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  1. sim card error
    I get message that no sim card error message. If i restart it it works for awhile and then get message again any suggestion on what to do?

    1. Yep, everything listed on this page

      Hi Vickie, if you can get it to temporarily start working by restarting your phone then it MIGHT be a software issue on the device. Do the Full Backup and Factory data reset on your phone and see if that helps. If your HTC One X is still giving you SIM card error messages then try adding some tape to the back of your SIM to try and make a tighter fit, this should help with your issue, enjoy.

  2. When none of the above resolves the problem
    I *think* I may have tracked down a fix for this in cases where it isn’t a loose sim card connection.

    I did all the usual ‘sticky tape on back of sim’, ‘hidden menu reset’, ‘factory reset’,’airplane mode on/off’ to no avail. The following information, however, seems to have solved the problem, for me anyway.

    The following information is cut and paste from an article posted at androidpolice. I won’t link it directly as that may be considered rude here.

    “It turns out that the problem is actually a combination of two bugs, one in the Android framework and one in the radio software, each ultimately causing the radio to crash and restart..”
    If you are suffering from this bug, there are some workarounds available today. To begin with, many people have been able to prevent this issue by setting the radio to ‘WCDMA only’ instead of the default ‘WCDMA preferred’. Keep in mind, this setting will only last until you restart your phone, at which time it resets back to default. Here’s how:
    Open your phone dialer
    Enter: *#*#4636#*#*
    Tap on ‘Phone information’
    Find the ‘Set preferred network type’ dropdown
    Change the selection to WCDMA only

    You may wish to try the above and, if it works on your device, you can either flash a fix which is discussed on the original article, or I guess it will be addressed in the KitKat upgrade. Hopefully.

    1. That seems to be more of a network related issue…

      Hi Mrgoatboy,

      I looked up the article that you referred to in your comment, as the steps you provided seemed to be geared more towards fixing a network related problem as opposed to a SIM card related issue. And though SIM cards are directly involved with communicating with the wireless network that they are associated with and if a SIM card is malfunctioning you will have network related issues the topic described in that article is a little different then the issue covered in this article.

      That article mentions a common issue on the Nexus 4 when running on Android 4.3 and suggests that other phones can also experience an issue which seems to result in a sudden loss of cellular connection. If your phone is sporadically disconnecting and reconnecting with your wireless provider most likely even showing a “No Service” or Emergency Calls Only” error message (which would also be shown if the phone was having problems with its SIM card) then the steps mentioned in your comment might be a good temporary fix for the issue.

      If you are getting SIM error messages however then changing your phone to use the WCDMA network type instead of the default settings probably isn’t going to help solve the issue. I am glad that the article you mentioned helped you to solve your network problem though, as network problems can be real troublesome and hard to fix.

      Thank you for contributing to the site and have a fantastic day my friend.

  3. Bad design for the tray – shorting SIM?
    I’ve been having this problem with my 1X+ with more and more frequency recently.

    Similar to what James Bond said about adding a piece of tape to the back of the SIM card, I did that, but I also added another step.

    If you look at how the SIM card fits in the tray, you will see that on one side, the contacts of the SIM card get really close to the metal frame of the tray. I’m wondering if this is shorting the SIM and causing it to lose connection with the network.

    So, I put a sliver of tape over the contacts of the SIM card to prevent the possibility of the contacts touching the metal frame of the tray and put a piece of tape on the back of the SIM card for a tighter fit.

    Hope it works because it’s really annoying to have to keep restarting the phone.

    – Charles

  4. Bad tray design…
    Shouldn’t that equal the manufacturer refunding or replacing the handset with a non-defective unit at no charge? Similar to a recall on a car, just without the risk of imminent death… Which hopefully doesn’t exist with a normal phone, day to day.

    1. Yep

      As far as repairing or replacing the phone at no charge… Technically yes, it’s called a warranty. But manufactures rarely admit to an overly common issue with their phones, and if there is a common problem then they MIGHT notify their warranty departments to help the customer avoid the hassle of the standard troubleshooting or advise them on what NOT to try when troubleshooting as it could make the problem worse.

