How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen

Having problems taking pictures with your Smartphone? When you click on your camera to take a picture do you only get a black screen? This isn’t a very common issue for Smartphones but it sure can be troublesome. Usually when this happens the phone won’t be able to take a picture or record a video at all. This article will go over some of the possible causes as well as some possible solutions on how to try and get a smartphones camera to start working properly again.

Cameras showing a black screen can be hard to fix

This issue can be a hard thing to fix and get working properly again. If the issue is software related than chances are a lot better that you might be able to fix it. I just want to stress that this can be a pretty bad malfunction and there’s probably only about a 50% chance of actually fixing this problem.

Power cycle your phone

Simply power your phone off for 10 seconds and then power it back on and check your camera, if you haven’t already done this already. This is referred to as a soft reset and this simple trick can fix minor software related issues.

Battery pull

Pulling out the battery of a phone when it is powered on is another type of soft reset that can get a phone to start working properly again. This causes no loss of data. This option is not available on all phones, and is only an option on phones with removable batteries. If your battery is built in and the phone is not designed to remove the battery then skip this step and proceed by checking your applications.

Remove any third party camera apps

Start out by uninstalling any third party camera applications that you have downloaded to the phone. The phone might have received an update for its software and the developer of the app might not have had the chance to update their app yet.

Start uninstalling other applications

If you have removed any third party camera apps or if you don’t have or use any of these types of apps then try to think about the last app that you downloaded or an app you might have updated or downloaded around the time that this issue started to occur and go ahead and uninstall it.

A bad app can be the culprit of this issue so continue through your applications removing the most recently downloaded or updated applications first. After uninstalling an application open your camera and see if the phone is still displaying a black screen.

Soft reset

Soft reset the phone once more after uninstalling your applications, by powering the phone off, preferably by removing the battery, counting to 10, and then reinsert the battery and powering the phone back on.

Hard reset

If you have cleaned up all of your applications and your phone is still showing a black screen instead of the camera screen then what you’re going to want to do is perform a full backup on your phone, saving all your important information and then perform a full reset on the device erasing all data from the phone. If it’s a software bug, glitch, virus etc than wiping the phone should fix the issue. If you have a Smartphone running on the Android operating system and need help backing up your device and performing a factory data reset then you might want to read this guide on how to backup and reset an Android phone.

Hardware issue

If the camera is still showing a black screen after performing a hard reset chances are that this issue is hardware related meaning the actual camera piece is malfunctioning on the phone.

Disclaimer: Use caution before attempting this next suggestion, you don’t want to physically break the phone accidently; it will void the phones warranty.

I know of instances where the actual camera on the phone can become dislodged and of course cause it to malfunction. By taking the battery out of your phone (if possible) and making sure the phone is powered off and then applying pressure to the actual camera lens itself, firm pressure but be careful you don’t want to break your phones screen or anything else on the device, it can pop the camera lens back into place and fix the issue.

Again use this step with caution as you do not want to cause any damage to your device and this step is not guaranteed to work in all circumstance.

Review your other options

If accessing the camera still takes you to a black screen or your phone still won’t allow you to take a picture or record a video than you might need to look into other options. For a list of additional suggestions or tips you can read I can’t fix my phone, now what should I do.

If your camera starts working again but the pictures are blurry, or if the original issue was that the phones camera was taking blurry pictures and then started showing a black screen then the lens in your camera is probably damaged or broken. Read the article mentioned above about alternate options. It mentions warranty, which might be your best bet if you don’t have any liquid or physical damage and you have had the phone for less than a year, you can also look into taking it into a repair shop to see if they can swap out the parts.

Hopefully it was just a software bug and the reset fixed it, if so enjoy your working phone if not look into warranty, repair, insurance, or some of the other replacement options listed in the article mentioned above.

