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  1. Transfering contacts
    About a month ago, the lock screen on my old phone froze up and it won’t unfreeze. I tried everything and it won’t unfreeze, so I can’t enter my password and cannot get into the phone. So I would like to know if there is a way to transfer my phone numbers to my new phone.

    1. Trying to salvage your contacts

      Hi Chris,

      You will need to be able to unlock your phone in order to pull contacts from the phone… You won’t even be able to pull contacts off of the phone through a PC unless you can unlock it…

      If you happened to save a copy of your contacts to an SD card before you got locked out of the phone then you can remove that SD card from your old phone place it in your new phone and then import the contacts that way but if you never saved a copy of your contacts to the card previously then this option won’t be available to you.

      Your best bet is going to be to log into the primary Google account on your new phone that you had set up on your previous phone and hopefully your contacts will be stored on that Gmail account. If they are then this should allow you to re-sync your contacts to your current device.

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