      For example if the touch screen seemed to be malfunctioning on a certain model and it was unresponsive in a particular area of the screen because of a hardware defect and the warranty agent performs a hard reset in the belief that it could be the result of a software problem it could make the situation worse as the phones user may not be able to select the options to re-setup the phone again afterwards which may put them in a bigger bind because now the phones owner cannot even rotate the screen to answer phone calls from the functioning part of the touch screen. So the phone goes from an extreme inconvenience to totally non functional. But I digress.

      Take comfort in the fact that sending a phone in for repair or having it replaced not only costs the manufacture and possibly your wireless carrier money but also puts a bad stain on both of them as well. Bad PR and upset customers costs companies big bucks in the long run.

      All you can really do to avoid such issues yourself is thoroughly review and research a phone before buying it.

  5. HTC One sim card contacts damaged
    Hi there,

    A couple of weeks ago I got the ‘no sim card detected message’. I took the phone into Vodafone and they gave me a new sim card. Once activated this still did not work so I went back again. They put the sim card in another phone and it worked fine which indicated it wasn’t the sim but the phone.

    I contacted HTC and they were more than happy for me to send the phone in for repair subject to their assessment. I have had the phone for a year now and its been great.

    I was contacted by HTC who stated that the damage to the phone was not covered by the warranty and would be charged to me to fix if i wished to proceed. I wasn’t actually given an estimate in the email they sent out or a description of what was wrong with the phone.

    I contacted HTC again and they finally sent me a picture which showed the contact points on the phone to be damaged which was indicative of moisture damage. Given that the phone spends its life in my pockets / on my desk I found this hard to believe and was a little disappointed that HTC wouldn’t budge on their stance on not fixing it for me. I don’t hear of anyone else’s smart phones just stopping working or having issues with moisture getting into the contact points. Surely this is a fault with the phone and not user damage? I would happily have claimed on the insurance and not bothered with HTC if I had felt the damage to be my fault.

    I am now in the position of having to either pay for the repairs which i am still waiting for a quote on or claim on my insurance. A little disappointed to be honest and will re-think which phone i get next.

    1. Trying to fix your HTC cell phone

      Hi there Will,

      Sorry to hear that your HTC One is having issues. SIM card issues are one of the most frustrating types of problems to have on a smartphone as it results in no service. What is the point of owning a cell phone if you can’t send messages or even make and receive phone calls?

      When a cell phone manufacture (not just HTC but most major mobile phone manufactures) receive a cell phone for repair under the warranty the first thing that they do after pulling it out of the box is inspect it for any signs of physical or liquid damage. Since warranty only covers manufacture defects the manufacture is no longer responsible for the phone, even if the damage has nothing to do with the issue. If it has damage of any kind the warranty is void.

      Most cell phones, especially HTC cell phones, have at least one LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker(s) which change colors if the phone is exposed to enough moisture to cause damage. This is what manufactures usually look at to determine water damage but they also look for corrosion, rust, or buildup throughout the device especially on the charging port, the battery connection leads, SIM card connect points, and the SD card leads. If they find any signs of damage then the warranty is void.

      Moisture or liquid damage can be a funny thing too. You don’t have to drop your cell phone into liquid for your cell phone to become liquid damaged. If you have your phone in the bathroom when taking a shower (a lot of people like to listen to music on their cell phones when taking a bath or shower) then the condensation can get into your phone and cause damage. You know how mirrors get all foggy right after taking a shower? Imagine all of that moisture in your cell phone.

      Not to mention sweaty pockets, wet clothes from rainy weather, etc. there are thousands of things that can cause water damage to a cell phone and many of which can happen without us even thinking twice about it. If it happened to my awesome Samsung Galaxy S4 I would be surprised too because I baby my cell phone, but it could happen to me as well. I think a protective case is always a nice investment not just for the big things like dropping your phone accidently but also the unforeseen circumstances that can happen to our cell phones through everyday use. But I digress.

