How to fix an Android phone if it is stuck or frozen on the Samsung logo

Sometimes Android phones get frozen or stuck on their loading screens. This isn’t too common of an issue with Samsung phones running on the Android operating system but does happen every once in a while. If your phone won’t turn on all the way like it should, or it boots up to its Samsung logo then freezes, or boots up to the Samsung logo then powers off and then powers back on until it gets to the Samsung screen again over and over or if your Samsung just doesn’t seem to want to power on correctly then don’t panic just yet, there is hope.

Resolving Serious Software Issues

This is one of the more serious software problems that can occur on an Android smartphone and trying to fix it yourself, as you may already know, can sometimes be a challenge. Make sure to follow ALL of the advice listed in this guide and you should be able to resolve this issue yourself and avoid sending your phone in for repair or having to buy a new one.

Here is what can be done to fix an Android phone that’s stuck on the Samsung screen – Basic troubleshooting

Start with a soft reset

Start with a soft reset. A soft reset can sometimes resolve minor software issues and should be the first step to take when troubleshooting an Android smartphone.

Power cycle

Start by simply power cycling your Samsung. Turn it off and then back on.

Try a battery pull

Not all Android cell phones are designed to have a removable battery these days, which is unfortunate because batteries don’t last forever and when a battery starts going out on a cell phone it can be a real inconvenience trying to replace it when the phone isn’t designed to let you remove it yourself. If your cell phone doesn’t allow you to remove its battery then you can skip this step in troubleshooting. Luckily Samsung phones are often designed to allow its owner the option of removing the battery and if your phone falls in this category then go ahead and…

  • Power the phone on and then remove the battery (make sure you remove the battery with the phone powered on and make sure that the phone is not charging or plugged into a charger)
  • Count to 10 (count to 10 out loud).
  • Place the battery back into the phone
  • Power the phone on. (Now wait for the phone to turn on. If you wait for 5 minutes more than the phones average start-up time, and/or it still get stuck on the Samsung screen then proceed to the next step in troubleshooting).
  • If the phone powers on correctly then enjoy your working smartphone (Note: you might want to make sure to backup your mobile unit and do some additional troubleshooting just to make sure that your cell phone doesn’t freeze again. You might want to even consider a factory data reset, which can be located under the settings of your phone. If you do choose to reset your Samsung then make sure to uncheck the option to delete/erase your memory card if the option is available. A Factory Data Reset on an Android phone will often fix these types of issues as it removes anything that might be causing them from the phone.
  • If your Samsung does not power on properly or you cannot remove the battery then you can proceed with the advice below.

Stuck on Samsung screen – More advanced troubleshooting

Start out by playing it safe – with Safe Mode

Safe Mode is a feature on most Android devices that allows the phone to boot up without any third party apps or programs and on its original default settings. This is a powerful tool when troubleshooting an Android device as it helps disable and rule out problematic applications. If you have an app on your cell phone that’s causing mischief and not letting the phone turn on properly then Safe Mode will disable that app on the startup and allow you to access the phone, remove or uninstall that app, reboot and be good to go. Best of all there is no unnecessary loss of data.

You can read more about this feature at How to use Safe Mode on an Android Smartphone but basically to enter safe mode on an Android cell phone you’ll need to power the phone off, hold down a certain key combination which will instruct the phone to boot into Safe Mode. The key combination that you will need to use will depend on which cell phone you own and possibly what version of Android it is running on.

It would be very difficult for me to list all of the methods commonly used for activating Safe Mode so if you are unsure what method to use for your specific smartphone then a simple search online would be your best bet at finding the proper technique for your particular smartphone.

Note: I humbly request that you please do not ask me how to activate Safe Mode on your specific smartphone, its very difficult to keep up with those kind of requests and I plan on writing an article listing the most common methods for this topic but until then Google’s Search Engine will be your best friend in accomplishing this task.

Once you have located the proper method to use in order to boot your phone into Safe Mode, you should attempt to do so. If it works and your phone turns on completely then you should locate the latest piece of software, the latest app downloaded or updated, any new themes, etc that have been added to your cell phone and uninstall or remove them from your device. Then restart the phone and see if it will boot up properly. If it does then you have located the cause and you can enjoy your working smartphone. If it doesn’t work then you might have to enter Safe Mode again and do some more searching in order to find and remove the culprit.

