How to fix a cell phones Wi-Fi – Advanced Troubleshooting

Have you tried everything that you can think of to get the Wi-Fi on your cell phone to work properly but it just won’t work? You’re not alone! This guide will go over some tips and tricks that you can try in order to get your Wi-Fi connected and working correctly once again.

Before we begin

Before we start troubleshooting the Wi-Fi connection on your cell phone or wireless network, I want to take a second to state that this guide is intended to be a reference when fixing advanced Wi-Fi problems that can occur on most types of smartphones, particularly smartphones running on the Android Operating System.

This guide is also intended to provide additional support when ALL standard troubleshooting has been exhausted and there are few options left to try when troubleshooting the smartphone itself.

If you have not read the article on How to fix the Wi-Fi on an Android smartphone then go ahead and read that article FIRST and follow every suggestion listed as it covers many tips and tricks that can get most cell phones connected to a wireless network and working properly. If you have read and done all the steps in that guide including a factory data reset and have also tried to setup a static IP address then please continue reading for some additional suggestions.

Advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting

So you have tried all the basic approaches to try troubleshooting your smartphone and the Wi-Fi still isn’t connecting properly. Here are a few strange Wi-Fi issues that can be a real pain to try and fix when they happen to a cell phone.

I upgraded and now my Wi-Fi isn’t working

This seems to be an issue that can creep up on many types of smartphones regardless of its OS (Operating System). This is usually a software conflict on the phone itself but if you have already tried standard troubleshooting and this is the pickle that you’re in then keep reading because you’re in the right place.

When trying to connect to Wi-Fi it keeps saying “not in range”

This issue can happen after upgrading as well, and can be one of the most confusing Wi-Fi issues to have. You can hold your phone right next to the wireless modem or router and get no signal. Sometimes you can even establish a Wi-Fi connection when your right next to your router but as soon as you create a little distance between your cell phone and the wireless source your phone shows an “Out of range” or “Not in range” or “Not in range, remembered” error message. A very annoying issue that can be difficult to fix but this article has some suggestions for this issue as well. 

SSID or Network Name(s) don’t appear when scanning

You scan for networks but the network you want to connect to won’t display, and of course there is no option to connect to it. There are a few things that can cause this problem, including hardware issues on the phone itself (like a damaged or malfunctioning antenna) or the wireless network might be hidden.

Wi-Fi disappears after trying to connect to it.

Your phone scans for networks, shows the network that you want to connect to, you click that network to establish the connection and low and behold the network vanishes and of course the phone doesn’t establish a connection.

These are just a few of the issues that the standard troubleshooting in the article mentioned above might not be able to fix.

This is because many of the issues described above can be the result of a problem with the wireless network and not a problem with your smartphone. The wireless network might just require a few settings changed in order for everything to function properly.

Cell phone connects to some wireless networks but not others

If the Wi-Fi on your cell phone seems to work with some wireless networks and doesn’t seem to work on others for example if your Wi-Fi works when using a public Wi-Fi or when using the Wi-Fi at your work but the phone doesn’t want to connect when trying to use the wireless network at your home, then these issues are more likely an issue with the network itself and not your cell phone. In which case you’re in the right place as the suggestions in this article can help you locate the cause and better yet the solution.

Cell phone won’t connect to Wi-Fi but other devices are working just fine

If you’re trying to connect to your home Wi-Fi and cannot establish a connection but other devices like your tablet, laptop, or even other cell phones seem to work fine then this can still be the result of a network issue and does not necessarily mean it’s an issue with the phone itself. So keep reading as this article can address this problem as well.


I just want to reemphasize that the following troubleshooting tips are suggestions that can and may get your Wi-Fi working properly. The following settings may be different on your particular wireless network or equipment and the best way to change such settings is to refer to your modem/routers owner’s manual or by contacting the manufacture of the wireless modem/router directly or by contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for guidance.

I highly recommend that you write down any original setting(s) that you end up changing when troubleshooting your network so that you can revert back to those setting if a suggestion turns out to be ineffective or the problem persists. I am not responsible and will not be held accountable for any issues that might occur when manually adjusting these settings.

If problems arise you can always reset the modem or router back to default so there is little to no chance of causing anything permanent, but I just want to make it clear that you should pay attention to the settings that you change so that you can go back to the original settings should you want or need to.   

Troubleshooting your Wi-Fi connection

OK now for what you came here for, the actual Wi-Fi troubleshooting! Since you have already completed the suggestions in the Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide mentioned above most of what you can do to your cell phone to get the Wi-Fi working again has been done. This means that the solution might not be phone related but network specific. So we are going to need to access your modem or router to adjust some settings.

The process to access the settings on a modem or router is typically strait forward but could vary from device to device. You might have to do a quick Google Search for your specific router and how to configure it. For example… if the network that you are trying to connect to uses a Linksys router (a pretty common brand of router) then you can do a search for “How to configure a Linksys Router” or “How to access a Linksys router” etc. You shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the method to access your wireless network settings. If you do have trouble then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and they can tell you how.

Note: Before accessing your router or modem if you have not already soft reset your device then make sure to do that first. Simply remove the power cord from the wireless router/modem wait for at least 30 seconds (1-2 minutes couldn’t hurt) and then reinserted the power back into the device. Wait for your wireless router to power back on (which can take a few minutes), and then try to connect your cell phone to the network again to see if this easy trick fixes it. If you have already done this or it doesn’t work then proceed with the troubleshooting mentioned below.

Network settings to look for

Once you gain access to your network and can access and configure its settings then here is a list of things to try adjusting. Note: some routers my not have these exact settings or you might have to do some probing to find the setting that you need to change when troubleshooting.

Network password

If your network is a secured network than quadruple check the password to make sure that you are typing to proper password into your phone (which I’m hoping you had done already) and for good measure try removing the password to see if you can connect to the network when its open and not password protected.

If you can connect then reenter the passwords on your router and phone and see if it helped. If you still cannot connect then re-setup the password anyways as you don’t want to have an unsecured network when you can help it, and some other network settings might be more promising.

MAC address filtering

Check your MAC address filtering and try switching it off or to disabled. If the MAC address filtering is enabled then your network is performing an addition security feature, which is great as more checks can keep your network more secure, but this configuration has to be set up properly or it can cause these types of problems.