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80 thoughts on “How to fix your Smartphone if the Camera shows a Black Screen”

  1. Smartphone rear/ back camera issue
    Dear Sir,
    I found your website very informative and indeed a good education.
    I have recently purchased a samsung galaxy III clone, I9300 or MTK 6577, since it was an unlocked phone . The phone works great for my use, however the rear camera stopped working. I am getting a bright pink screen when turned on. Tried soft reset, but did not work. Please advise.

    1. How to fix an Android smartphone when its camera screen is pink

      Hi Suresh Kekane,

      Sorry to hear that you are having issues with the camera on your Samsung Galaxy III Clone. A pink screen on your smartphone is very similar to a black screen and most of the methods used in troubleshooting that issue are the same as troubleshooting a black screen.

      You already tried soft resetting your phone with a battery pull which is a good step in the right direction. After trying the soft reset I am going to recommend a step that wasn’t in the article and that is to remove the memory card or SD card from your phone (if it has a memory card), power the phone off and on (without the memory card) and see if it helps to fix the pink screen. If it does then you can put the memory card back into the phone and enjoy. If inserting the SD card causes a pink screen again then check your memory card as it or the connection between it and the phone might be damaged or malfunctioning.

      Note: When you remove your memory card make sure to do it properly by un-mounting it first or powering the phone off completely before you remove it.

      Camera issues can be hard to fix sometimes so if you’re still having problems after a soft reset and removing your SD card then make sure that you try all of the other suggestions mentioned in the guide above including a backup and factory data reset. If it is a software issue then a hard reset will wipe everything from the phone including any software bugs, glitches, viruses, etc. and will set the phone back to like new condition which can often fix problems like a pink black or colored display.

      If it’s still having problems after the reset then it’s probably a hardware issue and you might have to look into your warranty or replacement options.

      Good luck Suresh Kekane, if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

    2. Soft reset worked on my LG3
      Thank you for the information. I was able to fix the problem by doing a soft reset (removing the battery while the phone was on). Thanks again.

  2. This Article
    This article helped me so much. I just got the Z998 (Android) and just recently the camera has appeared black in Snapchat and on the camera app itself. Thank you so much !

    1. Z998 BAD CAM
      I have the Z998 and the camera went bad on me while using Snapchat today as well… Not sure what this means or how to fix it. Nothing seems to be working.

      1. z998 phone bad camera
        I also have this phone and the camera is just bad. In fact there seems to be a lot of things about this phone that are no good. I personally think they should recall it.

  3. micromax a111
    I bought my mobile 3 months back, It fell down 2 months back twice but it dint cause any damage to the phone (just a mark on the edge) but just now from 2 days back i cant take any pics from my camera, i mean when i click i can see the pic but when i go to the gallery its showing blank thumbnail and when i did the factory reset nothing happened.. i mean the memory card dint get formatted and all the data is still present.. i dont know what to do . please suggest.

  4. works but it happens again
    I did a hard reset of my phn, camera started working, but after I restored my phn the problem is back.even if I remove my sd card there is still a black screen, and now, if I soft reset my phn, for say 10 times, then at some attempts the camera was working fine but after some time it all started again. please help, I am using android 2.3, 128 mb internal storage.

  5. whoakay. whichever genius
    whoakay. whichever genius wrote this page has my thanks! sorted my camera out well and truly! have to envy your cleverness!

    I love this article, it helped me fix my camera in just ten seconds when it took me a week to figure out I was going to be able to fix without some advice xD thnx for the help!!!!!!

  7. subhasish kundu

    sir i bought an lg l90 dual d410 mobile….after 5 days i open a camera app and realize that horizontal black wave (only night mod 5 seconds)i did not know what is this?…….. please help me….. my english is very bad….

