Tips on How to Fix a Broken Phone

Is your phone broken? Does it have signs of damage? You might be able to fix it. Here is a list of options that should be of use to you and save you some time and money.

If your having issues with your phone and have not dropped it or got it wet, or if you don’t think its damage that’s causing your issue then it might be a software issue. You should try backing up the device and performing a full “factory data reset” also known as a “master reset” a “master clear” or “hard reset”. If you have an Android Smartphone then you can follow the steps provided in the article on How to Backup and Reset an Android Phone.

If you have tried that already, can see any physical damage, or know that its physical damage, or liquid damage and you don’t have insurance, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

Let’s see if we can’t get it fix or repaired.

Cracked Screen

Cracked screens are some of the most common types of physical damage on phones, especially Smartphones. Have you ever seen an iPhone older than a year or two that didn’t have a cracked or shattered screen? If you have then chances are it probably had a pretty good screen protector on it. If you just got your phone and or don’t have a screen protector you can find some of the best ones on Amazon.

Accidents happen, and cracked or shattered screens happen often, but don’t despair this can actually be repaired by just replacing the screen itself. Don’t panic! It’s not as hard or as expensive as you might think. Just do a Google search for replacement screens or check out they have really affordable replacement screens and a pretty good selection as well. Plus the screens come with any tools you might need and a guide on how to install them, which is obviously very helpful. If you don’t get the replacement screen(s) at Repairs Universe then try to get the part(s) that come with an instruction manual and the tools needed to actually install it.

Also keep in mind that if you have a Smartphone like an iPhone an Android phone or Windows phone etc then it might have multiple screens. For example it might be the touch screen that’s cracked or the actual display underneath. If the LCD screen is damaged than it can prevent you from seeing videos, images and other media clearly. If the touch screen is damaged then you’re going to be having lots of problems navigating your device properly, if at all. So think about the piece that you’re actually going to replace on the screen so that you know what part(s) you’re going to have to look for.

Internal Speaker

Having a hard time hearing others talking when you’re holding your phone up to your ear? Does is happen on every call? Do you have to use a headset or use your speakerphone to hear others talking? Well if they can hear you and you can’t hear them then it’s kind of a one way conversation and that doesn’t work to well. You also don’t want everyone to be able to hear your private conversation because you’re forced to use your speakerphone. This issue is the result of having a malfunctioning Internal Speaker also known as the Earpiece Speaker and the actual hardware has or is going out. This too is replaceable, and actually quite affordable. Usually it’s less than $15.00 for a replacement earpiece speaker, don’t spend $50 + for an insurance claim or hundreds of dollars for a replacement phone when all it’s going to take is $15. Again check out Repairs Universe for some affordable replacement earpiece speakers or try to do some shopping online. Remember try and get the tools and the instructions if you buy from a place other than Repairs Universe.

External Speaker

Has your phone stopped ringing? Will it not play music anymore? Is the Speakerphone not working? Is the alarm clock not waking you up because it won’t produce any sound? Well guess what, your external speakers gone out.  The External Speaker or Loud Speaker isn’t as important as the internal speaker but can most certainly cause issues for you. How can you answer a call if you can’t hear it ringing? This piece is replaceable as well, and run around the same price range as the internal one. For about $15.00 you can get a replacement speaker. Check out this page for some selections and prices on replacement loud speakers.

Cracked Back Plates and Battery Covers

Accidently drop your phone and crack or damage the back plate? This can cause some problems especially in regards to keeping your battery from not falling out. The last thing you want is to be on an important call and plop battery falls out and the call is lost. There are a few options as far as getting a replacement battery cover. You can contact the manufacturer who made the unit, check on Amazon, or perform a Google search.

Dings Dents Scratches and Cracks

It happens. Everyone drops their phone at one time or another, if you haven’t dropped your phone yet then give it time because you will. Always invest in a good case for your phone, in fact I consider a good case more important than phone insurance for the device, but that’s a topic for a different post.

If the shell or casing on your phone is a little beat up and you want something more presentable or maybe want to sell it and get more money for it then you can look into actually buying replacement housing for the unit. This is also a good option if you bought a used phone and want to start using it yourself or give it as a present to someone else. You can check for replacement housing here, here, here, or here, or if you want try to just do some shopping online.


These can be a little more tricky to fix and or replace but not impossible. If the navigation buttons at the bottom of your phone have stopped responding or the keys then do a search for “flex ribbon cable replacements” for your device.

Batteries and Accessories

Batteries, chargers, data cables, cases, earpieces, don’t last forever, and sometimes need replacing. There are tons of places to get replacement parts for these things. I usually recommend you search online. Some of the best places to start looking are places like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy, or just doing a Google search and start shopping. Don’t buy used batteries to save money, buy them new, when it comes to accessories you usually get what you pay for, and again shop online stores can gouge your wallet.

Liquid Damage

Now, damage caused by moisture or liquids can be pretty hard to fix. If you’re having any of the issues above then just replace the part causing problems and you should be good to go. Liquid damage can however cause all kind of problems the majority of which are power related. If your phone is randomly powering off, powering off and on, will not power on at all, not recognizing your charger, not charging at all or especially overheating, whether it’s overheating while in use or overheating when charging these problems can all point to liquid damage as the culprit.

To check your phone for possible liquid damage all you need to look for is the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker. Since liquid damage is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty most phones have a little sticker on them that changes colors if the device is exposed to any liquid or moisture. The LDI can be located in many places. It’s often located in or near the phones battery compartment. Take your battery out of the phone, if you can, the phones battery should have an LDI on it as well. It’s going to be either a little rectangular strip or a little circle. Its natural color should be white, if your LDI is pink or red then somehow liquid or moisture got into the phone and probably caused the damage.

If this is the case and your device will not power on or is having power related issues because somehow the phone has liquid damage then chances are the motherboard or charging port is damaged and you should look into filing an insurance claim or start looking for a replacement.

Keep it affordable

So when it comes to fixing a phone yourself it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to do so. It can most certainly be more affordable than buying a new phone or filing an insurance claim you can be sure of that. It’s also not as difficult as you might suspect either so don’t panic, just follow the instruction manual or guide provided with the replacement part(s) and you should do fine.

I hope you enjoyed the article and hope even more that you were able to save yourself some money. Enjoy your phone, don’t text and drive, and thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Tips on How to Fix a Broken Phone”

  1. black box?
    Does any phone have its “own” black box per say? After ANY type of damage to your phone…can contents, personal information be retrieved?

    Ex. Say it was sent back to the manufacturer and a tech tries to fix the phone? Does it have some type of hard drive that cannot be destroyed by any type of damage… like a black box on an airplane/jet?

    1. Black box
      Some phones offer programs and apps that will automatically back up your information. A lot of them link to a Google account. I recently had a scare with my phone, but upon combing my gmail, I found all of my contacts backed up in it. Most of my pictures from my phone were too. I would just look up apps that will back up your stuff, like the Cloud, or Google, but choose carefully. Good luck!

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