How to Setup a Static IP Address on the Samsung Galaxy S4

Having problems with the Wi-Fi internet on your Samsung Galaxy S 4? Are you getting an “Obtaining IP address” message but cannot get your phone to connect to your home network or router? Setting up a Static IP address on your Android Smartphone might be the solution to your problem. This article is a step by step guide with pictures showing how to setup a Static IP Address on the Samsung Galaxy S 4.

This guide can also be used as a reference for other brands of Android Smartphones running on Android Version 4.2 Jelly Bean (or similar Android OS versions) as well.

How to setup a Static IP Address – Android Version 4.2

Quick Instructions:

Settings > Connections tab > Wi-Fi > Select the Network (hold down) > Modify network config > Show advanced options > IP settings > Static > Type in desired network information > Save.

Detailed Instructions with Pictures:

Tap the Menu key under the devices display (bottom left).

Tap Settings.

Make sure that the Connections tab is selected (upper left).

Tap Wi-Fi.

Tap and hold the Network that you want to use a Static IP Address on until additional options appear on the display.

Note: if you see a “Forget” option then you didn’t hold your finger down on the network long enough.

Tap Modify network config.

The phone will display 2 available options. Show password and Show advanced options.

Tap Show advanced options.

To adjust your Proxy Settings.

Note: you do not need to change the proxy settings on your phone in order to set a static IP address. But I am going to briefly demonstrate the process should you choose to do so.

Tap on the Proxy settings option shown, the default is usually set to none.

Select Manual.

Scroll down and enter the information for the Proxy you would like your phone to use.

To set your static IP Address

Tap IP settings.

DHCP is often the default setting used.

Select Static.

Tap on the fields that you want to edit and set manually.

Type the desired information provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Click Save.

And you’re Done!

Wi-Fi Problems

If you are having issues with your Android phone not connecting to a wireless network and setting the phone to use a Static IP Address doesn’t help solve the problem then I recommend that you try some of the suggestions listed at How to Fix the Wi-Fi on an Android Smartphone.


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39 thoughts on “How to Setup a Static IP Address on the Samsung Galaxy S4”

  1. Hi
    I upgraded my HTC Desires HD with version 2.3.5 to Android to 4.1 version using the jellyBean update,and ever since then my phone has no access to network and audio,bluetooth are not working,I have rebooted several times its still not working .It kept showing things like ,unfortunately the process has stopped ,unfortunately the messaging has stoped ,unfortunately the linkedin for HTC sense has stoped and sim card added restart your device to have access to mobile network,which I have done countless times .please I need your assitance.

    1. I have seen that happen before. Do this…

      Hi Vanessa,

      I have seen those types of things happen before after performing an update to a newer version of Android. It’s probably a conflict with some of the apps on the phone not getting along with the new software. Often a simple reboot (like you did) will cause the apps to reach out to the Play Store and download the latest updates for the apps in question which can smooth everything out. If however one of the problems is accessing a network or internet then the phone won’t be able to do this and you and your phone are left with a Catch-22.

      It could also have been a hiccup when updating. Either way there is a solution which I am 95% sure will fix your issue. What you need to do is perform a full backup of all important data on your phone and then perform a factory data reset. It sounds a little extreme as it erases all user data from your phone but it’s really not as complex or complicated as it seems. Just follow that article, make sure to backup everything you wish to keep, and do the reset.

      This reset will wipe the slate clean and take the phone back to like new condition with the new Android 4.1 Jellybean Operating System. A hard reset or factory data reset will not convert the phone back to the 2.3.5 version; the phone will remain on 4.1. If possible I recommend performing a reset by a Wi-Fi as it will make the setup process a little faster, but Wi-Fi isn’t required.

      This should fix your phone right up and you might even notice an increase in speed and performance. Best of all there will be no more error messages and everything should run a lot smother.

      Let me know if you have any questions Vanessa, but I’m pretty confident this should resolve your issues and get your HTC Desires HD up and running properly again.

      1. Hi
        Thanks for your help, I did as you instructed and it worked, my phone works perfectly well and its still on the 4.1 Android device which I upgraded to. But there are still some issues, my backup did not work I think I did it the wrong way, so I lost all my details, like twitter, whatsapp, Facebook and my Google Play Store etc. I tried installing them again, it kept saying that its already installed and I can’t find them on my desktop page, please what do I do?