  8. camera not working
    Hi sir .. I bought Samsung grand2 3 months before… Mobile fell down on floor . All apps are functioning but camera is not working. I view the pictures while on the camera but can’t take pictures. Please help me

    1. Sounds like a hardware issue

      Hi Devi,

      If your camera started having issues right after falling to the floor then chances are it’s not a software problem but an issue with its hardware. Luckily it doesn’t sound like your touch screen or display is malfunctioning BUT it does sound like your camera may have become loose or perhaps even been damaged in the fall. Make sure to refer back to the Hardware advice section mentioned in the guide as it may help as you may be able to push your camera back into place.

      Just be careful not to accidently damage the phone in the process, some people are not aware of their own strength so just use caution. If you cannot seem to get your camera to work again then you might want to consider taking your cell phone into a local repair shop to see if they can pop it back into place or switch the camera out for a working one.

      I hope that helps Devi. Good luck my friend, thanks for visiting the site and if you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  9. Samsung Galaxy S5 black screen after dropping 2 ft onto carpet
    Informed sir,
    Thank you for your extemely informative responses previously. My issue is that I dropped my new Samsung Galaxy S5 right after getting it. Yes… that is correct … no cover yet. I hadn’t decided which one I liked yet. my bad …. = – (
    My issues is that I now have “black screen.” All functions seem to be working still … notifications, phone calls come in, but obviuosly I cannot respond since I cannot see anything. I have completed the soft reset and have taken SD card out, with no change. One thing to note is that now when I plug my phone in to my computer, no pictures or videos are there to upload any more. I believe they were there previous to the fall, but I cannot be sure of that since I have not looked in a couple weeks.
    Do you believe this is just a LCD/hardware issue or do you think it could be something else or a combination?

    1. I think your right, it sounds like your display screen went out

      Hi Pam,

      Sorry to hear about your S5, that stinks big time. When I got my S4 I didn’t even want to use it at all until my OtterBox defender protective case arrived (which is an awesome case if you still need a good one).

      It sounds like your “black screen” is most likely a hardware issue not necessarily with the camera but with the display screen (LCD) itself as you suspected. If your phone has a lock screen then it won’t let you transfer files to a computer without first unlocking the screen. Sometimes when a display screen goes out the touch screen may still work and you may be able to still answer calls and if you have an unlock pattern then you might be able to try swiping it, by memory, and then once unlocked you can plug your cell phone into your PC for a computer backup.

      I have actually been talking with another reader about a similar issue for the last few days if you would like you can read the conversation by clicking HERE.

      It’s hard to say with absolute certainty what might have been affected by the drop but from your description it sounds like it might just be the screen itself and I would definitely start there first. It may have been damaged in which case a replacement would be required or it might have just come undone in which case it would just need to be plugged back in or reconnected.

      I hope that helps Pam. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  10. Camera
    Hi, I have a HTC clone, H801+.
    A few days ago, the camera stopped working (black screen)
    I followed your advice to push firmly on the lens and it worked.
    After I’ve done that a few times the front camera stopped working. Now only the rear camera works.
    In the camera application there is no longer a possibility to switch to the front camera. I’ve tried third party apps, same problem. Then I tried a hard reset, which did not solve the problem.
    Could this be hardware related?

    1. Definitely a hardware issue

      Hello Tom,

      From what you described in your very detailed and awesome comment, YES, that is a hardware related issue and there is something physically wrong with your front facing camera. It might not be too costly or too much trouble to fix though as chances are the camera has simply disconnected and it might be as easy as plugging it back into the proper place. If it was an issue with something more serious though like a cheap part that broke or perhaps low quality workmanship such as the piece coming undone and needing to be re-soldered or something else to that effect then it may be more costly.

      If you have a warranty on the cell phone then you can start there, if not then you can take it apart and try to locate and fix the problem yourself or you can take it to a local repair shop and have them take a look at it. Either way it sounds like a piece of hardware is having issues and will need to be repaired or replaced.

      1. Thanks for your reply.
        Thanks for your reply.
        I’ve tried to fix it myself but that did not work.
        I consider to replace the part, do you now a webshop for spare parts for this phone?
        Other problem is the phone volume; voice call is too soft. Is there a solution for this?