If your networks Wireless MAC filter is the culprit it might be why some of your wireless devices work on the network and your cell phone doesn’t. The working devices might have their MAC addresses listed as allowed connections but your phone might not be one of the allowed devices.

Your router may also have a list of addresses prevented from accessing or connecting to the wireless network. If you see an option that says something like, “Prevent listed computers from accessing the wireless network” and your cell phones MAC address is listed under that setting then remove it from that list and enjoy your working Wi-Fi.

If you check your MAC address filtering and don’t see a list of prevented devices and or have tried turning off or disabling the Wireless MAC filter feature, have rebooting your phone, and if necessary rebooted the router and have tried connecting your cell phone to the wireless network again and it’s still not working then keep reading for some other settings to check.

Change the Channel

If you live in an apartment complex, school dorm or have close neighbors then you have probably noticed multiple SSIDs (Wireless Networks) when scanning for Wi-Fi networks on your cell phone. If so then those other wireless networks might be running on the same channel as your wireless network and causing some interference.

If you are having issues involving a weak Wi-Fi signal, such as “Out of Range” or “Not in Range” error messages or your cell phone seems to be disconnecting from your Wi-Fi, then manually setting or changing the channel(s) on which your router broadcasts your Wi-Fi signal can help boost the signal and create a stronger connection.

Routers sold in the US have the option to choose from channels 1 through 11. Channel 6 is a common default channel on many US routers but channels 1, 6, and 11 are also commonly used channels as these channels have little overlap with one another. For the best signal and least interference a good general practice is to choose a channel as far away from everybody else as you can.

If the channel setting on your router is set to Automatic (which is common) then manually adjust the channel to the lowest channel (channel 1) and start working your way up (to channel 11) from there, making sure to test your phones Wi-Fi functionality for a few minutes each time you adjusting the channel and save your routers settings.

If you live outside of the United States then the channels for your router or modem may vary but the general principle is going to remain the same.

You might have to change the channel on your router a few times before finding the best frequency band for your specific cell phone or location but this is also another setting to try adjusting and can help fix many stubborn Wi-Fi issues.

Security Settings and Protocols – WEP vs. WPA

If your router or modem is still using a WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) encryption instead of the more secure WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or the even better WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) encryption then not only do I recommend that you change your wireless router/modem from WEP to WPA1 or WPA2 to try to fix the Wi-Fi connection with your phone but I recommend you change it to better secure your wireless network.

WEP is an older security protocol that isn’t only outdated but not a very secure method of encryption, so changing this setting to a more current encryption type like the WPA2 encryption isn’t going to be a bad idea one way or the other.

Network Mode(s)

Most current wireless routers have the ability to use multiple types of Wi-Fi technologies to improve your wireless networks speed, range, and connectivity. Some phones however, might have difficulty connecting to or staying connected to one of these technology types, depending on how your router is configured; so testing the different Network Modes that your wireless router has to offer might also help you fix your cell phones Wi-Fi connection.

These Network Modes are often listed under the routers Wireless settings and can provide many different Network Modes to choose from including Mixed, Wireless-B/G Only, Wireless-B Only, Wireless-G Only, Wireless-N Only, Disabled, etc.

Mixed is often the default mode for many wireless routers and is generally the best Network Mode to be on concerning wireless networks as it should allow the router to automatically communicate with many different devices regardless of what type of network adapter or wireless standard the device uses to connect to a wireless network.

Try modifying these settings on your router to make sure that the Network Mode isn’t the cause of your Wi-Fi problem. Make sure to “Save” the changes you make on your router after each adjustment, and to test your cell phones Wi-Fi connection whenever you change to a different Network Mode.

I suggest that you start by changing your routers Network Mode to use Wireless-B/G Only (802.11 B & G mode only) as I have seen this Network Mode solve some Wi-Fi issues, even though the Wireless-N technology is supposed to be backwards-compatible I have heard of it causing issues with some types of smartphones and their Wi-Fi connection, especially when it involves connecting to a hidden wireless network.

Connecting a cell phone to a hidden Wi-Fi

Hidden wireless networks are just that, hidden. If you are trying to connect your smartphone to a hidden Wi-Fi then that hidden wireless networks is not going to be one of the options shown when scanning for available networks. This means that that you won’t be able to simply click on the SSID (name of your network), type in the password and be good to go.

If you have a hidden network then that network is not going to show at all on your cell phone and it’s going to be as though it doesn’t exist. It is still possible to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi on your smartphone though you just need to type in the hidden networks information manually.

To manually connect to a hidden Wi-Fi you can open your phones list of available networks, scroll down to “Add network” or “Add Wi-Fi network” and then manually enter the information for your hidden wireless network and be good to go.

Just make sure to enter the networks information exactly like its setup on the wireless router/modem. Every piece of information must match. The password and SSID are both case sensitive so if your phone capitalizes the first letter of the network name but the networks SSID starts with a lower case letter then chances are the phone wont connect properly. So if your phone won’t connect to a hidden Wi-Fi then double check the information entered as one simple typo or upper/lower case letter can be the cause of your problem.

As far as hidden networks go however… many people, including myself, recommend that the average person should leave their SSID broadcast set to On as hiding your network doesn’t always mean added security, and a hidden network can cause issues with your network connections and be a real headache later on down the road. In some cases, even after correctly entering all the hidden networks information into the phone some devices can still have problems connecting and working properly.

One of the best ways to keep your network working properly while at the same time remaining secure is to simply utilize the best encryption method available (WPA/WPA2) and of course to setup and use a strong password.

Clean up all the settings

If you have tried adjusting the settings mentioned above and STILL cannot establish a connection to your wireless network or get internet access on your cell phone then there might be a setting on the device that has been overlooked and as a last resort I recommend that you perform a hard reset on the router/modem itself which will put all of its settings back to factory default.

The method(s) used to reset a router is going to differ from device to device but most routers have an actual reset button (usually located on the back or rear of the device) which you can press down with a paperclip or pen tip for 30 seconds which will force it to reset, reboot, and be back to factory default and its original settings.

If you cannot locate a reset button on your device, which is extremely uncommon, then do an online search for your specific brand and model of router and you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating its hard reset instructions.

Some routers (especially Linksys routers) also have an option to “Restore Factory Defaults” under their Menu settings which will work as well.