        Secondly I tried installing the BBM on my phone but it says that its incompatible with my device, why is it so? Does this mean that my Android 4.1 device is too low? Please I await your reply.


        1. Your Welcome Vanessa

          Hi again Vanessa,

          I am glad I could help fix your phone and I’m glad that it’s working properly again. Let’s see if we can’t get some of your information back to the way you had it, if not better than before.

          The first thing that you need to do is log back into all of your accounts. So sign into your primary Gmail account, your Twitter, Facebook, etc. This will re-sync a lot of your information back to your phone and will help recover a lot of your data in a matter of minutes.

          Now, if you already logged back into your primary Gmail account, which it sounds like you might have by the description in your comment, then sometimes your Gmail will re-download your contacts, calendar, and applications for you and they might already be back on your phone. So when you accessed the Play Store to download your app again and it says that it’s already installed then that might be why.

          Google probably reinstalled it for you when you signed in after the reset. Isn’t Google’s Android OS and Gmail amazing. This is great for when you first by a phone because after you log into your Gmail during the phones first use setup everything is waiting for you when it boots up. But I digress.

          So the apps are most likely already on your phone they just don’t have shortcuts on your main screen yet, so here is how you can link them to your home screen or as you said the “desktop page”.

          Tap on your Apps, and look for the applications that you want on your main screen. You might have to scroll through some pages of apps to find them (remember they are alphabetically organized). Once you find an app you want to be able to access from your main screen just press and hold your finger down on the icon and the phone will let you drag or pin it to the main screen. It’s as easy as that.

          As far as the BBM, I am assuming that you are referring to the BlackBerry messaging application, it should work on your unit as it requires Android 4.0 and up which includes your phones Android 4.1. just make sure its not downloaded already. If it is downloaded and on your phone then try to use that version of BBM and if it won’t work then try re-installing it from the Play Store again. You might even have to uninstall it to re-install it if it gives you any trouble.

          But that should pretty much get you taken care of Vanessa. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for visiting the site and enjoy your HTC Desires HD on the 4.1 Jelly Bean.

          1. hi

            My application list is empty, how do I sign into my gmail account? And my Google play store is no longer on my phone I lost everything. I am really confused right now.

          2. Hi

            I still can not see my apps, its obvious that they are on my phone but I can’t seems to find them, my app list show empty and can’t download the BBM on my phone, its still saying that its incompatible with my device and it allows 4.0 device to download and mine is 4.1 don’t know what’s going on. I have run out of ideas on what to do, please where are your HTC office located so I can take the phone to them to work on it.


          3. Hi again Vanessa

            Hi again Vanessa,

            There should always be a list of application on any stock Android phone. It sounds like you might just be having trouble locating your list of applications correctly. I don’t have access to an HTC phone so I cannot take screenshots or I would create an article for you showing you step by step with pictures. So I will try to explain as best as I can.

            Your app list is often available through one of your desktop icons, sometimes it will simply say Apps, if you cannot find that icon on your desktop then on many HTC phones to access your apps there are three buttons on the bottom of the main screen, on the far left there is a button with a triangle inside of a circle, in the center there is a big Phone button, and on the far right there is a button with a “+” symbol on it. These three buttons are shown on the display so you won’t be able to see them if the phone is powered off. To access your applications all you need to do is tap that far left button that has a triangle inside of a circle. A page will pop up and at the very top of the page it will say “All apps”.

            On that page it will show you many icons; the Play Store will be one of those icons/applications. So look for your apps there, remember they are alphabetical.

            To log into your Gmail account, go to your desktop/main screen and tap on the Menu button which is located on the bottom of the phone. 6 Options usually pop up after pressing the Menu key. Tap the bottom icon on the far right that says “Settings”. Tap on “Accounts & Sync” (it might just say “Accounts” now that you’re on 4.1). Tap on “Add account” and then “Google” then Sign in using your original Gmail account (you don’t want to make a new account). Chances are your phone asked you to sign into your Gmail account already when you were setting it up again after the reset. If so, then when you go into your Accounts and Sync it should show your Gmail account on that page.

