How to test the speakers on an Android smartphone

Having audio problems on your Android smartphone? Did the music stop playing? Notifications stop sounding? Did the ringer stop working? No audio on your games or applications? When someone calls you on your android phone can they hear you but you can’t hear them? You might just be having problems with the speakers on your phone.

This article will guide you through the process of testing both the loud speaker, which produces the sound for your ringer, music, games, alarm clock, etc. As well as how to test the internal speaker which is what you hold up to your ear to hear people during a conversation. This test can help to determine whether the issue on your phone is software related or a problem with the speaker itself which of course will help in resolving the issue correctly.

Important Tip: This tutorial is performed using the Samsung Galaxy S 4 Android smartphone and the steps used in this guide will be the same process used for most other Android smartphones but if you have an HTC phone then the process is going to be a little different. If you have an HTC Android smartphone or these directions don’t seem to work for your particular Android phone then I suggest reading How to test the speakers on an HTC Android smartphone. Otherwise read on and enjoy the article.

How to check the loud speaker on an Android smartphone

The best way to check the loud speaker on an Android phone is to access the phones Device Diagnostic Tool and chose to test the speaker.

Quick Instructions:

Home key > Phone > *#7353# > Speaker

Update: The testing code for Samsung smartphones has been changed to *#0*# and is entered through the keypad the same way as shown below and should open a full diagnostic tool. “SPEAKER” will test the loud speaker and “RECEIVER” will test the internal speaker.

Detailed Instructions with Pictures:

Go to the home screen, the screen that you see when you first turn on your phone.

Tap the Phone icon.


Type in *#7353# into the dialer as though you are dialing a phone number.


You will be presented with a list of options.


Don’t get startled and drop your phone on accident! Loud and arguably annoying music should start to play from your phone when you tap on the Speaker option.

Once you tap on Speaker, music should start to play. You can tap on Speaker again to silence the music.

And that’s how you can test the loud speaker on your Android smartphone.

How to test the internal speaker on an Android phone

Quick Instructions:

Home key > Phone > *#7353# > Melody

Detailed Instructions with Pictures:

This is the same process as testing the loud speaker.

The only difference is that instead of selecting the Speaker option, you will select the Melody option.


Music should start to play from the earpiece on the phone and allow you to see if the speaker that you hold up to your ear to talk with people is working properly as well.

Pass or Fail

Sound test works and audio plays

If the sound works and the phone passes the tests then you will know 100% that there is no problem with the speakers on your phone and that the phones hardware is working just fine. No replacement or repair necessary and this will help you narrow down the issue quite a bit.

For example, if the phone has problems playing music but the loud speaker is working properly then it might be the song itself that is not working correctly. Or the source that you got the music from might not be compatible with the music player on the phone. Or the music player itself is malfunctioning and needs to be updated or replaced. If the phone passes the audio test it means that the speakers on the phone are working properly and the fault lies with either a bad file or a software related issue, both of which are easily fixable.

No sound or audio when running the test

So the audio test passes and plays on one speaker but not the other. This indicates that one of your speakers has broken or malfunctioned and will need to be replaced to play sound again. Speakers, like a phones display, can be repaired by the owner of the phone without too much difficulty, but if your phone is less than a year old and has no signs of physical or liquid damage then your phone is still covered under the manufactures warranty and can often be replaced or repaired for FREE. And free is always in my price range. If you’re interested in the warranty route then you might be interested in reading How to file a warranty claim on a mobile phone.

That’s how you test the speakers on an Android phone

That’s all there is to testing the speakers on your phone. As you might have noticed the Device Diagnostic Tool can be used to check many of the features and functions on an Android phone, and now that you know how to use it you have one more troubleshooting tool in your belt.

The Device Diagnostic Tool is by far my favorite tool when troubleshooting common issues on phones but if you are interested in other codes that can be used on your phone then you might be interested in these other Useful and Interesting Star Codes for Smartphones.