Wi-Fi issue with the cell phone itself

If you have tried all of these steps and your cell phone still refuses to establish a data connection on any wireless network then the issue lies on the phone itself, most likely a malfunctioning or damaged piece of hardware and if you need Wi-Fi on your cell phone then you are going to have to look into these other options which include replacing or repairing the unit.


If you have tried troubleshooting your phone and have made no progress in getting it to connect or stay connected to your wireless network properly then the fault may not lay with the phone but could be an issue with the wireless network itself. To help rule out your wireless network as the culprit you should…

  • Check your networks password – making sure that it matches the password you are entering in your cell phone.
  • Try different wireless channels – try changing the channels of your router under its wireless settings.
  • Use updated encryption methods – check to make sure that your router is using the best settings to utilize a stronger security encryption such as WPA or WPA2 as opposed to an older standard such as WEP encryption.
  • Try changing the network mode(s) – changing from the usual “Mixed” setting to other options available such as the “Wireless-B/G Only” setting.
  • Reset router/modem – as a last resort you can set the router back to factory defaults to make sure that it isn’t a bad setting on the router that’s causing these Wi-Fi problems with your cell phone.
  • Verify it’s a hardware issue – after exhausting all of the troubleshooting steps listed above, troubleshooting both the phones software and network settings, if the phone is still having issues connecting or staying connected to a wireless network then it’s likely a hardware issue on the phone itself and the phone is going to need to be sent in for repair or replaced.

Thank you for reading

I hope that this advanced troubleshooting guide has helped you to locate and correct the Wi-Fi issue on your phone or network. If you are still having problems then make sure to look into your other options available to at the very least get into a phone that’s working correctly.

If this guide has helped you in any way, shape, or form then let me know that you liked it by pressing the Facebook Like button, Google + button or sharing this page through any of the other social networking sites shown at the end of this article. Feel free to also leave a friendly remark in the comment section below.

If you have used another method to fix the Wi-Fi on your cell phone that was not mentioned in the network troubleshooting article above or the phone specific troubleshooting article linked to at the beginning of this piece of writing then please let me know what steps you took to resolve your issue in the comments section below. Your advice or suggestion might help others fix whatever Wi-Fi problem that they might be experiencing on their cell phones.

Before leaving a comment

I welcome all friendly, well written, legible, and thought out comments or questions that you might have about your cell phone BUT before posting a question about your phone or wireless network often the best place to start getting answers to those types of questions is by referring to your devices owner’s manual, contacting your devices manufacture, or referring to and using your favorite online search engine.

It would be impossible for me to keep up or even respond to every question about how to access the settings on specific types of routers or modems or smartphones. If you need help accessing your networks router or locating or adjusting one of the settings mentioned in this article then I recommend performing a search online for that specific information as opposed to asking for it in the comment section below. I do not know every setting of every router ever made and answering network questions is not my specialty and certainly not the focus of this site and you will probably receive a faster and better answer about specific network questions on another website that specializes in wireless networking.

That being said I look forward to your comments, and if you do have a question make sure to provide as much information as you can in order for me to assist you properly. Including the type of phone you have and the network devices you are trying to connect to. The more information you provide the more likely it will be that I can assist you in resolving your issue.

Thanks again for reading, have a fantastic day and enjoy your Wi-Fi connection.

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58 thoughts on “How to fix a cell phones Wi-Fi – Advanced Troubleshooting”

  1. i tried to reset my cellphone
    i tried to reset my cellphone since i cannot connect to the wifi but my other device are connected like laptop and ipad with the same password. it always gives me info of “incorrect password” but this password is just same as what i have put on my laptop and ipad. i am really confuse now. please help me

    1. Trying to fix Wi-Fi when it’s showing “incorrect password”

      Hi Aimee,

      A friend of mine had a similar issue when trying to connect his phone to his home Wi-Fi. Since he knows that I am kind of a geek when it comes to tech he asked for my assistance so I went over to his house to help him setup his home wireless network. Everything checked out on his router, we made sure that it was password protected and secured, we checked to make sure that his modem didn’t have MAC address filtering enabled and made sure that his modem wasn’t blocking his phone for some reason. Everything checked out.

      So I had him type in his password into his phone, he got the “authentication error occurred” due to “incorrect password”, which didn’t make sense because two of his laptops worked fine and two other smartphones connected and worked properly as well.

      After checking almost every setting I could think of on his wireless modem and smartphone I reached the point where I had to consider something else; something which some people in tech related fields sometimes refer to as possible user error. So I had him disconnect one of his computers from his Wi-Fi to make sure that he could reconnect his laptop to his home network. He logged off, disconnected, typed in his password, it connected, and everything was working fine. So he knew the password no user error there…

      … Long story short I asked him his password so I could watch him type it into both the computer and his cell phone and just verify 100% to make absolutely sure that he was typing the exact same password into his cell phone as he was with his computer. I can’t remember what special character he was using but it turns out he was entering the Wi-Fi password on his phone incorrectly. I have seen this happen a lot with Underscores “_” and Dashes “-“ which are both the same key on a QWERTY keyboard, like with a computer, but it’s not the same key on a smartphone. I am guilty of this myself as I did the same thing when setting up my personal email on my phone. I thought I was typing my password incorrectly but turned out my email address was wrong because I was using a “-“ and not an “_”. So even geeks like me mess up sometimes.

      So if you have the option to show your password after you type it in then do so and then quadruple check to make sure that its 100% correct, especially special characters and capitalization.

      Important Note: I don’t really mention the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup, originally known as Wi-Fi Simple Config) setting/feature in these Wi-Fi troubleshooting articles but if your wireless router or wireless modem has the WPS feature then go ahead and disable it or turn it off save/apply your changes and then try to connect to it again.

      If you did a factory data reset on your phone and it’s still giving you and incorrect password error message then chances are extremely high that it’s an issue with your password or possibly one of the network settings mentioned above.

      I hope that helps Aimee, if you still have issues after following the advice above then let me know what cell phone and router that you have and EVERYTHING that you have tried so far to resolve your issue and ill see what else we can do to try and get it connected and working properly again.

