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  1. How to find a lost or missing Android cell phone
    Thank you for your information. I’ve tried to put it to work only to notice that my phone will indeed ring very loudly under the condition it is connected to the internet. In my case by wifi. I did not see any mention of this proviso in your guide.

    Whereas to the position/location of my phone (in fact on the table just next to me) Google was unable to find it. Too bad ! Is there something I’ve missed in your instructions?

    Regards from France.

    1. Locating your Google device through the Google Dashboard

      Hi William,

      I have found that every once in a while when trying to locate my Android smartphone using the Google Dashboard it just does not want to work. Even under pretty much the exact same conditions I have successfully used before it is just unable to find it for no particular reason what so ever.

      So this might be what is happening for your phone but there are a few things that you can check for good measure. Try going into your phones Settings and checking your Location services to make sure that the Access to my location is switch ON and on my Samsung I have the Use GPS satellites and Use wireless networks options active/checked as well.

      You can also consider going into your Apps and opening the Google Settings app, and then Location to make sure that the Access location is active there as well. Oh, and check out the Security features under that app to make sure that the Remotely locate this device setting is active too.

      Checking these location settings might help to get the Dashboard to locate your cell phone properly but like I said sometimes you just have to try again later.

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