I hope that this article was informative and helped you to pinpoint the cause of the audio problems on your phone. If you’re still having issues with your loud speaker then I suggest reading How to fix a phone when its alarm, ringer, and music won’t work. If you’re having issues with your internal speaker which can be one of the most annoying issues you can have concerning audio problems on an Android phone then I suggest reading How to fix a phones internal speaker.

Otherwise I hope that you enjoyed the article, if you did like the article then don’t hesitate to let me know by pressing the Facebook Like button or Google + button below, and if you have any questions or would like to simply leave a friendly remark then don’t hesitate to post a comment below.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day.

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45 thoughts on “How to test the speakers on an Android smartphone”

    1. Testing the Speakers on a Sony Xperia

      Hi Marcius,

      Sony and HTC phones can be a tad different when it comes to device diagnostics. To test the speakers on your Sony Xperia V try accessing your Sony’s Settings go into About phone and then click Diagnostics and then Test Phone. If you don’t see the Diagnostics option under About phone then you can download the Xperia™ Diagnostics app off the Google Play Store. Most of the newer Sony phones have it built in though so try finding it under the phones settings first that way you won’t have to needlessly download an app.

      I hope that helps Marcius, if you have any issues or have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  1. Alyssa Kozlowski

    Hey. Thanks for the tips.
    Hey. Thanks for the tips. I tried them both & I figured out that my internal speaker works, but my loud speaker doesn’t. My alarm doesn’t make sound, my music, notifications, swipe, keyboard, nothing. Is there a way tp fix this issue?

    1. Fixing the loud speaker on your cell phone

      Hi Alyssa Kozlowski,

      When a speaker goes out like that there can be a few causes. Usually it’s because of a hardware issue such as the speaker has malfunctioned, is defective, is lose, or has become unplugged.

      The options available to you are going to depend on your situation. If your phone is still under the manufactures warranty then I would use that first as this is the exact reason why warranties exist in the first place. If however your phone is no longer covered under warranty then you can look into your repair options, which include, trying to fix the phone yourself, or taking it into a local repair shop to have them fix it for you.

      If the speaker is just loose or has come undone then it might be as easy as plugging it back in putting the phone back together and enjoying your now working speaker. If the speaker has malfunctioned or no longer functions for any reason then it would need to be replaced.

      Which you can replace yourself, or take it into a local repair shop to be replaced. The price of the loud speaker is going to depend upon what make and model of phone you have but they are usually very affordable, especially when you purchase them online.

      There is also a very minute chance that it could be a software issue causing problems in which case a quick backup and reset would fix it.

  2. Tests
    Hey, I did what I was told above and I still can’t hear when someone calls me nor can they hear me. What can possibly be wrong?

    1. Did your cell phones speaker test pass or fail?

      Hi Lonese Lang,

      I might need more information to try and help you effectively.

      What make and model of phone do you have? What version of Android is it running on? Who is your wireless service provider? When you ran the speaker test did your cell phone pass or fail the test? Were you able to hear the speakers when running the test?

      If you ran the test and didn’t hear any audio then something is wrong with either the software or hardware of your phone and it might be difficult locating the precise cause. It’s odd that it’s both ways though, usually when hardware issues occur it’s just a single thing that acts up so it’s odd that it would be the speaker and the microphone which could point to a software issue such as an app.

      Have you done anything yet to try and fix it yourself? If so what have you tried so far? Is your Ringer giving you any problems or just the speaker that you hold up to your ear when having a conversation? Can anyone hear you talking to them on your cell phone; is it just a specific person or a group of people or everyone? I would check out some of the suggestions listed in the guides about Internal speakers and Loud/External speakers for some tips as to what it might be and if you have any issues after that then I would suggest you call your wireless carrier to make sure that there isn’t anything on their end that would be preventing your phone from connecting and communicating on their network properly.