        Thanks anyhow.


        1. Finding replacement parts for your HTC Clone…

          Hi Tom,

          Sorry to hear that you couldn’t fix it yourself. Worth a shot though.

          Hum… finding a replacement camera and a replacement speaker for a standard HTC phone is one thing but finding replacement parts may be a bit of a challenge when it comes to repairing an HTC Clone. I would definitely start online and if at all possible contact the manufacture directly. Heck, if your phone is less than a year old it MIGHT be covered under warranty. And if your phone is covered under warranty the phones manufacture should be able to swap those parts out for you at no or little money out of pocket. Clones might be a little different though so I cannot say for sure.

  11. Camera
    When i open camera it gives option “can’t connect to camera” i have fully reseted it but still it is showing same option.. i think it is due to other camera apps.
    but i have fully reseted..

    1. Sounds more like a hardware problem

      Hi aqsa,

      Although that error could be software related or “due to other camera apps”, a message that states that the phone “can’t connect to camera” might mean that the phone cannot connect to the camera, literally. Perhaps the camera itself has become disconnected or has malfunctioned and the phone cannot communicate with the actual piece of hardware. This certainly applies in your case since a hard reset didn’t seem to help fix the problem.

  12. rear camera not working
    only my front camera is working but my rear cam and led flash has stopped,when I open camera app there is no option to switch cameras

    1. That sounds a lot like a hardware problem

      Hi Ravi,

      It sounds like your rear camera might be defective or it is malfunctioning as your front facing camera still works just not the back one. If you tried the advice above, especially the “Hardware issue” section, and your primary camera (usually the better of the two) is still having issues then it’s likely the camera will have to be repaired or replaced.

  13. Hi
    I’ve had a Samsung Galaxy S4 for 2 years now and I’m having problems with the camera facing towards you. The camera at the back of the phone is working perfectly fine however the moment i switch it to the front facing camera it doesn’t work (i see a black screen).
    I was wondering whether you would be able to help me

    1. Samsung front camera shows a black screen


      Sorry to hear that your S4 is having issues. I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 myself so I can certainly put myself into your current situation. It sounds like your camera has an issue similar to Ravi (see the previous comment) in which one of your cameras works while the other does not.

      Lucky your back camera is still functional which has a higher resolution of 13 megapixels as opposed to the front facing camera which is only 2 megapixels.

      In your situation I am going to offer the same advice that I gave to Ravi, make sure to try all of the advice in the article above while paying extra attention to the Hardware section. I have a feeling that the front facing camera has become damaged or has malfunctioned and it will most likely need to be replaced.

      1. The solutions provided by this site is the best
        The solutions provided by this site is the best my phone camera actually start working superb thank you so much

  14. my rear Cam is not working
    my rear Cam is not working properly it works only when phone is under 39 *c or more but front Cam is working perfectly watch to do

    1. Trying to fix the rear camera on your cell phone

      Hi Avi,

      What exactly do you mean when you say that your rear camera only works when the phone is “under 39 *c”? Is it only working at certain temperatures? Interestingly, when I Google “39 *c” I get the speed of light… 39 * the speed of light = 11 691 905 862 m / s. I have a feeling that your phone is traveling at a speed under the speed of light but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

      If it’s a temperature issue (don’t ever put your phone in a freezer/fridge/microwave/oven/etc by the way because it will likely damage the phone) then check the hardware. More particularly the rear camera to make sure it’s connected properly and that there are no signs of damage. From your brief description it sounds like its likely a hardware issue as opposed to a software problem.

  15. black screen on HTC Mini one
    Just wanted to say thanks so much for this article – my HTC Mini One phone developed this black screen on camera problem and following your advice to the Soft Reset – and its fixed it or seem to have.
    Thanks so much.

