Saving pictures from an Android Phone to a Memory Card using ASTRO File Manager

Having problems finding an easy and efficient way to backup your pictures and videos onto your Android phones memory card? You’re not alone. Some phones just aren’t very user friendly when it comes to managing content.

Luckily there is a very user friendly app out there to help us not only back up pictures and videos, but allow us to move other files as well. Best of all its FREE!

Download the Application

Play Store– start by accessing the Google Play Store, if you have not yet accessed the Google Play Store and downloaded apps then it might be labeled as “Market” instead. This icon can usually be found on one of your homepages or under the phones applications. If you need to then setup the Google Play Store so that you can download the app.

Search – in the upper right hand corner of your screen you’re going to see a little magnifying glass which will allow you to search for apps.

Search for “File Manager” – this will load up a lot of apps that will allow you to move or transfer files on your phone and memory card. Many of them will work for what we are trying to accomplish but ASTRO File Manager is one of the best.

Click on ASTRO File Manager – open the ASTRO File Manager application so that we can install it.

Tap Install – select the install option to install the app onto your phone, you might need to click on the “Accept & download” button as well and then wait for it to download.

Open ASTRO File Manager

Then setup the App – click open, then tap accept on the user agreement, and then tap ok if you get a thank you for using ASTRO message.

Manage My Files – if there is an option to manage my files then click on it and open it up.

Select DCIM – the DCIM folder holds all of the pictures and videos that you yourself took with your phone. Look for that DCIM folder/icon and open it. note: there are often 2 separate dcim folders on phones. One is located on the phones internal memory (the phone its self) and one on the External memory (the SD card). you want the one that’s located on the phone its self.

Select Camera – look for the Camera folder on that page and open it up as well. Note: it might not say camera depending on your device, but it should have your pictures in that folder. Click on that folder.

Admire your photos – you should be able to see all of your photos on this page.

Tap Multi – look for a Multi option which will allow you to make multiple selections. It’s at the top of the page.

Select All – tap on Select ALL so that you select all of the pictures in your camera folder. You might have to press on your menu key to get the edit and select all option depending on your device. Usually it pops up on the top by its self though

Copy – Once all your pictures are selected you’re going to want to tap on the Copy or Move option. (I prefer making a copy for safety reasons, no big deal but… select the copy one.)

Up – Tap the up button a couple times to get back into your top folders (It’s on the top of the screen). Look for the “sdcard” (the SD Card is your Memory Card).

Tap sdcard – tap on the SD Card option when you see it and open it up.

Paste – Tap paste (it’s on the top) to move all those pictures you copied to your memory card.

Go into your files option then sd card and it should show all the files on your memory card including the ones you just moved. You can move pretty much any other files the same way, should you need to move your music or other information over as well.

Anything saved on your memory card will be safe now should you need to perform a factory data reset on the device or should the phone malfunction.

Your device and method of backup might be Different

The instructions above are the typical method for using ASTRO to manage your phones content, some phones are structured differently and thus might require some different steps. Just remember that you’re trying to find the pictures stored on your phone and move them to your memory card.

If you open ASTRO and simply see 2 options like “SD Card” and “Ext SD Card” then you’re going to want to open the SD Card, find your photos or media files, select them, and then move or copy them into your Ext SD Card.

Sometimes it might read Internal Storage and External Storage etc. ASTRO lets you see your files so that you can locate them and move or copy them accordingly. You might have to do some searching and browse through the folders and files on your phone until you find your media, then once you locate your media or information use ASTRO to move/copy those files.

Additional Things to Consider

DON’T FORGET to set the default storage location of your camera to the memory card so that when you take a picture or record a video it will automatically save it to your SD card and you won’t have to worry about moving anything over again. Plus it will help you free up more phone storage. Just open your Camera > Settings (looks like a gear icon) > Storage Location > SD Card (Memory Card).

If your memory card is getting full don’t forget to plug your phone into the computer to copy and paste your media onto your computer so that you can do some cleaning on the memory card and phone. Things can add up pretty quick and you don’t want to need to be able to take pictures and not be able to simply because your Memory Card is full. If you have an older memory card and it’s only a few GBs then you might want to consider upgrading as well. Check out what memory card is right for you.

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