      If I was in your position I would wait for the estimate from HTC (which is probably going to be more expensive then the issue warrants) and then weigh that price against your insurance deductable. Insurance would likely be my preferred method as many insurance claims come with an extended warranty option.

      Besides you might even be able to fix the phone yourself. Depending on how bad the contact points are you might be able to get a pink eraser (like off a #2 pencil) and just clean off the metal to the point where the connectors will make contact with each other again. Some 99% alcohol might do the trick as well; check out how to fix a water damaged cell phone for some more information about this option. Then if you cannot fix it yourself you can file an insurance claim and get another unit.

      Try not to be too angry at HTC, most manufactures have the same policies on these types of things and even though HTC is no longer MY favorite cell phone manufacture (it’s probably my 4th favorite) they are not a terrible company to do business with and their smartphones are usually pretty decent.

      Good luck Will, I hope this helps provide you with some ideas on what options might be the best for your current situation. Don’t forget to come back and let us know what option you ended up choosing to go with.

      Thanks for visiting the site and if there is anything else I can do to try and help just let me know.

  6. Aris Koutsoutis

    I want to thank you

    I want to thank you for your suggestion on fixing the HTC One X. My phone was driving me nuts!!!! It’s been just over a year since I had this phone. I love it except for the problem of telling me emergency calls only and no sims card! In the last year I have two phones, and 3 new SIM cards and 2 new trays. I have another year on this phone so I was very frustrated. Well… the tape worked!!!! I can actually talk on the phone again and text without it going to emergency!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    1. HTC One X – Your welcome and thank you as well

      Hi Aris Koutsoutis,

      Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation and for letting me know that the suggestions in this article were able to help you fix your HTC One X. I am always grateful for a friendly or kind comment and really appreciate the acknowledgment.

      So thank you Aris, I hope that your HTC One X works perfectly for many many years to come.

      1. Aris Koutsoutis

        Not enough people say thank you

        James you’re welcome… Not enough people say thank you but are quick to criticize

        Again thank you for having the site in the first place…. I went all day today without having to restart it or go to emergency calls only! One aggravation relieved. Lol. Have a great day!

    2. It appears the tape works
      It appears the tape works more than any other remedy. I myself had the same sim/emergency call error and yes, the tape and cutting away the outer worked!! I have never gone three days without the error and now I have.

  7. Showing emergency calls only
    Mine is a dual sim … previously i was using samsung galaxy y in that both of my sims were working good
    but after inserting both of my sims only 1 sim is working other one (bsnl) showing EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY.
    I also checked the card slots its working fine if i put in the other sim.
    Again i put the bsnl sim in my old phone its working but showing error in my new phone ………
    Kindly give suggestions to solve this issue……….

  8. HTC ONE S sim tray contacts damaged
    It seems that MY HTC ONE S is not detecting sim view one of the sim tray contacts if I am not wrong (the VCC one ) has got eroded. Can we fix this with some jumper or anything ? as the service centre has indicated their inability to carry out any repairs. if yes, someone may pls guide me on this


    1. That’s a good question.

      Hi Sandy,

      That’s a good question.  I suppose it might depend on how “eroded” the piece actually was… If you think that it might be repairable then I would take it into a local repair shop and get a second opinion and if possible an estimate.

  9. Will anything happen to my apps…
    Will anything happen to my apps if I reset the phone? Is there any chance of me losing anything if I do what you said and then reset? Just want to be sure before I do it; have had to Many problems with losing things over the years…

    1. Yes, No, Mabye 🙂

      It kind of depends on what “apps” you are referring to. A factory reset does remove all user data from a cell phone so if you have downloaded any apps from the Play Store then you will likely have to re-download those apps again. If the app came pre-installed on the phone then you may need to install a few updates but you won’t necessarily have to reinstall the app again. Trying to backup as much information as possible before performing a reset is usually a good idea and isn’t as hard as you might think.