  2. thanks
    your page is awesome i never knew there is this much thing going on with WIFI… any how… few weeks my wifi at office being broadcast by my friend through his laptop and it used to work well but recently it’s connecting and disconnecting tried all the ways i could but no use…
    i am still unable to figure out what’s wrong with my mobile but i had learned something because of this issue…. hope my prob’s gets solved some time later….

  3. Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi Won’t Reconnect
    Symptom — Galaxy Tab S3 WiFi was fine, but now you can’t use the Internet, even though it shows as ‘connected’.

    Check — Go to Settings, touch WiFi, and your network shows ‘Connected’ but doesn’t function. From here, touch Menu key, touch Advanced, and the tablet’s MAC address is shown, but Wi-Fi’s IP address shows ‘unavailable’.

    The tablet can’t use Wi-Fi as it has lost the Wi-Fi IP address.

    Fix — essentially, discard the Wi-Fi network details and manually re-input. A bit tedious, but less so than resetting to factory settings & reloading all your stuff! It’s NOT sufficient just to ‘Forget’ this network and reconnect to it, supplying the password when asked.

    1) Make a note of your Wi-Fi’s SSID (network name). You’ll also need to know the network security type (eg WEP, WPA), and password.

    2) The tablet must be ‘out of range’ of your router’s Wi-Fi. Move some distance away, or halt your Wi-Fi using a router command, or power down the router (make sure you know how to restart it !). The tablet ‘Wi-Fi networks’ shows your network ‘out of range’.

    3) Touch your wi-fi entry in ‘Wi-Fi networks’ to open a menu, then touch ‘Forget’.

    4) Find ‘Add Wi-Fi Network’ at the bottom of the Wi-Fi list, and touch to open a set-up menu. Type in the SSID, select the security type, type in the password and touch ‘Connect’.

    5) Restart your Wi-Fi by reversing what you did in 2), and wait for the router to come up. The tablet should connect, so your Wi-Fi should now be at the top of the list and show ‘Connected’. Touch Menu key, select ‘Advanced’, which should show the IP address now in use. If the connection fails to start, you may need to repeat this procedure.

    The problem should now be solved — go on-line and check that your browser works!

    1. Hum, good idea.

      Hi Greg,

      Thanks for taking the time to contribute to the site and leaving such a detailed description, especially one that other readers may find very helpful when connected to Wi-Fi but there’s no internet connection.

      My favorite idea was not only forgetting the Wi-Fi network but getting out of range of the network and then manually entering the networks information then going back into range of the network again to reconnect. Very clever.

      Don’t forget to also follow the original troubleshooting tips listed at How to fix the Wi-Fi on an Android smartphone as it lists some suggestions on what can be done when the problem might be with the phone itself, this article is more about troubleshooting the Wi-Fi network.

      Thanks again for contributing to the site Greg, keep up the great work my friend.

  4. sharlyn pitogo

    Can’t fully connect.
    Im using Arc mobile prime 350.. I have problems at connecting my wifi..

    Well im connected at my wifi.. But it doesn’t show that im fully connected to it… And yes i can browse but in using apps that needs connection and it says “no internet connection” or “there is some trouble connecting to Internet”…

    I have tried allmost of them except for the repairing.. But still it dosent show that im fully connected …..


  5. Muthukumaran K

    Thanks for your time
    Thanks for your time in putting together this advanced help. I have been sitting on this throughout the day today only to find out that the problem is not getting solved. I tried all of these before landing on your page and at last I am giving up as this should be a hardware problem and needs to be serviced. thanks again.

    1. Thank you for taking the time

      Hi Muthukumaran,

      Sorry to hear that your phone is having issues with its Wi-Fi, hardware issues can certainly be an aggravating thing to pinpoint and then of course trying to repair.

      I just wanted to say thank you for taking the time to visit and post a comment on the site Muthukumaran. I appreciate it, and I hope everything goes smoothly for you when servicing your cell phone.

      Good luck my friend, if there is anything else that I can try to help you with just let me know.  

  6. Archos 50 Platinum, Saved secured but won’t connect.
    Hi, excellent page. I have the following problem with my sons Archos 50 Platinum phone with the latest android installed.

    All other phones, PC, Laptops and tablets connect to my router, a Fritzbox 7112, except this phone. It just keep saying “Saved, secured….”

    On the other hand this phone can connect to other routers at friends houses and hotspots.

    The password has been checked, so it can’t be that. The only reason I can think of is the phones software isn’t compatible with the router for some reason.

    1. Saved secure
      Try to change the security values in the router. I had it set as WPA2(AES) and I was getting the secure connected message on my smartphone, it was a nightmare. I changed the values to WPA(TKIP) and after that the connection begin to work properly.

  7. Samsung Intercept wifi issues
    I have been searching for days and days for answers to my questions, and Thank goodness I found you! I am preparing to try all the steps from your articles, and I just wanted to say Thank you very much!

  8. Saved, secured with wep
    I am facing a strange problem. Once my htc one mini (4.4.2 android ) is connected to wifi it shows “saved, secured with wep”. I tried to “connect” still its not getting connected. some times it will show “authentication problem” after long time.

    My password is correct. all other devices are connected to wifi. and this device it self was getting connected before android update(4.4.2 kitkat) .

    I tried to “forget the wifi”, resetting the router, change the password, changing wep to wpa,, changing n reversing aeroplane mode etc. its not working. My device don’t have any problem with other wifi connections like in Starbucks, my friends home.

    Please help. I tried to full of my knowledge.

    1. That Wi-Fi issue can be difficult to resolve but it is possible

      Hi Hari,

      You posted a wonderful description of your issue which was very detailed and to the point, practically perfect. It’s hard to say without a doubt what is causing this BUT if I was to make an educated guess then I would say it’s the wireless router/modem. Especially since your cell phone is connecting to other Wi-Fi connections like at your friends house or Starbucks. 

      I know that other devices are still connecting to your Wi-Fi network properly and that you have already done a lot of great troubleshooting on your networks end but I have a feeling that your router is the root of the issue. I have seen where an Android cell phone’s software gets updated and then the device seems to have problems connecting or staying connected to Wi-Fi but in those situations it’s often a security or encryption issue.

      You mentioned that you tried switching from WEP to WPA and I recommend that you keep it switched and continue to use the WPA or WPA2 encryption method on your home Wi-Fi. It’s more secure than using the older WEP encryption. I am actually really surprised that switching your network and then your HTC One Mini to WPA didn’t resolve the issue actually. I would try to “forget the wifi” setup the WPA encryption on both devices, reboot your router and or modem and then reboot your cell phone, then try to connect again.