So for example, if you just added a new app to your Samsung and it suddenly didn’t want to start properly and became frozen on the boot up screen or it got stuck on the Samsung logo then you could try to boot your phone into Safe Mode, uninstall that app, reboot, and enjoy your working Samsung.

If you cannot access Safe Mode on your particular Samsung device then continue with the suggestions below.

This is often a serious problem with your cell phones software

Whether you woke up and found your cell phone stuck on the Samsung logo after it had been charging all night or if this happened while or shortly after updating the software on your Samsung, or downloading or updating an application, or downloading a theme, etc. this problem is almost always software related and at this point your phone will require some more advanced troubleshooting in order to fix your cell phone; and there is a catch…

When this issue happens on an Android smartphone the device will typically NOT POWER ON correctly, which means that saving ALL your important data and information is going to be very difficult if not impossible. Now don’t worry your address book containing your names and phone numbers should save automatically by default to your Gmail account. All you will need to do to get your contact list again is to log into your Gmail account and your contacts are going to automatically sync with your phone.

Gmail is awesome! To check your Gmail account on a Samsung Android 4.2 cell phone, assuming its working correctly, all you need to do is go to your Home > Menu Key > Settings > Accounts (or Accounts and Sync), your Gmail account will be listed on that page.

If you click on that Gmail account you can check to make sure everything is synced by looking for the days date. If sync contacts, sync Google, sync calendar, etc. don’t show the days date or if you ever want to sync manually tap “Sync Now”. Or tap on the desired selection if you want to manually sync that option.

Gmail Accounts are a very helpful and powerful tool but a lot of people set it and forget it, make sure you have yours written down if you’re not sure if you will be able to remember your Gmail. You might need it later!

You most likely have a Gmail and if you do then using your Gmail to backup your Android can be a life saver. If you don’t have a Gmail then you’re going to want to create one. But I digress.

The catch…

A standard reset on the phone was mentioned already but if you have tried removing and reinserting the battery and it didn’t seem to help then I suggest that an Alternate Factory Data Reset be done, try not to panic when I tell you that we are going to need to erase all the information from the unit. Whatever caused this problem isn’t clear. It could be that something is corrupted such as a file or program, it could be a glitch in the software, or a virus (viruses are not common but they do happen), most likely something picked up online or through a bad app or perhaps you just have really, really, really bad luck.

The worst part of this issue is that you can’t get into your phone which means that we can’t backup and reset the phone properly.

Now if you are hesitant about resetting your phone you might want to

  • Give it 24-48 hours – your phone might be updating its software, which is great! It’s always a good idea to keep your software up to date. Up to date software helps your phone run faster, smoother and usually adds more functionality. If you can, then also check your WiFi to make sure it’s on (check your homes wireless internet, not through the phone its self. If your phone is simply updating then the wireless internet will help you download the update a lot faster and you don’t use your service providers data plan, which will save you money too)

If you wait and the phone is still stuck on Samsung then you need to perform an alternate or hard reset on your Android phone to get it to work correctly again.

After doing the alternative reset you’re left with a few options:

