I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone

If you need to hold your charger into the charging port of your mobile phone a certain way in order to charge your device properly then this article might be just what you are looking for.

As you know if you can’t charge your phone then it’s going to run out of juice and you’re not going to be able to use it! Wasting time re-adjusting the charger every night before going to bed can most certainly be pretty frustrating, especially if you have to do it every night; this is something that you’ll want to fix which is most likely why you’re here. In this article I will go over possible causes and solutions to get this issue fixed and your phone charging correctly again.

Check for Damage

If you were charging your phone and it dropped off the dresser, then something inside the charging port on the phone might have snapped or become damaged. Turn the phone over and look into the charging port, look for anything bent, broken, missing, melted, any burn marks, etc. if you see anything like that then we’re in trouble. It will most likely constitute physical damage and not be covered under your warranty, this piece can also be difficult to replace on your own, so you might have to file an Insurance claim if you have it, or look into other out of warranty options. You can read about other options here. If you don’t see any signs of damage proceed to the next step.

Check the Charger

Sometimes chargers just stop working, or you’re using a charger that’s not approved by the manufacture of the device, such as a car charger, and it has stretched the charging port on your phone a bit. Check your charger(s) and see if anything seems out of ordinary on the part that actually plugs into the phone. If there’s dirt or grime or it looks unclean then clean it and see if that helps. PS don’t use water to clean it, try to use alcohol or a non conductive liquid, also make sure the charger is not plugged into the wall when you’re cleaning it. You don’t want to short it out, or more importantly get electrocuted. 

If the charging plug looks bent or broken, then consider buying a new charger. They are actually very affordable. Just check out Amazon and you’ll get a charger for a very reasonable price, chances are you’d be surprised how affordable they are. Just try and get one made for or by your specific phones manufacturer, for example approved for Samsung phones, or HTC phones, or Nokia phones, LG phones etc. some phones don’t play well with chargers made for other devices, or universal chargers.

If the charger looks fine then, try another charger, if the other charger works fine then it’s the charger and all you have to do is get another one. You can get one for cheep online or maybe even free under your warranty. Just contact your wireless provider and tell them your phone has NO DAMAGE, and that the charger that came with your phone stopped working, that you tried a friend’s charger and it works fine, if you’re under warranty then chargers and batteries are usually covered. See if they can send you another one. It’s usually FREE, and free is always in my price range.

Try charging it elsewhere

Try not only charging it in a different wall outlet but try charging it trough a computer. Smartphones usually have the data cable and wall charger together, gently pull the cord and the part that plugs into the wall away from each other and see if its two separate pieces. Then plug the data cable into a computer and also into the phone and see if the phone will charge correctly. Sounds strange but this can sometimes resolve the issue.

Software vs Hardware

If your phones just not charging then perform a backup and reset on the unit, it could just be a software bug or virus, and a reset should fix it. Now if the phone is charging correctly when you adjust the charger that sounds hardware related meaning a physical piece on the phone or charger is malfunctioning and will most likely need to be replaced.

Cannot fix it

If you haven’t tried a different charger, or don’t have another charger to try, I recommend going down to the phone store and trying one of their chargers, just to see if it is a charger issue, if it is then you can buy a charger there and have a working charger that day, or go home and buy one online most likely a lot cheaper, but you’ll have to wait for delivery. 

If it’s not a charger issue and the phone is still malfunctioning and not charging properly then I suggests you read I can’t fix my phone, now what should I do? the post goes over warranty, insurance, repair, and replacement options that are most likely going to be available to you.

Word of Advice

IMPORTANT: Remember that if you get a replacement phone through warranty or Insurance you can charge up your battery in that replacement phone when you get it, then place that now charged battery into the defective unit in order to power it on. That way you can save and or transfer your information from your original phone to your replacement phone.