  16. camera shows a black screen on spice mi506
    Whenever I open the camera on my phone it shows a black screen and the phone keeps getting an error message that says “gallery has stopped unfortunately”. I am however able to capture pictures by using whatsapp. I tried every thing that was mentioned above but the problem remains the same.
    I can’t understand what the actual problem is, please help me…

    1. Make sure that the apps are playing nice on your Spice

      Hi Shubh,

      If the camera on a cell phone works for one app and not another then it’s going to be a software problem as opposed to a hardware issue. If it was a hardware problem and an issue with the camera itself then the camera wouldn’t work at all. This is made more evident by your gallery crashing like that.

      After you have performed the hard reset, as mentioned in the article above, try using your cell phone without downloading any third party applications (especially ones that utilize the phones camera). Perhaps you have an application on your cell phone that’s causing mischief and is preventing other applications from running properly.

      Use the phone as a clean install and see if that helps, afterwards you can try to pinpoint any bad apps by adding them to the phone slowly and then trying the camera to see if it starts experiencing issues after downloading a particular app.

  17. camera
    Hi sir,
    I have an xperia l and by mistake it was dropped on the ground but not very hard. After that my phones battery started to drain very fast and the camera shows a message saying “camera is not available” there’s no physical damage to the phone. Please give me solutions. Thank you.

    1. Trying to fix your Sony Xperia L

      Hi Ankit,

      From your description it sounds like there might not be any visual signs that the phone was damaged but it sounds like the camera was affected by the drop. The camera might have simply fallen out of its proper place or it could have been damaged in the fall, whatever the reason, your phone cannot detect a working camera and that is why it’s giving you that error message. Check out this guide on how to try and fix a smartphones camera paying special attention to the “Hardware issue” section as you may be able to pop the camera back into place. If not then you might need to take the phone apart to take a look and if necessary you may need to replace the camera itself. Hopefully this will help with the power issue as well but the cause for that specific problem might be more difficult to pinpoint and resolve. Try the camera first and then go from there.

      1. Thanks for your support.
        Thanks for your support.
        I tried all the methods but nothing happens. How much will it cost to replace camera.

        1. It depends

          Hi Ankit,

          Prices are going to depend on a few factors; mostly where you get the parts and if you install them yourself.

          Your best bet is likely going to be to buy the replacement parts online and if possible trying to fix it yourself. If necessary you might have to take your phone into a repair shop depending on how the pieces are attached to the phone and if you need to solder them or not.

      2. Hi i just got a galaxy note 4…
        Hi i just got a galaxy note 4 and it works perfectly fine but few days later i opened snapchat and the camera part went black then i went to check my phone camera and it said camera failed so i restarted my phone and the camera worked fine again but sometimes i check the camera and it happened again can you tell me please is it fixable or not? I mean if the camera is broken then it wouldn’t work at all once i restart the phone right? The phone is so new and i never dropped it and what do you mean by third party camera? How can i know if i have a third party app or something? Thank you in advance.

        1. Trying to fix the camera on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4

          Hi Wiss,

          Sorry to hear that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is having trouble. The Note 4 is a good phone.

          It’s hard to tell if the issue with your phones camera is a software or hardware problem but it should be fixable one way or another. If it’s a software problem you should be able to fix it yourself and if it’s a hardware issue then warranty should help to cover that.

          When I mention third party I mean third party applications. Basically applications that didn’t come with your phone but that you downloaded yourself. The default Camera app is Stock and came with your phone, Snapchat is a third party application that you downloaded yourself.

          When your camera starts to have issues if you close Snapchat will the default camera application still work or does it have issues as well?

          If restarting the phone seems to help every time this happens then it’s likely a software issue. If this is the case try uninstalling Snapchat, and then using the default camera app. If it doesn’t work right away try rebooting the phone and then try the camera app again to see if it’s functional if so then you might want to try using the phone without any third party camera applications for a while to see if the issue comes back, if it doesn’t then you can choose to reinstall Snapshap again to give it another go. Snapchat is a pretty popular app though I have a feeling that its developers keep the software for that app up to date pretty efficiently. A simple re-install might do the trick as well.