  • Your phone has started working correctly – hopefully this is what happened so you can enjoy your working phone. Just remember to log into your Gmail account again when going through the setting up process. You’re going to setup the phone again just like you did when you first got it. It’s very self explanatory, you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Still Stuck on Samsung with a white screen? – I recommend that you try the hard reset once more for good measure. If the phone remains stuck and that’s all there is to it, then the options are a lot more limited. Here are some things that you might want to consider.
  • Filing a Buyer’s Remorse claim – this particular issue, of getting stuck on the Samsung loading screen, usually does NOT happen on newer devices, simply because new phones don’t have a lot of information on them yet and there are fewer things on the phone that would cause problems. IF HOWEVER you have had your mobile phone for less than 15 days then you should qualify for buyer’s remorse and typically have the option to return the phone to the location that you bought it from. Just take it back as soon as you can because once your buyer’s remorse or return grace time expires, you’re stuck with that device.
  • Look into Warranty – if you purchased your mobile phone new and if you have had it for less than a year then you are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Warranty is often the best choice available when phone issues can’t be resolved with troubleshooting. If you’re interested in filing a warranty claim then the information at how to file a warranty claim on a mobile phone might be useful.
  • File an Insurance claim – If you cannot file a buyer’s remorse claim or a warranty claim and you had chosen to invest in an insurance plan through your service provider then you should contact them to do so. Insurance usually requires a down payment, the amount depending on the model of phone you wish to file a claim on.  
  • Reload the Software this can be a little more technical and is a little more advanced but can be an extremely powerful solution when trying to resolve serious software related issues on an Android device and if the options above are unsuccessful or unavailable then chances are very high that reloading or reinstalling the software to your cell phone is going to fix this issue. Like I said THIS WILL LIKELY SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM but there are a few things to consider before installing custom or stock versions of software to your device which is why I listed this option at the bottom of this guide. This is another topic that I plan on writing about in greater detail at a later date but if you are running out of options and need to fix your Samsung then this method is what you NEED to use in order to try and get your Samsung to turn on and work properly again. Go online and do a search on how to flash your phone using ODIN. Basically what you want to do is replace the malfunctioning software currently installed on your phone with a nice and clean installation which will allow the cell phone to start fresh and of course function correctly.
  • If you’re unable to do the options above then look into purchasing options. Note: remember you’re locked into your contract with your service provider, usually a 2 year contract, but you’re NOT locked into your phone, don’t let anyone trick you, as long as its branded with your mobile providers name then your SIM card should work in that phone, even a different manufacturer. For example, if your Samsung Galaxy S III froze on the Samsung screen and you needed a replacement then you DON’T have to get another Samsung Galaxy S III you can take your SIM card out of that Samsung Galaxy S III and put it into any other phone that has ATT printed on it. Whether it’s a Samsung phone, LG phone, Motorola phone, etc if it’s ATT it should work. This is sometimes really good to know if your phone has damage like a cracked screen and needs to be replaced and you can’t file an insurance claim, or if you NEED a phone while you wait for a replacement phone to arrive.

I hope that I was able to help you get your issue taken care of one way or another. Remember that pulling the battery out of your phone when your phone is powered on, will often fix a lot of minor issues with Android devices, at least temporarily, but a Factory Data Reset will usually be a more permanent Solution to common and non-common phone issues.

When performing a reset on an Android phone I highly suggest that you try it without downloading any applications for a couple days. Usually when smart phones, especially Android phones, act up it is because of a bad application that was downloaded or added to the device. Try using the phone as a clean install for a couple days with nothing added to it (except contacts etc), if your phone seems to be working correctly then start adding your applications again one at a time. Download an app try it out for a few days, download another app try it, etc. remember if you download an app and your phone starts having problems then I recommend you uninstall that app and try not use it any more.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to leave a comment below, or do a search on the site, there are many articles and useful information that can be found on this site pertaining to proper phone care and phone maintenance.

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37 thoughts on “How to fix an Android phone if it is stuck or frozen on the Samsung logo”

  1. last night i reset my cell phone…
    last night i reset (factory data reset) my cell phone and it was working perfectly after some time i switch it off now i am trying to switch it on but the Sony logo appears again and again, how can i fix it?

    1. How to fix your cell phone when it’s stuck at its Logo

      So… same exact issue as the article above (your phone is not powering on properly and is getting stuck on the phones Logo) but instead of a Samsung phone it’s a Sony phone…

      I had this exact same question asked yesterday by one of my readers on a different article, which leads me to believe that I need to write a guide on how to resolve this issue on Sony smartphones as well.

      I am not sure about what specific Sony phone you are having these problems with but you can read the advice that I gave to him here, as it applies to all make and models of Sony Android phones and it should get you on the right track in trying to fix this annoying issue on your Sony smartphone.

