and try to power your cell phone back on.

      If it gets stuck again, which is very possible, than you will need to look into using some of Sony’s software from their website. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the Sony Ericsson Wt19i is on the supported devices list for Sony’s Flash tool but make sure to check out the Sony PC Companion. It might be your best bet.  

      Good luck Gurjot and if you are able to fix it by using the PC Companion (look into the backup and reset feature) then please come back and let me know.

      Thank you for visiting the site and I wish you the best of luck my friend.   

  134. xperia play won’t turn on
    I got an xperia play 2 months ago, but about 2 weeks ago my battery ran down to 0% and I’ve literally tried everything to turn it back on but to no avail, now I am gonna try to flash it using flashtool then try the simulated battery pull. I hope my stress will finally end.

  135. phone wont start up
    hey.. thanks much.. my phone got frozen.. and i removed the back cover and tried but i found the battery was non removable.. i was initially tensed because its been just 3 months since i bought XPERIA C. after i read ur web page i tried and my phone booted.. thanks much..

  136. Xperia S freeze
    This happened while updating. I accidentally moved my phone and it’s frozen to the black screen with Sony that appears when the device is turned on. I tried the volume up/down trick but didn’t work. Please help asap. Thanks.

    1. You are not alone – Frozen Xperia during an update

      Hi Navya,

      You’re not the first person to experience this unfortunate problem. And regrettably this issue is often one of the more serious software problems that can occur on an Android cell phone. One of the stubborn issues that a simulated battery pull probably won’t be able to resolve.

      Make sure to browse the comments on this article as there were a few other readers that had the same issues and I believe that you will find my replies to their comments helpful. You can start Here, Here, or Here but in essence you are most likely going to need to replace the corrupted/malfunctioning software that is currently on your Xperia S with a fresh and clean version of software by flashing your cell phone. Luckily the Sony Xperia S is one of the supported devices and you can use the official Sony Flash Tool to do this.

      I hope that helps Navya. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  137. IT WORKED!
    Thank you! I had to use the volume up button, but it worked! I was so frustrated!
    Thanks again!

  138. Thank you
    My phone died after it went to 1% battery and I turned it off and put it on charging so that it charges faster. I tried the Vol up+ power key several times. After charging it for about 2 hours, this trick finally worked. Had to remove the charger before Vol up + power key press, then i put it on charging again and it turned on and started charging.

  139. keeps restartin
    I wiped out my fone and then after the wipe when the fone needed to restart , it started restarting and won’t stop even when the battery dies and I charge the fone when it comes on it keeps on restarting

  140. my ultra t2 got switched on
    my ultra t2 got switched on using this trick…volume key up worked for me

  141. I was playing games on my
    I was playing games on my phone sony xperia ion it suddenly freezes n switched off.wen i again try to start its shows 1%battery from that day if my phone is in charging or in airoplane mode then its work otherwise its switched off automatically…what will i do

  142. 99 Red Balloons

    Thank You
    Wow, you saved my day. i was totally depressed when my 1-week old xperia c won’t turned on. thank you very much!!! 🙂

  143. Xperia GO charging only when switched off and that too sometimes
    I have a Xperia GO which is out of warranty. After drowning in water a month back my mobile went dead. But, after dryin recovered and started working normally. Then suddenly a few days later it stopped charging. The battery drained completely and no red light showed up when plugged for charging. After being plugged in for around a few days it started charging and I could switch it on again. But, still it won’t charge if it’s switched on. It will drain completely first, then i have to keep it on charging for a few days, hoping it starts charging again. I have been caught up in this cycle from around 2 weeks now. Sony service centre has no solution for it and are telling to replace the hand set by paying them 80% of the price, which is an absurd solution. Please help.

    1. How to try and fix your Sony Xperia Go

      Hi Mikhil,

      It is very common for smartphones to have charging and power related issues after having a run in with liquids. Especially if the cell phone is totally submerged as the water or liquid can get into all the small crevices and cause issues later even after the phone has completely dried. It can also cause problems with the battery as well.

      I have heard and seen that exact situation happen to many people before, especially having the phone work correctly after drying it and then quite suddenly the phone will seem to experience issues days or weeks after the incident.

      And your right, once a phone has liquid or physical damage the manufacture is no longer responsible for the device and their suggestions are not always in the customer’s best interest. That goes with just about any cell phone manufacture, not just Sony. Needless to say that simply buying a new phone isn’t always so simple and isn’t always an option that’s available.

      Here is what I would do if I was in your situation…

      • Check ALL the prongs and ports that you can get to. The Xperia Go doesn’t have a removable battery so hold off on checking the battery leads and prongs and other connections inside the phone for now. Make sure to check the charging port though, look for corrosion or buildup that might have collected on those prongs or anything that might not be allowing the charger to connect to the phone properly. If there is anything there then give it a good cleaning and make sure that you can get the best connection possible.
      • Then if you’re still having issues follow the tips listed at How to fix a water damaged cell phone.
      • After following those suggestions, you might have to take your phone apart to get to the battery and make sure that everything inside of the phone is clean and connected and properly.
      • You might even have to look into replacing the battery as it might have been damaged and might not be charging or holding a charge properly. Which is inconvenient true, but will be a lot more affordable then replacing the entire phone.

      Try those things Mikhil, especially the advice listed in the guide mentioned and hopefully you will be able to resurrect your phone and get it back up and running properly again.

  144. Xperia J
    I accidentally pressed the power button and volume up at the exact same time now it wont turn on

    1. I wouldn’t think that would hurt it…

      Hum… I don’t think that should have caused it not to boot up properly. Did you see any error message or see anything out of the ordinary when this happened?

      If I’m not mistaken I believe that the Sony Xperia J allows you to remove the battery. If it does then pull the battery out for a minute, plug it back in, and then try to power the phone back on again.

      If that doesn’t help then try charging your Sony Xperia J for a little bit and then try powering it on normally by just briefly pressing the power key. If there is no response then unplug it from the charger, and try the simulated battery pull as discussed in the article above.

      If there is still no response then plug it into a computer (if ones available), try charging it for a few hours and then try to power your cell phone back on again. Then try to charge it over night. If you do all of those things and your cell phone is still being stubborn and you just can’t seem to power it back on then you might have to look into your repair or replacement options as you Sony might have had a more serious malfunction.

  145. Thank you, Xperia is in order
    Thank you, Xperia is in order again! I even went to the local service whom I bought the phone, and they couln’t help me.

  146. Thank you so Much!!!!!!!!!!
    Hi, I bought mobile from India and i traveled to Mexico.But while reached Mexico mobile is dried up and mobile switched off.I have tried different charger,it is not working.I about to buy a new mobile,i tried to search in the internet i found the your message.I did holding volume up and power mobile working fine now.Thanks for your help!!!!! Saved me 25K INR.

  147. Xperia J
    I was using my phone this morning and it turned off and back on by itself. Then later on it did it again but now it won’t load up. It turns on and had the xperia sign but won’t do anything else, and I tried everything you said but still nothing. Please help!

