How to fix a “Webpage not available” error message

Has your Android cell phone started showing “Webpage not available”? Do you click “Internet” and the webpage won’t load? Can you access the internet through some of the phones applications or other browsers but not by using the default internet browser that came on your phone? Does your smartphone show “Webpage not available” whether you try accessing the internet through a Wi-Fi connection or by using Mobile data? Then you’re in the right place.

This guide will go over some possible causes for this problem and best of all some solutions to get it resolved and your phone working properly once again.

Webpage not available – Possible causes

Software hiccup

Sometimes smartphones, even Android smartphones believe it or not, can get a hiccup or experience a temporary problem with its software and won’t want to function properly.

These issues can be easily resolved with something as simple as power cycling the device. So, if you have not yet tried to power your phone off (removing the battery if possible) for 30 seconds (1-2 minutes wouldn’t hurt either) and then powering the phone back on, and then testing your internet browser, then go ahead and power cycle your cell phone. This extremely easy task should typically be the first step used when trying to resolve most issues that can occur on and Android cell phone.

So power cycle your phone, test your internet and if it fixes it then enjoy your working internet, if it continues to have issues then proceed with the suggestions listed below.

Problem with the home page

Believe it or not this issue can often be solved in a matter of seconds and doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue with your internet service or even an issue with your phone as the fault can lay with the mobile version of your phones internet browsers home page.

To make sure that this isn’t the case open up the internet on your android cell phone and in the address bar at the top of the screen (where it shows what webpage you are currently on) click on that field and manually type in the name of a major webpage that is almost always going to be active.

My favorite website to use for this is Not only because it’s my favorite website in the world but considering the coincidence that Google owns Android I suppose it’s only fitting. But you can use just about any major website that you know of as it should be up and functioning properly.

If it doesn’t work the first time then try a few more sites, and make sure to type them in properly. No spelling errors. Once you input the websites URL that you want to visit tap the Enter key on your phones keyboard (just like the keyboard for a computer it’s usually on the right side and often has an arrow that goes down and then points left). Once you push the enter key the phone should attempt to load the website.

If the website loads properly then GOOD news your phone and its internet is working correctly and you can manually enter the website that you would like to visit using the URL field or better yet you can simply change your phones default home page to a website of your choice, one that’s working properly of course.

If the phone doesn’t load any website that you enter, not even then the internet on your phone is having issues and will need to be troubleshot.

Troubleshooting the internet connection

If your phone is still having issues then I recommend reading the tips and suggestions listed at How to fix the Internet on an Android smartphone. The article will guide you through the process of getting the internet working properly again on your Android smartphone and of course solve this annoying “webpage not available” error message.

Recap and Conclusion

Hopefully the cause for this “webpage not available” issue on your cell phone was simply a problem with your internet browsers homepage. In which case manually entering your desired URL or changing your phones default homepage will once again allow you to browse and surf the web once again.

If not then getting your internet connection working properly will be your primary goal and once accomplished your working internet will allow your phone to load its web pages correctly again which means no more “webpage not available” error messages.


Thank you for reading and enjoy browsing the internet on your android phone.

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9 thoughts on “How to fix a “Webpage not available” error message”

  1. Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2
    Hello there. I have a Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 which I’ve had about a year or so and up until now I was always able to connect to WIFI and surf the web Google, Facebook etc. Up until a day or so ago I am unable to get online I keep getting the message webpage not available. From my WIFI settings it shows I have an excellent signal and I can get other devices laptops etc to connect. I just can’t connect to the internet, any ideas or thoughts…thanks 🙂

    1. Fixing the “Webpage not available” error message on your Samsung

      Hello Niles,

      If you have not recently changed any settings or updated, downloaded, or installed anything then there is a good chance that a soft reset can help and solve the problem quickly and easily.

      Just unplug the power cable from your wireless modem, and your wireless router if you have one. Wait for about 30 seconds to 5 minutes with the power cables unplugged; 5 minutes will allow them to reset and cool off a bit.

      After you have waited, plug the power cable(s) back into the wireless router/modem and give them a few minutes to boot back up. If the internet doesn’t start working on your Samsung Galaxy after 5 minutes then restart it, try again, and enjoy.

      If that doesn’t help (which I think it will) then check out this Advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide as it sounds like your Samsung is connecting to your wireless network properly it’s just that your network is not providing it with an internet connection for some reason.

      I hope that helps, if you have any more issues or questions then don’t hesitate to ask and ill see what I can do to help.

      1. Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2

        Thanks everyone for your input. I figured it out I went into wireless then advanced settings. The IP Static was on so I turned it off and the internet came to life. Not sure it got turned on I must have clicked something somewhere. Thanks again for all the help 🙂

        1. Your welcome,

          That would do it, I am glad that you were able to find the cause and that it was a quick and easy fix. Enjoy your Samsung Galaxy my friend.

  2. Phone links don’t work
    Hi, my Samsung SIII Android stock web browser works fine, except for links to phone numbers that should invoke the dialer. These come up as Web page not available. On other browsers, they work fine.
    Can you advise on this issue?

    1. No one has ever asked me that before…

      Hi Magilla,

      I have never run into that problem before… does this happen on every telephone number that you try to click on? Does the format of the telephone number matter? (123) 456-7890 vs. 123-456-7890 vs. 1234567890 etc.

      How long has this been happening? Did it ever work properly before? You mentioned that your cell phone does in fact see the number as a link it just tries to open a webpage as opposed to your cell phones dialer, I am not sure of a setting that might need adjusting in order to fix this. I looked on my S4 for a good while and couldn’t seem to find one anyways. I am assuming that you have restarted your cell phone already for good measure?

      You mentioned that this happens on the default browser but other web browsers work fine… have you tried opening up your phones Settings > Application manager > All > finding and opening your default browser application > and then trying to “Clear cache” and if that doesn’t work trying to “Clear data”? You might lose a few settings but if one of those settings is what is causing the problem then it could help get the app to work correctly again.

      You ask a terrific question Magilla, and since I have never had to troubleshoot that issue before I am not quite sure what would absolutely fix it. A hard reset is a little extreme though so consider that a last resort.

      Try clearing those two things (the cache and the data) on your default browser and then let me know if it helps or not. You have certainly got me curious.

  3. Internet problem on my android phone
    Thanks for your help. My phone works now, I followed your advice as above. God Bless!

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