      You can check out How to backup and reset an Android cell phone for some tips and suggestions on the backup process or even this Hard Reset FAQs Guide for more information about what gets affected when resetting a cell phone.

      I hope that helps.

  10. Cant make or receive calls on an htc one vx
    I have a similar problem. I have the HTC one vx. Everything works fine except I cannot make or receive calls. I can send messages receive messages get on the internet, anything. I have changed the SIM card, SIM card also works in another phone. I have done the tape trick. I have done a master reset. Nothing has worked. When I try to make a call it just says dialing for about 15 sec, then the the service goes completely away, drops the call and then the service comes back! I need help please! Any advice?

    1. That’s a tough one…

      I am not 100% sure, but if I was to make an educated guess as to what was causing this to happen I might guess that it could be a communication issue with that particular cell phone and your wireless account. Perhaps a configuration error between that phone and your wireless provider such as the system not updating your IMEI number properly like it’s supposed to, or perhaps a feature not updating properly or something to that effect.

      Since you tried your SIM in another phone and it worked, it doesn’t sound like an issue with your SIM card and this helps to rule out some issues in regards to your carrier. A master reset should have resolved any software problems with the phone itself. You said that other services were working properly; this is where it gets a little iffy as this could point to the phone or the service as being the cause.

      Since it’s not likely that the SIM card is the problem the tape trick isn’t going to help. If I had to guess I would guess that it’s an issue with your phone connecting to your wireless carrier properly and when it all boils down to it it’s a service related problem. This is an unusual problem and you might have to talk to a few different tech representatives to find one who can help you fix it. Just write down your phones device identifier before calling and have the problematic phone with you so that you can provide any other details or information from the phone that they might ask for and to make some test calls during or after troubleshooting.

    Ok, I tried the tape at back of sim card holder. Didn’t work. I then cut the SIM card so that both edges of the gold contact plates were equally visible (as someone else posted here, one side of the sim holder is thicker where it displays the IMEI number), and I then put it in with the tape at the back. Didn’t work. I THEN got a little paperclip, which I was using anyway to pop out the sim card holder, and gently pushed the wire into the gap, making sure it rubbed against the contact points inside (you can hear it when it touches) – I gently pushed it in and out, rubbing it against all the contact points (3 or 4 I think) for a minute. I THEN taped the back of SIM card to the holder, making sure none of the gold bits were taped over, but it felt quite secure. Popped it in expecting NOTHING, and suddenly, little message at bottom of screen “Preparing SIM card” – Finally! After about an hour wondering what to do (and searching unlock sites that I knew would not do anything) a little bit of sellotape and scissors, and a paperclip did it! Thank you for this website and webpage 🙂

  12. Karen Halloran

    SIM card error
    “And if you have no service then what’s the point of having a mobile phone?”

    I’ve used my HTC one X plus as an extra device for over a year for services only requiring wireless, ie. streaming music, fitness apps, etc.

    The No SIM card error comes up and I’d like to disable it. It’s more of an irritation than a functionality issue.

    1. When is a phone not a phone…

      Hi Karen,

      You are not the first person to use their cell phone as a multimedia device, especially if you have access to a Wi-Fi connection. You could use it to listen to music and use it as an MP3 player, you could stream movies and videos, use it for its multitude of apps, and plenty of other things.

      But you’re right any error message, especially this one, could be extremely annoying and I don’t blame you for trying to resolve it. Do you know if your HTC One X Plus still has its original Sim card or any Sim card for that matter? Are you able to try the suggestion in the article above in an attempt to get just a better fit of that Sim card allowing the phone to hopefully and at the very least read it properly?

      Short of unlocking, rooting and granting yourself super user access on your phone in order to try and disable that error message (which might be a tad risky as you might accidently cause more problems than you are attempting to solve) I’m not sure how else you would be able to “disable” that error message.

      If you do discover a clever way to disable that error message, then please let me know what you end up doing because I’m sure that there are a lot of other people who would like to accomplish this goal as well.

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