        THANKS FOR RESPONDING!!!! I have a Galaxy S4 with Tmobile. My phone passed the *#7353# test. Which was the speaker and melody test. I could hear my phone on speaker and I could hear it close to my ear. I haven’t done anything to fix it. I called 611 and they said they were doing maintenance in the area which was three days ago. I went to T-mobile and they basically wanted me to buy a new phone. She didn’t take her time to even run any tests.

        1. That’s good news! It means it’s not a hardware issue!

          Ok since the sounds test passed it means that your speaker (and microphone) didn’t malfunction. That’s great news it means that it’s either a software issue (which we can fix) or there is something wrong with T-Mobiles network (which they have to fix). Both possible… but since “yes, I see that we are doing maintenance in your area” seems to be a good fallback for many call center reps let’s see if we can’t do everything that we can do to try and fix the cell phone ourselves; especially if they told you this 3 days ago.

          By the way do you have audio issues everywhere or only at home? If it seems to only happen at one location then it may indeed be a down or degraded tower in need of maintenance. If you’re driving around town and it doesn’t matter who you call they can’t hear you and you can’t hear them then it’s likely a software bug which we can fix.

          So let’s get started…

          Power cycle – First things first and believe it or not this might just fix it. Power your phone off, count to 30 out loud, power it back on and then make a call to see if it’s working again. This forces your cell phone to reach out to the network and re-establish a connection with the closest cellular tower. This can also help solve minor software glitches. So turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4, wait a bit and then power it back on then test it.

          If that doesn’t work do this…

          Boot into “Safe mode” – This will boot your phone without any unessential apps. If you downloaded a bad app that’s causing mischief then make a call while your phones in safe mode. If the call goes through properly while in safe mode and you try again when not in safe mode and it doesn’t work then BINGO bad app and you can start uninstalling recently updated or downloaded apps until you find the troublemaker.

          So to boot the Galaxy S4 into safe mode you need to turn it completely off. Once it’s off all the way turn it back on like normal by holding the power key. BUT once the Samsung logo pops up you need to immediately press and hold the Volume Down button and continue to hold the Volume Down key until the phone boots up completely. If done successfully then the word “Safe mode” will appear on the bottom left hand corner of your screen and the phone will be running in Safe mode. So try and make a call and see if it works. Note: to get out of safe mode you simply need to restart your cell phone.

          Try those two things first and if you still have audio issues then let me know as we might need to perform a full backup and factory reset. Don’t worry though, it’s not as scary as it sounds and ill help walk you through it if we need to. Let me know either way Lonese Lang, I look forward to your reply.

          1. I thought it only happened in the house

            I thought it only happened in the house but when I was walking back home one day it was working and that probably was a mile a way from where I live. I tried the “power cycle” and it didn’t work. The “safe mode” trick didn’t work either.

          2. It’s sounding more and more like a network problem

            Hey Lang,

            If your cell phone seems to work properly elsewhere, away from your home, then that could be a good indication of a network issue as it might mean that T-Mobile may not have a cellular tower close enough to your house to get a proper connection. Or that the closest cellular tower is having problems and does in fact need maintenance.

            How many signal strength bars do you get on your Samsung when you’re at home? When talking on your phone do you have any other audio issues? Do you ever hear a robot like voice or static or any other types of audio distortions when trying to talk on your cell phone or is it just silent on both ends? Has this issue been happening since you purchased your phone? Does it seem to happen on every call or only sometimes or does it only happen when talking to specific people?

            It’s sounding more and more like a problem on T-Mobiles end, which stinks as there is little that you can do on your end to try and fix it. It might even be a configuration problem with the phone line on your account. T-Mobile’s network might not be communicating with your specific cell phone properly in which case you would have to call into their customer service department and hope to get a decent rep that knows how to check your IMIE and make sure that your phone is registered and connected properly and of course how to fix it if its not.

            Let me ask you this as well… does anyone else in your home or neighborhood use T-Mobile and if so are they experiencing any issues when talking to others on their cell phones?