            As far as BBM… how are you trying to download it? If you cannot locate your Play Store to search for and download apps from Google then you wouldn’t be able to find the BBM App to even try and download it… make sure you are trying to download it through the Play Store. Maybe that is why it is giving you an “incompatible” error message.

            As far as my HTC office… You made me smile because I don’t have any. I’m just a guy that knows how phones work and I know how to usually fix them. I also like helping other people so I made a website to put my skills to work. I do not get paid to assist people with their phone issues. I do it because I like helping others, and I do it for free. I might put a donate button on the site someday but helping others is its own reward.

            If you still have issues navigating or finding things on your phone then contact your Wireless Service Provider and ask if they have a close location to your home that you can go into and get help in person. I have no idea where you live (and don’t want to know, that’s private) but they will have your billing address on file (or you can tell them your location) and they can tell you where the closest office/store/building is that you can go into for face to face assistance.

            I hope that helps Vanessa, good luck my friend.

          4. Thanks so much
            Thanks so much, I have been able to install all my apps, and I have also installed the BBM on my phone its really cool and my phone work perfectly fine.

          5. I am glad to hear that

            Hi Vanessa,

            I am glad to hear that everything on your phone is working properly and is back to the way you want. Thanks for coming back to the site and letting me know. Enjoy.

  2. not working
    hello!! i tried your steps and luckily, i have the internet. but, when i went to google, i can’t go in there. it says WEB PAGE NOT AVAILABLE. what should I do?

  3. Help Me Out Pls D:
    I Need Your Help. I Do Understand What You’ve Written But The Problem Is: I Can’t Even Connect The Wi-Fi Meaning It Will Keep Saying Like “Optaining Wifi” Which Never Loads.
    Can You Help Me? Pls, If U Wanna you can email me.

    Thanks, Lily.

    1. Trying to fix an “Obtaining IP” error message

      Hi Lily,

      “Obtaining Wifi” or “Obtaining IP Address” can be an extremely annoying issue to have on a smartphone, as I am sure you already know. But setting up a static IP address (as shown above) can help to fix this problem. Were you able to setup the static IP address on your phone and wireless network?

      If you didn’t get to this page from reading How to Fix the Wi-Fi on an Android phone then make sure to refer to that article and follow the other suggestions mentioned when fixing the Wi-Fi on your Android phone, especially if you were able to setup the static IP address and your still having problems with your phone not wanting to connect properly.

      I actually published an article yesterday which offers some additional suggestions concerning Wi-Fi issues on an Android smartphone, as sometimes it’s not always the phone that’s the problem but it could also be a setting on the router or modem that needs to be tweaked. I suggest trying to troubleshoot your phone first by following the advice listed in the article previously mentioned but if those troubleshooting tips don’t seem to help then you might need to do some Advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting on your wireless network itself.

      Good luck LilyTheTester, and if you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

  4. Save button is not active
    Save button is not active, it’s gray. BTW it’s the same way as in your screenshot. How did you manage to save the static settings? No matter what I enter in the WLAN settings, I can’t edit/save ANYTHING. What can I do? Thanks for your help!

    1. Saving the settings when setting up a Static IP Address

      Hi Flip,

      To edit the values when configuring a Static IP Address just click on the field that you need to change, type in the desired information, and then the phone will allow you to save the data you entered.

      For example once you get to the last step (mentioned above) and have selected to use Static IP settings as opposed to the default DHCP IP settings then you could tap on the field that shows the “IP address” or “Gateway” or the “Network prefix length” or the “DNS1”, “DNS2”, etc. enter the value that you need it to be, click save, and your done.

      I hope that helps. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

      Oh, and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  5. Thanks for the quick reply.
    Thanks for the quick reply. Found the answer in the meantime. It sounds trivial, but during my research I learned that many users experienced the same problem. With most smartphones your described way works, however with some there is the problem that edits can’t be saved as save button is grayed out. The solution is simple: the wifi password has to be entered in the respective field (in spite of the default copy saying that you don’t have to. After entering the password everything can be saved :).

    Happy new year!

  6. I can’t connect wifi after update to 4.1.2 using sony xperia tx
    Hi James..

    I’m having problem with wifi after update to jellybean 4.1.2… every time I connect to wifi.. it just “saved”.. and never connects to it… i reset my phone several times but still the same problem.. plz help me..