    1. Sony Xperia stuck at start up logo

      Hi Cat,

      Good job in trying the simulated battery pull first. Thanks for letting me know that the cell phone you are having issues with is the Sony Xperia J and you did a great job when describing your particular circumstances. When you mentioned that the cell phone had powered off previously and now it will start up but it gets stuck on the Sony logo it leaves me to believe that it might be one of the more serious software issues that can happen to an Android smartphone. When it happens to a Sony Xperia though this issue can be a little more difficult to fix.

      Try this…

      • Boot in Safe Mode – This MIGHT be an issue caused by one of your applications, so the first thing I would do is try booting the phone into Safe Mode. I think that you can boot the Sony Xperia J into Safe Mode by turning off the cell phone, then pressing and holding down the Power key until the notification light flashes once, after it flashes one time wait until the Xperia logo appears, then press and hold the Volume Down key, which should restart the device into Safe Mode which will allow your Sony Xperia to start using only the original preinstalled software and applications. This MIGHT not work for this issue depending upon what is actually causing the problem but definitely try it because if it allows you to boot up your phone correctly you can go in and uninstall some apps to try and pinpoint the one that’s causing trouble.
      • Try Sony’s Software – Unfortunately the Sony Xperia J isn’t one of the supported models for Sony’s Flash tool. Not yet anyways… try Sony’s PC Companion though as it might help reset or repair the unit.
      • Look into warranty options – If your phone is still under warranty then you can contact Sony and let them know that the phone isn’t starting properly. You would likely have to send it in and then they would re-flash the software and then send it back to you. You will lose your information BUT you would have a working phone again.
      • Flash your Sony yourself – A little more complicated but should work. You can do some research online about how to re-flash the software to the Sony Xperia J yourself, it’s a little techie but if you find a step-by-step guide online then you shouldn’t have too much trouble doing it yourself. Basically you would be replacing the currently malfunctioning software with a clean and functional version of custom or factory stock version of software. This is pretty much what the Sony Flash tool would do but like I said earlier it’s not available for the Xperia J.
      • Local repair shop – If you have the option of taking it to a local repair shop they might be able to flash and repair the unit as well.

      Hopefully that helps a little Cat. That issue can creep up out of the blue sometimes and is one of the harder issues to try and fix. Good luck my friend, if you have any more questions or if there is anything else that I can try and help you with just let me know.

  148. Sony Xperia Go
    Thanks. Worked with the volume up button on first attempt.
    Much appreciated for sharing this solution

  149. Stupid Phone
    What Sony did with the battery is really frustrating. It’s the first time that I bought a cellphone (xperia sp) that has a FIXED battery on it! And now that it’s frozen (black screen no vibrations or anything) I don’t have any options. I tried holding volume up and down + power but nothing happens… Really disappointed by Sony.

    1. Having a removable battery is a nice feature to have

      Hi Panos,

      A removable battery is something that I consider when purchasing a smartphone and for many reasons. I like to be able to do a soft reset by pulling the battery out, if I need to, and no battery lasts forever. So when the time comes and I need to replace the battery it is certainly a lot easier to do so if the phone is designed to allow you to remove the back plate, pull out the battery, put in the replacement battery, put the back plate back on, turn on the phone and be good to go.

      Not to mention that if the battery goes out then the warranty department can just send me a replacement battery and I won’t have to send my phone in so that an “authorized tech” can take apart my cell phone, replace the battery, and then send the phone back to me.

      Sony cell phones are pretty solid devices but it is common not to have the removable battery feature on their phones. HTC cell phones seem to be headed in the same direction as well, don’t ask me why.

      1. Exactly!
        I complete agree with all your points James:)
        That’s why I think it’s so stupid that they don’t allow the battery to be removed. Now I can’t reset the phone (since the volume-power trick doesn’t work) and I have to go all through the annoying process of taking the phone to a store for service, wait for days (god only knows how many) etc…
        Thanx for the feedback!

        1. Rolling with the punches

          You’re welcome Panos,

          Thanks for taking the time to come back to the site and leave another comment. Sometimes you just got to roll with the punches when it comes to technology. It’s great when our electronics are working properly but when they don’t then it’s a whole different story. Good luck my friend, hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle on your end.

  150. Frozen Screen
    Thanks for the help! And making it easy & straight forward to read, with alternative help fixes. Its the power/vol UP keys on Xperia tl30. Thanks again -before I tore up my phone not realizing I can’t open the battery. Keep up the good work!

  151. Thank you. My wife’s sony z1 was frozen
    Thank you. My wife’s sony z1 was frozen and your advice helped me fix it.

  152. Holy tip! It worked
    Holy tip! It worked (the “up version”).
    Thanks a lot. If you’ll ever be in CZ, I¨m gonna get you a beer 😉

  153. xperia miro
    Well i was trying to install cyanogenmod 10 on my xperia miro and when i clicked ‘reboot system now’ it shut down and never open again .. And i make it work again by using sony pc companion but i really want to install cm10 on my Miro but im afraid if i did that again it would die again please help

    1. Customizing your Sony Xperia

      Hi Mahmoud,

      Sorry to hear that your Xperia miro is being stubborn. I unfortunately try to refrain from giving advice when it comes to installing custom software on Android smartphones as if done incorrectly or if something goes wrong then it can cause some serious ramifications. There are many rooting forums and to be perfectly honest the CyanogenMod community itself has a very healthy following and if you truly want to install the CyanogenMod onto your Xperia then that would be the best place start, get help, and of course ask questions.

      Good luck Mahmoud, I wish you the best of luck and I hope that you are able to customize your phone to your heart’s content. After all that’s one of the best features of owning an Android phone in the first place.

  154. mobile is not working
    My sony xperia U handset is not working when sim card is inserted in it. But it is working properly when sim card is not present in the phone.
    What am i suppose to do ? Is it a software problem or anything else?

    1. Hard to say for sure…

      Hi Mian,

      That issue is a tricky one. If I was to guess as to what was causing the problem I would speculate that it is hardware related. Either a bad SIM card, which a replacement SIM would solve, or a problem with the SIM card port itself.

      If the same thing happens when you try using a different (working) SIM card then you could try a hard reset to rule out the possibility of a software issue but I have a feeling that a factory data reset isn’t going to help fix it.

      Do you see any signs of physical or liquid damage anywhere on your Sony Xperia U? Especially around the area where the SIM card plugs into the phone? You can try cleaning the SIM card port to see if you can get a proper connection but that can sometimes be difficult to do thoroughly enough to make a noticeable difference.

      If I was in your position then I would try to clean the port (and the SIM), then I would try to use a different SIM card, then I would try to perform a full backup and reset, then I would look into my repair or replacement options.

      Usually that issue isn’t a good sign Mian, sorry I couldn’t deliver better advice but that issue can be a challenge to resolve. I wish you luck, and if there is anything else that I can try to do to help then just let me know.

  155. my xperia m doesn’t switch On
    i tried to update my xperia m through sony pc companion after downloading the updates from internet to my pc i connected my xperia m to my pc and it suddenly switched off and an window opened saying that update failed due to some error afterwards i disconnect my xperia m and try to switch it on but it was not responding what to do please tell me fast i am worried about my phone. :'(

    1. That’s not good

      Hi Ankit,

      When updating the software on an Android cell phone you certainly don’t want anything unexpected to happen during the update process as it can cause some very serious issues. If your Sony Xperia M doesn’t switch on at all and there is absolutely no response whatsoever then you will probably need to call Sony directly and or look into your warranty, replacement, or repair options.

