How to Fix a Pantech Burst that’s Echoing

Do people say that they hear an echo when you’re talking to them on your Pantech Burst? This can be a pretty frustrating issue for your friends and family who you speak with often. One of the main problems with this echo is that it’s usually on their end and you can hear them just fine with no echo at all, therefore if you just bought your Pantech Burst you probably won’t be aware of an issue until well after your buyer’s remorse period, and won’t be able to return the phone or get a refund. Don’t fret though this issue can usually be fixed by following the suggestions below.

First off this is a common issue with the Pantech Burst. Don’t panic thinking that your phone is damaged and has to be replaced. Filing an Insurance claim and paying $50-$199+ is NOT a good idea and is a waste of money, just FYI.

Pantech is aware of this issue and contributes it to a few causes so here is a list of some of those possible reasons and some solutions.

Noise Suppression

Pantech phones have a noise suppression setting that can cause more problems than it solves. The first step in trying to find a solution to your echo is to check this setting on the phone.

Settings > Call Settings > Noise Suppression

If this setting is enabled then go ahead and disable the noise suppression feature. Make a test call and make sure it fixed the issue. If it didn’t fix the echo then proceed to the next step.


If the phone is echoing and it’s only echoing when you’re using the speakerphone then turn down the volume on the phone a little bit. This can happen on any Smartphone or cell phone with a speakerphone or load speaker, the microphones just picking up the noise from the speaker and feeding it back to the person you’re talking to. Then due to the extremely short signal delay it sounds like an echo. Just turn down your volume so that the phone can’t hear itself and you should be good to go.

Protective Case

Some protective phone cases can cause this device to echo, Otter boxes are AMAZING cases but even they can cause echoes on this phone. Take the phone out of the case and make some test calls. If it’s good to go afterwards then you might need to consider either investing in a different case or investing in a beastly screen protector like Zagg’s invisibleSHIELD instead.

Software Issue

Pantech has said that they were going to release a software update to help fix this issue but I have yet to see it released. I do recommend that you keep your phones OS (Operating System) up to date and if you have never updated your phone through a computer then to do so. The Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich was released early October 2012. To make sure that your up to date on your software simply go into your phones Settings, then select About (or About phone, it’s usually one of the last options),  and look for an Android or Firmware Version with a number. If it reads 2.3.x then you’re running on the Gingerbread OS and the phone needs to be updated. If you’re running on Android Version 4.0.x then your phone is running on the Ice Cream Sandwich. Note: sometimes the android version number isn’t under settings you might have to click Software Information to get to it.

If you’re running on Android version 2.3 then do a full back up and go upgrade the phone. Hop on over to Pantech’s website download and install their program and perform the update.

Application Issue

Android units are very sleek and their app marketplace (now known as the Play Store) is pretty awesome as well. If you want to do something with your phone then chances are you can find a free version of it on the Play Store. Due to the fact that Android does have an open marketplace some apps and programs might not be written as well as they could be and can cause all sorts of strange problems. Do a backup of the phone and perform a full factory data reset. If it’s a bug, a glitch, a virus, etc, whatever the reason, if there is something wrong with the software a reset should help out a lot. If you need help then check out this article on how to Backup and Reset an Android Smartphone.


If you have an echo or even other service related issues such as static, muffled voices, robot voice, faint audio, disconnected calls (drop calls happen but they shouldn’t be constant), no audio, one way audio such as you can hear them they can’t hear you and vise versa, then these can point to a service related issue and not a phone issue.

It’s not necessarily a down tower or anything so if you’re thinking “it can’t be service related because everyone around me has perfect service”, you might be wrong. Service issues can include provisioning errors on your service provider’s end with your specific account and phone line. You might have a calling feature provisioned for and an iPhone when you in fact have an Android or Windows etc. whoever you bought the phone from might have just been a new employee and just didn’t know what they were doing when they setup your account.

If you have returned a phone, whether under a buyer’s remorse or warranty or insurance then the system of your service provider might not have updated correctly and might still be trying to communicate with your previous device. Go to a computer with internet and log into your online account, go to, then check and make sure that your phone information is correct. If the IMEI or SIM number is not matching then it might be showing one from a previous phone and you need to update it to the correct number.