      1. Well thank u i just read ur
        Well thank u i just read ur message now but i exactly got the same issue and when i upgrade its OS it starts working

  2. frozen contacts
    The contacts list on my Samsung Galaxy S3 is frozen and to leave I have to turn the phone off and then restart it.

  3. Galaxy nexus
    My galaxy has been stuck for almost a week now. I have tried hard reseting the phone multiple times buts it’s still not working

  4. Help!
    I changed the system font of my phone using iFont(s). It reboots but now stuck to logo! I can’t open it anymore… Really need your help…

  5. Tried Hard Reset But Still…
    This one day, i used Lucky Patcher to try and install the Google Play Store (modded) but when i did that, it said that i should click toolbox –> Patch to Android. When i clicked apply, it rebooted my phone and it got stuck on my boot screen. I remember that it said something about the core.jar but i don’t remember everything. I tried a factory reset through the recovery which worked perfectly but… when i downloaded an app that needed some obb (Call Of MINI Double Shot) and tried to restart it, it got stuck again on my boot screen, to play my phone i have to do this again n’ again and again!! Please Help!

    1. Trying to get past that boot screen

      Hi Ken,

      I might need more information in order to help you figure out how to fix your problem, and software manipulation and customization is not really my specialty (I have never used Lucky Patcher, or a customized Play Store app before) but let’s see what we can do…

      From what I can gather from your description it’s a software issue (obviously) which is good as it means that you should be able to fix it. I know that your cell phone is rooted but out of curiosity have you had the opportunity to try to install a fresh copy of software to the device (as mentioned towards the end of the article above)? Maybe a fresh install and starting from scratch again will allow you to pinpoint the exact cause or correct any software hiccups that might have occurred during the original installation. You mentioned that it got stuck after the original install so perhaps that’s where the issue started.

      Try a fresh installation first and if you still have issues then you might need to contact the software developer of that modded Play Store App or possibly even the app that you are trying to download. I’m leaning more towards the modded Google Play Store application as being the primary cause of your issue though so look at that first.

      It doesn’t sound like a hard reset is going to be the answer (or a permanent answer) for you particular problem.

      1. The problem Is…

        I have found the problem… thanks for replying :D…

        When I tried to hard reset my phone it started working but when I downloaded some apps and restarted it my phone got stuck at the boot screen again. I had to do it 5 times to actually know what the problem was but now I know… it is the Google play store… when its updating from the factory reset version to the new version it’s causing my phone to get stuck at the boot screen but I had an idea! I tried to disable the play store in the phones settings… now it’s working properly but I had to enable and disable again.

        Oh by the way. Thanks for helping 😀

        1. Thank you as well…

          Thank you for coming back to the site and posting such an awesome follow-up.

          I am sure that someone else can certainly benefit from what you discovered so thank you Ken for taking the time to not only come back to the site and post a follow-up but for also sharing what you ended up learning in order to fix your smartphone.

          Keep up the great work my friend and enjoy your working cell phone.

  6. unfortunately google play store has stopped working and more
    i have a blu studio 5.0 ii and lately i have a problem with the play store it have been closing when ever open even my keyboard when i type in the browser it close the problem with play store thou exp: unfortunately Google play store has stopped working, gallery has stopped working then it say the file manager has stopped working, and settings as well, at time it would boot up saying android is upgrading starting apps but it freeze on the word and keep on repeatedly rebooting over and over again. at one point it also said unfortunately system ui stopped working when i check the about device the base band said unknown when i factory reset it the problem go but other wise from the base band unknown the issues still freeze when booting up and when it does boot up all my apps say stopped working when i open them up to see if the pro solve, at times it would also say process android, media has stopped working…please i dont know what to do yes my phone was on rooted for about a month…dont know if that cuz all this problem my only though is maybe my phone need a new program for it, oh when am re signing back into google play store thats where i keep getting google stopped working.

