How to Save Pictures to a Memory Card from an Android Smartphone

Do you need to backup all of your pictures and videos to your SD Card from your Android smartphone? If you are planning on performing a reset on the device or just want to make sure that your pictures and videos are going to be safe in case your phone ever malfunctions or gets damaged. Then this article is for you.

Now the method to actually transfer your information is going to depend a lot upon the make and model of the phone, as well as what version of the Android operating system the phone is running on.

Select you’re Android phones manufacture below for specific backup instructions.

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To find what version of the Android OS (Operating System) that your phone is running on just go into the phones settings, scroll down and select About Phone, and on that page it should have either an Android Version with the version number or a Software Information which if you tap on will show the devices Android version number.

If you’re not sure if your media files are already backed up to the memory card then you might like to make sure your pictures and videos are saved onto your Android phones SD Card. If the pictures are already safe on your Memory Card then you won’t have to worry about transferring them, and it will save you some time.

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