You can check your IMEI on the Pantech or most Android phones by typing in a special Star Code. Just open up your dial pad, as though you’re going to dial a telephone number, and type in *#06#. once you type in *#06# it will pop up with your IMEI number (sometimes it adds two extra numbers on the end like 05, or 06, your IMEI is always the first 15 digits, and only 15 numbers long, if the first 15 numbers match then your good to go). You can also get your IMEI from the back of the phone. Just pull out the battery there is a big sticker on the back of the Pantech Burst with a bunch of information, one of those pieces of information is the IMEI. On Pantech phones the IMEI usually starts with 01, but other common IMEIs starts with a 35. In either case the IMEI on the back of the phone can be a little small so try the *#06# or go into the phones Settings > About (or About Phone) > Phone Information (or Phone Identity or Status).

If you update you’re IMEI and you’re still having problems then power cycle your phone, try a test call, if it fails call your service provider. You can dial 611 from an AT&T phone or 1-800-801-1101. Note: DO NOT call from the phone that’s echoing, they have to do some troubleshooting on their end, and to properly do it, your phones got to be OFF all the way. They’ll also want to gather information from the phone like your IMEI number. Ask them to “cancel your registration” and send an “OTA” (Over The Air) Activation. That should get it up and running. If it doesn’t they might ask you some additional questions trying to determine if the phone is defective.


The number that you called 1-800-801-1101 is AT&Ts warranty department and they can run your IMEI to see how long you have had your phone. New phones come with a 1 year warranty, refurbished phone come with a 90 day warranty, which covers manufacture defects and known issues. The representative will want to check for Liquid and Physical Damage, either one will void a phones warranty, The LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) on the Pantech phone is a big circle sticker on the back of the phone towards the bottom of the device. It’s just a big circle sticker without any writing on it, and this sticker should be PURE WHITE. If any water or moisture gets into the phone it can cause damage and activate that LDI. The LDI will turn Pink or red if activated. ANY PINK OR RED voids the warranty, and don’t ever try and clean or remove that little sticker, bad idea. If it’s red or pinks your phone has liquid damage and is out of warranty.

Replacement Options

If the device is defective and there are no signs of liquid or physical damage then you might want to know How to file a warranty claim and what you should consider before filing one. Warranty is usually your best and most affordable option (its free). You might also have mobile Insurance which you would have had to purchase within the 1st 30 days of buying the phone, and you will have to pay a deductable. If your insurance is through Asurion (which it probably is) then go to and file an insurance claim.

If you don’t have warranty or Insurance and you have tried everything that you can think of to get your phone working again then you should read I can’t fix my phone now what should I do for additional options.


When buying a new Smartphone you might want to consider checking the devices LDI to make sure it isn’t activated, don’t listen to music on your phone while taking a shower, don’t text and drive, and make sure you invest in a good case or at the very least a good screen protector.

I hope these steps and suggestions have provided you with the solution to resolve your echo, solve your echo, solve your echo. Ha ha just kidding. Enjoy your Pantech Burst don’t hesitate to read some of my other articles, you might learn some cool things about your phone, and don’t forget to have a wonderful day.

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4 thoughts on “How to Fix a Pantech Burst that’s Echoing”

  1. Please Don’t buy this device
    So frustrating this echo problem , nothing happen even change the setting like noise suspension like that.

    Totally disappointed with this smart phone.

    1. Yes, echoing is a common issue with the Burst

      Vikrant Rana I am not a huge fan of the Burst either. It is true that not EVERY Burst echoes but it does seem to be a common problem with that make and model. A lot of the time replacing the unit doesn’t fix the problem either. The best things that I know to do are those listed in this article, and of course your replacement options.

      Good Luck Vikrant Rana let me know if you find any tricks to get it to stop echoing.

    2. I got the same issue.
      I got the same issue.

      Just I kept a piece of paper on the mike which is beside camera.
      Problem solved.

      1. Awesome..It works
        Nice solution. It worked like charm. I just tested with my finger on that mic. Seems like that mic is still active even when not using camera or noise cancellation feature. Thanks a lot man. I was about to buy a new phone.

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