      Even with major software problems you will need your phone to turn on to some extent in order to try and fix it yourself. If the simulated battery pull doesn’t work, there is no response to a charger or a computer (even after 24 hours of charging), and your cell phone is little more than a paper weight, then there is not too much more that you can do to try and fix it yourself.

      If you can get it to respond and at least start booting up somewhat, even if it gets stuck or hangs on the startup procedure, then you might have a change of fixing it by re-flashing a new OS onto the phone. Unfortunately the Sony Xperia M isn’t one of the supported models on Sony’s Flash Tool so you would need to try and track down some step by step instructions for your specific device online; but it would at least give you a fighting chance at fixing it.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Ankit, having an Android cell phone completely die during a software update is pretty rare but from your description it sounds like this might have unfortunately happened to you and your Sony Xperia M.

  156. Thanks..!!!
    i got a little worried as it was not charging. But this worked thank you so much..!!

  157. Great!! I tried volume up and
    Great!! I tried volume up and power button for xperia C -White blank screen. It worked

  158. charging problem
    Hi again 🙂
    I have an xperia C for 3 or 4 months now and i don’t have much problem with it except every time i charge it the battery would take 2 or 3 hours to reach from15%to 99% and after that it’ll get stuck on 99% for half an hour or so till it charges completely. During that time the battery shows no problem at all the charging light is still on battery icon shows charging processes but it would only show 99%.
    So i wanted to know is something wrong with the phone or the battery should i show it to someone? I had this problem from day one 🙁
    THX 🙂

    1. False battery life and charging indicator on an Android phone

      Hi again Sara, welcome back. It sounds like you have a very unique situation. It’s hard to say for sure but it sounds like your phone is showing a false charging indicator. Your particular circumstances are a little different then what I have seen before and I have not seen a false or incorrect charge/charging indicator on an Android smartphone for a few years now, so for your phone to have it is a little odd.

      Many Windows smartphones had similar issues when they were first released and for the most part smartphone manufactures have seemed to iron that problem out of their cell phones. Fixing it was sometimes tricky, even more so if the battery was not removable (like on your Sony Xperia C).

      Basically the cell phone would show that it needed to be charged even though the battery was fully charged and even though the phone was charging correctly. It was just not reading the battery life properly and did not show it accurately.

      The strange thing is that those phones would rarely reach 100% even after days of charging the phone would say that the battery still needed to be charged. A brand new battery that was functioning properly but the phone would not recognize that the battery was full or that it was charged.

      Out of curiosity what does your “Battery” chart look like under your phones Settings? Any odd spikes? When your Sony Xperia C gets stuck at 99% does the chart show it at 100% or does is kind of level out till 100? Two and half hours seems a little long to get a full charge on a battery but if its charging to 100% then it shouldn’t be a huge issue. How long does your battery last? Does anything seem to be draining it under your Battery statistics? Check out THIS BATTERY GUIDE if you need a reference. The guide uses my S4 but should be pretty similar to your Xperia C.

      It doesn’t sound like it will turn into anything too serious and unless it’s really impacting the use of your device then I wouldn’t worry about it too much. You can try a backup and reset for good measure but if it doesn’t seem to help and this issue starts to become a more serous inconvenience or problem with the use of your cell phone then I suggest contacting Sony to see if you can send it in for warranty repair or replacement.

      1. Okay so i charged my phone
        Okay so i charged my phone last night it took 2 and a half hours to reach 99% and 45 minutes to reach from 99 to 100%. I also checked the battery chart like you said and it doesn’t show any odd spikes, the graph is actually very smooth .and when my phone get stuck the chart shows 99%-charging so is the graph , actually the graph shows a straight line on 99 the whole time my phone is stuck. and no nothing seems to be draining the battery.
        About the battery lasting i have to say even though i use my phone way too much it still lasts for 2 whole days.
        ThX for time:)

  159. my volume keys is not functioning well
    If i off my phone then press the volume up key and power on for a few seconds. It says no command, is it normal for xperia c? Thanks..

    1. Different keys do different commands

      Hi Gagamboy,

      You ask a good question. Different key combinations such as holding the volume up and power buttons can instruct an Android to carry out different commands. What the command is will depend on what make and model of phone you have and sometimes even what version of Android it is running on.

      Different commands or key combinations can be used at different times as well. Some commands are designed to work only when the phone is powering on some while the phone has completed powering on.

      So for example… let’s say you had a phone that was having some software issues and these software problems were not letting you navigate your smartphone or even allowing you to open up the Settings on your phone. Well this would be a very serious issues as you wouldn’t be able to use your phone much less try to perform a factory data reset through your cell phones Settings.

      Well many Android smartphones allow you to turn off the phone (even by pulling the battery if your phone has a removable battery) and then booting the phone directly into a Safe mode (which disables all third party apps) or by booting into an Android System Recovery (which you can use to factory reset your phone without having to access the phones settings or even use the phones touch screen). Both of these features can be accessed by holding down certain keys while the phone is booting up.

      So, while the Volume Up and Power key should trigger the simulated battery pull on an Xperia C it might not work during the phones initial boot-up procedure. I don’t have a Sony Xperia C myself to verify this with 100% accuracy BUT it sounds like your phone is recognizing that you are attempting to carry out a command (it is an Android smartphone after all) but that specific key combination (Volume Up + Power) doesn’t seem to be a startup command available on the Sony Xperia C.

      If however, you were do the same thing on AT&Ts Huawei Fusion (U8652) or T-mobiles Prism or Prism II (to name a few) and turned off the phone, pressed and held down the Volume Up key and the Power key simultaneously instead of starting up normally the phone would boot right into the Android system recover feature where you could then perform a Factory reset, manually apply a software update, etc.

      I hope that answers your question Gagamboy. It was a very good question; thank you for visiting the site and if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  160. Hi, I tried this but my phone
    Hi, I tried this but my phone is still not working, screen is black. But I can take screenshots, it’s that normal? And there’s also a sound of screenshot. What should I do?

    1. It sounds like your display screen is malfunctioning

      Hi Amh,

      From your description it sounds like the display screen on your cell phone is defective, damaged, or just malfunctioning. It sounds like your phone is still working, as you can still take screenshots, I bet that it will still receive telephone calls as well. Sometimes when a display screen malfunctions the touch screen will continue to work in which case you might even be able to answer calls still. You won’t be able to see who is calling and you might have difficulties ending the call as the display screen is totally black but sometimes these things can happen.

      Luckily that type of thing should be covered under the manufactures warranty. If there are no signs of damage and the phone is less than a year old give the manufacture a call and look into your warranty options. You can send it in for repair; they’ll replace the screen and then send it back to you. If your phone is no longer covered under warranty then you can still look into your repair options you will just need to use a local repair shop or have a go at replacing the screen yourself.

      I hope that helps Amh, if you have any more questions then don’t be afraid to ask.

