How to find the IMEI number on the Sony Xperia M Dual

Looking for a few ways to find the IMEI number on a Sony Xperia M? Look no further. This guide will demonstrate, with pictures, three different methods that you can use to locate the IMEI number on a Sony Xperia M Dual Android 4.2 cell phone.

Finding the IMEI using the Dialer

One of the fastest and easiest ways to find the IMEI number on the Sony Xperia M Dual is by using its Keypad.

Quick Instructions:

Call *#06# as if you were dialing a telephone number. The IMEI number(s) should automatically pop up.

Detailed instructions with pictures:

Start by going to the Home page of your Sony Xperia M.

The Home page is the main screen that you see when you turn on your cell phone. You can also access this screen easily by pushing the Home key which is located in the bottom center of your cell phone.

Once on the Home screen press the Phone icon in the bottom left of the display.

Make sure that the Keypad tab is selected at the top of the screen and then type in *#06# into the dial pad.

The IMEI number(s) should automatically pop up.

If you have a duel SIM phone and your cell phone allows two different SIM cards then your phone will actually display 2 unique IMEI numbers just like the image below.

Locating the IMEI though the Settings

You can also locate the IMEI number(s) for the Sony Xperia M through the settings as well.

Quick Instructions:

Home > Apps icon > Settings > About phone > Status > IMEI

Detailed Instructions with pictures:

Go to the Home page and tap on the Apps icon.

The Apps icon on the Sony Xperia M is located above the Home key; bottom center. The icon looks like 9 white dots stacked on top and next to each other 3×3.

Tap on the Settings icon.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap About phone.

Select Status.

Your IMEI number should be displayed on this screen.

If you have a dual SIM like the model that we are using for this guide then you can view either IMEI numbers by clicking on the SIM1 or SIM2 tabs at the top of the display.

How else can I find the IMEI number?

What if my cell phone won’t power on? What if the touch screen isn’t working properly? What if my screen went black and I can’t see anything on the screen much less the IMEI number? Well there is hope.

If you cannot access the IMIE number by using the dial pad or through the settings then it should also be located on the back of the phone. It will be printed on a sticker within your cell phones battery compartment.

Simply take off the back plate, remove the battery, and look into the empty battery compartment. The IMEI number(s) will be printed on that label along with other information about your cell phone.


I hope that you enjoyed this guide and found it helpful in locating the IMEI number on your Sony Xperia M cell phone.

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