  7. Galaxy s4 suddenly stuck in boot menu
    I have a galaxy s4 which worked fine at the beginning but, after few weeks the phone started to shut down and restart. I had factory reset the phone before which solved the problem but a new problem appeared shortly after. After working with the phone and apps for 24 hours or less the phone suddenly shutdown and is now stuck at the Samsung boot logo. I have tried to remove the battery and have tried to restart the phone but after the phone vibrates it gets stuck on the boot logo. Could someone help me to know what is the problem software or hardware and how to fix it? Thanks

    1. Follow the advice listed above and you may have a chance

      Hi Ahmad,

      It’s most likely a software problem. Make sure to follow ALL of the advice listed in the guide above and you will have a fighting chance at fixing your cell phone. This issue can be really hard to solve though so if one of the suggestions above doesn’t seem to work you will need to try another suggestion in the article. Work your way from the top and then go down from there.

      1. Restart/Reboot
      2. Battery pull
      3. Safe Mode
      4. Wait 24 hours (if you can wait, as the phone might be updating)
      5. Hard reset (using the phones hard reset key combination command as you won’t be able to access the phones settings since its stuck)
      6. Re-flash/reload the software/firmware to the device using a tool like ODIN
      7. Look into your replacement options

      Good luck my friend. Don’t give up at trying to fix it though and if all the standard troubleshooting fails (step 1-5) then make sure you try to replace the phones software (step 6). Replacing the malfunctioning software with a fresh copy should help resolve the problem.

  8. My Android Phone is stuck on boot screen animation! Please help.
    My phone is stuck on the boot screen.. I already Powered it on and off again and again, but its still stuck and frozen on the boot animation screen..

    I tried to factory data reset.. BUT my phone doesn’t have a Recovery mode installed!
    What to do Friends .. please help and reply!

    1. Trying to fix your Android cell phone

      Hi Miko,

      I’m going to offer the same advice I just offered to Ahmad. I am not sure what make and model of cell phone you are using but if it doesn’t have a recovery mode to perform a hard reset with and you can’t factory reset your phone through the settings (which you can’t because your phone wont power on) then your last hope will be to try and re-flash the software to the phone. This too can be a challenge depending on what cell phone you have. Less common cell phones may not have a lot of documentation online to help you through the re-flashing process.

      I have said it before and ill say it again, this problem can be a real challenge to try and resolve and there is only so much that you can do to try to fix it. In your case I think that trying to replace the malfunctioning software is going to be your best bet at trying to fix your Android cell phone.

  9. Hello…
    First thank you for all those good tips they have saved me a couple of times before having to spend money for a new phone. Second, I have a new issue that your tips haven’t been able to resolve. I dropped my phone and the bottom right corner cracked. The phone still turns on with no issues and I can see my whole screen fine, I just don’t have control over it. I can’t unlock it or pick anything on my screen. It’s like the screen doesn’t recognize or sense my fingers. In a situation like this what do you recommend to do?

    1. It sounds like your touch screen is having problems

      Hi Geri,

      It sounds like your phones display screen is still operational (as you can still see everything on the screen) but it sounds like the touch screen is malfunctioning as the phone is no longer recognizing your touch.

      If sections or parts of your screen were still functional then you would probably find how to fix an Androids touch screen helpful but it sounds like none if the screen is responding to your touch. If this happened right after being dropped then it’s a hardware problem anyways. The touch screen was likely damaged in the fall and will likely need to be replaced. You MIGHT get lucky if its connection became loose after the fall as you might be able to put the touch screen back into its proper place and get it working again.

      So… for this particular problem you’re probably going to have to take your phone apart in order to fix it. Or if you are not to confident in your tech skills (try not to doubt your abilities) you can take your phone to a local repair shop to have a more experienced technician look at it. If the connection is lose and can be repaired and you can live with a cracked screen… then that might be alright. If it is the crack that’s the problem (very possible) then the touch screen is going to need to be replaced.

      Touch screen replacements vary depending on what make and model of phone you have but you can often find a reasonably affordable deal on a replacement touch screen online and then replace it yourself. Or of course take it to a local repair shop for an estimate.

      I hope that helps Geri. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  10. Homescreen
    Hi, I have a Karbonn Titanium S5 and when it was charging it suddenly switched off. When I tried to switch it back on it got stuck on the Karbonn screen. I tried restarting it many times but its not helping. I even took the battery out too. Please do you have any suggestions? I also tried using the power off button + the volume up & down but nothing happened.