            If you want to pretty much rule out your cell phone as the culprit you can perform a full backup and then a factory data reset which will wipe everything off of your device but if trying “Safe mode” didn’t help then chances are it’s not an issue with one of your apps or something that you put onto the phone and a reset might not help to fix it. Try giving your wireless service provider a call again and start bugging them a little to see if they can get everything connected and working like it supposed to.

            I hope that’s somewhat helpful Lonese Lang, if you have any more questions or if there is anything else that I can do to try and help just let me know.  

          3. Only one other person…

            Only one other person in the house has T-mobile and her phone is working perfectly fine & No this issue started when I was in the mall one day. Thank you so much. You’ve been a big help to me. I’ll just have to call #611 or go to back to T-mobile to resolve this issue.

  3. fixed my sound problem thx
    Thank you! This fixed my video sound problem. I checked the sound as you said but got no sound at all…totally dead sound. Then I rebooted my phone and after that I could play my videos again of my grand baby and voila! I have sound. I have a Samsung Note 3.

    1. I am glad that this helped fix your sound

      Hi Chris,

      I am happy to hear that this article was able to help you resolve the audio issue on your Samsung Note 3. Thank you for taking the time to post the comment not only to let me know what phone this helped to fix but to show your gratitude as well. I greatly appreciate it. Enjoy your Samsung Note 3 and if you ever have any more issues with it then don’t hesitate to stop by again and ask.

  4. Bottom speaker

    I am having a crazy problem with my HTC Desire 610 bottom speaker. Today I figured out, that high speaker is working perfectly, but the bottom was quiet.
    And now I spend a lot of time of searching how to fix this, and I find your page. I play some music on phone and then I went on my keyboard because I want to call that to test my speakers. And when I have pressed *, it started to play very loud and bottom speaker was working again. But when I press any other number or button for next track, it becomes silent again and bottom speaker is not working. And again when I press any number, it becomes louder.

    I am very comfused. 🙂

    Please, help me. Thank you.

    1. Trying to solve crazy HTC speaker problems

      Hi Nastasja,

      Ok, so let me make sure that I understand the situation correctly. The HTC Desire 610 has the two front-facing BoomSound speakers and the top speaker located above the display screen seems to be working but the bottom speaker located below the screen and the HTC logo will sometimes function correctly while at other times it does not want to work at all. You mentioned pressing the “*” key so I assume that you ran a star code test for your speakers during which the bottom speaker seemed to work as it should.

      Are you playing the music from a media file that you downloaded to the phone or are you playing it through the diagnostic tool? If the speaker works when using the music of the diagnostic tool then chances are very good that there is nothing wrong with the speaker. If this happens when playing music or sounds that you added to the phone then it might be that audio file itself that’s the problem.

      If the speaker seems to work and then briefly cuts off by itself or if it cuts off when you gently shake the phone then it’s likely the speaker is going out and will need to be replaced. I also assume that when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work at all? Or is the speaker working but it just seems to be faint or stuck at a low volume? Have you heard any distortions or unusual sounds lately?

      I might need a little more information and a few more details to narrow down the precise cause but if it seems to be working correctly during a diagnostic sound test then your HTC’s Speaker is likely functioning as it should.

  5. HTC sound not working properly for youtube and music etc

    I really need help with my android which is a HTC… when I turn on the music app which is already installed onto my phone when I buy it, I press the play button on my phone and then sometimes it plays out loud and then plays quiet as if I have earphones plugged in. It keeps going loud and then quiet loud then quiet. I tried plugging in the earphones and unplugging them but it didn’t resolve the problem! Please help I don’t know what to do!!!

    1. It sounds like your speakers are malfunctioning

      Hi Jenny,

      From your description it sounds like your speaker is starting to go out and as such it is beginning to have noticeable audio problems. Where you able to test the speakers on your HTC with the phones diagnostic tool? I don’t know what model of HTC you have but try accessing this feature by typing in *#*#3424#*#* into your cell phones dial pad as though you were dialing a telephone number.