  161. worked

    thanks guys

    i was stuck and the method given worked perfectly ie the volume up button and the power button

  162. restart
    Thank you soooo much! my xperia T phone was stuck on a black screen with a battery charging icon in middle, though wasnt on charge, it worked using volume up button as down wouldnt work. so glad i have laptop to search and get forwarded to this very helpful page! thanks again, so happy 😀

  163. Xperia S froze and is not turning on
    Hi ,

    My Xperia S froze as it slipped and fell from my hand. After I picked it up, the illumination bar lights were on and the screen was on but blank. I tried resetting the fone by holding the volume up + power button and the fone went switched off. Since then the fone is not turning on. Wen connected to a charging point, it shows red LED but connecting to my PC or Laptop doesnot recognise the device. Tried the reset/reboot option over and over again but does not work. Have also tried connecting the fone to charging point for say 7-8 hours but still the LED light was red and the fone did not respond to anything.

    Please Help!

    1. That’s not good…

      Hi Ctiger,

      Sorry to hear about your Sony Xperia S. From your description it sounds like your cell phone has unfortunately experienced physical damage and will need to be repaired or replaced. It’s likely that a piece of hardware on the phone is malfunctioning and is the cause of your issue and I don’t believe that standard troubleshooting tactics are going to help resolve it. That piece of hardware is going to need to be looked at and either repaired or replaced.

      Hopefully it’s just the display screen that’s having issues as that would be a quick and reasonably affordable item to replace/repair and shouldn’t cause any loss of data or information from your Sony Xperia S.

  164. thank you so much, my experia
    thank you so much, my experia came back from the dead using ur technique
    thank you very much

  165. Buttons for Sony Experia T
    Hi and thanks.

    You are right about the buttons. On an Experia T it is the volume up button combined with the power button and it is only for a second or 5.

    My camera froze and normally I would just restart the phone but this time it froze in the options screen and you just saved my day.

  166. Lots of thanks!
    this was very helpful and it worked when my xperia z1 got frozen while I was in the middle of a game.
    great trick to save time and money!

  167. frozen experia
    Thank you for the tip worked first time and saved me from throwing my phone

  168. Sony Xperia M2
    I have had this phone for 2 days. The battery was on 96% and i attempted a screen shot using the power source button and the volume control buttons. Whilst performing this action the phone died on me. I’ve tried and tried to get it to turn on and it wont charge either. What can i do?

    1. That’s not a good way to start out

      Hi Steph,

      That is certainly not fun situation to be in, especially if you have only had the phone for 2 days. It sounds like it may have crashed; you may have hit the unlucky lottery and got a lemon.

      If you have tried the simulated battery pull (both methods mentioned above) and have tried charging your phone using the standard wall outlet and a computer or car charger and you cannot get any response from your Sony and its completely dead then I would return that cell phone to where you purchased it from as soon as you can.

      If you have only had the phone for a couple of days then you should still be covered under some kind of buyer’s remorse policy and should be able to get an exchange or refund.

  169. Sony Xperia won’t power on
    This worked thank u so much. I have a Sony Xperia m. Had to press volume increase and power on/off buttons simultaneously for almost 20 seconds and it worked first time. I’m so pleased!

  170. You’re a life saver!
    You’re a life saver! I thought of going back to the store and getting it fix. Thank you so much. Glad I came across this tip!

  171. On and Off Button
    my phone Sony ultra Z can’t go on I don’t know why it all started with the downward volume keys which could work and not work sometimes. Right now it used to not work and again it works I rested the phone the moment I tried to turn it on, nothing…

  172. Raghupathi Venkat

    My sony Xperia C2 is not opening and hanged
    As per the method explained above, i tried to restart my mobile Sony Xperia C2..what a wonder it started again. Thanks you very much..

  173. It’s still not working :'(
    I tried everything that was mentioned but it’s still not working. I tried many times after a few hours but nothing happened, then i though maybe the battery has drained out so i put it on charge.. But the charging light does not appear, Im not sure if there’s a problem with the charger because it was working fine last night…
    I’ve had this Sony Xperia M2 for only a month..
    I really dont know what to do 🙁

  174. Xperia T
    Hi, thanks so much for putting this up. I have a Sony Xperia T that’s about 15 months old, it crapped out on me this morning and couldn’t find any useful information on the Sony website. I tried the power/volume down button, no joy, as you suggested the power/volume up button worked in less than 20 seconds. My phone is up and running again and I’ll remember this in case it happens again. Thanks

  175. Xperia C starting error by displaying SONY and nothing happens
    Hello i was just my updating my sony xperia c and my friend just took the usb cable for playing games in it but it was switched off (during update) and when he turned it on it just displays SONY (i.e. the starting display when we restart or switch off) and it doesn’t even goes inside after that and just gets stuck there and displays only SONY and when i restart i just shows me only SONY and nothing other than that and i tried all the methods you have described above and i had even done factory reset nothing positive only the same ****ing screen displaying SONY is there any way you could suggest me so that i could use my phone the way i used it before?

    1. There is hope for your Sony Xperia C to live again

      Hi Lokeshbabu,

      Your Sony Xperia C smartphone has experienced one of the more serious software issues that can occur on an Android device. I know that it was an accident and that you didn’t have anything to do with it but there is a very good reason for the warning message that gets displayed when updating the software on an Android cell phone. When it says not to power the phone or PC off and not to unplug the phone from the computer during the update it’s not kidding because this exact issue can and often does occur.

      Luckily there is hope for your phone.

      It sounds like the installation didn’t get to complete properly and your phones software is either corrupted or incomplete causing the phone to not know how to startup correctly. A hard reset will erase any user data from the phone but it won’t affect the actual Operating System so this is one of the few instances where a reset won’t help fix a software related problem.

      What you need to do is re-flash or reload a complete and working version of software to the phone. Using a program like ODIN you can choose to upload a stock version or custom version of software that will replace the current malfunctioning software and should get your cell phone functional once again.

      If you are still having issues then by doing some research online I am sure that you can find a how-to tutorial on how to accomplish this task on a Sony Xperia C.

  176. Sony Xperia frozen or will not power on
    Thanks James, I tried the Volume Up + Power buttons and it worked a treat.

  177. Worked for M2
    Hi, my phone was charging, when I pulled out charger the green full charge light stayed on and screen was black (dead), followed your tip pressed the power button and the up volume (that is side closet to power button), a few seconds later phone started to vibrate, green light went off, tapped the power button then hey presto powered up… Thanks again

  178. Thank u so much my phone got stuck…
    Thank u so much my phone got stuck i was worried and about to take it to the shop for repair but done according to ur advice and its working again 🙂 loved the post

  179. Sony Xperia M not powering on after a thunderstorm…
    Hi James,

    My son has a Sony Xperia M, he always charges it overnight every night. A couple of weeks ago we had a thunderstorm during the night, by the morning the phone’s red charge light wasn’t glowing and it hasn’t turned on since. I’ve bought a new battery but that didn’t help and I’ve tried all your possible solutions (unless I’m performing them incorrectly). He is absolutely lost without his phone and I haven’t taken out phone insurance yet (typical), do you have any ideas on how to resolve this please?

    Kind Regards – Jess

    1. I suppose it could have been damaged (Power Surge)…

      I am sorry to hear about your sons Sony Xperia M. Today’s youth (and more and more adults) are definitely “lost” without their smartphones.