      Make sure that your HTC wasn’t added to your MAC address filtering feature on your network as well. If it was then your network is going to be deliberately blocking your HTC from connecting properly while at the same time allowing your other devices to continue to link up and work correctly. Setting up a static IP address might be promising as well.

      How old is your wireless router/modem and what make and model is it? When you “reset” your router did you just pull the power or did you actually reset back to factory default settings?

      Make sure to check all of the suggestions listed in the article above as well as the standard Wi-Fi troubleshooting. Don’t skip any suggestions whenever possible you got one of the harder Wi-Fi issues to try and fix and one of these tips could hold the key to resolving your issue. I still think that your wireless router/modem is the key though. For some reason it doesn’t like your phone after the update.

      If you try all of these suggestions and still have issues then call your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if they can spot any problems or if they can improve the configuration of your Wi-Fi network to allow your HTC One Mini to connect properly again.

      Good luck Hari, and to you and all my fellow US citizens I hope you have a HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  9. SHV-E120L wifi issue
    my samsung S2 HD LTE phones wifi connects to a network and works well and suddenly it appears to disconnect and again reconnect after some time, anyone could help me regarding this issue

    1. That can be caused by a few things

      Hi Adil,

      That is a tough Wi-Fi issue to have and can be caused by a few things. It could be poor signal strength and a bad connection with your wireless router/modem, it could be an issue on the wireless modem/router itself or with your ISP. It could also be a hardware issue on the cell phone itself.

      How often does this happen and does it happen when your Samsung Galaxy SII HD is connected to any Wi-Fi or only specific Wi-Fi networks? What have you done so far to try and fix it? Let me know all of these things and we’ll see if we cannot track down the culprit and hopefully prevent it from happening any more.

  10. Issue with Samsung tablet & S4
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for a brilliantly helpful article. So detailed & helped sort out both my problems. I’d tried everything & you were the only person online to suggest the very simple solution of resetting the router. My blood pressure has settled back down to normal. Thanks!

  11. samsung s3 won’t connect to my wifidue to authentication failure
    I can’t connect my samsung s3 to my private wifi, in spite of trying all the steps in your post and it shows incorrect password in spite of entering correct password which I have checked lot of times, what should I do now??

    1. Hum… try changing your network password.

      Hi Saranya,

      If you have verified multiple times that the password that you are using is 100% correct and your Samsung S3 is still showing an authentication error due to an incorrect password and you have tried all of the steps in the article above and on the standard Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide then one of the last things that you can try is to change your networks password and then try to log into the network with the new security information.

      If that doesn’t work then try contacting your ISP or Wireless Routers/Modems manufacture to see if they can get it configured, authenticated, connected and of course working correctly.

  12. Sometimes i cant detect my home network.
    I have problem connecting to my home network provider with my Samsung s3 (4.4 KITKAT).
    There was a time that i can detect my home wifi and use it normally. But most of the time it cant detect my wifi while my other device like laptop and s3 mini can detect and connect to my wifi.

    Pls helppp!
    Appreciate to any response!
    Great article!!!

    1. Trying to fix Wi-Fi issues on your Samsung Galaxy S3

      Hi Reedman,

      Sorry to hear that your Samsung Galaxy S3 is having issues detecting your home Wi-Fi. I am pleased that you enjoyed the article and thank you for letting me know what version of Android your S3 is running on. The more information I have about a phone and the problem its having the easier it is to try and pinpoint the cause and of course the solution. I am sure you know through personal experience that Wi-Fi issues can be one of the most challenging issues to solve when it comes to smartphones which is why I tried to pack as much advice as I could into these guides.

      Make sure to re-read both Wi-Fi troubleshooting articles (the one above and the one mentioned above) and make sure to also review all of the comments for both as well. They are PACKED with awesome advice 😉 and it can sometimes be easy to glance over and miss something important.

      That being said, what have you done so far on both your Samsung Galaxy S3 and your home network to try to resolve this problem?

  13. I use an Xperia L and I have been trying to…
    Hi… I use a Sony Xperia L and I’ve been trying to connect to my college wifi for over a month but when I enter the password it shows “authentication problem ” continuously… can u help me?

    1. Trying to connect to your schools Wi-Fi

      Hi Yashwand,

      You are actually the fourth person this week to contact me in regards to having problems connecting to a college Wi-Fi network. I might have to write a more detailed guide or article about this topic later but in the meantime check out THIS POST that I gave to another reader who had a very similar problem (strangely, almost exactly 1 year ago as a matter of fact).

      If you have tried all of the troubleshooting mentioned HERE already though (which it sounds like you have) then you might need to contact your schools network administrator in order to get your phone connected and working properly.

      Good luck Yashwand.

  14. SSID not detected
    Hi James

    Thanks for the well written advice. I am running a Galaxy Note, rooted to Cyanogen 10 (Android 4.3.1) which was running perfectly. It now won’t find SSIDs. The one thing that has changed is that I have moved to East Timor. 🙂 My laptop will happily find and log in, but my phone has not been able to find private, public or work SSIDs. I have manually entered the settings, deleted (forgotten all settings so it would search) and shown it to shops who have pretty much shrugged their shoulders and been unable to explain it. The phone was working perfectly on Friday but has not worked since then.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.


    1. Not being able to see any networks isn’t a good sign…

      Hi Bob,

      Very well written description my friend. I will try not to shrug my shoulders but no promises ;). At the very least I’ll try to give you some things that you might be able to try…

      To have it working fine and then just stop… do you remember doing anything out of the ordinary after Friday that may have affected it? Common sense question I know but still… any upgrades, new apps, any accidents? It could be a hardware problem as you said that your Galaxy wont connect to ANY wireless networks…

      If I was you here is what I might try.

      Just to rule out the possibility of a software problem I would backup all of your phones important information and then perform a hard reset. If a factory data reset doesn’t work then I would try to go back to stock software and see if that helps. This should help rule out unequivocally any software issues and point to a hardware problem as being the culprit. In which case you would need to take the phone apart and have a look at that Wi-Fi antenna. If everything seems like it should and the antenna hasn’t come undone or isn’t lose or anything then you might be able to replace that actual antenna in order to get it to find available Wi-Fi connections again.