      Run the test (if your phone lets you) and if the audio issue still occurs then the speaker on your cell phone is defective/malfunctioning and will most likely need to be replaced.

  6. Help!

    I was completely desolate till I came across your site. I am hoping you can help me. I have a Huawei Ascend u8833, which i successfully rooted and installed Slimkat Rom. Everything was awesome till yesterday when I was misadvised into flashing Xperia apps (album,movie,walkman). I lost all sound, no incall volume or keypad tones, alarms, etc. I have rebooted and done a factory reset but nothing. I have also deleted the apps using Slimsizer but still no sound. What to do? The code stated on your thread doesn’t work on my phone. Please help.

    1. Trying to get the sound to work again on your Huawei Ascend

      Hi Sourpops,

      You’re in a difficult situation to be my friend. A hard reset or factory data reset is not going to resolve your problem because a reset simply removes all user data from the phone and your problem is software related (a reset won’t affect the current OS on an Android device). Which I suppose is a good thing as if the issue was hardware related you would have to replace the speaker on the phone and since this is software related you should be able to resolve it by flashing a fresh copy of software to your android device.

      I try to avoid giving advice when it comes to software manipulation and customization but to fix your issue you should be able to flash the phone with a fresh installation of your phones original software or custom software or an up to date version of stock software released by Huawei for the Ascend u8833. By re-flashing the phone you should be able to remove the currently malfunctioning software and replace it with a clean installation and that should fix the sound on your device.

      I hope that points you in the right direction. One of the coolest things about Android devices is the ability to tinker with its software but make sure to always use caution when doing so or you can run into all sorts of annoying problems.

  7. failed!
    I tried to dial *#7353# but it keeps on saying connection problem or invalid MMI code. I have a good connection but why does it keep on happening? Please help me! My phone’s speaker is not functioning whenever I make a call.

    1. Trying to test your smartphones speaker

      Hi Meri,

      What make and model of cell phone do you have? Your phone might require a different STAR CODE in order to run a diagnostic test on the speaker. If your phone is an HTC then try using *#*#3424#*#* instead of *#7353#. The interface might be a little different but there should be an option to check the sound in that diagnostics tool as well.

      If your phone is not an HTC then let me know what it is and I will try and track down the proper way to run the diagnostic test on your phone. Feel free to also check out the full list of Smartphone Star Codes as well.

    1. The star code may not be available on that cell phone

      Hi Praveen,

      The star code used to access the sound diagnostic tool on many Android smartphones may not be available on your Nokia. Sometimes star codes are hit and miss when it comes to Android phones manufactured by Nokia.

  8. code does not work
    The *#7353# code and the HTC and Motorola ones you also suggested don’t work on my phone.

    Have lost all sound though phone can still vibrate. LG E460 make.

    Put in *#06# code that l found on a different website and up flashed a 15 digit MME number. Then l was asked to type it into an unlocker site which would give me the unlock code (not sure if this is the same as the device diagnostic tool code) for £8!

    Haven’t done this as am unsure if this is the code l’m looking for and £8 seems a bit steep.

    Please help if you can.

    1. Testing the speakers on your LG

      Hi Icer,

      Yeah, *#06# is the star code used to display the device identifier on most Android smartphones. You can read more about this in what is the purpose of a device identifier but basically your IMEI or MEID number is unique to your cell phone. No other cell phone should have that unique number. This number is used for many things and one of those things is to unlock a phone allowing it to be used with other wireless carriers.

      Feel free to look over this list of popular star codes for other cool star codes and what they can do, but as far as accessing the diagnostic tool on your LG E460 in order to test its speaker, LG phones are kind of like Nokia phones… hit and miss when it comes to star codes. If the ones in this article don’t work then you might have to assume that the speaker has gone out and then act accordingly.