      It’s hard to know if the lightning storm had any effect on the phone, or if a power surge even occurred. I mean it certainly is possible but it’s hard to know for sure. It might have been an extremely unlucky coincidence where the phone simply malfunctioned. It happens every day; a phone will just turn off and never turn back on again.

      Either way if you have already tried the simulated battery pull, tried charging it through a functional wall outlet and a computer, and have even attempted to use a different charger and you cannot get any response from the cell phone whatsoever then at this point it’s time to look into your replacement options, preferably any warranty options if available.

    You guys saved me a couple of $$$ THANKS GUYS! I thought I lost it wouldn’t work but the up volume key + power button worked in 5secounds!

  181. Thank You so much!
    Thanks so much for this piece of info… I’ve been struggling with my phone but noticed that it only shut down/froze when I was busy on an app. Since I’m relatively clueless when it comes to these things, I kept taking it back to the store to get it “fixed” at a cost, so now I can save money (and maybe delete some apps).

  182. Rebooting
    Sony Experia M2 powered off for no apparent reason and wouldn’t power back up again. Holding down the power button and the ‘volume up’ button simultaneously did the trick. Thanks for the tip.

  183. Resetting power after not switching on
    Fab! fab! fab! I can’t believe this worked – holding buttons in succession and rebooting phone has made my heart beat again I thought I had lost everything or at very least cost me a fortune to repair. Thank you

  184. Thanks but why?
    I had this phone for two days and like a comment above I also tried screenshotting and it just turned off and then not on again. After I found this article it came back on, so thank you, but why does it happen in the first place? I’ve had zero luck with other phones in past so thought I’d try Sony for the first time and then this happened?!

    1. Good question. I’m not sure but if I had to guess…

      Hi Rebecca,

      You ask a very good question. I am not sure why this happens with Sony Xperia smartphones to be perfectly honest but since it isn’t isolated to a specific model of Sony I assume that it is a custom software command added by Sony to prevent severe software issues from occurring. Instead of the software getting confused and then bricking or locking up permanently I would like to think that Sony has a built in failsafe that forces it to shutdown instead.

      I am not sure why the shutdown would prevent the phone from turning back on correctly or why the phone would not indicating that its plugged into a charger or what would prevent it from responding at all or what would cause it to shutdown even when the cell phone is inactive BUT these phones are built on the Android OS (Operating System) and its less common on other Android devices so why this seems to happen so frequently on Sony’s smartphones is an interesting question indeed.

      Luckily Sony also has this reboot command available on most of their smartphones which seems to be an effective tool when resolving this issue, command, side effect or whatever the actual cause may be. So remember this simulated battery pull trick as it can certainly be an valuable tool when trying to get your Sony smartphone to reboot and work again.

      Thanks for the terrific question Rebecca, if you have any more questions about your smartphone then don’t hesitate to ask.

  185. Xperia not working at all
    Thank you so much James Bond for this invaluable information. Best get copying the contents of my phone in case it really dies!

  186. Thanks so very much!
    Thanks so very much! I thought my phone was broken or had died but then this is the first website I went to and “wa la” it’s working again 🙂 Volume down + power didn’t work, but volume up + power worked after 2 seconds! Cheers :))

  187. Pressing Volume Up and Power
    Pressing Volume Up and Power together for 20 secs worked for a Sony Xperia M2. Many thanks!

  188. Thanks a lot..
    Thank you so much! My phone didn’t turn on and the trick did work! It was a big help.. It also had less volume and now it worked! Thanks a ton!

  189. Last night, I installed theme…
    Last night, I installed theme to my sony xperia m dual,, then suddenly after few minutes, it turned off itself, and then started, and stucked after xperia screen on animated boot screen,,
    sometimes it starts and shows home screen for a second then again restarts,
    Plz give me a way to solve this problem without losing my data

  190. Thanks a million! – seriously
    Thanks a million! – seriously! – i just bought a sony xperia today, and was messing around (maybe a bit too excitedly with it) when it went to the power up start screen and froze) – this tip completely sorted it!

    great advice!

  191. Tnkz a lot, my fone iz barely
    Tnkz a lot, my fone iz barely 2 mnthz old n it got frozen almost had a heart attack bt am so hapi diz worked. Tnkz a whole lot

  192. you are heaven sent!
    you are heaven sent! i’m about to go on a overseas trip first thing in the morning and my sony experia M2 died on me in the most convenient time! i cant thank you enough for this simulated battery pull trick. i think it’s power button + volume up for M2. tried the volume down but nothing happened. but when i tried the volume up, my phone vibrated after the 6th count.

    again thank you very much!

  193. It worked
    This is to say thanks to whoever wrote this.. I was so scared that my phone was already dead and won’t come up again..
    And just as I follow these instructions, my phone jumped back to life.. Thanks

  194. I was a bit sketchy doing this…
    I was a bit sketchy doing this thinking it wouldn’t work but I was so surprised it did. Thank you

  195. THANK YOU!
    It worked! Thank you so much. I was freaking out and decided to Google what to do and this trick worked! All smiles here, again thank you kindly! 🙂

  196. God bless you man, i just
    God bless you man, i just bought my xperia c and two days later it froze. i thought i lost it but your simple trick worked. many many thanks:)

  197. I was about to cry but this worked!
    Thank you so much.

    I have this phone for only a week. It was frozen and then the lady at the mall was able to turn it off. But couldn’t turn it back on. I had a whole night that it was off and I read this the next early morning. Taddaaa! It worked! Thank you.

  198. Sony xperia turning on problems
    Thanks so much. Phone turned on with on + vol down button. Why does the phone occasionally turn itself off terminally in this way overnight, while charging? Means alarm fails to go off…!

  199. Frozen xperia screen
    Thank you for this 🙂 Helped me big time after my phone screen froze and wouldn’t switch off

  200. Xperia U is not starting up
    Hello my Xperia U handset is not starting Up. As i press power button, it shows a regular Sony and then Xperia pattern and this process is continue till i remove my battery of the hand set. Please help out .

  201. Xperia Z wont turn on
    Hi, i have a Xperia Z and basically it turned itself off while i was texting the missus it had a charge of 75% and now it wont turn back on, i have left it without the charger in over night and still nothing happens even when i press the power button the red led light doesnt flash any solutions will be much appreciated.

    1. Sounds like it might have just malfunctioned…

      It’s a real shame when it happens but every once in a while a phone will just unexpectedly and without reason or warning, malfunction and cease to work again. This is the perfect reason why warranties exist and are so awesome (except when it happens after the warranty runs out which often seems typical).

      If you have tried the simulated battery pull and have tried charging the phone and cannot get any response whatsoever then you’re probably going to need to start looking into your replacement options.

  202. You wonderful person…..
    You wonderful person….. Volume up & power key… my phone working. Thank you Yeeeaaaaahhhhh

  203. Sony xperia sp doesnt turn on
    My Sony xperia sp doesnt turn on. The problem started while charging it wont show the charger connected. I try with another charger and pc the same problem. now if i connect a charger it will give a red light for 15 minutes and off and again after 15 minutes it will be on.
    And if connects to a pc it connects and disconnects and the above procedure will continue.
    If i press the power button the red light starts blinking.I have done the above procedures and sony companion but no use .. please help thanking you.