          If it’s a hardware issue then the camera might not be broken but might just be lose, sporadically getting out of its proper place every so often. If that’s the case then you will have to decide if you want to send it in for repair under its warranty (recommended) or try and take the phone apart yourself to try and fix it yourself (not recommended as this will void the warranty).

          I hope that helps Wiss, if there is anything else that I can do to try and help just let me know.

  18. Samsung Galaxy S4
    Had this problem with my Samsung Galaxy S4. Tried everything on this site except a hard reset.
    Not wanting to do a hard reset I dug around a bit more and found another site that suggested clearing the data. Cleared the cache and data from the app and restarted the phone. All good now.

    1. Fixing a camera by clearing the cache data

      Hi Rex,

      Thank you for taking the time to post this suggestion. I am sure that other readers could certainly benefit from this advice.

  19. Big Thanks !
    Team Thanks !! What a blog .. I was able to fix my Karbonn Titaniunm S5 Camera … Had tried all from Soft reset to Hard reset … Taking Off the battery & Pressing the camera lens Worked 😉

  20. Samsung Galaxy Star Dous Gt-S5280 camera issue
    Hello everyone my Samsung Galaxy Star duos GT-S5282 encountered camera issues like “Cannot connect to the camera” and “Camera has stopped”. I’m using the stock rom and I already did the Factory reset, wiping cache partition, clearing camera cache/data including the gallery, but still the camera isn’t fixed. Can anyone help? Thank you and God bless.

    1. It sounds like a hardware problem

      It sounds like a hardware problem my friend. The troubleshooting that you already attempted should have helped to resolve the problem if it was software related. The camera might have come loose or may be defective in which case the actual camera piece will need to be repaired or replaced.

  21. Thanks a million
    I had a problem with the camera of a Samsung Grand Prime and I fixed it thanks to you. You are amazing :’)

  22. Problem with camera
    I have a problem with my Micromax A71. It fell from my hand and now its camera is not opening. Whenever I go to the camera a logo comes up “gallery stopped working unfortunately”.. can you please give me some suggestions?

    1. This is almost certainly a hardware problem

      If your Micromax Bolt A71 smartphones camera started showing that message right after dropping your phone then it’s almost certainly a hardware problem. The camera may have been damaged in the fall in which case it will need to be replaced, or it may have been knocked loose in which case it will need to be put back into its proper place.

  23. Gs4 camera problem
    Sir I own a gs4 when I open the system camera app it opens but I’m unable to touch anything like camera settings And switching etc.. Only the camera interface is showing..

  24. Mobile Camera
    Thank you. This information was very good and it helped me to get my cell phones camera to work correctly.

  25. Camera Finally Fixed
    I tried resetting phone twice; I deleted cache as suggested from camera app and also from phone
    I connected computer and deleted the files people suggested.. and nothing I was about to order a back camera from ebay.. However.. first, people kept suggesting to delete 3rd party apps but I didn’t have one so ended up trying to add one.

    I added an HD Camera app and boom the back camera started working. I then deleted the 3rd party app and the factory app is now working fine as well. Its like it was getting stuck and routed somewhere by a firewall and reset finally.

    1. That’s an interesting trick to fix an Android camera…

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for sharing what you were able to do to get the camera on your cell phone to start working again. I had not run across that suggestion before and it might just be the trick that someone is looking for to fix the camera on their cell phone. Thanks for the suggestion and for contributing to the site, keep up the great work my friend.

  26. Camera not working
    I dropped my Samsung S4 on the ground and my camera stopped working. I tried restarting and many other ways but it is not working. What can I do?

    1. That’s a hardware problem

      Hi Sap,

      If your cell phones camera stopped working right after dropping the phone on the ground then your issue is hardware related which means that a physical piece of the phone was affected and not the phones software. Restarting or resetting can help solve software problems but it won’t help to solve hardware related issues.