    1. The suggestions listed above should still apply

      Hello Lem,

      While the Karbonn Titanium S5 is a little different from a Samsung Galaxy S5 (or any Android smartphone manufactured by Samsung) most of the advice listed in the article above should still apply to your cell phone.

      I recommend that you try to find a hard reset command that will work for that specific phone (you can see some of the more common methods listed HERE) but if that doesn’t work then you will need to look into trying to repair the software on your phone by installing a fresh copy to replace the malfunctioning one. This may even include flashing a new ROM to your Karbonn in order to get it working properly.

  11. Stuck on Samsung Screen
    Try starting it without the sim.
    My phone started doing this after a new sim. If I take the battery and the sim out. Then start it without the sim it starts up ok.
    I can then switch it off and put the sim back in again and it will start up ok.
    If it switches off again it gets stuck on the Samsung screen again forever.
    Weird eh?
    I’m going to ask for a new sim.

  12. Phones screen is white
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Y Plus. I’ve been using it for months without a sim and now when I look at the phone it shows nothing – just a plain bright white display. The phone seems to be in working condition as the alarm rings on time. The problem is that I cant see what’s on the screen. Could you please tell me what may be the problem and how I can fix it?

    1. Samsung Galaxy’s display is stuck on a white screen

      Since your phone still seems to be working as you say it is and you can hear the alarm go off on time, and the phone is probably even receiving calls and you could probably even answer calls if you swiped the screen correctly, it sounds like your Samsung Galaxy Y Plus is experiencing a hardware problem as opposed to a software problem. More specifically it sounds like your display screen is malfunctioning for some reason and your phone will likely need to be taken/sent in to be repaired and the display screen may possibly even need to be replaced if it cannot be repaired.

      That issue should be covered under Samsung’s manufacturer warranty, if the phone is still under warranty that is, but since the Galaxy Y Plus is a somewhat older model of Samsung chances are good that its warranty may have expired (usually phones only come with a one year warranty). If that’s the case and your smartphone is no longer under warranty then you might want to just take it into a local repair shop (if available) for a technician to take a quick look at it.

      I hope that helps Dora, sorry to hear about your phone and I wish you and your phone the best of luck.

  13. Deeksha Goswami

    Device got stuck at samsung logo
    I am using the Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 and it was running on Android 4.2.2 Jellybean .
    I updated the software (like unofficially) from the files taken from the web to Lollipop 5.1.
    After the update, I received an update to my software and I downloaded it but I was unable to install the update and from there my problem began.
    A continuous popup on the screen was visible saying unfortunately has stopped.
    I was not able to use my device at all.
    I performed a hard reset like many times but it was no use. The lollipop features were still available on the phone and finally it got stuck on the Samsung logo.
    I again tried a hard reset after reading your article, (I even tried all your said options), but I cant get to the destination.
    When I selected the wipe data/factory reset option there is no YES option to confirm the wipe data command?
    Please offer some suggestions.
    I really need help.

    1. Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 stuck at Samsung logo

      Hello Deeksha,

      Unfortunately, from your well written and detailed description, it sounds like your phone is experiencing a problem with its updated operating systems and it’s unlikely that a hard reset will help to resolve your specific problem as a hard reset simply removes all the user data from the phone and isn’t designed to touch or effect the phones operating system (which is where the problem is).

      Your best chance at fixing your smartphone is going to be to re-install the operating system to your phone again. If you used the Samsungs Kies program to update your phone then you might be able to use Kies to try and recover/repair the bad update.

      You could also look into flashing a fresh copy of software to the phone using a third party program such as ODIN.

      I hope that helps Deeksha. Your problem can be a really difficult problem to try and resolve but it is usually possible. Don’t give up. Read lots of how-to guides online about how to flash your phone (if Kies doesn’t work) and you should have a fighting chance at repairing your smartphone.  

      1. I managed to get it back
        Thank you for your attention to my problem and thank you for the solution you provided.
        I was without my phone for more than a week and so I tried surfing about how to repair it but couldn’t find a solution.
        So I decided to give it its original software the same way that I did for lollipop.
        Anyhow, with much difficulty, I managed to install jellybean onto it. I lost all my data but.. yeah, I got my phone back.
        Thank you so much.