  204. Good evening
    Thank you soo much.. My Sony Xperia got switched off and wouldn’t power on, pressing the volume up and the power key at the same time worked…

  205. Sony Xperia
    I thought my phone had had it when I couldn’t get it to do anything, it just had a black screen. Fiddled all afternoon getting nowhere, which ran the battery down to zero. I plugged the charger in, followed these instructions and it miraculously came to life! Thank you!

  206. Ruairí de Stanlaigh

    That’s awesome help, I was a bit worried
    That’s awesome help, I was a bit worried for a while but your tip worked wonders, Thanks

  207. hey, thanks for that
    thanks for that, it’s rare you read one of these self help articles and they actually work without any hassle (for me it is anyway, techphobe)

  208. Sad Face..
    So my Sony Xperia is not working at all what so ever.. I tried reading everything before asking questions.. I bought the phone a year ago had it for a couple of days then I went away for a year so the phone sat dead for a year. I came back Sept 17 2014 the phone has been working fine then today I sat the phone down on my hamper and went to greet my mother I went back up and my phone was off and I can’t get it to do anything at all. I’ve been looking for help with it and I have no idea. I’ve tried your advice and others advice. It was charged. I thought I would just let it sit hoping it would turn back on still no luck.. Any help would mean so much to me.. I’m thinking its a goner.. Please and thank-you. God Bless.
    ~Ashley Marie…
    Lost Cause.

    1. Trying to fix your Sony Xperia

      Aw, I hate Sad Face, and Triangle Face too as it scares me 🙂

      Hopefully your phone didn’t go out and hopefully it’s not a “goner”. I got my fingers crossed for you but definitely try to charge it all night and keep trying the simulated battery pull. I am sure that you have tried a few times already but I have seen some really stubborn Xperias before where it take multiple attempts before it will accept the command to reboot.

      I wish you the best of luck Ashley and like I said I got my fingers crossed for you.

  209. Thank you thank you thank you
    Thank you thank you thank you!!!! I thought my phone was pooched and I have important court documents in it!!! This worked splendidly!!!! Awesome

  210. Experia M2 lock up
    Just to say thanks my touch screen wouldnt unlock after taking some pictures and would not turn off.
    Holding volume botton volume up and power button shut it down straight away.
    You can find a lot of fixes on the web but I have taken the time to personally thank you as people put a lot of time and effort and do not always get the thanks they deserve.

    Cheers Derek.

  211. Sony xperia
    Thank you -my phone is now working. I was just about to take it to Telstra shop but luckily decided to check internet for solutuion first!

  212. Hi!

    I tried all those suggestions and in the end it was the power button with the camera button that worked for me!!!

  213. Thank you thank you thank you!!
    My Xperia had frozen whilst playing a game…very annoying as the music was still playing and very frustrating as I charge it overnight. My phone is my lifeline as I don’t have a landline telephone and I was worried it was dead. A Google search later and I come across your page. Honestly, you have saved my sanity. Thank you again, you’re a lifesaver!

  214. Oh my goodness, thanks for this info!
    Oh my goodness, thanks for this info! I thought my phone had broken, and I’ve just recently purchased it so…quite alarming! Thanks a mil!

  215. It worked!
    Can’t believe such a simple fix actually worked. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I had to press the up volume and the power button, after about 5 seconds the phone unfroze. Rebooted and all is good. Can’t thank you enough

  216. Thanks man. My Sony xperia c
    Thanks man. My Sony xperia c came on after the reboot. I used the volume up & power button and it came on after about 10 seconds.

  217. Thank you
    My phone Xperia C was dead and was not showing anythimg.Even when i had put my phone on charge,the phone green lights didnt come
    Thanks to this article.
    I had put my phone on charge for about 1 hr. then unplugged it and tried pressing volume up and power button together.

    It works!! Thank you very much

    I had faced similar issue earlier also. but that tym until my phone’s battery drained out for 2 days, it didnt started
    I had not tried this trick ..
    but hope it was the same issue earlier also.


  218. Sony Experia Miro
    I tried + and power key, no luck, I tried – and power key still no luck, plugged it into my computer it started downloading driver software half way through downloading software it come up driver software unsuccessful, unplugged it from my computer gave it a while plugged it back into my computer & still nothing.

  219. Thank you!
    Thank you! After listening to my phone frozen on vibrate for 6 hours, I was lucky enough to come across your site. The simulated battery pull worked and saved me. This information is much appreciated!

  220. It worked!!! i almost lost hope
    It worked!!! i almost lost hope and i thought that my phone was broken but it worked i have a sony xperia c it worked by pressing the power button + volume up

  221. Thanks for the advice !
    My phone was completely frozen and this absolutely did the trick…Thanks so much 🙂

  222. Your trick actually worked on my frozen Xperia
    Your trick actually worked on my frozen Xperia c…thanks a lot

  223. Thank you so much!
    Thank you so much! My phone was locked, I was in panic mode. My phone is now unlocked thanks to your instructions.

  224. Thank you very much, this was great info…
    Thank you very much, this was great info, my restart was to hold volume button upwards with power key, thanks, my experia is now updating itself, again thanks. Merlyn

  225. Thankyou, didn’t quite work though, but I managed another way ^^
    I did as was told, and it took a while, but when it did come up the page/app I was on looked wonky :/ So I managed to switch it off by opening the compartment bit for the SD card instead and pressing the tiny red “OFF” button that I’ve only used that one time. That worked. But I am commenting to say thanks as it has clearly worked for others and due to that, I’ll be reading your advice more [: Thankyou

  226. Thank you
    Just tried this. It worked, I had to use my Volume Up button, I have a Sony Xperia Z1. I thought I needed a new phone. Only had for 7 months. Is this going to be an ongoing issue? Anyway I can breathe. Worried how my teenager daughter was getting get hold of me. Did give a work mobile number but that mobile is not reliable. Thank you again

  227. Thank u 🙂
    Thanks a lot u saved me from having a heart attack (not exaggerating). Can u tell me why this happens? My phones charge was 80% but it still froze.

    1. You’re welcome Shamamah

      It’s just a software hiccup which can sometimes creep up without warning. If it starts happening frequently then check for updates for all of your applications (and your phone) as its likely an application that’s causing mischief.

  228. Slamet Riyadi Halim

    Thanks for such a smart suggestion
    Alhamdulillah… Thanks… this is a smart tip and helped to solve the problem with my wife’s Xperia M2…

  229. My husband’s phone wouldn’t turn on
    My husband’s phone wouldn’t turn on at all and this fix worked – thank you!

  230. xperia z touch screen working but black screen
    The cell had a water accident, the sealing of the usb port was broken so the water entered through it. After that, I dried the phone. The cell now works, but the screen is black, the touch screen also works, i get audio feedback when the screen is touched.

    1. Trying to fix an Xperia Z – possible liquid damage

      Hi Gaurav,

      Sorry to hear that your phone is having issues. It can really be a hit and miss situation when it comes to trying to resolve issues related to water damage.