      So… make sure to refer back to the “Hardware issue” section of the article but if the camera wasn’t damaged in the fall (in which case it would need to be replaced) then it may have just been knocked loose in which case it would just need to be put back into its proper place. You won’t know for sure without the phone being taken apart.

      If you don’t feel comfortable taking the phone apart yourself then you can take your phone into a local repair shop so that a professional can take a look at it for you and if necessary help you fix it. Many local repair shops can be quite reasonable as far as prices are concerned, but you might be able to shop around too if the phone does indeed need to be repaired. Or you can always look into trying to repair it yourself by ordering the part online and then looking for some how-to tutorials that can walk you through it. Some replacement parts even come with directions so keep that in mind if you end up shopping for a replacement camera online.

  27. Camera showing error
    I purchased a Lenovo A7000 but after few days it started showing “Error, can’t connect to the Camera”. Have done a factory reset, a battery pull and added third party apps but it is still showing the same error.

    1. It might be a hardware problem…

      Hi Kanika,

      If you have already performed a hard reset then from your description it sounds like there might be a problem with the camera itself. If you just bought the phone then you should take it back as soon as possible for a replacement or refund. If you have had it for a while and can’t return it then looking into your warranty options may be the next best course of action as this issue should be covered under the manufactures warranty.

      Since there is a good chance that your issue is hardware related, don’t forget to review the “Hardware issue” section at the bottom of the article as well. The little trick mentioned in that section might just be what you need to get your camera working properly again.

      1. Thank you so much for the advice

        Hi James,

        I am so sorry for the delayed reply. Thank you so much for the advice. Luckily I will get a new phone as the company has agreed to replace my old phone which was showing the camera error.

        Thanks again. Keep up the good work!

  28. iPhone 5
    Same problem here sir,
    I’ve got iPhone 5 and after few days of updating its OS from 8.1 to 8.3 my phone started to behave weirdly.
    My front camera is working but rear camera has stopped. I surfed to apple support site but there I found I’m not alone. Many owners of iPhone 6 and 6+ are also having such problems. I’m feeling helpless. Is there any solution for this trouble?
    If there then please help I don’t wanna lose my iPhone.

  29. LG G3 camera colour banding
    Hi, my LG G3 has a magenta band on one edge and green on the other edge which is captured on the shot. Zooming in gets rid of this. The weird thing is that the bands aren’t always there… possibly linked to high contrast and low light. Almost ready to change phones because of this even though I love the G3.

  30. No button to change from rear camera to front camera
    Sir I bought a new spice mobile. One day it fell from my hands and from then on my front camera would not work. When I click on the camera button to click selfie there is no button to change from the rear camera to the front camera. Can you please help me?

    1. That is an interesting problem

      Hello Selwyn,

      It sounds like your phone was physically damaged in the fall but I don’t see how this would result in a missing button. A non responsive button or a button that would produce an error message maybe. If the phones front camera is malfunctioning, as you mentioned, then your phone may no longer recognize that there is a front camera (as it’s defective) and that’s why you are unable to “change from the rear camera to the front camera”.

      Perhaps the software on your phone is able to recognize that there is only one camera available on your device and has removed the option to switch between the two as there is really only one available.

  31. Thanks a lot!
    Thanks a lot! It was a hardware problem for me. I already cleaned the cache of the camera and it just came back from a recovery center. So back to factory settings didn’t help either. And the problem was new after getting my phone back. Just a few pushes on the camera itself and now it works again. So happy! So thanks for the tips.

  32. Alcatel One Touch Pop C1 Camera Error
    Hi, I’ve got an Alcatel One Touch Pop C1 and every time I try to take a picture it says “camera error, cannot connect to camera”, I’ve done everything on here and it says the same exact thing, what should I do??