  14. Samsung Reverb
    My phone froze while in a game. I could not shut off. I removed the battery for awhile and when I put it back in the Virgin Mobile logo started and then the screen went black with the Samsung name only. I did this several times.

    Finally today, I tried to charge it. The phone got very hot very fast. I unplugged it and took out the battery to cool it off. I put everything back together and tried charging it with a different charger. It did not get hot and showed the battery pic for awhile. After about half way charged the Samsung logo came on again and is stuck there. What do I do? Help!!!!!!

    1. Samsung Galaxy Reverb stuck on the Samsung logo

      Hi Emily,

      Make sure to follow ALL of the advice listed in the guide above, especially the later part of the article.

      I would obviously refrain from using the charger that led to the phone overheating, but you may also need to reload a fresh copy of software to your Samsung Galaxy Reverb in order to get it to work properly again; assuming that Safe Mode and the other suggestions listed at the beginning of the article are ineffective of course.

  15. Firmware update failure
    I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 and its a sealed phone so I cant turn off the device by unplugging the battery. As I was trying to update my android version to a newer one, the downloading completed and the installation proceeded until the phone should have restarted and that is where I started facing problems. The phone keeps switching on to the Samsung Galaxy A3 logo and goes off again, it keeps on doing that until the battery goes dead and now I plug it into charger and it shows the battery charging icon which is normal while it is plugged in to charge, but the problem is, it wont turn on when you press the power on button and when you unplug the charger the charging logo still gets stuck and the screen will never go off.

  16. Stuck on the Samsung logo
    Really super. This helped me save my data and valuable smart phone.. thanks a lot.

  17. Galaxy Fame
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Fame which at first started rebooting after a few minutes of being on, repeatedly until eventually it only showed the black screen with white samsung logo, which then would lead into the blue swirls logo. It would then turn off and repeat the process. Now it just flashes up with the black screen and samsung logo and back off again in a cycle. If it is plugged in to charge, the charging symbol flashes on and off several times and then stops. If I try to access the factory reset options it comes up with the android bot for a few seconds before repeating the black screen samsung logo on off routine. I can’t access the phone in any way at all and can’t afford a replacement.

  18. Stuck On Samsung Logo in My Samsung Galaxy S4!!
    Its getting stuck on the Logo and turns off and reboots until the battery dies!
    I took to the Samsung Service Center, but they told me its motherboard needs to be replaced.
    Kindly Advise!!

  19. Thanks man
    Thanks man, really. I got really nervous when I saw my tablet on the startup screen and my mom just said “If this time it has problems, then your screwed”. Luckily it started working with the soft reset. But thanks man, you really helped me out.

  20. Samsung Galaxy Grand GT i9082
    My Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082 frequently freezes when I try to swipe my lock screen and I’ve come across this “Unfortunately, TouchWiz Home has stopped” error a few times. I have boot my phone into safe mode then cleared the TouchWiz Home data and cache. I have also tried to Wipe Cache Partition on my phone. After that my phone did operate smoothly but only lasted for a few moments. My phone still hangs or freezes when I swipe my phone and then my screen turns black. I push the home button but no response. I have to restart my phone again to make it operational… I need some help…

  21. I’ve Tried
    I have tried to soft reset it and it didn’t work. I can’t factory reset it because I would have to go to my settings and I’ve heard that if I hold the power and volume down buttons that I could do it from there but it asks me if I want to download a custom OS.

  22. stuck in boot mode
    my tab sm t231 has been stuck in boot mode for a while, i tried the hard reset, it says it cant hard reset the tab, i tried loading the firmware on it, still gets to the boot mode. what can i do? i tried the nand erase in odin, now using the pit file, it just keeps failing.

  23. Hello
    I am using a samsung galaxy sm-g900a, I flashed a Kernel custom rom into my system so I would be able to root it. But when I was about to reboot it, it got stuck in the bootloader. Then I decided to reset the system but when it started booting it got stuck on the samsung logo. Please what do I do?

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