Saving Pictures from a Pantech Android Smartphone to an SD Card

Looking for a way to make sure your Pictures, Videos, Music and information is saved onto your SD card from your Pantech Android smartphone? This article will help you with the process of backing up your media and making sure that it’s nice and secure on your memory card.

Pantech is a pretty good brand of phone, reasonably user friendly, but a Pantech phones file management system is pretty much none existent so backing up files can be pretty bothersome, as you probably already know if you’re reading this article.

I’ve seen Pantech phones save pictures to the memory card, sometimes to the phone itself, or even seen pictures on both. So it can be kind of difficult to tell where your media files are actually located on a Pantech Android phone without a little help. I recommend that you look into checking to make sure your pictures are not already saved onto your SD Card. Don’t trust this technique 100% though, because like I said before, Pantech phones can be a little odd when it comes to checking information and discovering where that information is actually stored.

What I recommend using if you need to check your phones media storage locations is an application named ASTRO File Manager. If you need to move your Pictures, Videos, Music, or whatever type of file from your Pantech to a memory card then this File Manager application can be the best tool to use.

Simply go to the Android Marketplace, now referred to as the Play Store, perform a search for “File Management” and download the ASTRO File Manager. Open it up, go into manage my files, locate your DCIM folder (on the internal phone storage NOT the SD Card), and then Move or Copy that folder into your SD card. The application is pretty user friendly but if you’d like some assistance with the application then you can read about how to save your information from an Android Phone to a Memory Card using ASTRO File Manager.

The ASTRO File manager will allow you to see what is actually stored on your phone as opposed to the memory card and will allow you to move whatever files you need from your phone onto your memory card, perfect if you want to perform a factory data reset on the device, or if you’re just doing some cleaning. In any case this app should definitely help in saving and backing up your information on your Pantech smartphone. Enjoy.

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