    1. You should be able to fix it, try this…

      Hi RJ,

      Interesting issue, updates are supposed to make the phone run better not cause problems. I have actually heard of this type of thing happening before. It is pretty uncommon but can happen.

      Since you have already tried to setup a static IP address and you have “reset” your phone, I am assuming you factory data reset and wiped it completely, I am going to have you skip the Wi-Fi troubleshooting for your phone, and I’m going to have you skip these steps to resolve issues after a software update. I do however recommend that you check out your network settings.

      I know, I know, your network was working fine before you updated your phone and logically the cause should reside on your Sony Xperia TX but I have seen a few cases where changing the settings on your wireless network will allow your phone to connect properly once again.

      Check out this Advanced Wireless Network Troubleshooting Guide for some suggestions on what settings to check and possibly adjust to get your cell phone to connect to your Wi-Fi. I think that checking and adjusting the configuration of your wireless network using the suggestions in that article will help you with your particular situation.

      Good luck RJ, and don’t forget to come back and let us know what setting you changed on your wireless network to resolve this annoying issue. If you have any more questions then don’t hesitate to ask.

      1. i just followed all the methods…but not working
        hey..i followed all the methods..but not working..i dont understand..why i cannot connect to my home wifi but i can connect to tethering wifi hotspot???

      2. Hi James..
        Hi James..

        I’m having problem with wifi after update to jellybean 4.1.2… every time I connect to wifi.. it just “saved”.. and never connects to it… i reset my phone several times but still the same problem.. plz help me..i already have done ip address static ,,,but cannt slove my prob

    2. pzzzz help me
      hi RJ ,,,hopefully u b 5ne,,,i have same same prob in my LG160L,,,PZ wil u help me to get out from it????is that software prob or hardware???waiting anxiously ur mail

    3. It still sounds like the wireless network is the key

      Hi Imran and RJ

      If you have “reset your phone several times” and have tried to use a static IP address as well, then you are on the right path to fixing your Wi-Fi.  I know that your Wi-Fi started having problems after you updated your phone to use the newer Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Android Operating System, so you would think that you could reset the phone and it would work properly again BUT by adjusting or correcting some setting(s) on your wireless network you should be able to fix your current situation, especially if the wireless network you are trying to connect to is using an older encryption type.

      For some reason I have noticed an annoying pattern on a number of smartphones where some of the more recent Operating Systems stop playing nice with older routers or wireless modems/routers that use older less secure encryption methods. I am not sure if this is by design but it can sometimes be a hassle to get the Wi-Fi on the phone working again after upgrading to a more recent version of Android.

      This is also true in RJ’s situation where he can connect fine when tethering to a Wi-Fi hotspot. He is probably able to connect to other wireless networks with little trouble as well depending on their encryption types, but his home Wi-Fi seems to be giving him trouble and will likely need to be reconfigured for his phone to connect to it and work properly again.

      If you have tried setting up a static IP address, performing a factory data reset (wiping everything from the phone and trying it as a clean install), and have tried configuring your wireless network yourself using the tips listed in the Advanced Wi-Fi guide then I suggest contacting your ISP (Internet Service Provider) for your wireless network, in RJ’s case it would be the company who he pays for his home Internet, and ask them to run a diagnostic on their wireless modem/router and see if they can make sure that it is configured properly to run on the latest smartphones.

      If by some incredibly unlucky circumstances your phone still refuses to connect to ANY wireless network then you might need to start considering your repair or replacement options. If your phone can connect to some Wi-Fi networks correctly but seems to have problems with other specific Wi-Fi connections then the issue wouldn’t be with your phone it would be with those other specific Wi-Fi connections. Replacing the phone might even be a temporary solution but chances are you would run into the same problem(s) later on down the road as you would need to get to the root cause which in this case sounds like an issue with the network itself.

      I hope this helps guys, as you already know, network issues can be an extremely challenging thing to try and fix as there can be so many reasons as to why it would stop working. You just got to try and discover what that reason is and then apply the solution. Thanks for visiting the site guys, if you have any more questions don’t hesitate ask.

  7. Please my problem is…
    Please my problem is, I downloaded BBM app on my SGH-T959V Samsung but it keeps telling me there is a problem parsing the package, pls what can I do?