      I am assuming that the Wi-Fi turns on and scans but it just doesn’t ever find any connections right? Let me know one way or the other. You got a complicated issue there my friend and I got my fingers crossed for you.

      1. Still can’t see SSID and now…

        I followed your suggestions, for which thank you, I appreciate your time. I’m afraid it was an unmitigated disaster. I had backed up my stuff using Titanium pro to the SD card and pulled the SD card out prior to wiping. Now everything has been wiped, the SD card with my contacts can’t be read (the phone insists it’s blank) nothing can be restored and every time I try to contact Play or use any other Google service, it asks if I have an account (I do) and searches unsuccessfully for a network instead of using data over the phone. So I can’t download copies of the programs I had (including Titanium), my contacts and phone numbers are all inaccessible and I can’t believe I didn’t use the Android backup as well for safety’s sake. If you have any emergency solutions, I would be glad to hear them. Thanks for your time, I appreciated it. Bob.

        1. Possible Solutions

          Bob, I have linked to my backup and reset article so many times I don’t know how I could have forgotten to include it in my reply to your inquiry.

          But yeah, you can’t ever have too many backups and manual backups are usually a sure thing. If you used an app to backup your information then yes, you’re going to need to get that app back onto the phone to recover your backup. This is going to be our main goal since your phone still refuses to connect to Wi-Fi for a data connection and for some reason mobile data is giving you issues as well.

          Ok… where to begin… If you have a computer with an internet connection then this is going to be your best bet. What you can do is download the app onto your PC (as an .apk file), transfer that app to your cell phone (by USB), use your phones interface to find it, install it, run it, use the app to recover the backup and then be very happy when you have all of your information again.

          I don’t yet have a tutorial on how to do this but there are many different recourses online that can walk you through the process. Just go SLOW take your time, don’t panic, only download from websites that you trust, etc. and you should be fine.

          Let me know if you hit any more snags or have any more questions.

  15. Help Please
    I am an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S2 and recently my wifi has not been working for my phone and android tablet, but other wifi networks work for my phone. My laptop and desktop seems to have no trouble with the wifi either. Even my friends phones seem to work. I have tried many solutions like restarting the modem or my phone or re entering wifi password. Please help with this problem.

    1. Trying to connect your Samsung Galaxy S2 to your Home Wi-Fi

      Hi Anonymous poster,

      Since your phone works with other Wi-Fi networks then it sounds like its most likely a problem on the network itself (possibly with the phone but more likely the network).

      You are on the right track by restarting your modem/router and checking the passwords but if that didn’t work then you will need to try some of the other suggestions in the article above as well. They focus on trying to solve network problems and should give you an edge when trying to get your Samsung Galaxy S2 connected and working properly.

      Once you follow all of the suggestions listed in the article then contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and see if they can find out why your specific network is having issues. 

  16. My Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini won’t connect to the rooter! D:
    My smartphone has been connected to my wireless rooter for about 6 months and it’s worked perfectly. However, yesterday I came home and it just would not connect to the internet! I visited my wifi settings on my phone and it said ‘Enter Password’ for my rooter which I thought was weird because it was already connected. So I tapped in the password and and it authenticated and connected and I thought that was it, that it was connected, but literally a second later it disconnected and forgot the network and when I tapped on the name of the rooter again, it was asking for the password! This has been repeating quite a bit and it’s driving me nuts! All I want is my phone to connect to the internet again, is that too much to ask for!? I’ve tried restarting the wireless rooter and that has not worked so before I lose hope on everything please can someone tell me what’s wrong? All my other devices are working fine and my mobile connects to my family and friend’s wifi as soon as I’m in range. I genuinely have no idea what the problem is, and I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

    1. Hum… that’s a tough one.

      Hi Hena,

      Hard to say for sure… You don’t remember updating the software on your phone or router lately or adding any new apps to the phone that might be causing problems? It sounds like you have already done the basics like powering your devices (phone and wireless router/modem) off and then back on, checking your password etc. The strange thing is that they both seem to be working with other equipment just not with each other which is the strange part.

      Try turning off your wireless network (so unplug the router or wireless modem that you’re using) and then try turning off all the equipment that’s attached to or connected with it such as any laptops, tablets, smart TVs, other cell phones, and even the cell phone that you are trying to get to connect to your wireless network. After everything is powered off reboot your network turn on your router/modem and turn on your cell phone to see if they will connect to each other again when only your cell phone is trying to connect to the network.

      I have a feeling that resetting the phone or putting either device back to its factory default settings is not going to fix the problem. I suppose that there is a really small possibility that the issue has to do with your modem/network blocking your specific cell phone all of a sudden which I talk to about briefly in the article above and in the comment section which you can refer back to the MAC address filtering in the article above if you want to read more about that but from what your description it doesn’t really sound like that’s what’s happening. Have you tried setting up a static IP address to try and establish a better connection between your cell phone and network? If not make sure to try that as well.

  17. Phone detects wifi from router but not from adapter
    My Netgear router DG834G has long been connected to Solwise Home Plug AV 200 Push and Piggy units (using mains and ethernet cables). I recently added a Solwise AV200 PEWN Mk2 wifi adapter to extend the signal wirelessly in rooms remote from the router and the existing units. I entered the SSID and password of the adapter as a separate network on my smartphone (Bird V1277), which already had details of the router’s different SSID and password. The phone continues to detect wifi when in range of the router, but will not detect any signal (either Netgear or Solwise) from new Mk2 adapter . My Kindle reader (without entry of any SSID/password) does detect a strong signal from that adapter and exchanges data with it, so the adapter seems to be OK. The phone has no difficulty in detecting and communicating with wifi access points in other locations (e.g. hotels), so why will it not detect the signals from the new adapter? Neither Solwise nor the phone manufacturer can offer any solution to this frustrating problem – so I do hope you can!

    1. It sounds like an issue on the adapters end…

      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if your smartphone connects to other access points properly and just refuses to connect to your new Wi-Fi adapter and for some reason the adapters manufacture cannot figure out how to configure the adapter to allow your cell phone to connect properly I am not sure what additional advice I can offer to help you resolve this problem.