      1. Thanks for taking the time to reply

        I had looked at the other article you posted re: star codes and tried various. Only the *#06# did anything.

        No worries James, thanks for taking the time to reply, it’s much appreciated.

        Best wishes


  9. Alcatel problem
    Hi, thank you for your tips but unfortunateley they didn’t solve my problem.
    Hope you have some extra advice for my case 🙂

    I have Alcatel One Touch Pop C7 for 2 months and everything was great.
    Recently, I noticed that my front speaker stopped working during calls ( back speaker and headphones work perfectly). I guess it’s software issue because speaker works from time to time. I also did factory reset but nothing happend.
    I can take it in for repair, but I would like to fix it by myself if possible.

    If you have any idea or advice for my case, please share it.
    Thank you and have a nice day 🙂

    1. Trying to fix your Alcatel’s speaker

      Hi SappyCat,

      Sorry to hear about the speaker on your Alcatel One Touch Pop C7. If you did a hard reset and it didn’t seem to help then it may not be a software problem, in fact if it works sometimes and not at other times then it could be that the speaker is loose or malfunctioning in which case it would be a hardware problem. If you would like to fix it yourself and have done a hard reset already then the next step would probably be to take the phone apart and take a look at the actual speaker itself.

      If you don’t see anything unusual, like something lose that you can secure back into its proper place, then you may need to replace that speaker. I wish you luck with your Alcatel’s speaker my friend and hope that you have a nice day as well.

  10. I did the test but strange enough…
    I did the test but strange enough I heard a song play and noise came out through my external volume on the back, but when I clicked on the speaker option no noise came out. My phone has a problem with the external speaker. It Doesn’t Work.

  11. Ace 4 Main Speaker Issue
    OK so I got an Ace 4 not long ago and everything seemed fine for a day or two then the main speaker would stop working so I couldn’t hear phone calls, texts etc and when it had done this I would go to the phone diagnostic (I use *#0*# instead but its more or less the same thing) and the speaker test would not work there. However if I try to make a call and push the loudspeaker button in a call the main speaker would output that audio just fine. Doing a restart fixes the issue for a variable amount of time. I sent the phone back to my provider and they gave me a brand new phone (same model) and after a day or so the exact same thing started happening. I sent the second phone to Samsung for repair, they said they couldn’t replicate the issue and had reflashed and updated my phone but the same issue reoccurred and has continued only about 24 hours after having it back again.
    As Samsung and O2 my provider both seem to be scratching their heads I wonder if there’s anything you can suggest?

  12. Thank you very much for this useful tutorial.

    Thank you very much for this useful tutorial. I own the Samsung Galaxy S2 and tried your code *#7353# – it opens the menu, but when I choose “speaker” from there, no sound comes and the phone remains silent. But when I choose “melody” a song begins to play. So what would that mean – if “speaker” doesn’t produce any sound, but only “melody”?

    My second question is with regard to the “internal speaker” – I thought my phone has only ONE speaker, but not an “internal speaker” and another one. The sound coming from choosing “melody” on the menu – does it come from the “internal speaker” or another one?

    I would really appreciate your answer.

    1. It sounds like one speaker is working while the other is not…

      Hello Andreas,

      If “Melody” works and produces sound while “Speaker” doesn’t produce any sound it means that one of your phones speakers is working while the other speaker is not working. More specifically your internal speaker that you hold up to your ear during a call is working but the loud “Speaker” which your phone uses for its alarm clock, speakerphone, ringer, music etc. isn’t working.

  13. Samsung Note 3 earpiece problem
    I got water in the earpiece of the phone and then it showed the earphone connected icon. I took the earpiece out dried it and reinstalled it, no joy. The phone thinks it has earphones connected so can only listen to music videos with earphones plugged in. I bought a new earpiece and installed it , still no joy, updated software, still no joy, factory reboot, still no joy. However both speakers are working, new earpiece and bottom one works when you put speakerphone on. So i think its a software issue. No new apps or anything. How do i repair the file or app for the earpiece????

    p.s the most informative site I have found so far by far!!!!