    1. Problems parsing the package on the Samsung Galaxy S4

      Hey Ernest,

      I have the Samsung Galaxy S4 myself (it’s where I got the screenshots shown above from), it’s a good phone. Interestingly, you are not the first person to ask me about the BBM app for their Android device.

      The issue you are having is a little off topic from setting up a static IP address but since I don’t have a guide about that topic yet let me see if I can try to offer some assistance.

      First things first… let me ask you some questions that might help pinpoint the reason this problem is occurring.

      • Is your Samsung Galaxy S4 running on Android 4.2 or 4.3? Not a huge difference and probably not going to impact the phone in this specific situation but just curious. Making sure everything is up to date on a phone is usually not a bad idea.
      • How are you trying to download and install the app? Are you getting it from the Google Play store or somewhere else online?
      • Have you tried re-installing it to make sure that it wasn’t a corrupted file?
      • How are you trying to install it, anyway special or just a standard installation?
      • Have you tried installing it through an app like Astro?
      • Have you tried allowing your S4 to download from “Unknown sources”? On the Samsung Galaxy S4 to get to this option you go into Settings > More > Security > Unknown sources. Just try putting a check mark on that setting and then try to install the app again.

      Let me know Ernest, and thank you for bringing this issue up. I’ll have to consider writing a help guide for this type of problem as well. Hope to hear from you soon.

  8. Note 3 keeps getting 504 and 502 errors
    I have a brand new note 3. When I’m on wifi I can access any and everything I want on the internet, but when I use the mobile data plan certain websites give me a 502 or a 504 http error. I would like to know if this is an ip address issue and if so how do I change my ip address for my mobile Internet browser.

  9. Thanks a lot for this help.
    Thanks a lot for this help.. For some time now, i have been pulling my hair trying to fix this issue. Your blog was very helpful in fixing this issue. Many thanks.

  10. Help me dear RJ bro.
    My nokia XL is saying finding IP adress when i was connecting my cell to internet via WIFI ! i follow your instrustions but nothing help !! pls help me

  11. I need help
    How to set up static IP in galaxy y gt-s5360 ? I got obtaining IP adress problem and I just can use internet for google only :/ when I try to load other web it will pop out “server failed to communicate”

  12. pls help
    Pls i upgraded my samsung s2 to 4.1.2 but i have a problem setting up my bbm as it always refer me to check my wifi connection. I want to use my data plan for it not wifi. I’m able to use data plan to download from play store but it won’t just set up.

    1. Trying to fix the BBM application

      Hi Adeyemi,

      Some things seem to require a Wi-Fi connection in order to download or setup properly (don’t ask me why). This seems to be a common requirement for over the air software updates too. I am not sure why BBM would need a Wi-Fi data connection to actually setup, especially if you were already able to download it to your phone from the Play Store but if it says that it needs it then it might actually NEED it. If necessary you should be able to use a public Wi-Fi or a friend or family members Wi-Fi for the initial set up; Inconvenient but possible.  

      BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is a popular messaging application but I myself have never had the need to download it or use it and as such I do not have too much hands-on experience with it and the features that it has to offer for its users. It’s certainly odd though that it would need a Wi-Fi connection to simply set it up… You’re Samsung, or should I say BBM, might even let you do it if you have full bars and great signal strength available.

      Sorry I couldn’t be of more help Adeyemi, if there is anything else that I can do to try and help just let me know.

  13. Note 3 won’t connect to internet
    Hi, my Note 3 has been working till now, it just doesn’t want to connect to my college network, it had been connecting just fine before but now just randomly stopped. It won’t connect at all. It’s says “Network disabled because Internet connection is slow” but it had worked before. What can I do to fix this problem? I had even tried using the static IP and it still didn’t work.

    1. Cannot connect to school Wi-Fi

      Hi Caitlyn,

      Hard to say for certain what’s causing this issue all of a sudden, the strange thing is that you are like the third person this week to contact me about having issues with their school Wi-Fi. Does your Note 3 have any problem connecting to other networks lately or does it seem to be just your college Wi-Fi? I am surprised to hear that a static IP address didn’t seem to help either.