      It sounds like the error lies with the adapter. The best advice I can offer, short of the information listed in the article above, is that you MIGHT be able to re-contact Solwise and talk with a tech (or two) in order to troubleshoot it once more to figure out why this is happening. Network issues can be really frustrating and trying to find the proper solution can be even more frustrating. Finding a good Solwise representative who knows how to troubleshoot might be your best bet at this point.

      I wish you the best of luck my friend.

  18. I am only able to connect if I am within 5 feet from the router

    Happy New Year!

    My problem’s kinda weird because I am only able to connect if I am within 5 feet from the router. If I go over 5 feet it changes to Saved/Secured. All other devices from our home are able to connect to the same router for almost a 20 feet radius. I tried connecting to other routers but the 5 feet thing still happens. It just happened yesterday and it was like I was kicked from the network while I was in another room then after some troubleshooting I can only connect whenever I’m close.

    I’ve visited other forums and tried other stuff (resetting the router, removing my phone’s batteries, waiting it out, checking network encryption if its on TKIP/AES, changing security mode to WPA2PSK and pushing the WPS button on my router together with my phone) these all seemed to work for other people with the same problem other than myself so I would appreciate greatly if you would be able to help because the last thing I ever want to try from those recommendations is to do a factory reset. 🙂

    Hope you would be able to help!


    1. It might be an issue with your phone as opposed to the network

      Hi Jasper,

      If this distance issue happens on every wireless network that you try to connect to then it’s more than likely an issue with the phone as opposed to the network. Make sure to try the suggestions listed HERE if you have not already done so. It looks like you have done quite a bit of network troubleshooting already but make sure to troubleshoot the phone as well. And make sure to try setting up a static IP address too.

      A factory data reset is a last resort but once you have run out of other options then you are going to want to try it for good measure. Just cross your fingers and hope that it’s not a hardware problem. You mentioned that your cell phone will connect to the network it just won’t stay connected at a certain distance. This could indicate a hardware problem with the Wi-Fi antennae/receiver in your cell phone. If that’s the case then that part of the phone will have to be repaired or replaced.

  19. wifi issue
    Hi, I recently got a new phone a sony xperia z1 compact, it has been fine up until about two weeks a go when suddenly it will not connect to the wifi at work, I type in the password it connects for a few seconds and then it goes off, I now have the same problem with my new galaxy tab pro tablet, they both connect with no problems to my home wifi, as a test I took my old phone a sony xperia t into work and that connects with the wifi without a problem… any idea what the problem could be?

  20. WiFi Connectivity Problems
    I can only connect to WiFi when I am in close proximity to the modem. If I move away the internet disconnects. Can someone help me with this problem?? the phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It used to work perfect but all of a sudden the connection disappeared until I figured out that I had to be really close to the modem.

  21. can’t connect phone to upgraded router
    Hi. Thank you for your easy to understand website about a very technical subject. I recently switched out my d link 802.11bg router for a tp-link 802.11bgn router. After setting it up, my phone connects but doesn’t transmit or receive data. The icon indicates that packets are attempted out, and some are possibly coming in based on the direction of the arrow, but no internet connection actually exists. I have tried the phone steps you wrote about, though it still connects to other networks just fine. I have tried the network steps here in this article, and still the phone won’t connect. WPA or wpa2 is my security, I have not set up any Mac filtering, and resetting the phone and the router back to factory settings hasn’t worked. I have verified the password is entered correctly in both the router and the phone by visibly checking both. All of my other devices connect. None of the other steps have worked either. What else could it be?

  22. Connects to wifi but cant use the internet
    I have a xolo q3000 and it connects to wifi but I cannot use the internet. I also have a samsung galaxy tab 2 and samsung galaxy s4. Wifi works perfectly on them. I am able to use internet on them but not on my xolo q3000. Wifi also works perfectly on my laptop and pc. Earlier, everything was fine but now I cant access the internet on the phone. Please help me!!

    1. Make sure to check your browser…

      Hello Kaitav,

      That issue can be frustrating and happens to me every so often. Before trying to troubleshoot your connection make sure to review the advice listed in how to fix the internet on an Android cell phone, particularly the part about a possible issue with your web browser. In fact if you have not already done so open the internet on your phone and in the address bar (where you can see what webpage your on) type in a website that you know is working then hit enter and see if it will load. If it works then your internets working but that webpage (often a home page) is down and it just looks like your internet is having issues.

      If that doesn’t work and you have not tried to soft reset your wireless router/modem yet then go ahead and do that too. Just pull the power cord out of it for a minute and then plug it back in. After the network reboots, which could take a few minutes, try reconnecting your cell phone to see if it is able to access the internet again.

      If that doesn’t work (and I think it will) then review the advice listed in the Advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide above and follow all of the advice in that article and in the comments below it. If your phone is still having issues connecting then try the advice for phone Wi-Fi troubleshooting as well.

      From your description it sounds more like a network thing to me as opposed to a phone issue.

  23. Samsung Galaxy Duos mini authentication problem with any WI-Fi

    The phone was connecting fine to my house Wi-Fi, but after upgrading the speed and changing the Wi-Fi password this phone started having authentication problems (every other device is working fine).

    I already tried to connect this phone to my friends Wi-Fi at their houses, none of them uses MAC address filtering. I also tried setting it back to factory settings and have checked the passwords on my home Wi-Fi and my friends Wi-Fi tons of times, all the passwords are just regular characters (numbers and letters).

    I don’t have a clue what else can do, if you have any idea ^^

  24. Suhas Karhadkar

    Wi-Fi connecting problem
    I am working on my office PC and it has windows-7 professional Operating System and has Wi-Fi enabled and has WPA2 PSK secured. I know the SSID name and also know the password for it.
    When I connect my android phone (Lollipop) by giving the ssid and password, my android shows the ssid name correctly and shows – saved but its not connecting to internet. After a few seconds my android tries to connect and then shows the authentication problem.

  25. Not in Range Issue
    Hi I have an Intex Cloud X5 phone and it is having a ‘not in range’ issue. When I try to connect to any wifi hotspot or a wifi hotspot using my friends phones it arises. So it prevents me from using the internet and also stops me from using wifi based sharing apps. I have reset it five times. Can flashing help or is it a wifi hardware issue.