      From your description it sounds like your display screen is what you are going to need to look at first and if you cannot seem to fix it then it will likely need to be replaced. Hopefully it’s just the display screen that’s having issues. Charging and power related problems can often result from water damage as well and if the water got into the USB port as you mentioned in your post then hopefully no such problems are happening or start to happen later *knocks on wood*.

      As far as trying to fix it though, it’s very possible. Check out the alcohol trick mentioned on How to try and fix a water damaged cell phone it might just give you the edge that you are looking for. Don’t forget to check out the advice listed in the comments section in both that article and THIS article as well. You are not the first person to have this issue after a water related accident and hopefully the advice on those two articles can help get you pointed in the right direction in trying to fix your Sony Xperia Z’s display screen.

  231. xperia z
    Hi. If I plug my Xperia into a charger it will start up but if I unplug it from the charger then it shuts down. What do you think I should do?

    1. It sounds like a bad battery

      Hi Shango,

      It sounds like your phones battery is malfunctioning and has probably gone out completely. The phone is unable to pull power from the battery and so it doesn’t work or “shuts down”. As soon as you plug your phone into the charger though the phone has power to work and starts up.

      I have a feeling that you will need to replace the battery. The only problem is that the Sony Xperia Z isn’t designed to allow you simply remove the battery and swap it out so replacing it won’t be as simple as it would be on many other cell phones. It’s still doable though and I believe that this will be the solution to use in order to get your cell phone operational again. Heck, what’s the purpose of a cell phone if you have to keep it plugged in to use it? Good luck.

  232. I read and followed your
    I read and followed your advice and it worked thank you very much for taking the time to make this trick public.
    kindest regards.

  233. You Rock!!!
    Thanks we were about to go to ATT and throw this in their face 😉 but u saved my day, time and money. Thanks.

  234. Sony Ericsson Xperia x10
    My Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 will not turn on and not showing any lights i have tried every thing said in the comments but nothing.

    1. Your Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 might have malfunctioned then

      Hi William,

      Sorry to hear that your Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 has stopped working. If you have tried all of the suggestions in the article and the ones listed in the comments section (thank you for actually reading the comments by the way) then your cell phone has most likely malfunctioned and will likely need to be replaced.

  235. THANK YOU
    I can’t thank you enough. I just moved houses and don’t have a home phone, I have a daughter with severe allergies so my phone is literally our life line. I was so relieved to discover your page and the battery pull that brought my phone back to life. Thank you!

  236. Thank you for the brilliant advice
    Thank you for the brilliant advice on how to turn my xperia phone back on, worked straight away, saved me a lot of hassle and worrying on how to get me up and running again, thanks again.

  237. Phone didn’t want to go on
    Thanks a million for the good advice on your website. I was worried when my phone didn’t want to go on but reading your website made it so easy. God bless you! Being in the medical field all my stuff is linked to my phone. Thanks once again.

  238. My phone is still not working
    I have tried the simulated battery pull many times with the volume up and down keys but it didn’t work. Then I tried the pc companion but my computer didn’t detect my phone 🙁 is there any other way to do it????? I have an xperia s.

    1. Trying to fix your Sony Xperia S

      Hi Dr. Khansa,

      If your phone is completely lifeless and you cannot get it to respond at all and a simulated battery pull doesn’t help and Sony’s PC Companion doesn’t work then your options are going to be pretty limited. You can try to charge your Xperia S for a good day or two to see if it will boot up but there is no guarantee that this is going to get it to work again. If you try charging it and it still refuses to respond then at that point you might need to look into your warranty, repair or replacement options.

      1. Happiest to have you around for the help 🙂
        This time again it worked for me.
        I left the phone for three days on the charger and then tried it today and had a working phone again. Thanks a bundle for your help.

        1. Enjoy your working cell phone

          Thank you for coming back to the site and posting a follow up.

          I am glad to hear that you were able to get your Sony Xperia S working again. Don’t forget to create a backup of your smartphones important information now and periodically (just in case) and I hope that you enjoy your working cell phone.

  239. Cheers! For once, something online was correct
    Cheers! For once, something online was correct haha. It didn’t work when i pressed the Volume down + power, however when i tried the Volume Up + power it started back up!

  240. my phone will not turn on
    I went to sleep with my phone on the charger and when I woke up it was off and it shows that its charging but will not turn on. I have tried nearly everything but still no go… I don’t know what else to do.

  241. fair enough, but an easier
    fair enough, but an easier way on the m2 (not sure about any other xperia) is to open the flap where the sim goes in, you will see an orange button which says off, press that with a sharp pencil or anything else which will reach it and your phone will turn off, turn your phone on again and problem fixed 🙂

  242. sony Xperia z3
    Thank u!! The volume up & power button worked for the xperia Z3! Thank u, thank u, thank u!!

  243. Same thing happend to me
    i love you, you’re a hero. i thought my phone had had it after trying volume down and power but tried volume up and it worked, cheers man.

  244. sony xperia t
    “holding the Volume Up and the Power key at the same time for 20 seconds.” it works thanks

  245. Thank you so much for this
    Thank you so much for this advice. My phone had frozen and your advice on how to do a simulated battery pull has worked, saving me a trip to town, to the phone shop! Thank you.

  246. Worked perfectly on my new Z3
    Worked perfectly on my new Z3 phone that seemed rather dead a few moments ago. Your advice saved my day!

  247. frozen xperia
    Thank you for explaining how to do a simulated battery pull.. my sister was stressing over not being able to use her xperia.. the volume up n power button worked 🙂

  248. Mine is the new Xperia c3.
    Mine is the new Xperia c3. It froze at the home page and nothing works…. Please help me!!! I just bought it this morning.

    1. Trying to fix your frozen Xperia C3

      Hi Jessie,

      Not a good way to start out my friend. Were you doing anything specific when your Sony Xperia CS froze or locked up? If you try to adjust the volume can you see the volume settings pop up? If you can then your touch screen might be having issues in which case the troubleshooting for your phone might be a little different. If you try adjusting the volume and there is no response then the phone has truly locked up. Have you tried plugging your cell phone into a computer (or charger) see if it may get it to respond? If you cannot get it to react or respond and a simulated battery pull doesn’t work then you may need to let it drain to zero, charge it for a few minutes and then try to power it on again.

      If you just got the phone and it remains unresponsive then you should still be able to take it back to your point of sale and return it. Lemons are rare but they can pop up from time to time.

  249. Frozen Screen
    I had this problem when I was downloading a movie, it hanged. Its a good thing that I browsed google looking for a solution.
    Thank you for this and also I am using a sony xperia m2 which takes to long time to charge lol.

  250. Screen black on Xperia Go
    I was just about to throw away my Xperia Go when I came across this information, it really works. Thanks a lot!

  251. Thanks! Worked on Sony E3 dual: Vol UP + Power
    My new Sony Xperia E3 phone was stuck.
    It was showing notification screen at the time and it never responded to any touch or volume buttons.
    I could hear it connect to PC but the PC Suite wont work. I could hear the phone ringing when I call it.
    I tried to find the solution online but couldn’t see it on sony forum or another places. I was about to give the phone to the service center when I can to this excellent page! Many thanks.
    Saved my time and saved me from the worries about the backup and all the hassle.