      If you believe the issue might lie with your Note 3 or want to try to do everything that you can do to rule out an issue on your cell phone (and if you haven’t already done so) then check out How to fix the Wi-Fi on an Android cell phone. The article lists a few tricks and suggestions that you might be able to use in order to get your Note 3 to connect properly again.

  14. How to set up Static IP for Samsung Galaxy Y ?
    Hi. I’m Hafiz.

    I want to setup a Static IP for my Galaxy Y but there is no option of Set up. Do you know? Is there maybe an app that can help set it up?

    1. How to try and setup a Static IP address on your Samsung Galaxy

      Hi Hafiz,

      Your Samsung Galaxy Y shouldn’t be too much different from the Samsung Galaxy S4 which was used in the article above. Where does your phone differ? When you pull up the list of available Wi-Fi networks and press and hold down on one of the networks in range does your Galaxy Y give you the option to modify that network? I don’t have access to a Samsung Galaxy Y so you might have to let me know where exactly you’re hitting the snag.

      If you are still having issues then let me know a little more about the problem and I will see what I can do to try and help. I look forward to hearing back from you Hafiz.

      1. It’s different…
        It’s different. When I hold the available wifi, there is no option for Modify Network. Maybe you know some apps to make it or any other options ? Thank you so much.

        1. Setting up a Static IP on your Galaxy Y might be a tad different

          Hi again Hafiz,

          Try this…

          Open your cell phones Settings, tap Wireless and networks, Wi-Fi settings, tap on your phones Menu button, select the Advanced option (which pops up after pressing the Menu key), Look for an IP settings, and then look for the Use static IP option. This should get you started and hopefully pointed in the right direction.

          Good luck Hafiz! Keep me posted my friend.

  15. My android phone connects to WiFi but unable to access Internet
    Hello… I have a Sony Xperia S running on Android 4.1.2. It’s unable to connect to Home WiFi. Though it connects to other WiFi networks like the office (& my neighbor’s). My laptop & friend’s phone also don’t have any problem connecting to my home WiFi. I have tried to reset the phone along with entering WiFi setting using static mode, but it fails.
    I need your help to fix this issue.
    Kindly help.

    1. Connected to Wi-Fi but no internet connection

      Hello Rahul,

      Wi-Fi issues can be such a challenge to try and fix as there are so many things that can be the cause of the problem. Good job in trying to setup a static IP address though, this can often help in these types of circumstances. A reset is also a powerful troubleshooting step and can often help to fix most issues in regard to software related issues regarding Wi-Fi when the cause is located on the phone itself.

      From your description it sounds like the cause may be coming from your home network. You said that you phone is able to connect to other Wireless networks with little trouble but refuses to connect with your home Wi-Fi. This leads me to believe that your network might need to be tweaked a little bit to allow your Sony Xperia S to connect to it properly. Are you getting any error messages or does it seem like it should be connected and working but you just can’t access the internet?

      Make sure to refer to the advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide on the site for some common reasons as to why this might occur. Even if your network allows some devices to connect properly (like your laptop and your friend’s phone) it can still be your network that is being stubborn. So check out that article and follow the advice listed on that page along with the comments underneath it. Hopefully it will get your phone and network to talk to one another properly and help to fix this annoying issue that you are experiencing.

  16. Easy fix to repeated “obtaining IP address” of Samsung phones
    Just pull the power on your WiFi modem for 30 seconds, then plug it back in and wait for all modem lights to return. It worked for me!

  17. Editing Static IP on Galaxy Note 2 (SC-02E)

    I’ve been trying to do exactly what you described above for a while now and I still cannot change the IP address on my work network.

    My Windows 8 laptop is connected to the work network via Ethernet, because there is no wifi here. So I set up my laptop as a wifi hotspot so I could use the work network to connect my phone to the internet also. However, the phone was not able to connect due to IP address problems.

    So then I discovered how to set up a static IP for the particular wifi network I’m trying to connect to on my phone. The idea is perfect, except my phone doesn’t let me edit the IP address…

    I initially click on the wifi network, click on advanced options, and scroll down and click on IP settings, change it from DHSP to Static, and there are a list of numbers in grey (not white, which means I cannot edit/change them…).

    Is there something I’ve done wrong? I’ve tried putting in the password, and also changing proxy settings to ‘manual’. Still not working.

    Let me know if you can help… I’d truely appreciate it.

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