    1. Trying to fix the camera on your Alcatel One Touch Pop C1

      Hello Kayla,

      If you have “done everything” listed above then there is a really good chance that the issue with your camera is hardware related and your phones camera will need to be serviced or replaced.

      If the camera has simply become loose then you might be able to take the phone apart yourself, secure the connection between your camera and your phone, put the phone back together, and have a working camera again. If the camera itself has malfunctioned or is defective then it will need to be replaced with a working unit.

  33. Thank you
    Thank you. The advice about applying firm pressure on the actual camera lens helped me.

  34. Rear camera is not working (micromax a104)
    A few months ago, I dropped my phone in water and then I dried it for a few days during which I once tried to open my camera and it was running well. After a few days my phone was able to dry out completely but when I opened the rear camera it wasn’t working. I also reset my phone but the problem still remained.

    1. Trying to fix the rear camera on your cell phone

      Hi Hussein,

      If your cell phone started having this problem right after being dropped in water then it would indicate a hardware problem instead of a software problem and a hard reset, as you already know, won’t help. Since your camera seemed to work for a little bit I can understand performing a hard reset just as a precaution and to be extra thorough though so good job.

      If you are still having problems with your camera you might be able to use alcohol to fix it but if the camera got damaged by moisture then it will likely need to be replaced.

    Hi. I have a problem with the selfie camera on my Galaxy S5. The top half of the screen is black and the colour and sharpness quality is poor. I don’t recall dropping it but if so it’s in a protective cover anyway. There is a clear plastic screen protector on it too. The main camera works fine.
    Has anybody else had this issue?
    Peter X

  36. Thank you so much for helping
    Thank you so much for helping to solve problems with cameras. It worked on my Huawei.

  37. Rear camera not working but front camera is ok
    Can someone give me advice on how to fix my HTC 816Gs front camera? It cannot switch to the rear camera. I tried so many options but its still not working.

  38. Camera takes pictures but they are black when viewing them
    My phone started having problems when I was using the camera. The view screen would show the what I was looking at throw the camera itself, but when I took the picture it would be black.
    I began flipping the camera to the front camera then to the back camera and after a few times I took a picture and it started working again.
    My problem was solved just by fidgeting.

  39. Thank you! Had a black screen on my Samsung S4 camera – Fixed !!
    Thank you so much! I followed all of your steps for the software – nothing seemed to work. Then, I completed your steps for the Hardware fix – taking the back off of the phone, taking out the battery, and LIGHTLY but FIRMLY pressing the lens on the camera around all of the edges and the middle. I inserted the battery, attached the back, and turned it back on. I loaded the Camera app and VOILA it WORKS! Thank you!!

  40. Ultimate remedies. It worked.
    Ultimate remedies. It worked. I tried the soft techniques first, didn’t work so I opted for hardware stuff. Removed batteries & then pressed the lenses firmly yet carefully and voila ! Its working great as ever. A big thank you to the author & his/her team . Grateful 🙂

  41. Error: Sorry, the camera is not working right nowError: Sorry, the camera is not working right now . you might need to close any other camera apps you have running.?
    How to fix this error on facebook messenger:

    Sorry, the camera is not working right now . you might need to close any other camera apps you have running.

    There are no background apps running, and the apps have all the permission needed.

    Tried restarting, reinstalling, cleared cache and cleared data, still getting the error.

    Anyone having the same experience? Or has a fix/solution?

  42. Thank you so much
    Thank you so much. It’s only happened once and I was worried I would have to buy a new phone but it worked. I don’t know if it will repeat.

  43. Thanks
    You saved my life man…. I just pressed the camera lens and Hurray!!!! It’s working again.

  44. camera
    thank you for this article it was very informative and helpful keep up the good work boss…

  45. Fixed camera unavailable error
    Thank you so much. I tried all the software fixes from your list as well as other forums. I tried just removing the battery and I still got the camera unavailable error. The only thing that worked was your suggestion to squeeze the camera lens. Something must have popped back in to place. I am back in business now. <3

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