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    I have a new phone and everything is working well except when I try to register a Google account it won’t let me so I can’t install Google Play. Even if I manage to install Google Play it won’t work because I need a Google account, do I need to refresh the phone or root it?

    Does anyone have any ideas about this problem or can someone please offer some advice?


    1. Yep, you’re going to want to setup a Google account

      Hi Mehmet,

      I moved your comment to this article as I think it’s a little more relevant to your current situation.

      First of all, good job for wanting to setup your Google account on your new phone, and you are right you will need to setup a Gmail account on your phone in order to download applications from the Play Store. Your Gmail account is like your Play Store ID and if you buy any applications on the Play Store and then need to download them again as long as you do it under the same Google Account you won’t have to pay for it again. Not to mention that your Gmail account backs up a lot of the information on your phone automatically including your Contacts, Calendar, etc.

      If you do not have a Gmail account yet then you can set one up a few ways, but through a computer works as well as through your phone, assuming that your new cell phone has a working data connection.

      Check out the article above to make sure that you have tried setting up your Gmail account properly. And if you have not created a Gmail account before then make sure that you choose the “Create” option as opposed to the “Sign in” option. Many Gmail account names have already so you might have to try a few account names to get one that you’re happy with. Just make sure to right down your Gmail Account information should you ever need it later.

      If your phone is new then you shouldn’t have to download the Google Play Store it should come preinstalled on your cell phone. You can access it through your phones Apps (Applications). I don’t think you need to factory reset your phone and you certainly shouldn’t have to root it to get a Gmail account setup properly. Just follow the guide above and you shouldn’t have any problems.

      If you have any issues setting up your Gmail account then let me know what kind of phone that you have, what version of android your phone is running on (if possible) and exactly what the phone is doing when you try to register an account. The more details the better, it will help me narrow down the cause and provide you with a solution.

      Either way let me know how it goes, I look forward to your reply.

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