My mobile phone was dead on the charger this morning. Now it won’t work!

Did you go to take your phone off the charger this morning only to find it completely dead and not responsive? Here are some possible solutions.

First of all this issue is not very common and of course can have many causes and there for solutions. Going through this checklist should help you discover the cause whether it be the phone, charger, battery or other source.

Check the outlet

If you’re charging your phone through a wall charger then check the outlet that the cord is plugged into. If that outlet is connected to a light switch then make sure that it wasn’t turned off. The phone might have just run out of juice without a charge and now just needs to be charged back up. Note: try not to let your Lithium Ion batteries drain to zero percent, it isn’t good for them. If everything seems to be in order then try charging the phone in another wall outlet and see if there is a response. Also try and charge it in a USB port on a computer, make sure the computer is on of course. If only the charge light comes on then you might need to leave it plugged in for 15-30 min before you get a response on the display. If no such luck, read on.

Battery pull

Pulling out the battery and performing what’s known as a soft reset or second level reset can resolve many minor phone issues, at least temporarily.

I usually recommend that when you buy android or windows phones that you buy one that you can pull the battery out of. If your phone freezes or malfunctions and you can’t pull the battery then sometimes there’s not much you can do except wait for your battery to run out. It not a very pleasant experience when you should be able to just do a soft reset and fix your issue in a matter of seconds. Also if your battery goes out, which of course is going to happen eventually, usually after your warranty runs out, then replacing it is not as simple a task.

Windows 7 trick

Try plugging it in without the battery. Some smart phones like many Windows 7 smart phones will still power on even without a battery in the phone as long as it’s plugged into a charger. This is a good way to test the battery and charger or the device itself on some phones. If the phone powers on after being plugged into a charger without a battery, and doesn’t turn on with just a battery, then you can narrow it down to the battery needing to be replaced and do so accordingly.

Try another charger

The charger might have just stopped working for no reason in the world. Try your car charger or a friends or family member’s charger and see if you can get a response. If the phone starts charging then you should look around for a replacement charger. I recommend Amazon; you can get exactly what you need at a fraction of the price. Try to get one that is the same brand as your phone, some brands just don’t play nice with others.

Try a different battery

The same thing goes with your battery as your charger. Try another battery to see if it works. Batteries usually don’t just stop working though, when it comes to batteries they often get worse over time until they stop working. As for a replacement battery you can get one on Amazon too for a lot less then you might think. If you do get a new battery don’t forget to charge it to full before you start using it.

Note: if your phone is a new phone and is still available in many retail locations you can try going into one of these locations and seeing if you can try the battery and charger from one of their display phones (your make and model). That way you can test each accessory or the phone itself to see where the problem lies, then replace the malfunctioning piece of equipment. This will cut down on the trial and error and could save you some time and money.

Try an Alternative Reset

If you can’t get the phone to recognize a charger, or you don’t have access to another charger or battery, then I recommend you try an Alternate Factory Data Reset. Some phones have them some phones don’t. You can do a search on this site or you try performing a search on the all powerful Google search engine and chances are good that you’ll find it. You can find almost anything on Google now and days.

Note: an alternative reset is performed with a series of key combinations. For example holding the volume down and then holding the power button down will perform a reset on many android smart phones. Or another common method on android is to use the volume up + volume down + the power key. If the phone responds then power cycle (power off and on) the phone and try and charge it again. Hopefully that will get it up and running again.

Other options

If you have tried a different charger, a different battery, and the reset doesn’t respond you might need to look into other options available to you to make an informed decision. I recommend you read I can’t fix my phone, now what should I do? The article goes over many options that might be available to you in order to get yourself up and running with a working phone again.

If you have had your phone for less than a year then the battery and charger are typically covered under the warranty and you might be able to get a free replacement! If your phone is less than a year old and the accessory isn’t damaged then you might want to read more about how to file a warranty claim, the article goes over warranty options for phones but applies to accessories as well.


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