    1. Trying to fix a your Samsungs audio jack

      Hi Graham,

      Thank you for the kind words. I do try to make this site as informative, helpful and as easy to follow as I can. So thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it.

      If this happened right after water came in contact with the speaker then it’s almost certainly a hardware problem. Believe it or not you’re not the first person to have that happen to their cell phone and if you are lucky you might be able to fix it without too much of a hassle. Take a look at this post from a few days ago. She had the same exact problem on her Samsung Galaxy S4 and was very happy when she managed to fix it. I am hopeful that the advice that I gave to her will work on your cell phone as well.

      Good luck my friend and don’t forget to let me know if it works or not.

  14. Samsung galaxy s2 d710
    External speaker doesn’t work, though ear speaker,vibration, and headphone jack work fine. Replaced the loudspeaker module with no change in performance. Could there be another issue? Perhaps the connection from the speaker to the phone or the strip with the home button (which seems to be fine though sometimes thinks I’m pressing the search button when i haven’t)
    thanks in advance

    1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Loud Speaker

      Hi Nathan,

      That’s possible… There is a slight possibility that it could be a software problem (which a hard reset would often fix) but more often than not the situation that you described is often hardware related. If you replaced the actual external loud speaker itself with a working replacement then it could be the connection between the speaker and where it connects to the phones motherboard or possibly an issue with the motherboard itself… hard to tell.

      Does your cell phone have any signs of liquid or physical damage?

      Since your search button is acting up as well I am leaning more towards an issue with the phones hardware, what part of your phone that’s having these problems I cannot say though. You might have to take your Samsung into a local repair shop so that a tech can take a good look at it in person to see if they can find anything out of place or anything that could be causing the problem.

      Sorry to hear about your Samsung Galaxy S2 Nathan and I am sorry that I couldn’t be more helpful. Try performing a backup and reset if you have not already done so, you might get lucky and If you do discover what is causing this to happen then don’t hesitate to come back and post a follow-up on your situation. You might be able to help another person having the same problem.

  15. Internal speakers not working
    I had my phones charging port repaired and ever since then whenever I receive a call I can hear the party calling but no one can hear me. I’m wondering if the repairman disconnected my speakers by accident. I’ve run the speaker and melody test as you suggested and they performed well. Thanks in advance for your help. Love your posts.

    1. You might have the right idea

      Hi Calvin,

      If you can hear the phone ring when somebody calls you and if you can hear the person talking when having a conversation with someone but they cannot hear you then your speakers (both the loud speaker and internal speaker) are working correctly. Your phones microphone however may be a whole other story and you may be onto something if this seemed to happen right after having the phone serviced.

      The technician who worked on your phone may have accidently disconnected your phones microphone when he was working on the charging port and you might want to consider contacting whoever repaired your device and ask them if they could just check it to make sure that everything was put back together again properly.

  16. Samsung Galaxy S4 Internal Speaker malfunction
    Hi there! I have tried all of the tests, and I am having trouble still with my internal speaker. When doing the melody test as well as any phone call, there is sound present, but it is very soft. All of my volume buttons are turned up as well. I tried using an air duster in the speaker with no prevail. Does it sound like I need to replace the speaker, or just have it professionally cleaned? Thanks so much!

    1. Speakers barely work and at a low volume

      Hello Ashley,

      From your description it does sound like your speaker is probably starting to go out and will likely need to be swapped out with a working speaker in order for your audio to function properly again.

  17. This was very helpful
    This was very helpful. I now know that the speakers are working but NOT why I couldn’t hear a thing when using the speaker on a phone call today.

  18. Thank you so much.
    Thank you so much. I was in a dilemma whether I need to give my phone for servicing, realized there is nothing wrong with my handset. Thanks to your interesting tricks.

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