Also note that if your charging port is malfunctioning then you’re most likely not going to be able to save your information to a computer through the use of your data cable. Having a memory card might be your best option as far as saving and transferring your pictures to your replacement. If you don’t have a memory card I suggest you get one, they can make your life so much easier. If you would like some tips and suggestions I recommend you read about what memory card would be right for you.


I hope you enjoyed the article and that you’re now able to charge your phone properly. Enjoy. And remember not to text and drive, it’s dangerous. Also don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and check out some of the other articles we have on the site, chances are you might learn something about your phone you didn’t know before. Thanks for reading and I hope you have an awesome day.

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8 thoughts on “I have to hold my charger a certain way to charge my phone”

  1. My charger port
    I dropped my phone on the kitchen table but it didn’t fell on the floor, so when I tried to charge it, it wouldn’t let me charge it, so I had to charge my phone a certain way. Can I get my charger port replaced?

    1. Repairing it might be the best option

      Physical damage voids your warranty BUT if there are no visible signs of damage then you could look into trying to file a warranty claim.  If it has any signs of physical or liquid damage, whether it is around the charging port or not, then you won’t be able to get it repaired by the manufacturer, at least not for free, if you have insurance on the phone you could file an insurance claim but that can be pricy too…

      Try another charger first. Unless this issue happened RIGHT AFTER dropping it on the table and you know for certain that it’s the phone that’s having the issue. If that’s the case then it’s a hardware issue and is going to have to be repaired or replaced.

      As far as replacing the charging port though that is going to depend on what kind of phone you have, and might not be as easy as replacing a touch screen or LCD screen. If you have trouble finding the parts or if you’re not confident in your own repair skills you can also look up local repair shops and get some estimates. Taking it into a mobile repair shop could be cheaper than an insurance claim or buying another unit all together so keep that in mind as an option as well.

      Sorry to hear about your misfortune in that your phone is not charging properly. Don’t forget to come back and let us know what you did to solve it, and don’t forget that investing in a good case for your phone is NEVER a bad idea.

  2. My phone only charges with an old charger from a different phone
    The problem is I need to plug my phone into the car when I am working so as to use the GPS all day. I cannot get any other charger to charge my phone except for a really old one my son had from a previous phone. Weird, I know. I use this one odd charger at night but none of the new chargers work–as if they do not fit into the port just right. Any suggestions?

  3. Solution
    I found a spot on the charger that was ripped and to fix it I just had to tie the wires back together after stripping them and hold it with tape, it worked perfectly.

  4. My phones screen is cracked
    My phones screen is cracked and i tried to charge it but it wouldn’t and when i used another one it still didnt work

  5. Can’t charge it
    I’m 13 so I’m like very clumsy with my phone. I dropped it about 10 times but the screen is perfectly fine. But I tried to charge it before, and I had to hold the plug to the left. Then I just got annoyed, so I taped it to the phone. And then it was getting bent more, I tried charging it with every charger I had, (I suppose about 6 chargers.) and they charged for about a minute, and then stopped charging. I haven’t fixed it yet, but now it’s completely dead, and I can’t charge it at all or power it on. It has an SD card, but it’s the tiny one, a microchip I think, so I can’t insert it into the computer and I’m really sad because I had all my photos on it :c . It’s an LG phone, and the Model is LG730. Please help me.

    1. Getting your phones battery to charge again

      Hi Amy,

      Even though you have a MicroSD card you can buy an adapter for it so that it will fit into a standard SD card port on a computer. So don’t worry about all of those photos; all you need is an adapter.

      As far as your phone… that might be more difficult to try and resolve as it sounds like your charging port is damaged and will need to be replaced, which isn’t always an easy task, especially if the parts need to be soldered together and chances are your phone will likely need to be taken/sent in for repair.

      Now a little work around that you might also want to consider is buying an external battery charging dock… this would allow you to charge your phones battery outside of the phone and then once its charged you could insert it back into the phone and Voila your phone will be fully charged and you could avoid using the phones charging port all together.

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