    Although, the article is about all the phones, it is frustrating to see all these comments about Sony. I thought it was a good manufacturer and obviously most of the affected phones are from Sony.
    How much time it would take to correct the thing? I know I recently upgraded my phone few days ago, so if it is not in latest update, then this must be hardware issue which is very disappointing.

    Thanks for saving and sharing.

    1. Your welcome Prashant

      I am happy to hear that this little trick was able to help save you from any hassle you might have had to deal with. Thank you for leaving such a detailed post as well and letting everyone know what Sony Xperia you have and what hardware key combination worked for your model of cell phone.

      Yes, this article is intended for Sony Xperia cell phones as this does seem to be a Sony thing as opposed to an Android thing. All things considered though Sony is still a great cell phone manufacture and while not my favorite smartphone manufacture it is one of my top 5 favorites. Sony cell phones don’t commonly have any known issues such as defective or malfunctioning hardware.

      I have a feeling that this is a software feature that Sony built into their phones and don’t think it’s a hardware problem. Why did Sony build this into their cell phones? Well I list some ideas HERE but I am not 100% sure. If you can remember this trick though then you and your Sony should stay in good shape.

      Thanks for visiting the site Prashant and thanks for posting such as great comment.

  252. Cheers
    My Sony Xperia z had #@&% itself, so I thought. The little red light was still flashing in the top right corner so I didn’t give up hope completely. This lil trick worked (up volume button and power button). Thanks heaps.

  253. sony xperia M2
    My phone was booting up to the purple animation stage and it hangs there. I followed the above procedure of holding down the power and volume button for 20 seconds. But after that the phone went off and refused to boot up. Does that mean my battery is drained? I have plugged it to the charger while waiting for your advise.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Sony Xperia M2 feeling blue (or purple…)

      Hi Steve,

      If you are still having this issue with your Sony Xperia M2 then let me know and we’ll see if we cant get it working properly again.

      1. I resolved it

        Thanks James,

        I have resolved it. I did a reset and when it came up, I upgraded the OS using the Sony Occasion companion.

        Thanks again.


  254. Thanks so much. It’s worked for me.
    Thanks so much. It’s worked for me. Saved me doing a re-installation and losing all my stuff.

  255. cp
    My cellphone Xperia LT51 is always ON then it will Automatically turn OFF, then when it’s OFF it will turn ON again 🙁
    Help me please 🙂 thank you 🙂 God bless.

  256. Thanx.. for the help
    Thanx.. for the help
    My Xperia c was suddenly frozen and it worked out with volume up + power button
    Thanks again…

  257. Sony Experia M2
    As described, home screen locked & was as if touch screen had stopped working, two attempts & needed volume up button but phone now works fine.

  258. Thanks a ton!
    Hey there… thanks so much! This is the first time ever I faced this on my new xperia C…

    The simulated battery pull worked well and the phone is back online… Do I still need to connect my phone to the xperia support center to check the health of the phones battery????

    1. I wouldn’t worry about it…

      If your Sony Xperia cell phone is back up and running properly after the simulated battery pull then it was probably just a software hiccup and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

      If it becomes a contestant issue or your battery starts draining abnormally quickly then you might want to check the battery for good measure but for now just remember how to do the simulated battery pull and you and your phone should be in great shape.

      1. Thank you for the prompt reply…
        Thank you for the prompt reply…
        I will keep a watch on my battery status…
        Thanks again… James Bond 🙂

  259. Thanks for the help really
    Thanks for the help really useful. Tried to get some help about how to reboot my Sony Xperia and my providers helpline call center in Indochina were useless.
    Simple fix that they should know.

  260. Thanks bro. Did work on the Experia E 3
    Thanks bro. Did work on the Experia E 3 by holding the volume up button like you said. Your a top man!

  261. Sony Xperia Z1
    I tried everything at first and my phone didn’t want to come on, then i found this page and used the volume down+power but nothing happened, so i tried volume up+power and my phone vibrated 3 times after that i just pressed power and my phone was working again thank you 🙂

  262. Sony Xperia Z
    Just confirming that holding the power & vol + button down worked to reboot my Xperia Z. Thanks for helping me avoid a panic attack, lol

  263. Thank you so much! It helped with Sony Experia S
    Thank you guys my phone is working again!!! You are fantastic!
    For a Sony Experia S it’s the volume up button!

    Thank You once again, you save me 20 eur!

  264. Maninder Dhillon

    Sony xperia m2 tried everything
    OK so about like 1 week ago the phone was water damaged and i got it fixed thankfully in like the first 3 days and then it work liked it had never been damaged for like a week and i charged it too with no problem but then yesterday i saw that my battery was on 6 percent and then i went to charge it and left not knowing that it wasn’t charging so i come back after about an hour and saw that it was not charged. I made sure everything was plugged in and i tried a different charger and that still didn’t work. I just tried everything on the list and it still doesn’t power on! Sony Xperia m2 btw.

    1. Delayed after effects of moisture exposure

      Hi Maninder,

      I have seen that kind of thing happen before, it’s odd and doesn’t often make sense but it does happen. A phone gets dropped in water, after drying completely it works for a few days and then for no apparent reason it stops working properly.

      Good job in attempting to use another charger by the way. Out of curiosity have you tried cleaning your charging port with alcohol? The water may have left something behind that’s causing a bad connection between your cell phones charging port and the charger(s) that you are trying to use. Give it a good cleaning with alcohol (99% alcohol if you have it, the purer the better) and this may just help to get it to recognize a charger and get your cell phone to charge properly again. If cleaning just the charging port doesn’t work then you might have to try a full alcohol bath instead.

  265. Thanks~!
    Thanks man~ i can turn on my phone again after holding POWER key + VOLUME UP key for 30 sec and i power on it on again… Thank you so much 🙂

  266. John-Christ Rahmeh

    A new battery works too
    If you buy a new phone you can get another battery for it which you can use to help you fix your phone if your battery drained to 0%. You could use the new battery to help you turn your phone back on.

  267. Immediate Help Needed!!! Xperia C shut off without any reason
    I bought an xperia c a month ago and it has itself shut off without any rhyme or reason! The battery wasn’t even low so that was not the problem! It shut off unexpectedly and when I try to open it it doesn’t happen!! It’s not frozen but shut off! Neither of the simulated battery pulls worked.

  268. Xperia z3, i love you.

    Thank you, worked second time…
    Thank you, worked second time… solved the problem of getting it repaired.

  269. Awesome. took 10 seconds
    Awesome. took 10 seconds using the volume and power key pressed at same time. xxxxxxxx

  270. Power
    Thanks you sooooooooo much this phone has been giving me trouble all week this has helped so much

  271. I had the frozen problem…
    I had the frozen problem only with the phone switched off. Very relieved to have it working again! I have the Sony M2 model and used the Volume Up key by the way. Thanks so much!

  272. Fell into water
    When I was trying to take a picture on the sea side my phone fell into the water and afterwords it wont start up and its totally hanging up. Please help

    1. Trying to fix a cell phone dropped in water

      Hi Ajmal,

      Sorry to hear about your cell phone. Try the suggestions mentioned in How to fix a cell phone dropped in water and follow all of the advice on that page (and in the comments) and you might have a chance at fixing your cell phone.

      Good luck my friend.