    1. Sounds like a hardware problem

      Hi Anubhav,

      From your well written description it sounds, to me, like its most likely a hardware problem and I don’t think that flashing the phone and installing a fresh copy of software will help resolve the issue.

      I suppose that it’s possible that flashing could help but I personally think it’s unlikely to make any difference. If you do decide to try it (as a last resort) then make sure to follow ALL of the instructions when doing so. Customizing or editing the firmware/software on a smartphone can lead to all kinds of unpleasant issues if not done properly.

  26. Wifi connected on cell phone but no internet activity
    I recently modified my network by going into the advanced settings and I forgot what the previous settings were and what I had changed. Can you tell me the previous default settings in the advanced option section?

    1. You might have to reset back to the factory default settings…

      Hi Messiah,

      Unfortunately I won’t be able to tell you what your routers previous settings where but I can offer some suggestions that might help.

      • Most routers have a reset button that you can use to restore the router back to its factory default settings.
      • Your router may allow you to reset everything through the routers settings as well.
      • Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will likely be able to provide you with those default (or previously configured) settings.

      Good luck Messiah. In the future make sure to write down any changes you make to your networks configuration just in case you have to go back to those original settings later.

  27. I try turning the wifi on but it does not actually turn on…
    On my Samsung Galaxy S3 mini I try turning the wifi on but it does not actually turn on. What could be the problem??

  28. GALAXY Mega 2 Wifi turned on but not scanning
    My wifi is stuck in on mode. It will not scan. I cant even switch it to off. Every thing else is functioning properly. I’ve tried everything. I factory reset my phone, i used the *#0011#, i took the back of phone off and taped and pressed back. Nothing worked. Please help!


    Wifi Connected but no access

    I have a Micromax Canvas knight A350. Whenever I connect my phone to my home Wifi (BSNL router) the phone connects and I have a good internet access, but sometimes while browsing though my net remains connected with good signal strength, I cannot access the internet. On my Wifi icon status, there is a arrow which only keeps pointing up (the down arrow not coming) and my connection hangs. To rectify this every time I have to toggle my Wifi Off/On once and then it starts behaving properly for sometime. This is very irritable to me. My phone’s Wifi works properly in my college Wifi, I think its some problem with my router, though the other devices behave properly with my home Wifi.

    I have tried changing the network security types, network modes, resetting the router and even my MAC address filtering is disabled, but no success. Please provide me any solution to this, I ll be very grateful to you.


    1. I agree

      Hello Vishesh Amarpuri,

      I agree with you. It might be a problem with your router. Have you tried switching from the default Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) to a Static IP address in your cell phones settings? This may allow you to establish a stronger connection between your phone and your router and hopefully help to not only keep your phone connected to your Wi-Fi network but the Internet as well.

  30. Wi-Fi authentication problem
    I am trying to connect to wi-fi through my mobile and its showing authentication problem, but with the same network my laptop is able to connect and I am able to connect to other wi-fi networks through my mobile. I did almost all of the possible steps to resolve it but I am still getting the same error.

  31. Phone Can’t Connect to Other Networks Except To One Network

    I have a wifi issue with my R8206 Oppo phone, I’m confused as to why I can’t connect to the other networks/ISP but I can connect to a specific network/ISP even though the wifi signal is excellent and there are just 3 of us using the wifi. I have tried forgetting the password and then typing it again, double checking the letter, symbols and caps but it’s still not working properly. The technicians have already tried resetting my phone but it still can’t connect to the other wifi network.

    I can only connect to just one specific network. Why is that and what should I do?

  32. Wife is going nuts with her wifi
    Me and my wife have the same exact smartphones and just the other day my wife said she is not able to connect to wifi when we are at the house. Now before I go any further this wifi is not ours, it is a free wifi from another source, but back to the problem, we have been using this wifi for years and have never had a problem, and when I checked my phone it connects to wifi just fine. I have gone through her phone and mine as well to ensure that she has the same exact settings as me but its still not working. We tried turning her phone off and back on and we also tried turning the wifi off and back on, and we even tried to forget this connection for the specific wifi connection but no progress. Can anyone help me before my wife gets crazy??

    1. Wi-Fi problems can drive you crazy

      Hi TJ,

      I never noticed it before but you can’t say the word Wi-Fi without saying the word wife as well. That is kind of an odd coincidence given the circumstances…

      Tell me more about that “free wifi from another source”. Do you have access to the networks wireless modem/router and if so can you tinker with its settings? Does your wife remember downloading any apps around the time that this issue started occurring? Is her phone showing any error messages when you try to connect it to the Wi-Fi in question? Most importantly will her phone still connect to other Wi-Fi networks?

      It sounds like you have done some great troubleshooting already but have you reviewed the Android Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide already? If it’s just her phone that’s having problems connecting then the advice in that article might allow you to resolve the issue.

      Wi-Fi problems can be a real challenge to try and solve TJ. Just make sure to keep an eye on your sanity as well.

  33. Odd Wifi problems
    My iPhone 6 does not work with the Wifi at my house but works in other places such as a library. I have gone to an Apple Store but they didn’t have an answer for me and it’s already been a month with this problem.

  34. Fixed
    After fighting with all the suggestions, I gave up and Reset to Factory settings, before trying to get on the net and to my backups, I TURNED OFF… Auto update, got on the Wifi, setup the settings for my internet system, and got connected, then I restored the backup. Now everything is working fine. The auto fix Wifi programs were setting the incorrect IP address..

  35. Second Password Fix
    After struggling for soooo many days trying to get my S7 Edge to connect to my wireless router after the Nougat 7.0 update, I FINALLY found what the issue was. I tried resetting the router, didn’t work. Unplugging the router, didn’t work. Resetting Network Connections of the phone, didn’t work. Forgetting the Network on the phone, didn’t work. Wiping the cache, didn’t work. Factory reset of the phone, didn’t work.

    What did actually work, not only for my phone, but, for my wireless HDTV as well because it didn’t want to connect to the router either (unless I pushed the WPS button), was to add the same password in another section of the router setup instead of having that section set to the default password found on the side of the router tower.

    I guess it’s a dual band router that has different frequencies, so, under the higher frequency section, I just added the same password as is used in the lower frequency section..And BOOM!!..Both the phone and the TV now connects without any problems. 🙂

    I hope this info helps everyone that is experiencing the same issue as I was having after updating to Nougat 7.0. 🙂

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