How to check the Android software on the Samsung Galaxy S 4

Do you want to check and make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S 4 is up to date on its current software? Good Idea! Samsung is actually one of the best phone manufactures to keep their phones updated with current and top end software. Another feature that makes Samsung phones so awesome. So if you have just upgraded your Samsung Galaxy S 4 with the latest software and want to make sure that it installed correctly all you need to do is make sure that your Android version is up to date.

So let’s check and make sure that your Samsung S 4 smartphones firmware is up to date.

Quick instructions:

Home key > Menu key > Settings > More > About device > Android version

Detailed instructions with pictures:

Start by going to your home page.

Simply tap the big button on the bottom center of your phone, that’s your Home key.

Then tap your Menu key.

It’s located to the left of your Home key; it might be hidden until you tap it.

Tap on the Settings option.

Tap on the More Tab.

(upper right next to the Accounts tab)

Scroll down and click on About device.

Then scroll down once more until you see your phones Android version.

At the moment (Aug 2013) Android version 4.2.2 also known as the “Jelly Bean” is the latest version of the Android OS (Operating System). So this phone is up to date.

If your phone is showing a lower number than 4.2.2 (or the latest android release) then you might want to consider manually checking for firmware updates in your device settings.